Baby Bjorn Harmony Cradle

Shall I get the Baby Bjorn Harmony Cradle? We will help you decide. Designed for newborns up to six months old, the Baby Bjorn cradle is a compact, cozy cradle that soothes your baby with soft rocking motions. Parents can rock the cradle themselves or let their baby’s movements gently move the cradle back and forth. 

With a spring suspension system similar to a stroller, the Cradle rocks smoothly in all directions and won’t get stuck in any position. The baby Bjorn Cradle provides your baby with a safe and comfortable place to sleep anywhere in your home.

Baby Bjorn Harmony Cradle

This Cradle comforts your infant with gentle rocking motions and is lightweight enough to be easily moved from room to room. Breathable mesh sides allow generous airflow, while the cradle’s low height lets you check that your child is sleeping safely and peacefully.

Ideal for those early months when your newborn alternates between short periods of sleep and wakefulness, this lightweight Cradle is easy to move anywhere in your home, so you can always keep your baby close. Its durable foot grips keep the Cradle steady without damaging your floors.


  • Has a modern and sleek look
  • Is very comfortable for the baby
  • Swings silently
  • Lasts up till 6 months of use
  • Is easy to wash and maintain 


  • Is not waterproof 
  • Is not stain-resistant 

Ease of Setup

It took about 7 minutes and 2 seconds to set up this bassinet. Set up is simple and requires a screwdriver to connect the legs.


While this product doesn’t have wheels or an easy way of moving it from room to room, it is relatively light at just over 12 lbs. This lighter weight combined with 26″H x 31.5″L x 18″W measurements means you can move it if you need to without much trouble. It is not suitable for travel, however, with no carry case and easy way of folding it.


This bassinet is small enough to keep beside your bed, light enough to move away from your bed if it were in the way, and low enough to see baby while lying in bed. Unfortunately, the lower height may make it challenging to reach baby while sitting up in bed, and you will probably have to get out of bed to manage it.


This product is made with high-quality materials and has a sturdy design. The legs press down to create a rocking motion, and it rocks back and forth without feeling unstable. There is a keen attention to detail with no loose threads and fabric or poor connections that wiggle when they shouldn’t.

The BabyBjorn earned an impressive score for quality, coming in at the top of the group. With a simple, stylish design, it looks good compared to the competition. It lacks the typical “babyish” vibe and can fit in with almost any decor.

Air circulation 

The Cradle is one of the most breathable options we tested with a bassinet surround made of polyester mesh. The only non-mesh fabric is about 4 1/2 inches wide on each end with the required warning labels. We feel it is unlikely that babies will be unable to maneuver themselves such that they will be unable to breathe through the sides of this bassinet.


The fabric is machine washable but needs to hang dry. Even the mattress can be machine washed, something the majority of the competition couldn’t boast.

Guide for buying a carrier

1. Pick As Per Your Baby’s Age

Cradles and cribs are designed keeping the age of the baby in mind. Follow this rule of thumb when shopping for your baby:

Till 6-8 Months: It is generally safe for babies to use cradles till the age of 6-8 months

Till 3 Years: After the age of 8 months, it is recommended to move the baby to a crib

3 Years +: At this age, many parents transition the child to a bed, though this can vary across children. Pick a cradle or crib depending on your baby’s age.

2. Check for Compliance With Safety Standards

This is the most important consideration for cradle safety. Make sure the product is in compliance with accepted cradle safety standards for design, structure, usage, etc. Confirm this with the seller.

For example, RforRabbit, a company that offers a wide range of baby gear products, is fully safety standards certified. Their baby cradle is EN Certified, which is the most stringent certification defined by European standards for the safety of babies.

3. Pick a Sturdy Baby Cradle Mattress

The mattress inside the cradle must be sturdy and stable. It should fit snugly into the cradle with no loose ends. Look for a cradle that comes with strong mattress support.

4. Automatic Swing Option

Baby cradles may have become modern with time, but there is one trick that all mothers know will never get old: swinging! Scientists have proved that lightly swinging babies (like in a hammock) is an effective method to help them fall asleep.

You can look for a rocking cradle that lets you swing the baby safely. The RforRabbit Auto Swing Baby Cradle has both an automatic and manual swing mechanism.

5. Get a Cradle with Either Lockable or No Wheels

It can be tempting to purchase a cradle that has wheels so you can easily move it around. However, an infant cradle with wheels can become dangerous as soon as your baby learns to stand up. If you want a cradle with wheels, make sure the wheels can be locked when not in use.

Final Thoughts 

A baby cradle is one of the first items you purchase for your little one. If you get it toward the end of your pregnancy, just seeing it in the house fills your heart with delight. 

Picking the right baby cradle is essential for your baby’s safety, sleep and comfort since he will be spending considerable time of his early life in it. There is also some evidence that babies who are carried more don’t cry as much. And less crying is always a good thing.

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