New and Improved Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Formula Dispenser Machine

Considering upgrading to the New and Improved Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Formula Dispenser Machine? You know how easy it is to make a cup of coffee in the morning just by pressing a button? Well, say hello to this new and improved baby formula dispenser that will make things easier for you as a new parent. 

So it is time that you say goodbye to the era that came with the hassle of having to manually prepare baby bottles and instead say hello to this new and improved era in which you just have to press a button and boom, your baby bottle is ready.

Brezza Formula Pro

This new and improved dispenser comes with a revolutionary new way of preparing your baby’s formula bottles in no less than 2 minutes. This Formula Pro uses worldwide patent-pending technology to measure and mix water and powdered formula to the perfect temperature at about 98 degrees and inconsistency. 

So with the push of a simple button, you can prepare a bottle within seconds that has no air bubbles and is definitely tasty for your baby. You don’t have to worry about contamination or molding. 

The water and formula powders are stored in very airtight compartments right in the machine, so it’s always ready for you when your baby gets hungry and is always protected from any germs. 

The machine works with all bottle sizes and all formula brands and types. The best part is that you can choose the amount of formula you want to make each time whether it’s 2, 4, 6, 8, or even 10 ounces. So why not make the early stages of parenthood easy for you. 


  • Is very easy to use
  • It works with all bottle sizes
  • Is fast and consistent 
  • Prevents any contamination of water or powders
  • Works with all formula brands


  • Is slightly expensive as compared to the previous machine

About the dispenser machine

As well all know, some formula powders and brands are especially hypoallergenic and are inherently difficult to mix so may clump up when you try to make the formula for your baby. 

With some, you can even see some bubbles as a result even after all that shaking or stirring the bottle. Well, that’s where this dispenser comes in, so the following are the features and how you can use this dispenser when making your formula. 

First step

First thing you have to do is to customize your bottle, that means choosing 1-ounce increments between 2-10 ounces, 

Second step

Secondly, you have to choose from 3 temperature settings that are the room temperature, body temperature, or warmer than body temperature depending on what you feel your baby needs. 

Third step

Choose formula/water or water only and don’t worry about the setup. It is a breeze with all digital controls and an LCD control panel which will make things easier for you. There are no manual adjustments that need to be done. When all this is done you just have to pick your settings and push the start button and voila! Your baby’s formula is ready. 


So with this baby brezza formula dispenser, you don’t have to worry about the hassles of having to manually prepare your baby’s formula. So even if you are late for work or you have a place to rush to, it’s just the click of a button and everything is set. 

You don’t have to worry about any measuring, there is no mixing and also no fuss with the patented mixing technology. This dispenser mixes virtually any formula powder brand and water to perfect consistency without air bubbles. Giving your baby the tastiest and cleanest formula to help it grow. 


So the Baby Brezza dispenser comes with a control panel that has 5 LEDs. This makes it easy for you to set your measurements and set the temperatures that you want your baby’s formula to be in. 

It has different compartments in which you can store either the powder or the water and both compartments are airtight so you do not have to worry about feeding your baby any contaminated formula. The air compartment holds up to 700g of formula powder which you can use to prepare up to 20 bottles (8 ounces each). 

The water tank is also removable so you can clean it up every time you feel as if it needs some purification. With temperature control, the baby brezza formula pro dispenser heats water to near body temperature, the optimal temperature for feeding your baby. However, you can choose from three temperature ranges and. Find which one makes your baby happier. 


Well the better it is the higher the price they always say. This formula dispenser as it is advanced and pro-set comes at a high price but for what it can do for you and your baby I have to say that the price is quite reasonable and it is worth every cent. 

So many formula brands have been known to have air bubbles or to not mix well especially if the preparation is done manually. However, with this one here, you get to do all in a few seconds, just by the press of a button and you don’t even have to worry about your baby getting sick. So why would you not think that this dispenser is worth every cent to its name? 


Well in conclusion I have to say this dispenser is quite impressive, from the speed of about 30 seconds or less from start to finish which is darn fast, especially when compared to the alternatives. 

Again it is also convenient compared to alternative methods, as it makes the preparation easy and it never makes a mess or wastes water. The design and aesthetics are to die for. 

The modern look makes it a good looking machine that will suit your kitchen very very well.  So I would definitely recommend this dispenser to any parent out there who is tired of the manual process of making baby formula. 

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