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Best Kid Water Shoes

Are you looking for the best kid water shoes? Children have a lot to learn about their environment and they do this by exploring. Diving deep into their surroundings and feeding their curiosity can be a messy job. One of the best things you can do for your child is to allow them. Give them the freedom they need to have fun and also learn about their environment. As they do this, several safety precautions need to be taken. You want your child to learn but you also want them to stay safe and healthy. The shoes that they wear when they go out into their adventure land, are extremely important. As a child learns to walk, their feet get the necessary information for their stability. The shoes they wear will protect their feet from the ground as well as weather elements and water. 

  1. You may be looking for the best shoes for your child to wear in the snow. 
  2. Or perhaps you are planning to go swimming 
  3. You may be looking for shoes as a gift and need to know which ones work best.

Shoes designed for children to wear in wet areas or around pools are made by different manufacturers. We take a look at the top shoes on the market today and discuss how they can be a good fit for your child and also keep their feet dry.

In a Hurry?

Do you need a quick guide to buying the best shoes for your child to wear in wet environments? There are a few things you may want to consider before committing to a brand or a product. Think about the size and fit of the shoe. Ut should be snug enough to not let water in, but it should also be roomy enough for the best comfort. Shoes that are too tight or ill-fitting present a lot of problems. You want your child to be comfortable and free enough to run around and do what kids do best. 

Also, make sure that you cater to any pre-existing conditions such as wide feet or clubfoot. Anything that may warrant you need to get a size that is not “normal”. Perhaps the most important thing to check on is how well the shoes keep your child’s feet dry. You will also want to make sure that the shoes have a comfortable and flexible sole. Make sure that the front of the shoe is wider than the heel to match the natural shape of the foot. Make sure the shoe also has a solid heel counter and also check on how securely the shoe fastens. Keep your baby safe by making sure the shoes have great grip since they will be worn in wet conditions. 

Our Favourite

Playshoes Unisex Child UV Protection Aqua Shoe Classic

We have done our research and found our favourite pick to be the Playshoes Unisex Child UV Protection Aqua Shoe Classic. These shoes have a UV protection of 801, a non-slip sole that is made of gum rubber and a flat heel. The shoe is made of nylon both on the inside and on the outside.

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Our Reviews

Playshoes Unisex Child UV Protection Aqua Shoe Classic

The Non-slip sole is comfortable and enables the child to be free enough to run around to explore and learn about the environment. The sole has extra grip especially in case you are strolling on slippery, wet, greasy or oily floors. 

The Outer Material and Inner Material are made of nylon hence the shoes keep the child’s feet dry. The Gum Rubber sole is comfortable and flexible. Play shoes cater to any pre-existing conditions such as wide feet or clubfoot because they are well designed by different manufacturers.

 The front of the shoe is wider than the heel and it matches the natural shape of the foot. The Play shoes also have a flat heel counter that is securely fastened and the child stays safe and healthy. It has a UV protection 801 with high protection against solar radiation. It’s one of the best kid’s water shoes and is roomy enough for the best comfort.


  • Has a non-slip sole
  • There is High protection against solar radiation
  • The shoes keep the feet dry
  • They have a comfortable and flexible sole


  • Nylon material leads to a lack of stability as reported by some customers
  • The nylon material Does not absorb water well

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Speedo Kids Surfwalker Pro 2.0 Water Shoes

Surfwalker has a durable four-way stretch upper for easy on and off. The Shoe Width is roomy enough for the best comfort. Its Synthetic sole is comfortable and enables the child to be free enough to run around, dive deep into the surroundings and feed their curiosity. The Synthetic fabric holds colour and designs easier. It is easier to make synthetic shoe water resistance and therefore lighter in wet conditions and much easier to clean.

Air mesh insert panel promotes short dry and most comfort. Surfwalker caters to any pre-existing conditions such as wide feet because they come in various designs. The thermoplastic rubber outsole offers water management and flow dispersion characteristics and keeps the child’s feet dry. It’s comfortable and flexible. The front of the shoe is wider than the heel and it matches the natural shape of the foot.

The quick-adjusting strap closure caters for easy on and off. Slip-on are typically low, lace-less shoes. The child stays safe and healthy in these shoes. Their feet are always stable and protect their feet from the ground as well as other weather elements and water.


  • The stretchy upper caters for easy on and off
  • Its sole is comfortable 
  • The shoes are water-resistant


  • They are less comfortable
  •  The break-in times are long as reported by one customer

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 Crocs Unisex Kids Crocband II Sandals 

The EVA sole is soft and flexible, it’s Incredibly light and easy to wear. The Ventilation ports add breathability and help shed water and debris .it is Easy to clean and quick to dry.

Croslite material enables the child to be comfortable and free enough to run around.

 The unlined inner material ensures a child’s feet dry is always. The front part of the shoe is wider than the heel and matches the natural shape of the foot. Hook-and-loop closure gives active children a greater stable fit. 

The main material is synthetic which is designed to retain their form and are usually very durable. It’s roomy enough for the best comfort for the child.

These shoes are odour-resistant and easy to clean with soap. The Flat heel helps the child’s body weight to be distributed evenly on the soles of the feet. It’s comfortable and it makes the kid-free move, does not make children tired. Crocband fasten securely around the ankle to keep water out and it gives security while walking, and more environmentally friendly. They can serve both a girl child and a boy child.


  • They are more flexible
  • They are made of durable materials
  • The Croslite material cushions lightweight and comfort


  • They are more prone to wearing out because of their thin sole
  • They don’t perform well on rougher terrains

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Keen Unisex Kids’ Newport NEO H2 Water Shoes

The Synthetic sole is comfortable and it enables the child to be free enough to run around while exploring the surroundings. It is lighter in wet conditions and much easier to clean.

The unlined shoes have a single layer of leather that forms the upper part of the shoes. They form to the child’s feet very quickly and are more breathable than lined shoes. They are preferred for sockless wear. The Gum Rubber sole is comfortable and flexible.

 The lace-up closure ensures that the child’s feet are secure and its medium width caters to any pre-existing conditions such as wide feet.


  • The shoes are breathable
  • They have comfortable and flexible soles
  • They are well-secured feet 


  • The shoes take some time to completely dry

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Mountain Warehouse Bermuda Junior Aqua Shoes

Their material composition, that is Neoprene, exhibits good chemical stability and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range. The child is comfortable and free enough to run around exploring to satisfy their curiosity.

The Mesh Panels ensures better ventilation and comfort to the child. The inner material does not let water in, and it’s roomy enough for the best comfort. The make of the shoes caters to Easy to put on and take off. 

The synthetic materials offer a more lightweight feel and offer higher levels of breathability. The synthetic water shoes retain their form and are usually very durable. They are Lightweight and therefore allow for improved water flow when submerged and better drainage when out of the water. They also provide insulation, keeping toes heat in bloodless water. They Ensure an Excellent Stability on Wet Surfaces. They are designed to resemble a second layer of skin and therefore safe to use in water


  • It is easy to put on and take off the shoes
  • The Mesh Panels ensures better ventilation and comfort 
  • The shoe maintains flexibility


  • Quite difficult to care for as reported by some customers

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Buyer’s Guide

What are the water shoes used for?

Water shoes protect your feet from getting cut, bruised or sore with its unique mesh material and it also drains away from the water. Water shoes are mainly worn on a beach or by the poolside. You can also wear them when you are on a boat or generally any place that has water. The beach is a beautiful place but can also be very dangerous, especially for children who have soft sensitive feet. Water shoes can help protect the child’s feet adequately. They keep water and debris like little sticks and stones out. Water shoes fasten securely around the ankle to keep water out. 

What are aqua socks?

Aqua socks are worn to protect your feet from anything harmful that may be in the water or around it. Aqua socks will keep your feet from water parasites and physical objects that can harm you like broken glass or twigs. It all depends on where you will be going swimming, just remember that you need to protect your feet.

Should I wear socks with water shoes?

Water shoes are designed to protect your feet. But at times, you may need an added layer of protection, and this is where you can return to wearing socks. Just make sure that they serve the same purpose as the shoes. They need to be waterproof and add on to the protection the shoes provide. 

Can you swim in water shoes?

Swimming is an activity that needs you to wear the least amount of things. Some clothing items pose a danger to you. Shoes are in this category. It is not advisable to swim in shoes. However, there are special water shoes that you can swim in. They are the right weight and do not collect water in them which can weigh you down. It is important when considering going swimming in shoes, that, you wear the recommended water shoes. Water shoes are designed to resemble a second layer of skin and this makes them safe to use in water. 

Should water shoes be tight?

Water shoes need to be just the right size. They should not be too tight as this will make them uncomfortable and can give rise to blisters. They should also not be too loose because they need to make sure that no water is lt in, otherwise it negates the reason for wearing them. 

How do you take care of water shoes?

You can take care of your shoes by making sure they are cleaned after each use. Here is a step by step guide to help you keep them clean. The first thing to do is to always make sure you remove your shoes after you finish wearing them. Then you will want to rinse your shoes thoroughly with fresh warm water for approximately one minute. You can then wash them using shampoo, wetsuit soap, dishwashing liquid or hand soap. You can also put some baking soda into the water and also sprinkle some more on top of a sponge. Dampen the sponge for a while. Now you can release any moisture that remains inside the water shoes.

Final Thoughts

When looking for good water shoes for your child, make sure that they are made of a quality material, which is resilient and sturdy enough without adding any extra weight to your feet. You should also make sure that the water shoes fit snug. If they are too small they will be uncomfortable and if they are too large, they will not be able to provide the level of protection you’re looking to get.

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Best Toddler Bike Helmet UK

Are you looking for the best toddler bike helmet in the UK? Your child has been begging you for a bike for a few months now. Christmas is around the corner and you are considering spoiling your toddler with a new set of wheels. One of the reasons you have been delaying is because you are concerned about your child’s safety. How safe is it to allow them on on a bike alone. It is one of the many signs to come, that your child is growing up and gaining his or her independence. It can be a mind-numbing thought. But it is one of the many phases you will have to go through.

There are many things that your child will ask you for. Granted, it is not every request that you honor. However, there are some requests that you know will be good for both you and your child. Bike riding is an excellent activity to engage your child’s hand-eye coordination, balance, and social skills too. It is also a great way to ensure your child stays fit. Let us not forget that it is an exhilarating experience for the toddler. Bike riding can give them a sense of independence. However, amid all this excitement for your toddler, you need to make sure that your child is safe. This means getting the best gear on the market. You will need a good helmet to protect your child from any unexpected tumbles. In this article, we take a closer look at the best toddlers helmets on the market.

In a Hurry?

Heres a quick guide to buying the best helmets that will protect your child on each bike ride. There are a couple of factors you will need to consider. The first thing to consider is the fit. Check that the helmet will fit your child. It is best to measure your child’s head with a tape measure before you set out to buy the helmet. Then get a helmet that is closest in size. Check to see if the helmet is adjustable. This will allow you to adjust the helmet to the child’s actual size and they can grow with it. 

The next thing you want to look for is safety features. Check the padding and the shell, make sure it is strong enough to cushion a fall or a knock both outside and inside the helmet. Also, make sure the helmet is the right weight and will not be too heavy for the child. It also needs to be well ventilated. Since it is a toddler’s helmet you want to encourage them to wear it all the time, but you may not always agree on this. So make sure it looks like something your child would want to wear. If it means bright colours or favourite stickers, do it! Your baby must be as excited to wear a helmet as they are to ride the bike. 

