Baby Bjorn One Outdoor Review

Are you looking for the best baby carriers on the market today? Baby Bjorn has a vast line of carriers. The Baby Bjorn One Outdoor is a good pick. They each have unique features that set them apart from their competitors. The version that you choose to go with is also dependent on where you want to use it, and what features count the most for you. 

Always remember that when you are shopping for baby products, you need something that will be a good buy, not just for you, but also for your baby. Whilst they may not have honed their communication skills when they are newly born, they know how to get a message across when they don’t like something and also when they do. 

Baby Bjorn One Outdoor

A baby carrier is one of the easiest ways of making sure that you have your baby close to you but are still able to have your hands free so that you can continue with your daily tasks. 

The Baby Bjorn one outdoor is a great buy if you are an outdoor person and you want to keep exploring with your baby. It is a versatile carrier that has a lot to offer and makes your outdoors life much simper. Let us take a look at what you get when you buy this carrier. 

What features does it have?

Perhaps you want to get back to an active lifestyle, after having your baby, and you figure the best way is to get out of the house and maybe start hiking. Its a great workout and it also gives both you and your baby, fresh air. 

The change of scenery is a great chance for your baby to see a new environment. But going out requires you have the right gear. The right baby carrier will let both you and your baby enjoy your time outside. Peace of mind as you both breathe in the fresh air is a welcome advantage. 

Right out of the box, the Baby Bjorn carrier one comes in a bag. This makes it easier to carry. The carrier itself is made of soft and breathable fabric. You will not need to worry about your baby sweating too much and getting uncomfortable. This is an important feature because you want to use it outside, where temperatures may be warmer. 

It is also cushioned, which adds to the comfort level of the carrier. There is also a mesh insert that goes between you and the baby, getting rid of any sweat you may have that will also make the baby sweat. 

The straps that go over your shoulders are also padded, making it very comfortable for you, especially as your baby grows older and heavier. The carrier one is well designed and ready to be used in the great outdoors. It also has a waistband, which helps give you extra support for your back. Ill-fitting baby carriers can be very hard on your back and can cause back problems in the long run. 

If you are not sure how to fasten the different positions, don’t worry, there is an arm’s length of pictorial instruction that will guide you through it all. The settings for carrying newborns, for example, are different for the setting to carry a toddler. 

The weight is different and the support they need. There are also various clasps and zips to make sure that your baby stays in place and is secured. The material that it is made of is water-resistant and also very breathable, this makes it excellent to brave the weather elements.

Who can use it?

It can be used by active parents with babies and toddlers up to 15 kilograms. 

How do you use it?

It comes with a user manual and pictorial instruction guide which is tucked away in a pouch at the top of the carrier for easy access. In case you forget which position is best for your baby. 

To wear the Baby Bjorn one carrier, fasten the waistband around your waist, with the inside of the carrier facing you. once you have hooked the belt around your waist, you can adjust the tightness of the carrier around your waist to a comfortable and safe position. 

You can then tuck the belts through loops that are conveniently placed at the sides of the carrier, for easy access, if you need to adjust again at a later stage. Once this is done, you can lift the carrier over your head and adjust the position to one that you are most comfortable with. 

Now you can place your baby in the carrier. For the very small newborns, there is a loop on either side of the carrier, closer to where the legs will be protruding. The carrier is marked so that you can use it for babies of different ages. 

To switch between the different ages, you simply unzip the inside and attach it to the appropriate age strip. Under normal circumstances, the zip would bruise your baby’s skin, but the baby Bjorn carrier one makes sure that the zip is nicely covered up after you use it. 


  • It has a total of four carrying positions
  • You can use it for children of different ages
  • It is padded
  • it is comfortable
  • it is made of breathable material.
  • It is versatile
  • It has a stylish and sporty design


  • It is a bit bulky

One last thing…

If you are looking for a great baby carrier for the great outdoors, this is a good buy. It is designed for use outside and you will be able to protect your baby from the elements. You have a choice of carrying your baby in the front or on your back, this ergonomic carrier will provide the support and safety that you need. 

It also has head and neck support which helps a great deal, especially when walking on uneven ground or if there’s a chance that there will be a lot of bopping about. You can rest assured that your baby will be safe and secure. The four positions give you a variety of choices. This is a great buy and you will not regret buying it. Happy shopping!

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