4moms High Chair Review

Considering getting the 4moms High Chair? Are you looking for a chair that can make feeding your baby easier? This high chair comes with an innovative idea that is set to change your baby’s feeding mealtime for life.

With enhanced magnetic technology you’ll find that this chair has already turned so many heads. 

Now you are probably wondering what makes it different from all the other high chairs out there. Well in all honesty there ate a lot of things that can make this chair a whole lot different from all the other regular highchairs that we know. 

4moms High Chair

Well with this innovative chair they believed that high chairs would be better if the tray was simple to use. That’s why they decided to create magnetic latches to make it easy to attach the tray and the magnetic tray top holds 4moms plates and bowls in place making mealtime less stressful for both you and the baby. 

Traditional high chair trays are tricky because you have to line up the rails and coordinate the latches to attach them. The 4moms high chair makes mealtime easy that is the main notion after all. 

Magnets on it guide the tray into position without having to use two hands or line up cumbersome rails. The bowls and plates stay in place on the magnetic tray top to help prevent unwanted spills and assist with self-feeding say that maybe your kid is old enough to eat on their own. 

The 4moms high chair is designed with easy cleaning in mind so you won’t find any fabric to clean or nooks and crannies for food to get stuck in. 


  • Is very easy to clean and maintain
  • Is portable and easy to carry
  • Has a very sleek and modern design


  • It is not fire-resistant 


Well talk about smooth and sleek this is exactly what you get from this baby right here. It comes in two shades of grey. The dark grey being on the inside seat while the rest of it has this cute light shade. 

It comes with two buckles on the inside that can help strap your baby in and keep it secure. The legs are crossed and come off as high so that you don’t have to bend down completely when you want to feed the baby. 

It has two cute steps that your toddler can use given that they may want to climb on their own if they are at that age where they can. The front part has two leg holes that come off with a division making it impossible for your baby to slide through. 

All in all this chair is a beautiful piece that will fit into any room especially your kitchen blending in with everything else. 


When it comes to size this chair is not far from your regular traditional baby high chair. It’s not tiny, nor is it large. But it’s just the right comfortable size for you and your baby. 

You’ll find that this chair is quite cozy for all babies and certain toddlers especially if they are big enough and able to finally sit and support themselves.

This chair comes with an adjustable height meaning you can easily fit it under a standard diner table to make sure that your baby is part of the family meal as well.

It comes at a dimension set at 22 x 38 x 28 inches and weighs a good 15 pounds. It will not take up much space in your home nor will it grab that much attention in any way. 


When it comes to comfort you’ll definitely find you smiling and giggling which is definitely good news and which probably means they like it. It’s an easy to clean chair with foam inside meaning that your baby will not be seating on hard plastic throughout but will instead be in a plush soft foam seat that is supportive and good for your baby. 

Generally, the chair is mostly plastic and to an adult who bears much more weight, it may not be as comfortable as you’d expect an adult chair to be but for a baby, it is perfectly fine. 

Emotionally this chair will make feeding your baby an easy process that is less stressful as we all know babies tend to get a bit too excited and can spill their food.

However on the plus side with this chair and its magnetic tray and latches, you’ll find that no food can be easily spilled hence making mealtime for junior easier and smarter.


When it comes to durability and strength this chair is obviously not for adult sitting. However, for your baby it is a great chair that will be fully supportive of your baby.

It comes off as adjustable meaning that you can set it at a comfortable height when you want to feed your baby and you lower it when you want your baby to be part of a family meal. 

The entire chair can be wiped with a damp cloth and that will be easy to do because well, there’s no fabric on it. You will find that all accessories are dishwasher safe except for the tray which should not be put in a dishwasher or submerged in water at all costs. 


When it comes to price, I have to say for such a sleek chair it is very affordable and is definitely worth every cent you spend on it. It is that chair that will not only make you smile but will have your baby giggling overall meal times.


Well, we have come to the end of this baby chair talk. It’s really an affordable piece that will have you relaxed and less stressed when it is time to finally time to feed the little one.

The baby high chair comes off as protective and secure for your baby, and its size is perfect for any room in your home. So why waste time, get yours, and have that baby giggling and bouncing. 

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