Our Favourite

We have done our homework and found our favourite pick in helmets to be the Urban Skate Helmet Ideal For Skateboard Bike BMX & Scooter. It will fit kids with head sizes 49.5 – 55 cm giving a good range of adjustment to fit most children heads (we would normally expect this helmet to fit children from age 3 – 8 but this is just a guide).

Urban Skate Helmet

The new LA Sport Urban helmet range has now been upgraded to the adjustable dial found on all premium helmets, this along with the adjustable chin strap which provides a more accurate fit giving greater comfort and safety.

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Our Reviews

PedalPro BMX Bicycle Helmet

If you’ve been looking at helmets for your kid you’re most likely come across some that resemble this look and design. That is why I will not do well on the looks of it. There is nothing you Nick about it it is a common design. Let’s move onto the past that really matter. This is a helmet that is designed to provide you with the versatility of use. Although it is sold as a BMX bicycle helmet it can also be used for things such as skating or skateboarding as well as being on a scooter. Any other activities that may expose your child to some sort of impact on full will receive good protection from this helmet.

The exterior of the helmets comes with no logo, decal or any other markers. For those that like some sort of design this presents and I’m sure is it for you or your child to spend some time customising the helmet to look the way that you wanted to. The material used is fairly lightweight which makes a very comfortable for ciao to use it is highly impact absorbent which I’m sure you also appreciate. I’m stretching from the helmet to be loyal Childs chain are some adjustable straps that are equipped with a quick-release buckle. Please allow for the helmet to be secured in a way that you is comfortable for a child. Over the top of the helmet at 11 events that encourage ventilation and cooling. That uniform is a very important part as it is responsible for providing much-needed padding for your child’s head it is soft and secure.

You also be happy to find that they are four colours that you can choose from these include green blue pink and white. They come in three sizes small medium and large. The small is for heads with a sick circumference of between 53 and 55 cm. The medium is for heads with the circumference of between 55 and 50 cm. The large is forehead up with a circumference of between 57 and 61 cm.


  • The helmet is fairly lightweight.
  • It is available in 3 sizes.
  • There are 4 colours to choose from.
  • It has a quick-release fixture on the straps.
  • It feels sturdy.
  • It is well ventilated.


  • Sizing can be challenging to get right.
  • Does not come with a spare sponge.

Read More Reviews and See Price on Amazon

Urban Skate Helmet Ideal For Skateboard Bike BMX & Scooter

If you liked all previous speak but want something that offers you a different variety of colours this may be an option for you. This LA sports urban kids skate helmet is built for skateboarding riding a BMX and for those who play with Stan scooters. The design is quite similar to most kids helmets dad have the same sort of shape it comes with a strap is that stretch from the base of the helmet to underneath your child’s chin. You’ll be happy to know that the straps are fully adjustable. They also come with a quick-release mechanism that makes it quite easy for your child to remove and to put on the helmet without having to adjust the straps. This means once you get the sizing right with adjustments straps it does not have to be messed with again.

The manufacturer has used eps in impact-absorbing liner there’s been paired with ABS outer. This provides you with a high level of impact protection. The top of the helmet, as well as the side, have a total of 11 evidence that allows the helmet to feel more breathable. As a child rise in warm weather or just write in general there are bound to be getting up to begin to feel warm. The last thing they need is to feel so hot that they will end up removing the helmet. The ventilation allows them to keep on their safety helmet while not insuring the discomfort that often comes with heat. As far as the colours are concerned they can choose from black, green, blue, purple and pink.


  • The helmet is well made.
  • It has a sturdy look and feel to it.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • There are lovely colours to choose from for both girls and boys.
  • Has adjustable straps that feature a quick-release.


  • Some customers reported difficulty with the straps.

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Girls’ Bike Helmet and Pads Set by Riderz 

If you are after a product that was designed specifically with the girls in mind this is the one for you. I’m sure the hot pink colour would’ve already given this way. You also be happy to note is that they are packed included with this at that ensure that your child’s elbows and knees are just a protected as the head. Surprisingly, the knees and elbows are at a higher risk of injury done the head in most cases. That is why they cannot be neglected when it comes to ensuring their protection. Granted, no one will deny the fact that a head injury in the far west one done any elbow or knee injury will be. The top of the helmet has a total of six cooling vents that allow for the free movement of air keeping your child cooled off while they ride. Not only do these come in handy when it’s warm but they just keep your child comfortable as they get one from the activities.

Underneath the chin is fully adjustable chain straps that you can use to get the right fit for your child’s head. You’ll be happy to know that this helmet conforms to the EN1078 safety standards.


  • Comes with additional pads.
  • It comes in a bright, vibrant colour.
  • It comes very well-packed.
  • It is quite reasonably priced.
  • Conforms to safety standards.


  • Sizing could be better.
  • Standards are not always consistent.

Read More Reviews and See Price on Amazon

LUMOS Kickstart Helmet 

Not that we expect children to be riding their bikes in the dark. However, with safety is concerned visibility is of utmost importance. That is what makes having lights on your helmet very important. Anyone in the UK will understand how one moment 4 pm could mean the streets are well lit and as the winter comes 4 pm could mean a massive reduction in visibility which puts the cyclist in danger. 

Providing a child’s bike with lights is one way but it is easy for them to either get the lights removed from their bike or to forget to switch them on. However, who forgets to switch on these cool lights on the helmet. This is where Lewis comes on. It’s not just all lights open the proverbial bells and whistles. These lights meet CPSC and CE safety standards. They are known to be able to take on also the weather conditions. You’ll be happy to find that the batteries in the helmet are rechargeable and that the lights stay on for up to 6 hours when they are fully charged. 

Switching them on is quite easy as well which is very important for children. All they need is a tap and the legal beaming they also have a wireless handlebar remote which means that you tell doesn’t actually have to remove their hands from the handlebar in order to switch the light on in the helmet. That mitigates a safety risk that may be associated with trying to switch on lights on the range of your bike while cycling. The back of the helmet has the 3LED lights well the front has 10 LED lights. They are also capable of giving turn signals. How cool is that?

The manufacturer backs this product by giving you a 30-day guarantee that allows you to try the product and return it if you’re not satisfied. We would love to see you try and snatch this helmet out of your child’s hand and return it.


  • The helmet has adjustable straps.
  • It comes with lights.
  • The lights are rechargeable.
  • It meets both CPSC and CE safety standards.
  • Can be used in all sorts of weather conditions.
  • Enhances your child’s visibility.
  • Has a handle remote to control lights. 
  • It is a very durable helmet.


  • At the higher end of the pricing scale.
  • Not many colours to choose from.

Read More Reviews and See Price on Amazon

Riderz Boys’ Bike Helmet and Pads Set 

Seeing as we have a goes helmet on the list it would be on becoming if we were not to include the boys one. This isn’t to say the girls can also use this one. The colour black is fairly neutral and can be used by both males and females. This helmet is suitable for children with a head circumference of between 48 and 52 cm. The upper part of the helmet has six air vents that ensure that your child is kept cool weather in hot conditions or if they’re getting warm from all the riding.

You’ll also be happy to find that there knee an elbow pads included in this set. The straps that run from the lower part of the helmet to below the chin are fully adjustable which ensures that you get the size just right. Unsurprisingly given the size right is an important part of ensuring your child safety. A helmet that just doesn’t quite fit in perfectly presents your child with danger. You also be happy to know that this helmet conforms to EN1078 safety standards.


  • Comes in a gender-neutral colour.
  • It is well ventilated.
  • There are knee and elbow pads included.
  • The straps are fully adjustable.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • It conforms to safety standards.


  • The pads could be more comfortable.
  • Sizing can be difficult to get right.

Read More Reviews and See Price on Amazon

Buyer’s Guide

Are bicycle helmets really necessary?

Wearing a helmet is a way that parents keep their children safe when cycling. A helmet will protect your child’s head from any sort of head injury if they fall. The human brain is easily the most important organ. It controls whether or not we breathe and how we move. It only makes sense to protect it right? Your child’s brain is constantly developing. A bad hit can cause traumatic brain injury which can be permanent. Brain injury can be a devastating life-changing injury. It is something you do not want your little one to go through.

Does wearing a bike helmet make you safer?

Wearing a helmet is the most effective way of reducing head injuries. The benefits seem more pronounced in children. Research and tests show that helmets offer up to 87% reduction in the acceleration experienced by the skull during an impact. It can help the skull resist forces up to 470pounds in a fall.

Are expensive bike helmets worth it?

When it comes to protecting your head, no cost is too much. You will do yourself good to get a helmet that is made of the very best material and also that meets safety standards. The best helmets will do more than meet the minimum requirements. Expensive helmets have been known to be priced that way because of the extra features that come with the helmet. These features help provide you with more safety.

How do I choose a bike helmet for a toddler?

The first thing you need to look out for is if the helmet fits or not. Never buy it without having your child try it on first. New helmets normally come with sizing pads which you can remove when the child’s head grows. Check on the position and make sure that it sits low on your forehead. There should be one or two-finger distance above the eyebrow. Your child should be able to look up and see the rim of the bicycle.

The side straps should form a y and should meet just below the ear. Roll the rubber band as close to the side strap as possible to prevent slipping. You also need to buckle the chin strap. Tighten the strap until the chin is safely and comfortably secured. When you think everything is done, you will now need to do a final check of everything. Open your mouth super wide to make sure you have a comfortable fit. Check that all fastenings are secure but also comfortable. 

Do toddler bike trailers need helmets?

As long as you will be moving about with your toddler on the road, be safe and make sure they are in helmets. A fall can be devastating and cause unnecessary injuries.

Final Thoughts

A good helmet will protect your child’s head as they ride. It will give you peace of mind and give them the freedom and confidence that comes with the new adventure.

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Best Boarding School In the UK For International Students

Are you looking for the best boarding school for International students in the UK? It takes a village to raise a child. This statement could not be any truer than in the scenario of picking a good school. Education is the cornerstone of society. A good education can set your child apart and create a dynamic path. 

The best schools are not always located in places where people need them. Sometimes you have to travel across borders and oceans to get the education you need for your family. Your child’s education is extremely important in moulding a blindingly bright future for them. You may be far from the school you are considering for your child, but this does not rule you out. You can still have your child attend the school you want in the UK, even if you are not there. 

There are great options for boarding schools that offer a well-rounded curriculum for your child or children. You can find schools that are tailor-made for your child’s needs and can identify special gifts and needs your child may have. With the wide variety in the UK, you can find a school with the perfect boarding facility that will give your child a feeling of home away from home. In this article, we take a look at some of the top schools and what they offer you and your family.

student workspace

Choosing the right boarding school for your child can be a daunting experience. There are several top boarding schools in the UK for international students.

These institutions tend to have varying fees that range from being manageable to shall we say “elite”. However, the cost does not always determine the quality of education.

The countless institutions tend to toss the mind of many parents overseas who want home-away-from home schools. Sending your child to a foreign nation to get a good education is not a decision to be taken lightly.

The rising number of prestigious schools has helped to open doors for international students by offering excellent education quality at affordable fees.

