Baby Brezza Formula Pro FRP0046

Thinking of getting the Baby Brezza Formula Pro FRP0046? Babies are the best gifts for any couple. They are like little sugar lumps that you can just swallow up yourself. Just watching a baby smile can set off a million emotions in your heart at once. 

Parenthood is definitely another thing that can set off a million emotions at once. It’s a tricky stage in life especially given that there is no manual or a ‘how to be a parent’ for dummies. 

Baby Brezza Formula Pro FRP0046

It’s all-natural they say, you just wing it every day until that baby grows up and gives you a rest. One of the most unsettling issues about parenthood is making sure that your baby is okay. That their health is in check and that they are bubbly always. 

As we all know the only thing a baby does is eat, poop and sleep so we have to watch out for them especially when it comes to what they eat because that will determine everything that comes after. Today we are looking at the Baby Brezza formula pro dispenser. 

Imagine being able to save up extra minutes a day by not having to make your baby’s bottle manually. This dispenser here allows you to complete a baby bottle in just a few minutes. It is the most advanced way to automatically make a warm, formula bottle instantly. 

Patented mixing technology automatically mixes formula and water to perfect consistency. However, depending on the powder used some clumping may occur. 


  • Saves you more time in making a baby bottle meal
  • It automatically mixes the formula and the water all at once
  • Temperature settings can be adjusted


  • Some clumping may occur with certain formulas


Well in your kitchen this dispenser will definitely fit in well and will actually sit perfectly well right next to your coffee dispenser. Imagine the set up in the morning when you are getting ready for work and you press a button and your coffee is ready and you press another button and boom!! 

Your baby’s breakfast is ready. It’s the dream all mothers want because having to do it manually really is hectic. Waking up at 6 in the morning with your head all fuzzy and then you think about all the measurements that you have to follow through is all stressing you know. 

However, with the formula dispenser, you don’t have to worry about all of that. Now the general look of the dispenser makes it look like some robotic cup holder from the future but as long as it does the job well, you will love it either way. 


Now when it comes to size it’s not all that big. In fact, by all means, it looks like a mini version of a regular coffee dispenser. Just perfect for the mini version of you. It comes at a d dimension of 18 x 14.75 x 10.2 inches and weighs 9.23 pounds which is more so the regular weight for most portable kitchen appliances. 

With all this being said you can see that this dispenser will work just fine for you and will do a great job helping you feed your baby without actually destroying the look in your kitchen. 

Features and Details

So the first thing we need to know is that this dispenser heats and dispenses formula or water to the perfect consistency for your baby. It is quite thorough with its job however some formula powders, especially hypoallergenic varieties that are inherently difficult to mix may clump. Even after all that or stirring of the bottle may be necessary. 

Secondly, you can fully customize the mixing system. Firstly you just customize your bottle and you can either choose 1-ounce increments between 2-10 ounces and you can choose from 3 temperature settings (room temperature, body temperature, or warmer than body temperature). Lastly, you can choose whether you want the formula/water or water only. 

Thirdly it comes with easy to set up and use digital controls. Set-up and use is a breeze with all digital controls and an LCD control panel. There are no manual adjustments. You can just pick your settings and push the start button and you are good to go. 

You will find that this dispenser works with all bottle brands and sizes and is compatible with all baby bottles. It can work with virtually all formula brands but as stated before with some brands they may clump up and even after that shaking and stirring the bottle may not be necessary. 

It comes with airtight formula storage, which again provides airtight formula storage for 20 8-ounce bottles of formula powder. The best thing about this dispenser is that it is dishwasher-safe and has a removable water tank to make cleaning easier. 


In short, let us just say that this formula dispenser is the next generation for baby feeding. Let’s call it instant baby feeding because it automatically makes a warm, formula bottle instantly. The mixing technology automatically mixes formula and water to perfect consistency being sure to give your baby only the best. 

You’d think that it comes at a high price right? Well, jokes on you because you can catch this dispenser at the general price that is affordable. It’s not a cheap machine, but for what it can do for you, you would definitely find this dispenser to be very affordable and worth every cent. 


Well, it all comes down to this. Baby feeding is a stressful job that both parents have to undertake because taking care of a baby whilst trying to look out for your own life is a struggle I tell you. 

However, with these innovative minds, it’s now a struggle and a hassle you can evade with just the press of a button. So if you are a working mom, I would highly recommend this. In the case that you are a working dad and you have no idea how it is done, I also recommend you get the dispenser and make things easier for yourself.

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