Baby Bjorn Original Carrier Review

Are you looking to know more about the Baby Bjorn original carrier? Buying a carrier can be quite overwhelming, as with most baby products. This is an industry that continues to grow with each day, and as such you have to know what you are looking for in a baby carrier. Various features separate a good carrier from a bad carrier. 

Take time to weigh the odds and pick out the right one, both for you and the baby. At the end of it all, the baby’s opinion counts a great deal. If it is not comfortable then your baby will let you know. Baby Bjorn makes great carriers. 

The Baby Bjorn original carrier is one of the many carriers the company makes and it has its advantages and disadvantages. It allows you to be close to your baby, and this is something that both you and baby will enjoy.

You can bond more with your newborn when you use this carrier. It offers you different positions that are both safe and ergonomic. Let us take a look at what you can expect when you buy the Baby Bjorn original carrier.

What features does it have?

The baby Bjorn original carrier has a close to baby feature, this simply means that it lets you carry your baby close to your chest. This is considerably more than what other carriers offer, which has a lot of material between you and the baby. 

It is a small carrier and very easy to use. One of the things that Baby Bjorn tries to make sure is a recurrent feature in their products, is the ease of use and safety. It is small, which makes it easy to pack when you are not using it. 

The carrier also has safety features that keep your baby safe. The carrier is also adjustable and this allows different people to use the carrier. You can also adjust the straps to suit your comfort level and also to make sure that your baby is sitting snug in the carrier. 

This carrier also has two ergonomic carrying positions. Thanks to medical advice from pediatricians, the Baby Bjorn original carrier offers your baby the right back and neck support. This is also attributed to the material that is used. Whilst it may not be the most versatile, it is one of the best newborn carriers on the market.

Who can use it?

If you are new to parenting, you may want to make sure that the carrier that you get, is not too difficult to understand. One of the great things about the baby Bjorn original is that you can easily learn how to use it.

It does not have too many things going on so much that you will need to follow a step by step guide, every time that you need to put the baby in it or remove the baby from it. This is a new parent-friendly

It is also versatile in terms of who can use it. Al you will need to do, is simply adjust the straps properly so that the carrier is comfortable for both you and the baby. It is a great option for newborns and allows you to be close to your baby.

However, it is not the best to go on long walks with or carry a heavy baby in. It is better used on smaller babies, hence why it is great for newborns. If you have back problems, this is not the carrier for you

How do you use it?

There are two ways to use this carrier, either with your baby facing forward or facing you. the front can be detached and this makes it easy to remove the baby when you need to, without having to yank out the baby. This can be a pain especially if the baby is asleep. 

To use the carrier, all you need to do is to wear the carrier over your shoulders in the same way that you would wear a jacket, putting your arms through the armholes. You can then clasp the front part of the carrier on to the straps, starting with the first two at the bottom. Clasp the third one on one side, then place the baby in the carrier. 

After this, you can then clasp the rest of the carrier together, and adjust to a point where the baby is both secure and comfortable. 


  • It is easy to use
  • It is small, compact, and easy to travel. 
  • You will not need an infant insert
  • It is a great way to carry your newborn but still keep your hands free
  • It is easy to take the baby out of the carrier


  • It does not have a sun guard. If you will be walking in the sun, you will need to be careful and protect your baby from the suns rays
  • You can use it for babies up to 25 pounds only, after that you will need to switch to another type.
  • It does not have a waist strap and this can sometimes cause back pain as all the pressure is on the back.

One last thing…

This carrier is not just good looking, it is also a safe option and also tested and recommended by pediatricians. It is important to have a medical opinion on carriers so that you know that the carrier will offer your baby, who is in early developmental stages, the proper support that he or she needs. You can use this carrier for babies that weigh up to 25 pounds. 

Remember that the maximum weight recommended by the carrier is not always the most comfortable. It is important to also know that while some may find this carrier pricey considering that you can only use it for a couple of months.

But when you look at all the amazing benefits that you get, it is worth it. Give your baby the best support they can get and the comfort they need. We think this is another great buy from Baby Bjorn. Happy shopping!


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