Quick Overview

Are you looking for a quick guide to choosing the best boarding school for international students in the UK? There are a couple of things you will need to consider when making this decision. First of all, check if it is for boys or girls. Also, understand the needs your child has and see if the school will offer those and help your child. Be diligent in understanding what the school offers in terms of curriculum as well as extracurricular activities. When you know this, you will also know if it is a good fit or not.

Happy student on her bed

A site visit to the school and orientation can also give you a clearer picture as to what is offered by the school. A prospectus is great, but going in person will be even better. Boarding school programs are also made for differently gifted children. Find out which programs the school you are looking at is offering. You want to check thoroughly because it is quite far from where you will be. You want to make sure your child will feel safe and free to learn what they need to learn and more. Check the school’s security policies as well for your peace of mind. The other thing you will need to ensure, is the mode of communication, especially if there is a language barrier.

Also, check on the transport options available. Does the school provide shuttle services to and from the nearest airports or bus stations? Your child will be travelling from outside the country and hence you will need to make sure that they can get to and from school safely.

10 Best Boarding Schools in the UK for International Students

Box Hill School

Box Hill School

It is an independent coeducational boarding and day school located in the village of Mickleham near Dorking. The school is suitable for students of age between 11 and 18 years.

The school can be accessed through direct Dorking and Leatherhead line from central London which takes about 40 minutes.

The institution has modern facilities that can accommodate over 300 students. The boarding students are assigned physical houses on their arrival for pastoral reasons.

The annual fees for boarding students tend to range between £9,170 and £11,700. Compare to the surrounding schools, this is much affordable.

In 2018, 54 per cent of GCSEs were A*-A/9-7. This is a clear indication that the school has a strong academic record when compared to others.

Besides that, the school tends to excel in extra curriculum activities such as indoor netball, basketball, badminton, hockey, volleyball, tennis, and football.

Some of the notable school alumni are Adrianne Harris, Annette Price, Anthony Wallace, Anna Alvero, and Alinta Bartholomew.


Bredon School

Bredon School

It is a small independent co-educational school offering both boarding and day services for students age between 7 and 18 years.

It is situated on the borders of Gloucestershire countryside and Worcestershire. The school not only accommodates students from the UK but also across the world.

The school has modern facilities that can contain about 220 pupils of which 40 per cent are boarders. Besides that, the institution support pupils with dyslexia and other learning challenges to achieve their goals.

The termly school fees range between £3,830 and £7,610 depending on the stage or grade. The boarding fee per term tends to be £4,580.

The school has a vibrant community of learners and this helps to promote happiness, healthiness, and confidence among young people.

The performance of the school is quite strong since 52 per cent of GCSEs graded A*-A/9-7 in the year 2017. This is the reason why it has become the centre of attraction in the world.

Besides the academic performance, the school also bragged in sports activities such as cross country running, basketball, cycling, golf, clay pigeon shooting and tennis among many others.

Some of the popular alumni of the school are John Hewitt, Tony Sharp and Hugh Jarrett among many others.


St Catherine’s, Bramley

St Catherine's, Bramley

This is an independent girl school located in the village of Bramley near Guildford. The institution is suitable for pupils of age between 4 and 18 years.

One amazing thing with the school is that it is divided into sections according to the age of the students. This is the reason behind attracting international students.

Those between the age of 4 and 11 attend preparatory school while those between 11 and 18 years attend senior school.

The current population of the school is over 600 of which 90 students are boarders while the rest day scholars.

The annual full boarding fees are about £29,490. The facilities of accommodation are modern and tend to meet the desires of many students.

The school is an academic powerhouse since about 91 per cent of the students were awarded A*-A grades. The result of the IGCSE is internationally recognized.

Some of the top-performing sports activities in the school are netball, tennis, swimming, and lacrosse. The institution also promotes hobbies like photography, ceramic, life-drawing and technology design.

Some of the notable school alumni are Davina McCall, Lily Travers, and Francine Stock among many others.


Stowe School

Stowe School

It is a coeducational school situated in Stowe, Buckinghamshire. The school was started as a boy school before the inclusion of the girls.

The school is highly accessible since it is quite easier for international students to locate it. It can be accessed by bus, car, and train. Those who want to arrive in private cars tend to have ample parking.

Those planning to use Stowe bus services then they can use Stagecoach Express X5 Cambridge-Oxford which passes via Milton Keynes Central and Bicester North. Or X60 bus which passes through Milton Keynes, Buckingham, and Aylesbury.

The bus service tends to alight at Buckingham and the school is about 3 miles away. You can either board a taxi or walk on foot.

Also, there is a regular train service from London Euston to Milton Keynes station which tends to take about 30 minutes ride. The school is about 16 miles from the station. You can take a taxi direct to Stowe school.


International students will be expected to pay a non-refundable registration fee. The amount payable for registration is £200.

The parents are required to check the school terms and conditions when the acceptance fees can be paid. The amount payable for acceptance place is £1,200 but international students will incur an additional cost of £11,500.

The fees per term tend to be variable since the school offers both boarding and day. Those boarding are required to pay £12,697 per term.


The school has a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as drama, music, sports, and cultural activities. These activities help the students to excel in all angles of life not only in education.

Some of the notable alumni of the school are Richard Branson, Henry Cavill, David Niven, Christopher Robin Milne, and Chelsy Davy.

Kimbolton School

It is a British HMC co-educational boarding and day school located in the countryside of Kimbolton Cambridgeshire. The institution is suitable for pupils of age between 4 and 18 years.

The school has about 700 students in senior school and 300 in preparatory school. The high number of students is a clear indication of quality education being offered.

The senior school is located on the castle while the preparatory in the village. However, the two sections are connected with ‘The Duchess Walk’.

The school fees for lower preparatory are £ 3 105, upper preparatory is £ 4 295 and senior full boarding is £ 8 940 per term. However, there is some additional cost for lunch which make the fee to shoot up.

The performance of the school according to the previous year was 56 per cent of grades were A*-A/9-7 at GCSE, and 58 per cent of grades were A*-A at A level.

Some of the popular sports activities at the school are tennis, crickets, rounder, girls’ netball, and boys’ hockey.

Some of the popular school alumni are Louise Brealey, William Giles, Mark Lancaster, Henry Peacham, and Raymond Lewin.


Truro High School

Truro High School

This is an independent boarding and day school situated in Truro Cornwall. It is a typical girl school divided into sections according to the age of the students.

The institution admits pupils in preparatory school, senior school, and sixth form. It has a vibrant community that facilitates collaboration and creativity.

The school attracts students from all walks of life not only in the UK but also for international students from across the world.

The school has about 250 students of which 45 are full boarders. The classes tend to be small and this help to teach A level students one on one.

According to the previous year result, A level results were 42 per cent graded A*-A and 82 per cent A*-B. GSCE result was also impressive such that 7 per cent were graded A*-A/9-7.

The annual fees for full boarders are about £26,337. Besides that, the school boost in extra curriculum activities such as music, swimming, netball, and tennis.

The notable school alumni are Neal McCarney, Diane Webster, Donald Robinson, Robert Atkinson, and Sandy McLane among many others.


Loughborough Grammar School

Loughborough Grammar School

This is an independent school typically meant for boys and it is located in Loughborough Leicestershire. The institution has about 972 boys of which 60 are boarders.

The school has a great reputation for offering scholarships for both natives and international students. It is regarded as the best destination for international students.

This is an academic powerhouse as per last year’s performance. Those students at A-Level had about 57 per cent being graded A*-A with 82 per cent graded A*-B.

Besides that, the institution boost from producing the best youngest engineer in the Design Technology department in the year 2017.

The annual fees for full boarders are £27,411 of which is manageable for those international students seeking to study in the UK.

Some of the dominant sports in the school are rugby, crickets, cross country running and football as well as music groups.

The notable school alumni are Sir Thomas Abney, Thomas Green, Richard Bowdler Sharpe, Julius Hare, and Sir William Coates among many others.


Mount Kelly School

Mount Kelly School

This is an independent coeducational boarding and day school located in Tavistock around the edge of Dartmoor National Park.

The school is suitable for pupils of age between 3 and 18 years. The institution aims to nurture, guide and inspire pupils to develop their skills and interest apart from offering quality education.

This prestigious school has around 311 pupils of which 174 are full boarders. The number is so high due to the presence of international students seeking accommodation.

The performance of the school is quite impressive such that 35 per cent of grades were A*/A and 53 per cent A*-B. Those sitting for GSCE was also excellent since 39 per cent were A*-A/9-7 grades.

The school has a notable reputation for producing the best swimmers in the country. Some other sports activities in the school are the Combined Cadet Force and running.

The annual fees for full boarders are about £29,820. The notable school alumni are Adedayo Adebayo, Jakie Wellman, Sir Gordon Minhinnick, Bishop Mervyn Stockwood, and Flora Duffy.


Queen Mary’s School

The independent boarding and day school for girls and boys situated in Baldersby Park which is near Topcliffe an area between Ripon and Thirsk in the North Yorkshire.

The school has a population of about 300 pupils. It is suitable for children from the age of 3 to 16 for girls and boys from the age of 4 to 7 years.

The institution is a giant academic powerhouse since in 2017 they manage 52 per cent of GCSEs scoring A*-A/9-7.

The small size of the school enables the pupils to acquire quality education when compared to other schools within the locality.

The annual full boarding fees are about £24,165 which quite affordable for many international students.

Notable extra-curriculum are music, riding, adventuring, dancing, creative artist and athletics among many others.

Common school alumni are known as Sir Gilbert Barling, Sir Jack Drummond, Marjorie Reeves, and David Drewry.


Wychwood School

Wychwood School

An independent boarding school for girls aged from 11 to 18 years and it is situated within the heart of Oxford. It has a population of about 110 pupils of which 20 are full boarders.

The most wonderful thing is the small size of the class and the pastoral care which help to model the pupils into the required standards.

The academic performance of the school is quite impressive as seen in 2017 where 50 per cent of GCSEs were graded A*-A/9-7 and 62 per cent A*-B. The rest 37 per cent of grades were attained at A-level.

The annual boarding fees are about £24,300 and the accommodation facilities for the boarders of high-quality.

The popular extra curriculum activities showcasing the school on the map are music, tennis, basketball, and badminton.

Lastly, the notable school alumni are Jane Hewitt, Jessica Shepherd, Jill Langdon-Davies, Dr Kate Lethaby, and Dr Sarah Essigman among many others.


Parent’s Guide

Parents and guardians from across the world, send their children to English boarding schools for several reasons. Parents like to know that their children are getting the very best education to prepare them for the world. International standards that will launch the child and prepare them to deal with what lies ahead of them after school. A good boarding school offers a great platform of education, discipline, and preparation for life in general.

The aim is to produce a well-rounded human being who will fit in well with society. A great school will help mould your child’s belief systems and ways of thinking, into the future world leaders who are not afraid to take their place in the world. It may seem like this is so much to entrust to a school, but remember that your child spends a great number of hours away from you at school. You only have so much input in their lives. Think about what they learn from their friends and school throughout the day. You may not have enough time to undo any bad seeds when you see them. This is why it is important to make sure you put a lot of thought into the school you will send your child to. 

What age can a child go to boarding school?

