Baby Bjorn Mini Carrier Review

Your little bundle of joy is here, and you have been waiting patiently for several weeks, and carrying him or her around before was not much of an issue, neither was it something that you had to think of. Now you need to make sure that you can carry your baby safely and easily in a way that will be fun for your baby too. 

Looking for ways to carry your newborn may mean going through several product reviews. Your baby needs to be able to develop in a healthy environment which means that their fragile bones shouldn’t be hindered in any way. 

The Baby Bjorn mini carrier is a good buy for newborns. It is safe and healthy but it is only suitable for newborns. You will have to switch to another model when your baby grows. This is one of the things that makes it a costly option. Certain factors make a great baby carrier and we take a look at some of those. 

What features does it have?

Baby Bjorn is a Swedish company that makes the baby Bjorn mini carrier. This is a great way to carry your newborn. One of the great things is that it is easy to use. It does not take long tedious hours of putting it together or assembling it. That is the last thing that you need when you need to get up and go. 

This carrier will keep your newborn close to you, which means snug and warm contact, which your baby will like. It is made of soft mesh fabric, which is gentle on the baby’s skin and also has a hugging effect and support for the back. The mesh material means that there is enough air circulation so that there is no accumulation of sweat which can be very uncomfortable. 

This carrier is small and it is also easy to use. The petite size is also because they are made for newborns. This also makes them portable. It comes equipped with adjustable straps, which allows people of different builds, to use the carrier. 

As a safety feature, the straps also have buckles to lock the straps in place and keep your baby safe. Whilst these locks are secure, you can unfasten the front flap with ease when you want to remove the baby. You can do this without any hassles and also without waking a sleeping baby. 

It comes in 3 distinct materials, which are 3D Mesh, 3D jersey, and cotton. The inner layer of the carrier is made of 3D mesh, which is soft on the skin. The outer layer is made of durable mesh which is nonelastic. The mesh fabric makes it breathable and more comfortable for both the baby and the person doing the carrying. 

The 3D jersey mini carrier is made of an advanced textile which is very soft and flexible. The third material is cotton, which is also very soft and friendly to your baby’s skin. If you care about sustainable products then you will be happy to know that the cotton used by baby Bjorn, is sustainable, for both the environment and the workers. 

The straps are comfortable and will not be digging into you thanks to the cushioning in them. This carrier also sports great neck support for babies. You can have your pick amongst the three materials and also the available colors.

Who can use it?

It can be used to carry newborns and babies up to 25 pounds. It has adjustable straps which makes it easier for people of different sizes, to strap the baby to yourself, providing comfort and warmth, and safety.

You can use it for a baby up to about a year old. The neck and back support make it a great option to get for babies who still need a little help and extra support to sit up. It is easy to use which means anyone looking for convenience

How do you use it?

This carrier has 2 carry positions. Front-facing and back facing. First, detach the carrier itself from the straps, then put the straps on. Make sure that the straps are adjusted to your preferred position. Then wear them almost like you are purring on a jacket. Now you can clasp the carrier on to the straps using the six clasps. 

First, secure the bottom two, then one on one side. Now you can place your baby in the carrier, facing the direction that you prefer. When the baby is snug in the carrier, you can now fasten the remaining clasps, which then forms a cocoon for the baby. 


  • It is has a close-to-baby feel 
  • It is stylish
  • It is easy to wash
  • It is comfortable for both you and the baby
  • It can be used from birth
  • You can wash it
  • More than one person can use it by simply adjusting it to fit you.
  • It is ergonomic and hip healthy


  • Your baby can not grow with it. You can only use it for up to a year.
  • It doesn’t have options to carry the baby on your back or your hip

One last thing…

The baby Bjorn mini carrier is an excellent carrier for the first 6 months or so of your baby’s life. It is friendly and comfortable for your fragile bundle of joy and will not hurt him or her. One of the best things about this carrier is that it is easy to get your baby in and out of it. 

Price-wise, it is a bit on the high end, especially considering that you will not use it for any longer than 6months. But then again, with all the other features that it offers, it is well worth the money. Your newborn needs to be nurtured in every way, including how you carry them. 

The combination of top-grade textiles and modern technology to make the carrying experience comfortable for both you and the baby is a big plus! We like this carrier for newborns and think it’s worth your time. Happy shopping!


Baby Bjorn Mini Carrier Review - Cute Kids Clothing

Your little bundle of joy is here, and you have been waiting patiently for several weeks, and carrying him or her around before was not much of an issue,

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