Baby Bjorn Carrier One Mesh vs Cotton

In short, knowing the type of carrier can make things so much better for you. Mesh and Cotton have certain differences when it comes to comfort levels and air circulations.

Baby Bjorn Carrier One Mesh

Cotton and thicker and allows limited air movement. However, a Mesh material air can move freely and drying takes a shorter time in terms of having to clean it or wash it. 

Baby Bjorn Carrier One Mesh Features

Breathable, Quick Drying Mesh

A carrier that helps keep your baby cool, clean, and dry is a top-notch find. The mesh construction of the BabyBjorn allows the carrier to breathe, keeping both you and your baby comfortable on those hot, sweaty days.

Baby Bjorn Carrier One Cotton

It’s great for extended babywearing for exactly that reason, the baby stays happy and no one gets sweaty. The fact that it’s quick to dry is great for the occasional accidental spill and takes the sting out of the fact that you can’t put this carrier in the dryer.

Fully Adjustable Seat Width

Every baby and everybody are different, and a carrier that allows for size variations is ideal. The seat width of this carrier can be fully adjusted to assure that your baby is sitting comfortably and is secured.

This is not only part of following the safety guidelines for babywearing but helps to ensure that the carrier remains as hip and healthy for your baby as possible.

Adjustable Head Support

Supporting your baby’s head and neck is vital, particularly when they are newborns and do not yet have the strength to hold their head up. Failure to support your baby’s head can result in serious injury, so it’s important that you choose a carrier that provides as much neck support as your child needs.

The adjustable head support on the BabyBjorn carefully cradles your baby’s head, making sure that their fragile neck is protected from harm during babywearing.

Baby Bjorn Carrier Cotton Features

4 front and back carrying positions

Choose whether you want to carry your child facing in, facing out, or on your back. Baby Carrier One Air has two height positions. You use the upper height position from newborn (at least 3.5 kg) so your baby is carried in the correct position, close to your face. Your baby should be close enough for you to kiss the top of their head.

Adjustable head support

The head support protects your newborn baby and gives the correct support until your baby is able to hold their head up unaided. You can also keep the head support unfolded when your baby is older and is resting or sleeping in the baby carrier. You can easily fold it up or down and adjust the firmness of the support it provides.

Back carrying for your toddler

As your child grows heavier, back carrying in the baby carrier will be a more comfortable option for you. We recommend that you only start to carry your child on your back after they turn 12 months old, as you will not have the same degree of supervision.

Final Thoughts 

Both carriers are great choices for you and your baby. The choice comes when you have to figure out which material feels and right and which one feels better for both you and your baby. 

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