Schools in the UK, generally take boarders from age 7 to 18years. There is not one single age that is best for a child to start boarding school. It all depends on personal circumstances. Some families never consider boarding school until they need to move away and they now need to provide the child with stability in their education. 

Are phones allowed in boarding schools?

Times have changed and more and more parents are finding it necessary to buy cell-phones for their children. Reasons differ. However, when you take your child to a boarding school, there are different rules that apply. It is important that you know these rules before enrolling so that you know if you can live by them. With schools in the UK, this is an ongoing argument. The argument lies in that parents may need to talk to their children and also that cell phones give the child a way to communicate in times of an emergency. They also aid in online research. Unfortunately, it seems they have been deemed a double-edged sword. Some parents, guardians and school authorities view cell phones as a huge distraction.

Schools in the UK currently have the freedom to set their own rules concerning cell-phones. Hancock Member of Parliament has backed schools who do not allow cell-phones and is encouraging more schools to follow the lead of schools with the ban. Some schools have taken to confiscating cell phones from children at the gate or if they are found with one during school hours.

Many parents support this view. A poll has found that 59% of UK parents think students should not be allowed to carry cell phones to school. One of the main reasons in this argument being the fear of cyberbullying and also children feeling they have to have the latest device on the market (which does not come cheap). This would just add a further division and separation amongst children from different economic backgrounds. A number of educators and teachers also support the no cell phones in schools thought pattern. 

Case studies also show that the presence of cell phones in schools, reduces the social interaction children have with each other at break or lunchtime or any other time when they are meant to be socialising. Social skills are very important and children are slowly losing the art of doing so in person as they spend more time on their cell phones and devices. Some of the schools in the UK that have a hard line on mobile phones include Michaela School in Wembley. The school is quick to confiscate any cell phones seen or heard on school grounds. The school believes they are very distracting and deplete concentration. In Norfolk, Reepham High School and College have also instituted a similar ban. The difference between the two schools, however, is that Reepham allows cell phones in bags, as long as they are off.

What are the disadvantages of a boarding school?

Boarding school is great. However, it does have a few demerits. A child can be prone to bouts of stress when they spend all their time at school. Unlike going to a day school, if there is something that is bothering the child at school, they do not get to go home at the end of the day and have a change of environment. The child is forced to stay in the same space causing the stress, and they do not get an outlet of any kind. 

If your child is prone to any stress disorders, they may be triggered by another child in the same space with similar anxiety or disorder. In as much this can happen in a day school, the pressure port is on high in a boarding school. When exams roll around, most kids get stressed, this can be more contagious if the children are in the same space. There is also the case of missing home. Some kids get so homesick it affects their school work. 

Boarding school is quite structured. All the kids are on the same routine and they rarely get the time to be alone with their thoughts, pursuing their interests. This can dim the light of each child’s individuality. When they are at home, they get to express who they are as they go about home life. Even if it is with siblings, there is a higher chance of being treated as an individual than when the child is one of a hundred children of the same age. Homelife can be more colourful than boarding life.

Do boarding schools let you leave campus?

Every boarding school is different and is governed by different rules. Parents have the peace of mind knowing their children are safe and cared for as they are being educated at a particular school, because of these different rules. Children are only allowed to leave the school campus with permission. This is why it is important that you understand these rules when you enrol your child. 

What do boarding schools do on weekends?

Various schools have different activities for the children on weekends. It also depends on the type of school it is. Some allow the children to go home on the weekend, whilst others allow the children to have more free time. This is also the time for the children to engage in extracurricular activities and sports on the school grounds. These extra activities are also what you need to ask about when you enrol your child. 

How do you pack a suitcase for boarding school?

Most boarding schools have a recommended list of what to pack for your child. This means that you will be told the minimum number of uniforms to pack for your child (if the school is uniformed). The list includes school colours and also other personal things your child may need. For example, you are encouraged to pack toiletries for your child, but this varies from one parent to another. Make sure your child has all the essentials and follows the provided list.

It is important to not overpack. The children will need to be on the same level in terms of what they bring, this reduces occurrences of bullying or stealing from each other. The new device you gave your child for Christmas, needs to stay home. Give your child a fair chance in making friends and solidifying his or her standing the ecosystem at school.

Final Verdict

It is ultimately important and extremely vital that you involve your child in the decision-making process. At the end of the day, you do not want to make it feel like a jail sentence, but more like it was their choice to go there. Studies show that children are generally happier in homes where they’re made to feel involved in the decision making process.

Your child does not want to feel like you are treating them as a child and totally disregarding their feelings. Make them understand why they are going to boarding school and the reason why. This way they will be more excited to go. As you go shopping for your child’s boarding school, remember your child’s welfare comes first before everything else. We hope the schools we have reviewed help you choose the best one for you and your family. 

Quality education is key in the life of any child and this is the reason why you need to search thoroughly about the best schools especially for international students.

All the schools mentioned in the guide are proven to offer quality education that meets international standards and they can also accommodate international students. 

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How to Pack for Travelling with Two Babies

Travelling with one child is difficult enough, now doubling that doubles the trouble. Think of every little detail that you would need to be mindful of when packing for one child. Now, double it. With this in mind, we have scoured the web to see if we could find the most helpful resource for those in this predicament. We have found one. It is in the form of a video. There is a transcript to accompany it.

If you need baby bags, be sure to check them out on this link.

