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This week’s question is “My son has learned to roll from his back to his belly and decides to practice it at bedtime in the middle of the night and in the early morning sometimes he will yell when he’s on his belly and he cannot get to his back and he has one arm stock and a leg hanging out of the crib is this normal for them
to practice tricks when they should be sleeping and is there any way I can stop him from doing this?”

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That’s a great question and it happens a lot in fact usually around every developmental milestone whether
it’s learning to roll sitting up in the crib standing up in the crib all these little milestones usually caused a bit
of sleep disruption and really it’s almost like they’re compelled to keep trying I mean really the only way you
master a skill is by practising it and when they’re learning to roll they just keep rolling rolling rolling and it it
even sometimes seems like they don’t really want to be rolling and often they don’t like to be on their stomachs once they get there but they just compel they can’t stop so mmm

there really is no way you can stop him and it is very normal what he’s doing and really if he’s stuck on his stomach and he doesn’t like it there you have no choice but to go in and roll him back the good news is it usually only lasts a couple of weeks and once he’s mastered it and you see him throughout the day roll from his back to his front and front to his back and he seems to really have mastered it and can do it on his own then you’ll need to let him do it I mean if he wants to roll around and find positions that are comfortable and
maybe he even decides that his tummy is not a bad place to actually sleep part of the night then that’s great then you don’t have to keep going in but in the meantime if he’s awake and calling and stuck you’re going to have to go in there

I’m back hopefully this started after he’s mastered the skill of getting himself to sleep a lot of times clients
I have you know we’re right in the middle of teaching the child had a fall asleep on his own and all of a sudden he’s now rolling to his tummy all over the place and you could try you know getting the wedges that you can buy at Babies R Us or or something like that.

And positioning him so that he can’t roll and that might work for a while but once he’s big enough he might just roll right over top of them and Dan you’ll have to go through it anyway so same thing with sitting or standing unless I can do it all on their own up and down both ways you’re gonna have to you know

I can remember my son she’d sit up in his crib be stuck there cry we’d go in lay him down he’d do it again and this went on for a week or two until he mastered the skill gave up trying and he stopped doing it so ah the good in the bad I guess Kim and something you’re gonna have to go through and probably go
through again down the road but little blips like this as long as you don’t become inconsistent you know you don’t want to start doing things radically different you just have to keep your consistency strong and any regression blows over pretty quick okay so thanks for your question good luck and sleep well

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