morning coffee just brought up my
 suitcase I've got my little backpack
 here so this is the one that I'm gonna
 be bringing on the plane I told you in
 my last vlog that I'm like you know what
 I cannot have a purse I think I just
 need a backpack just cuz I don't want to
 have anything in my hands except for
 middle missus so this is awesome that
 I'm so happy I bought it it's a skip hop
 it comes with like a million little
 compartments which is awesome and
 there's even something for the milk on
 the side here like this comes out it's
 like a little milk case which is pretty
 cool really excited to kind of pack this
 bag and then also I just have a ton of
 stuff that I put in here that I'm gonna
 be bringing that I didn't want to forget
 and my suitcase is from BBS so I bought
 this when I was in Vancouver and it was
 actually when I had my baby shower
 because I needed another suitcase to
 bring home I had so many gifts Himax
 so anyways yeah that's the suitcase I'm
 gonna be bringing it's a nice big
 suitcase and clearly it's super visible
 so I can see it right when it comes out
 but yeah we are gonna start back and
 where are you going and I've got the
 sweet baby girls on the bed right now
 look how much stuff you guys have do you
 know how much laundry mama has to do are
 you in a food coma are you in a food
 coma my princesses not allowed to date
 daddy says I'm sorry I'm so sylph huh
 are you upside down are you upside down
 yes this he is you just love to talk
 lately hey yeah what are you saying to
 me what are you saying to me huh
 oh yeah haha but your uni sea unicorn hi
 you need
 doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo to say
 they love these I'm so happy I bought
 these and they love touching them they
 love playing with like the little Oh see
 then you love grabbing it don't you
 oh yes you love them they're so soft and
 the scible unicorn - they really like
 because it makes noises oh my brother
 Maxine are you taking care of your
 sissies yes you are you love the sissies
 you protect them don't you yes you do
 yes you do
 good boy that's a good boy you give them
 kisses you grow
 this is what the inside of this suitcase
 looks like here oh it's a big suitcase
 max bug okay so I don't know about your
 dogs but max always knows what suitcase
 is like he gets so sad and he knows he
 knows we're going away you don't like
 just in case do you I know but you're
 gonna have so much fun with Grandma
 grandpa they so good to you
 Oh case here you've seen before I'm not
 gonna bring it on my trip with me just
 because it's a carry-on luggage but it's
 a little Kenzi one and it's really
 adorable like I'm really happy I got
 this and it has so many little spaces
 that you can put stuff in super
 organized pockets and it's just such a
 cute little suitcase here it's even got
 like separate zippers and I just really
 really love this it's perfect for
 traveling but yeah I'm not bringing this
 one on the trip but I just want to show
 you how cute this little one is and then
 also it comes in like rose gold which I
 it's so pretty I think even this rose
 gold and even the handle right here is
 also rose gold is so pretty
 they're probably one of my favorite
 coats that I got the girls these are
 from Nordstrom's and there are little
 bunnies they have like a little bunny
 hood and they're super warm on the
 inside and they're so soft so I thought
 we could put the girls in these when we
 go to Vancouver they're so cute I love
 them I've been waiting for them to get
 big enough to fit into them so right now
 they can cuz these are three to six so
 they're so cute though show you the
 inside like look how soft that is and I
 bought these I think on their Black
 Friday sales so I got them for a really
 good price but they are so soft so
 another thing I thought I would quickly
 show you is our little drying rack that
 we have right here so this is the travel
 size one that I bought even comes with
 the brush which is so awesome this is
 really useful to have if you're
 traveling so I'm really happy that I got
 this so yeah it is by the same brand
 I'll link it down below but it's really
 really nice having this to bring because
 it's nice and small I can winning miss
 me up are you ready for your first trip
 yeah yes you are yes you are look at
 these little arms
 good morning I just having my coffee
 lasse right now thank you
 and I've got to my towel on my head
 right now because tray is coming over to
 do my hair this morning thank God
 because my hair has just been all over
 the place
 and I need a little bit of volume really
 appreciate that I think so I think we're
 gonna do yes some nice like big
 voluminous hair today I have a photo
 shoot as I told you I think I did pretty
 sure I did but I have a photo shoot
 today I'm really really excited Aaron's
 gonna be here she's the same
 photographer that took the photos from
 like my four year anniversary and she's
 done like a lot of photo shoots for us
 like our first Christmas and everything
 but anyways yes so today I'm gonna
 continue packing because I didn't get to
 finish so I'm gonna do that today and
 then also sorry my phone is going off
 like crazy right now yes I'm gonna
 finish up packing if you can kind of see
 behind me I started on my room my beauty
 room and I'm so excited that's a part of
 today's photo shoot I don't want to
 reveal everything but you can kind of
 see how awesome it is in the back here I
 finally have clothing and it looks a
 little bit more like a closet so I'm
 really really happy about that that's
 what I wanted anyways I'm really tired
 right now but I'm also gonna put on
 lashes today I haven't put on lashes in
 a long time I'm feeling super glam but
 yeah anyways I am gonna wait for tray to
 get here and have my coffee and I'll see
 you in a bit
 all right so we are in the girls nursery
 and I'm just gonna grab all the things
 we need and then show you everything
 once I start packing just did some
 laundry okay so I just pulled these
 little outfits out of the closet they're
 three to six so they will fit the girls
 and they haven't worn them yet look how
 cute they are
 they're from one of our neighbors but
 they look so cute so I'm gonna grab some
 leggings too these are the little tights
 that come with it so we've got pink ones
 and then these cute little great ones
 right here and I did want to bring
 something dressy because we actually
 have one of my best friend's baby
 showers so I wanted to put these on the
 girls they're so cute my mom we got the
 girls these and they can finally fit
 into them they're really cute they have
 like the little tutu on the bottom and
 then like flowers all over and it's lacy
 but on the inside it seems pretty
 comfortable the material which is good
 I'm still debating about the play no fix
 I do want something easy so we can
 change them and these are I think as
 easy as can be these little zippers
 right here so these are three months
 they should fit the girls I'm just gonna
 double check that it fits me off because
 she is a little bit bigger now but
 they're really cute I got these from
 Carter's they're like the fleecy ones so
 the other coats that I have for the
 girls are these ones here that I got
 from Nordstrom's which I showed you
 they're so cute cuz the weather it's
 gonna be very rainy when we're there
 unfortunately but it is cold or two so I
 want to dress them warm these are so
 cute and soft though it'll be little
 bunny sue do you need your diaper
 changed yes you do so we've got Little
 Miss me right here cuz she's not
 sleeping like sissy you're a morning
 burn aren't you aren't you Mia okay so
 she's gonna watch mama pack still have
 stuff to get also my clothes also gonna
 wash these again and they love these
 like they love touching these so I'm
 gonna bring both of these probably on to
 the planes that have something to do and
 then also these are the inserts for the
 car seats so if your babies are a tad
 bit smaller like ours we used to have to
 put like swaddles in between in between
 their head and body but these work
 perfect like I'm so happy if you bought
 these little inserts and it's so comfy
 like it's so soft for the girls and then
 also we just have the sleep sacks right
 here so I have like the little elephant
 one so I brought two of these so they
 can sleep at night in these
 packing some of the things in my
 backpack right now at the plane you like
 that I got my hair done yesterday that
 still action looks pretty nice I'm
 hoping I don't have to wash it when I'm
 in Vancouver okay so you have your
 earmuffs these are going into my
 backpack are you having fun we have
 their little pom beanies to which I'm
 gonna bring these with me because it's
 colder there right now and rainy so pom
 pom beanies I'm gonna bring their
 unicorn too because they love playing
 with toys just in case we can't get them
 to sleep on the plane which that will
 probably happen with you and Missy oh so
 the rest of the stuff that I got I got
 some wet ones I got some razors for Mama
 I got daddies some conditioner and
 shampoo he uses this line already Evie
 oh gee I also got a toothbrush for
 myself I have some little tie pink we
 also have one of these this is like the
 bumbum cream you like it on your tush
 tush so I'm bringing a tube of that also
 have a ton of baby wipes cotton swabs I
 also put their little headbands in here
 and I'm gonna bring those are so cute I
 love those so I had the cutest headband
 sent to me by baby clover cakes and she
 made these for the girls so I'm gonna
 bring a bunch of these because these are
 so cute for photos and knowing how many
 auntie's they are going to meet I want
 to take a lot of photos so I'm gonna
 bring the entire bags I don't know which
 ones I'm gonna actually put on the girls
 but this is tiny anyways and I actually
 just got this in the mail yesterday so
 it came just in time and it's this big
 pixie set but I really love this makeup
 bag oh this is what it looks like right
 here this is like the perfect little
 travel essential so I think I might
 bring this with me
 even put my name up here I think that's
 so custom and so cool so I think I'm
 gonna bring this for makeup and I'm not
 bringing that much makeup skincare hi
 never named a bit of skincare but I have
 all travel sized friendly ones so I'm
 happy about that so I am gonna bring
 this purse right here it's nice and
 small I'm just gonna bring it in a dust
 bag and I wanted to bring one nice bag
 because I do have my girls night out on
 the Friday night which will be today
 since I'm uploading today so yeah so I
 think I'm gonna bring this one and
 that's it and then I'll have my backpack
 also look at my new little phone case oh
 my goodness they killed me with their
 cuteness and I got this made at
 Vistaprint I know I showed it to you in
 one of my Christmas vlogs but look how
 cute this is
 and I have the iPhone 8 plus you just
 look so cute now they can be everywhere
 with me
 let's zoom in on those cute little faces
 oh my goodness they were so small I'm
 quickly just having one of those
 Starbucks salads Ryan went out and got
 us some because I didn't want to forget
 to eat today because I'm busy packing
 and I need energy for tomorrow a lot of
 energy because our flights up 5:50 a.m.
 so we have to be at the airport at 4 by
 like 4:20 so that just sounds exhausting
 to me but I'm almost done packing we
 also just got these in the mail and Ryan
 and I were trying to figure out for the
 longest time where these were from
 because I didn't remember ordering them
 and look how cute they are so they're
 actually from Madison thank you so much
 Madison these are so cute and the girls
 will love these so they are these sleep
 sacks it looks so cute so I think we're
 gonna pull them out and give them a
 quick wash so Ryan just brought down his
 luggage and then also we've got our twin
 stroller right there the UPPAbaby and
 then a friend of ours actually dropped
 off the stroller bag yesterday so that
 also is very useful but yeah definitely
 a lot of stuff with twin
 I get up I miss belly outside
 I don't always with love
 snores which she's the lead in us love
 will ever trust
 now that I'm done folding some of the
 clothes I brought out these which I
 bought these off Amazon and I love
 traveling with these so I'm just gonna
 separate the girls clothes from mine and
 then also it doesn't move around when in
 a luggage so these are really helpful
 just to show you quickly how I packed it
 so I put their clothes in this smaller
 one right here leggings onesies
 everything they need and I'm still
 bringing a few more outfits and then in
 mine right here I've just got my comfy
 pants I've got all my tank tops and
 stuff and just loose shirts cuz I'm just
 gonna be bringing a coat but yeah that's
 everything that I packed for myself so
 far also just have like socks and
 underwear on the other side there so I'm
 just adding a few more onesies and the
 way I did it so we're there for four
 nights and I pretty much just did a few
 outfits a day we're not gonna be
 changing them like crazy really only if
 they spit up but we do have like a few
 fancy dinners with my family and then
 also a baby shower to go to so I did
 pack like a few nicer outfits and then
 the rest are just like really cute just
 simple onesies and sleepers and stuff so
 yeah and then these are really nice
 though because you can fit so much into
 these so much clothes so just got those
 there little clothes Oh cute is this
 little shirt by the way so this
 unfortunately won't fit Mia anymore
 and I found it like at the back of their
 closet so I was so happy I found it cuz
 it will still fit Sophia so I'm gonna
 put her in this it's so pretty though
 you look so cute Sophia so we just put
 her ear protectors on just so she could
 get a bit used to it does it feel weird
 on you they look so big but they are
 baby size so I got these off Amazon just
 like baby your protectors that's what I
 searched and these came up and they're
 great for the airplane for takeoff so
 it's not so loud for your little ears
 yeah yeah so these are the inserts I was
 talking about so they just go in the
 seat like this so just quickly show you
 I'm not gonna actually put it in but
 just to show you what it looks like so
 it's all snug and comfy in there but we
 used to put swaddle blankets in the side
 here just because they were so small but
 yeah they definitely are nice and secure
 in there when this is in and also the
 head part you can take this off by the
 way so it has a little velcro thing to
 take off also I just packed these burpee
 bibs these ones are my absolute favorite
 I love these ones because they're so
 thick and also we have some swaddle
 blankets and the rest of the stuff I'm
 gonna put in Ryan's suitcase cuz his is
 pretty empty so yeah I just want to show
 you that do you guys know how I have my
 girlfriend's baby showers so she's
 having a baby boy in March and I got her
 just a few cute little toys for baby boy
 this cute plush elephant I also got
 these Jack and Jill little shoes right
 here they're baby blue they're so cute
 and I got her this
 so this outfit says just hatch look how
 cute that is and also lastly these are
 my favorite the cotton Muslim bibs so
 they're really soft and I just got her
 the boy ones okay so I just finished
 packing I got everything in here I've
 got my backpack for the airplane and I
 also just attached these because the
 girls love these but we'll probably put
 them on the stroller once we land in
 Vancouver and then I've got everything
 packed in here so I've got all my
 clothes all the girl's clothes neatly
 organized and yeah I'm really happy
 everything fit into this large suitcase
 and also if you are interested in seeing
 like what I pack for makeup beauty
 everything like that that'll be on my
 beauty Channel so I had to separate the
 video or else it'd be so long so I'm
 about to conquer that next and I have
 all my makeup and I'll be packing I have
 another coffee so yeah if you guys want
 to see that it will be up on my main
 channel and then the only stuff I still
 have out is obviously the outfits the
 airport outfits so got mine have got
 theirs and yeah I think we're ready to
 go clearly you do not have enough time
 in this vlog to show you all of the
 makeup and skincare and bringing just
 because I've already edited half this
 vlog and it's long already which I knew
 would happen so it's gonna be two videos
 so if you want to see the makeup and
 skincare that I brought that's
 my main channel and I'll link it down
 below depending on which video I get up
 first but definitely check it out I'll
 be putting up both but yeah anyways that
 is everything that I packed I hope you
 had fun watching all that chaos it took
 me a few days to pack and get everything
 just because I didn't want to forget
 anything but even if I do I have my mom
 there so my mom already has so much
 stuff for the girls like it's a little
 ridiculous which is why I left space in
 my suitcase cuz I already know they're
 gonna have so much stuff coming back but
 yeah she already went out and got us
 formula diapers and everything like that
 so that's definitely helpful um but yeah
 I hope you guys enjoyed watching this
 and obviously I'm gonna have a vlog go
 up in Vancouver cuz I want to stop them
 at their first trip which is gonna be so
 special they get to meet so many of my
 friends so many family members that they
 haven't met yet and it's just so crazy
 to think they haven't met so many people
 important people to me yet so I'm just
 so excited

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How to Pack for Hospital Birth

Having a baby can be one of the most exciting times in one’s life. As the time for delivery draws nearer you may find yourself wondering if you have gotten everything that you will need to take with you to the hospital. There is a great peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything that you and the baby will require is in place ahead of time. The last thing that you need is to worry about it in the interim. We found a great illustrative video with some text to accompany it.

Make sure you check out the baby bags that can be used for these occasions.

okay so this is an exciting time oh
 we're doing something really big right
 now such a big deal like the mony that
 we've talked about for so long yeah
 good morning from rainy California
 because it's actually raining outside
 this is what happens whenever it
 slightly sprinkles in California kids
 and every kid schools angry like this
 they are dressed for the tundra pasture
 boring a hole through the ice
 fine food we have for breakfast yeah oh
 all right the Shelf came to town because
 it's December and we're gonna vlog till
 the crazies he's been doing no no
 so this morning he got into our we had
 this big old starburst thinka savannah
 loves starburst even she can't have him
 cuz she has just say somebody abuser
 beat it in door she said sorry Everly I
 was really craving some starbursts last
 night please forgive me I'll bring you
 candy soon all right Coco cuz every
 neighbor cook up okay we gotta go so
 because of Savannah gestational diabetes
 you guys know we have to come in once a
 week to get the baby checked out to make
 sure she's not growing abnormally large
 because that can happen sometimes with
 gestational diabetes I put the camera
 away any time someone gets close to me
 because I get really awkward and
 embarrassed but we're actually kind of
 excited baby has been moving too much a
 Savannah's been having a crazy amount of
 contracted so me like we I was about to
 pull the camera out last night last
 night and and I before because she's
 having Staubach attractions we're like
 oh she's going into labor this is it but
 hidden but sign of labor is like the
 baby doesn't move because I guess head
 is ready to come out yes science so I'm
 gonna check me and see if I'm dilating
 at all because I swear I think I am
 to make me smell beguiling so this isn't
 we don't think there's people looking at
 so we get quiet so this isn't a labor
 vlog but it could turn into that if she
 goes into labor this log so pretty much
 everything is all good
 we still think she's gonna go into labor
 Simmons logging on people are all around
 us and I walk around with a stupid
 carrying bag because ever I rolled away
 that fell off I'm very happy because
 they said that the baby has really long
 eyelashes and you're really long
 eyelashes and I had like no I like this
 is a 50-50 shot okay more people okay I
 got a scare hey everything come on
 stairs come on
 I just want to scare you hell it's cool
 house cool good you want to help us with
 something super important I can help us
 in today's the day pretty much that we
 are going to be packing the baby's bag I
 feel like we should get like a list to
 make sure we don't forget anything okay
 I have no idea what we're doing what's
 going on this is all Savannah and I'm
 just kind of like
 here to help I guess we need a hospital
 bag for the baby so they even have a
 cool little Batman thing on us a Batman
 is so cool okay if you want a good
 Hospital okay
 sports bra Oh guys guys guys guys I need
 to show you something
 oh my god my bras and you guys already
 those look like my grandma's underwear
 these are like big under Lee mangi
 borrows my Nana and granny honestly I
 mean I might even ask why I'm sure oh oh
 and this is her name
 P is for okay guys comment below which
 outfit you guys want to see baby pian
 for like our hospital bed mix this
 outfit number one hold it up outfit
 number one let me show it off oh that is
 cute okay that's cute yeah comment down
 below if you want that for number one
 yeah okay this is the exact same thing
 oh I see so that one has feet okay we
 have nursing pads they're right here
 there's some pads for those of you guys
 who don't know what nursing pads are
 therefore when you are nursing the baby
 and there's like lots of you know milk
 coming out of yet yep and sometimes you
 leak so you need pads so then you don't
 leak in your bra we've all been there
 here's more like disinfectant sir oh
 that toothbrush travel toothbrush dead
 guy underneath it oh you're already
 interesting okay I thought it would be
 cute forever lead to go get one of her
 baby dolls so I can teach her how to
 swaddle right now let me help swallow
 gently think yeah yeah well this is a
 little smart Lincoln tbh I kind of need
 some help learner house while I let go
 get your best baby your best when you
 can go to your favorite one I need to
 put these bad boys on well go get your
 with the one that you like the most
 wow that is an extremely realistic
 looking baby I don't know if I even seen
 this one yet
 okay this from your grandma that's
 really good
 what do you say sorry I'm gonna see if I
 can't see everybody swaddling skills but
 she was like very adamant about knowing
 how swaddle she got mad at me when I you
 know gave really that look all right you
 put him in the corner
 the babies are even though under it
 under the boy on the monkey show
 because in my tummy she's really really
 squished super arms are just like super
 tight and she's just really tiny in
 there not too bad we almost forgot the
 most important thing diapers and wipes
 and and Everly got her sister a little
 gift you want to show that everybody
 picked us out of the stores once he gave
 it to her whenever she meets it this
 will be like all the clothes and all
 that stuff and this would be like our
 like yeah your baby you're pregnant so
 Cole thinks he knows how to swaddle so I
 told him to show us let's see how it
 goes so far so good you wrap it nice and
 tight over the arm pull it up this part
 bring it over wrap it nice and tight
 over the next time wrap it around and
 it's not that neat but voila
 not bad babe so I always wanted one of
 these for Everly I just never got one
 but I finally got one for this baby and
 for moms actually sent us a bunch of
 stuff they sent us this and like a
 little baby playpen and a baby high
 chair they have so much cool stuff but I
 love this because I feel like babies
 just want to be like an adult I'm really
 nice and there's even like you're really
 lazy like how we can be would you be up
 here on the bed and if I want to rock
 the baby we just press it rock baby on
 our phone and it says rock so we already
 have this built and I got that built in
 the corner right on the TV sides were
 watching TV we can also watch but we're
 about to build a whole other thing and
 this is the one that you'll actually
 sleep in no promo it's called like a
 snooze smart sleeper the safest baby bed
 ever made it has a man I build things
 it's what I do
 Simon I build this thing how's it going
 pretty good I figured it out I just
 messed up but you see there's you see
 how there's a little blue arrow here I
 think you want to find one that has
 slide the leg in click everything has to
 leave us soon she has danced today line
 it up push it in and as you're click yo
 heart I could be wrong but I'm pretty
 sure that whenever it feels the baby
 move at all in the crib like starting to
 wake up that it starts moving like it
 starts vibrating yeah to help them like
 soothe them back to sleep I'm pretty
 sure I know there's like really cool
 stuff out for babies now okay so this is
 an exciting time
 oh we're doing something really big
 right now such a big deal like the money
 that we've talked about for so long yeah
 because I am 37 weeks pregnant so that
 baby is coming
 basically any day now I know have this
 baby in like a week you guys so we are
 putting the car seat in the car 20 years
 old do you want me to do yeah
 these things these nervous really though
 she could come in like she could come
 now but she could come in like a leak I
 tried my best but you're a lot better at
 this stuff ah I hate that she I can't
 face us no but we'll get a little mirror
 and we'll put it right here someone
 we're driving we can see her oh yeah I
 hear so many people say like you're
 never ready like nobody's ever ready for
 kids you know you can't like prepare for
 kids and we already have everybody said
 I don't know what I'm freaking out about
 so I just oh she sleeps I love my sleep
 and if this baby's crying OH
 our vlogs start like plummeting and I
 was like zombify every single one we're
 so good it's cuz the baby we're getting
 the ball here
 if y'all liked it give it a big thumbs
 up subscribe to our channel if you are
 subscribed turn on post notifications
 will warn y'all we don't know this
 baby's coming we don't want you guys to
 miss anything we have no idea we can't
 plan it but if y'all don't fall that's
 gonna be sure folks all right down here
 as well so you can keep up with our
 we knew shout outs analog to new
 followers who follow us on Instagram so
 this video shout outs go do guys check
 us out okay first video Charo goes to
 Cabrera's kids because she asked if her
 kids could have a shout out so shout out
 to her kids
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How to Pack for a Flight with a Baby

If your baby will soon be coming on their first flight with you, it can be quite a daunting experience. The main difference between taking a flight and other forms of travel is that when you drive, you could always stop somewhere to pick up anything that may be missing. On a long haul flight though, that is impossible. This is what makes it more worrying. If you do not take the right things you will have an awful flight. The best thing that you can do is to ensure that you are well packed and well prepared. To help you along, we found a great resource that you can refer to below.

Be sure to check out our post on baby bags.

hello friends welcome back tomorrow we
 leave for Florida is our first time
 flying with Miles he's about six and a
 half months old and I figured I would
 just kind of bring you guys along

 so I thought I just sort of like to
 share our experience
 I know flying with a baby is something a
 lot of parents worry about especially
 new parents I figured I would just share
 with you really quickly some of how
 we're packing so this is our big
 suitcase we could probably fit
 everything in here but we're just not
 going to because of weight but we put
 all of our really light stuff in here so
 I use these packing cubes which are
 really great especially for babies
 because they just have so much stuff and
 their stuff is like so tiny so all of
 miles of stuff is in packing cubes I
 have a packing cube for toys this one is
 like linens and then there's one
 underneath that's all of his clothes and
 then Michael and I have our clothes in
 here as well then we're just bring in a
 small extra suitcase and I'm gonna put
 heavier stuff in here so I have his
 clip-on highchair and this is like his
 toiletries if you will and then we'll be
 putting like our toiletries in here I
 make myself lots of lists so I don't
 forget what to bring so this is the
 stroller bag and I actually was able to
 put the pack and play cover in here as
 well this is the car seat bag we borrow
 this from a friend because we didn't own
 one and it's huge like it's big enough
 to carry a toddler sized car seat so
 there's extra space in here so I threw
 two things in there there's a blanket
 and then there's his diaper bag and then
 for now I just have his carrier in here
 and that I'll throw on when we get to
 the airport since obviously he's going
 to be in the car seat on the way to the
 airport last but not least is my
 carry-on which has a nice stand on it
 that's that's nice this is my portable
 changing mat that I always use I got to
 throw some more diapers in here I'm
 gonna throw a couple of what is this an
 old granola bar wrapper that I
 definitely don't need gonna throw a
 couple of burp cloths in there a couple
 of sleep and plays I have my nursing
 cover in here I have a change of clothes
 for me in there because baby spit-up and
 I don't want to have to sit and spit up
 all day if that happens which is just
 like some pacifiers and a tea third and
 the last thing I have is just my bag
 that I will like pull out because it's
 liquids so I have a hand sanitizer in
 there and then I also packed infant
 tylenol my pediatrician suggested it
 because he said if miles
 having trouble like with his ears
 popping because of the altitude that it
 would help and then the last thing that
 I am putting in my carry-on is actually
 a cooler with just a bunch of frozen
 purees that I've made for him and then
 when I come home the cooler will have
 any breast milks that I've pumped well
 we're on vacation both of these things
 baby food and breast milk you're allowed
 to bring you know you ought to bring as
 a carry-on with you there's one other
 packing cube that I'm bringing this is
 all like food related things I'm not
 bringing my pump with me because I
 figured this is my vacation too but I am
 bringing my manual pump in my Hakka just
 in case I need something and then a
 couple of extra bottles all right we are
 on our way
 we are leaving 20 minutes late not too
 bad I mean I don't want to brag but me
 and the baby we're ready what is it
 about husbands we are going to drop our
 car off at the car place and then
 shuttle over to the airport we got our
 off the car got all the bags into the
 airport good to go
 apparently you need your baby's birth
 certificate to prove that they're under
 the age of two to fly we did not know
 this so luckily we were able to call our
 pediatrician and they're faxing over our
 medical form to Southwest so that we can
 get on our plane hopefully this is the
 only big snack where we fall into guys i
 jinxed us by saying that I hope nothing
 else went wrong because our flights been
 delayed two hours
 so we're just going to hang out the
 terminal I'm feeding miles that Michael
 and I are gonna eat and I'm not gonna
 say that I hope nothing else goes wrong
 I don't want to jinx anything else
 here's the moral of the story is I tried
 to like plan meiosis eating naps all
 accordingly so then they could be ready
 to eat in the nap right when we got on
 the plane
 you can't plan I mean it's let alone
 with babies but believe babies and air
 travel you just got to go with the flow
 well if you have a delay to get snacks
 Michael let you get to a McDonald's I
 decided to try to get something healthy
 which is always a bad idea
 and an airport so it's just like but I
 got this tofu hole
 it's not so bad I'm gonna take miles out
 for a little while and let them kind of
 hang out and hope that that gets tired
 so they checked it out I feel like a big
 part of flying with babies is just like
 a head game if you get worried and
 nervous and like stress out with
 everything that goes wrong and finish
 it's going to go worse so you got to
 just like roll with the punches we're
 killing time Michael's coming
 Michael doesn't like to fly
 that's how people drink their martinis
 all right my friends flash-forward I'm
 now home from vacation kind of got
 separated from my camera and I just want
 to share with you guys like the rest of
 the experience so on our way there our
 flight got delayed two hours and then
 when we boarded the plane its Southwest
 which is open seating I'm so on the way
 there we got group a so we got better
 choice for seating and we were busily at
 the front most feet now I like the front
 most seat because you get ton more
 legroom it's just way more comfortable
 with a baby when the seatbelt sign came
 undone I was able to stand up with miles
 and there was a little spot where I
 could sort of stand with him but
 important thing to know is if you get
 that front most seat you cannot have
 your bags with you during taxine landing
 or takeoff they have to go in the
 overhead compartment it was worth it to
 not have my bag during those times to be
 able to have all the extra legroom with
 miles but a little trick so that you
 know if you're flying with young
 children you actually always get to
 board between groups a and Group B and
 people actually sort of line up by the
 gate not where the a and B section is
 but there's like a separate area where
 the families line up a lot of people
 will debate is it better to have the
 window seat or the aisle seat I chose
 the window seat because I nursed miles
 during takeoff and during landing I
 heard that it would help him with his
 ears poppy and due to the altitude I
 don't know if it did but he didn't get
 fussy during takeoff or during landing
 and actually kind of helped him fall
 asleep as well so both times the flight
 was like almost three hours and he slept
 for maybe like two hours of each flight
 the rest of the time he was awake and he
 just kind of you know hung out we had a
 toy be kind of bounced him we passed it
 back and forth between Michael and I so
 it's kind of nervous about like what am
 I gonna do if he's awake on this plane
 but um you know we kept them we kept
 them entertained so now that I've done
 it what do I suggest you have on your
 carry-on for your baby
 obviously miles is only six months is
 going to be different maybe if your
 baby's a little younger a little older
 the things that really we made sure that
 we had that really mattered was a
 pacifier I had my nursing cover which
 some people don't really care about
 having nursing cover their cub they're
 comfortable nursing and not worrying
 about being covered I like having a
 nursing cover because just one it just
 makes me feel more comfortable nursing
 in public I feel like I can do it
 anywhere and not have to worry about it
 specially on an airplane and an airport
 where there are people everywhere that
 it's not really any private space and
 actually to be honest the nursing cover
 ended up being a good little hack
 because after he fell asleep I was able
 to sort of keep him under the nursing
 cover after he fell asleep and it kind
 of acted like blackout curtains a little
 bit so it stayed nice and dark in there
 and allowed him to continue sleeping I
 packed one of his big muslin cloth to
 have really spills if he spit up or
 whatever it also was great just like if
 I need to throw it down on the ground if
 I need just to put him down I need to
 lay him down it was a barrier between
 the Kim and the ground in the airport
 and then I just brought like two or
 three little toys I didn't overstock my
 carry-on with a bunch of stuff I think I
 brought two toys maybe you know at this
 age they can be entertained by a lot we
 used like napkins and straws and all
 sorts of other things to entertain them
 as well I didn't want to be bogged down
 with a bunch of stuff because I find the
 more stuff that ends up in your bag
 harder is to find what you need when
 it's time so another tip that I will
 give you obviously it's best if your
 baby can be kind of sleepy when you get
 on the plane because obviously sleeping
 through the plane ride is best
 so for us we chose to go for flights
 during nap time because the flight was
 under three hours if it was going to be
 a longer flight I probably would have
 done an overnight flight so what a
 coincided with his nighttime sleep so he
 could have just like assumed it was
 bedtime and slept longer and what we did
 is once we got basically checked in and
 through TSA we tried to just keep miles
 awake and what I like to do at home is
 just you know do things that are going
 to sort of stimulate him because
 basically my thought process is I'm just
 trying to sort of like fill up his
 sleepy cup so that he'll be tired when
 it's time to flies I did wear him
 through TSA and I had my carrier just if
 case I needed to be hands-free it was
 really easy to carry him through
 security and really easy to carry him
 through when it was time to board but in
 between those two times I took him out
 of the carrier and I let him you know
 look around we stopped at a restaurant I
 even a few times took that big muslin
 cloth that I packed and just threw it
 down on the floor and let him have a
 little bit of tummy time it helped
 prevent him from just getting like
 really antsy also can we appreciate my
 shirt today it says mama needs coffee
 one of you guys who follows me on
 instagram actually messaged me she made
 these shirts and she sells them on Etsy
 she makes a bunch of different ones but
 this one was obviously my favorite and I
 thought was really cute I'll link her
 down below now as far as the big debate
 do you check the stroller or do you
 bring the stroller through security and
 gay check it for us not having a
 stroller worked fine obviously we just
 had one baby with two babies you might
 want a stroller but it was just so much
 easier to use our carrier going through
 security with the carrier was so easy
 you don't have to take your baby out of
 the carrier they're gonna have you go
 through the metal detector instead of
 like that x-ray machine and then they
 usually will do that like test on your
 hand which I'll be honest I don't know
 if they're testing for probably like
 certain chemicals I'm not really sure
 and it was really easy and really really
 simple and so much easier than having to
 lug around our stroller and then break
 it down and all of that another tip I
 will say is especially if it's your
 first time flying particularly your
 first time flying with a baby on this
 airline is always call the airline ahead
 of time and make sure you're not missing
 anything if you saw when we flew we flew
 Southwest and we got there and we're
 ready to check in and they're like hi we
 need the baby's birth certificate and
 Michael and I just looked at each other
 with like deer and headlights because we
 had no idea that we needed a baby's
 birth certificate and apparently this is
 not a very common thing because when I
 shared on Instagram stories so many of
 you are like what the heck I fly all the
 time with my baby and I've never needed
 a birth certificate just call your
 airline ahead of time and make sure
 you're not missing anything when it
 comes to having the baby with you
 my last tip with flying with babies is a
 lot of it I think I might be already
 said this is a little bit of a mind game
 most people are a little bit anxious
 they're a little nervous you don't want
 to be the person on the plane with the
 crying baby but at the end the day you
 can't really plan it all perfectly and
 you can't you don't know what a baby's
 gonna do you don't know if they're gonna
 be fussy you don't know if they're gonna
 freak out you can only plan so much and
 then you kind of just got to be like ah
 right jesus take the wheel
 you know so I think some of it is just
 like not stressing not worrying if your
 baby starts to get fussy if your baby
 starts crying like don't stress about it
 don't worry about what others people on
 your on the plane are thinking like oh
 great I'm stuck next to the family with
 the baby and just focus on your child
 and do the best that you can
 nobody's gonna die because they listen
 to a baby so anyways
 hope this was helpful to some of you
 guys I know flying and traveling with
 babies for the first time it's
 definitely nerve-wracking and hopefully
 this video makes some of you feel a
 little bit better if you're planing to
 do it for the first time it really was
 not that bad it's not something to
 stress about but it's so worth it you
 should definitely take trips with your
 children visit family do all that don't
 let the fear of flying with children or
 the fear of throwing off their sleep
 schedule prevent you from like having
 these memories with your children it's
 so worth it I'm gonna share a couple
 more sort of just general traveling with
 baby tricks that I sort of learned from
 this trip obviously I'm no expert but
 these are just some things that I did
 that worked for us and I'm gonna share
 those in a blog post that I'm gonna post
 with this video so I will link that down
 below if you're looking for some more
 like overall tips but I appreciate you
 guys stopping by I hope you're having a
 fantastic day
 and I will see you all in my next video
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How to Combine Bottle Feeding with Breast Feeding

Oftentimes, bottle feeding and breastfeeding are considered as two mutually exclusive methods. What most people may not realise is that these two go much further when used to complement one another. From the baby’s perspective, the two can be wildly different. Although baby feeding tits are designed to mimic the nipple, there are differences that come up when they suckle. There are ways that one can use to ensure that the two are combined in a way that works for both baby and mother. We have found a great tutorial that will take you through this.

I know you're supposed to go and I am
 here to chat with you about bottles or
 you're breastfed baby and this might be
 a question for some of you you're like
 will i breastfeed what do I need bottles
 for well you might if you're a working
 mom you might need to introduce your
 kiddo to a bottle just to kind of get
 them used to the idea because you won't
 be around all the time or you know if
 you want an occasional date night out
 you might want somebody else being able
 to feed your baby that's definitely a
 bonus or if you want your partner to be
 able to help with feedings or if they
 have a desire to help with feedings
 having your baby super comfortable
 taking a bottle is a good thing it's
 generally advised if you're going to be
 a stay-at-home mom and you're only going
 to use a bottling occasionally generally
 advised to wait about four to six weeks
 to introduce a bottle but if you lead a
 really busy lifestyle and if you're a
 working mom you're going to want to
 probably introduce even earlier than
 that I waited the full six weeks to
 introduce a bottle to Harrison and it
 was a nightmare
 I'm telling you so he is my first kid
 that I have breastfed my daughter was a
 NICU baby and so she was model baby a
 long story short I am a first time
 breastfeeding mom but I you know I read
 on the internet and they're like nipple
 confusion don't introduce the bottle
 early Dada Dada Dada I wish I would have
 introduced it a little earlier because
 he is a chance dressier he's 21 months
 and he's still is breastfeeding so yeah
 he is a chance I mean I waited because I
 wanted to make sure that we had a good
 milk supply established in a good
 nursing relationship but honestly I wish
 that a couple of his feedings early in
 his life would have been bottle feedings
 because it was just it was really rough
 introducing into the bottle so I would
 say if you were a busy person or if
 you're a mom who's planning to go back
 to work I would say somewhere between
 like the two and three week March to
 start introducing your baby to a bottle
 or if your baby seems to be a really
 good nursery right from the jump like
 maybe introduce it even earlier than
 that so it's ultimately up to you when
 you introduce your baby to a bottle but
 there are a few factors to consider so
 one of the most common reasons for
 parents to introduce a bottle to their
 baby is if
 mom or if the primary parent is going to
 be going back to where so you're going
 to need your baby to take a bottle or be
 fed by someone else for us that was
 breast milk in his bottle but some
 people transition a baby to formula for
 those of you who are working moms and
 who will need to have your baby a
 transition to a bottle before you go
 back to work or being able to go back
 and forth to a bottle I highly recommend
 doing it as early as possible if you're
 having struggles with nursing maybe wait
 a little bit longer but if your baby is
 like a really really great nurse er
 earlier the better honestly that way
 it's never like a weird thing that you
 have to introduce to your baby and
 there's lots and lots of bottles out
 there that are breastfeeding friendly so
 there's less chance of getting nipple
 confusion and I'm actually planning to
 do a video like review of some of those
 bottles so hang tight or hit that
 subscribe button so that you don't miss
 that and then another tip this is kind
 of a side note for working moms try to
 spend I don't know a couple hours at a
 time away from your baby and I know this
 can be super hard especially when
 they're really little but you want them
 to get used to being in the care of
 someone else so we would do like a
 couple of little playdates with the
 person who was going to care for
 Harrison and like Brian would
 occasionally take Karason while I like
 have shower and maybe did a couple of
 other things but it's important that
 your baby knows that other people will
 be taking care of them other than just
 mom so if you are going back to work you
 want to make that transition as smooth
 as possible so a question that I get all
 the time when I say that to moms when I
 say introduce the bottle a little bit on
 the earlier side is why not wait to
 introduce the bottle until you know you
 absolutely have to go back to work why
 not just let baby and mom have that
 bonding time
 so in my experience like breastfed
 babies generally prefer mom like think
 about it if you were a little baby like
 you would want to be close to the smell
 that you recognize that's good to skin
 and somebody like stroking your hair
 while you're having your snack of course
 a little baby is going to prefer to be
 breastfed so the earlier that you can
 introduce that bottle the easier the
 transition will be and baby will see
 that they will still get all the
 snuggles from mom but they will also
 still sometimes have to eat from this
 little bottle thing
 if your toe is having a difficult time
 taking a bottle at first just know that
 eventually your baby will take a bottle
 and it might be kind of rough if they
 don't like the bottle or if they're a
 kid like Harrison that only wants to
 breastfeed it took our daycare gal say
 like a week or two weeks to really get
 Harrison good on a bottle but eventually
 when I wasn't around when he couldn't
 you know see that hey I want to go eat
 with her instead when he could see that
 his only option really was the bottle he
 took it just fine so it might be kind of
 a struggle your baby might get a little
 bit upset and that's really sad and hard
 but just know that eventually your baby
 will take a bottle if one brand of
 bottles not working keep trying we tried
 how many different bottles and honestly
 the only one that really works for us is
 the comb Otomo different bottles will
 work for different babies I will go
 ahead and link to Como Telmo down below
 so if you are a breastfeeding mom and
 you want your baby to be able to take a
 bottle I know that one is recommended
 for breastfeeding babies I'll go ahead
 and link it down below and a couple
 maybe I'll link a couple of other ones
 down below as well just so you guys can
 have some options from this video but if
 you are a breastfeeding and bottle
 feeding mom or if you started out
 breastfeeding in the new transition to
 bottle feeding and pumping or bottle
 feeding exclusively with formula however
 you did it
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 have done below as well we are a
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Bottle-Feeding Techniques for Travelling

Even if you are breastfeeding it may become impossible to do this when you are travelling. The baby will not be taking a break from being hungry. He/she will need to be fed. Formula Feeding becomes the most obvious choice in such cases. For those that do not normally use this method, it can be quite difficult to do it while on route. Parents that use baby formula on a daily basis or on occasion will find some challenges arising as well when the environment is changed. As such, we have found a great resource created by a mother going through this phase. It covers some of the ways to prepare as well as what you ought to be mindful of.

hi everyone I'm just making this video
 to show you how to travel on an
 international flight or a short haul
 flight if you are traveling and
 wondering how to feed your baby on an
 airplane this is also good if you're
 just going out for the day and you need
 to bring some food along so I have some
 items here
 that you'll be bring in with you on the
 plane this is the thermos or container
 this will be where you put your hot
 water this is the thermos case this is
 what the thermos goes into as you can
 see this product is made by a vent
 Philips and the thermos screws in to the
 bottom and then you can put the top over
 the sermons it's specifically made for
 babies and the nice thing about this
 product is that when you're on the
 you not only have your hot water in the
 thermos but you also have a container
 where you can fill the hot water and
 then place your bottle inside and that
 will heat the milk or formula for your
 baby so the things that you'll need to
 bring with you is a thermos with hot
 water you can have this plastic
 container but it's not necessary and I
 will explain why and a little bit you
 also need one or two or three bottles
 depending on the flight duration you
 will need some
 milk bags these are breast milk bags but
 I'm using them for formula if you're
 interested in the the brand
 it's called lansinoh brand I'm not sure
 if you can see there and these are for
 breast milk they are BPA bps free so you
 don't have to worry about leaching and
 all that stuff and you're also going to
 want formula whatever formula your baby
 is drinking and just some regular water
 room temperature water and a little
 washcloth or spit-up rag so what I did
 what I like to do is figure out how long
 your flight is so in our case we had a
 nine hour international flight and you
 want to find out how much your baby is
 going to be eating during that flight so
 we figured that our baby ate every two
 hours so on a nine hour flight that's
 about for about four feedings but you
 may want to bring some extra food just
 in case there's a delay or yeah
 something happens so what we ended up
 doing was we brought this big container
 of formula on the plane with us in our
 hand luggage and we also brought some I
 put some formula in the plastic bags so
 that I didn't have to scoop out formula
 while I was on the plane and I put these
 in the diaper bag so then what you want
 to do is fill your bag with
 however much formula your baby's eating
 and you can store this in your diaper
 bag as I mentioned just ready for when
 your baby's hungry and also I like to
 fill the bottle with water
 room-temperature water so that it's
 ready to go for when my baby's hungry so
 you would just fill the bottle with
 water and have that ready in your diaper
 bag for the first feeding on the plane
 so then when you have when you have the
 water in your container there's two
 things you can do you can either fill
 this all the way with that amount of
 water you will need to mix with the
 formula and then you can take the hot
 water out of the thermos pour it into
 the plastic container then put the
 bottle inside and wait for it to warm or
 what I found was better and faster is
 just fill your water bottle just fill
 the bottle with water up to maybe an
 ounce or twenty to thirty milliliters of
 room-temperature water and then fill the
 rest of the amount of water that you
 need with the hot water from the thermos
 so then your water is instantly warm of
 course you want to check that it's not
 too hot so you'll check the water on
 your wrist but if you do it frequently
 enough and you do it before the flight
 then you'll probably know what your
 ratio is and if it's going to be warm
 enough or too hot so then after you
 fill the water with your room
 temperature water and your hot water
 then you're going to open the bag and
 pour the water into the bag I won't do
 it now but you're going to fill this up
 and then seal the bag tightly it has a
 double double closure so it's really not
 gonna spill anywhere and then you're
 going to shake it up mix it up and so
 that the formula dissolves really well
 and and yeah when it's ready when it's
 mixed well then you will place the ball
 place the place the formula carefully
 inside of the bottle like this and then
 open the top fold the top over the mouth
 of your bottle you want to make sure you
 have a bottle where the bag can easily
 fit over the top I'm using mam ma m
 brand bottles and then you take your top
 bottle top nipple and you screw it on to
 the top and it screws easily without a
 problem and then you can feed your baby
 and as you're feeding your baby the bag
 will collapse on itself there's no
 problem with the milk getting to the
 nipple my babies never had a problem
 drinking and if you're familiar with the
 place text drop in system it's similar
 and they say that it's good for babies
 with reflux because there's less air in
 the bottle but I'm not sure that's true
 and the
 not Playtex drop in this is just a
 regular breast milk bag I did contact
 the lansinoh company they said that they
 do not recommend filling the bags with
 water like using them for travel the way
 that I am but I did it and didn't have a
 problem and yeah they're BPA bps free
 you store breast milk in them anyway so
 I thought it would be fine yeah and so
 then also just in if you're traveling
 with someone maybe you're asleep and
 they don't know the amount of water to
 formula ratio what you can do is take a
 sharpie and write on your bag the amount
 of water so I need two hundred and ten
 milliliters of water for this amount of
 formula so then whoever you're traveling
 with knows okay 210 that's how much
 water in total we need to make formula
 and sometimes after you place the bag
 inside of the bottle and you screw the
 top on there's still a little bit of
 milk on the outer edge of the bag
 because for you mixed it so then you can
 take your little cloth or a wipe or
 anything and then just wipe the milk off
 that way it doesn't get on you or the
 baby and
 after your baby is done eating then the
 top will be dirty not sterilized and so
 you're wondering well what can I do if
 I'm on a long-haul flight and I need to
 feed my baby eight times on the airplane
 so what we did was we brought eight
 bottle tops with us it has the plastic
 top and then the nipple part and the
 part that screws on so we brought
 something like six or eight of these
 with us in separate bag and so I brought
 one bag with tops and one empty bag so
 this is our clean bag this has all the
 clean tops and this other plastic bag I
 marked it as our dirty bag so when we
 had a dirty tops and I would put it in
 here so this is still clean because this
 just had a plastic bag in it so all we
 did was take the plastic used bag of
 formula out we dumped out any liquid
 that we may have had left into the
 airplane bathroom sink and we just threw
 the bag away and then with the dirty top
 I put it inside of the bag marked 30 and
 then our bottle was ready for the next
 feeding so then I took my clean bag with
 the clean top
 and I put a new clean one on the bottle
 and it was ready for the next feeding
 and then the next feeding we had another
 bag that was already ready and then you
 go through the same process you fill
 your container your bottle with the
 amount of water that you want then you
 put the water inside the bag mix the bag
 and mix the formula then you put the bag
 inside the bottle screw the top on your
 baby drinks the milk when they're done
 you put this use top into the dirty bag
 and then you put a clean top on so
 that's how you can fly on an airplane
 you might wonder what you can bring with
 you we were able to bring a whole
 container a formula in our tech baggage
 and these little pre-made bags that I
 made in the diaper bag that we also
 carried on we were able to bring one and
 a half liters of water you are able to
 bring water for your baby's formula as
 long as it's a reasonable amount and we
 were also able to bring a container of
 hot water in this thermos with the top
 on but they will check they will ask to
 look in your in your bag your diaper bag
 they will ask to check the formula and
 the water and they put it in a machine
 to test it to make sure you know
 everything is safe and you're not
 carrying anything dangerous onto the
 plane so you should take some time
 to get to the airport early and just
 know that they're going to have to check
 these items but you can bring these
 items with you some people suggest it
 online that you could ask the flight
 attendants to heat the bottle for you
 with warm or hot water that they use to
 make coffee and tea it's also not really
 recommended to do that because the water
 you're not sure if it's really bacteria
 free so you really if your child is a
 small child so a newborn one two three
 months i really suggest that you bring
 bottled water and yeah do not use the
 water in the airplane bathroom
 they're usually signs that say this is
 not drinkable water so definitely don't
 use that you could ask the airline
 people to warm your water for you they
 could give you hot water and something
 like this and you could warm your bottle
 that way if you just bring in
 room-temperature water but we had to
 feed our baby so many times so with that
 I just didn't want to bother the staff
 with bringing us hot water each time and
 honestly if you fill this with hot water
 and then you use it in your bottle it's
 much faster much much faster you don't
 have to wait at all for the water to
 warm up also you may be wondering well
 how long does hot water stay hot in a
 thermos and we actually did some
 at home before we took a thermos with us
 on our flight we had three different
 sizes of thermoses we had this one we
 had a small cup type of thermos and we
 had a very large thermos and all of them
 retain heat really well the largest
 container that we used held hot water
 for 16 hours the smallest one held hot
 water for I think 5 hours and this one
 held hot water for about 10 hours I
 think so it was plenty plenty of time
 for us for and for our flight and the
 baby had hot water also if you're not
 concerned with heating your baby's
 formula you could just bring regular
 room-temperature water and just use the
 bag system with room temperature water
 if your baby doesn't mind drinking their
 milk that way so when I'm going out to
 run errands or something like that this
 is also really convenient or if you're
 doing something like hiking and you
 don't want to bring everything with you
 what can you bring so usually what I do
 is I will make a couple so it depends on
 how long we're out but one or two or
 three bags like this filled with formula
 and I will fill this with water and put
 a top on it and bring this and that's it
 and we're good to go sometimes if we're
 out for a little bit longer then I'll
 bring you an extra top and
 dirty bag to keep the dirty Thompson but
 if you're going out you just need one or
 two of these bags some water in a bottle
 maybe an extra top and the hot water if
 if your baby likes hot water for if you
 don't have any water at home you can
 bring the formula and the bag the bottle
 and an extra top and you can buy bottled
 water while you're out at the store so
 that's it if you have any questions
 please leave questions in the comments
 below thanks