BabyBuddha Portable and Compact Breast Pump

Are you thinking about getting the BabyBuddha Portable and Compact Breast Pump? Well, keeping your baby healthy and well-fed is a very hard job to do indeed. I mean as a working mom or even nonworking you obviously have a life to maintain and spending all that time making sure your baby is well-fed is a very hard task. 

Well, thanks to some innovative minds out there, breast pumps were invented and things have gotten much easier for every mom out there. If you’re not sure what a breast pump is exactly, well generally it’s a device that new mothers can use to extract milk from their breasts. 

BabyBuddha Portable and Compact Breast Pump

It can be foot or hand maneuvered or it can be electrical. What’s important is that the milk is extracted and your baby is well-fed. 

Many pumps have been designed lately to make the process as comfortable as possible for the mothers because breasts tend to be very sensitive especially at such a time. Today I’ll be looking at the Baby Buddha breast pump. Just to give a clear view of what this pump can do for you. 

This battery-powered breast was designed to bring comfort to nursing mothers out there. We all know how stressful and uncomfortable such times maybe but that’s what this pump here was designed to solve. 

Coming at you as a battery-powered revolutionary pump this pump is set to make a difference for all new mothers during their nursing periods. It’s portable and compact making it very easy to carry around unlike all the other bulky breast pumps that are common out there. 

It’s extra quiet meaning that you don’t have to expect some loud pumping sound as if you are running a factory and obviously it won’t wake your baby. 


  • It is very smooth
  • Impressive suction power.
  • It allows you the freedom of mobility as it is compact
  • Is very comfortable to use
  • Is extra quiet when operating 
  • Is battery powered and you can easily charge the batteries


  • Limited bottle sizes.
  • Customer support could be better.


With this pump comes freedom as well for nursing mothers. It allows you to move around and multi-task with the use of the included lanyard. The hand-free design makes it look more like a remote-controlled pump. 

It has a very sleek design and is very small in size making it very suitable if you are a busy mom. It comes with a rechargeable breast pump unit that is black and looks like a tiny remote. 

It has two sets of duckhill valves, one pair of silicon diaphragms, and the two pump covers plus three detachable tubes lanyard and carrying tube which you put around your neck so you can resume your daily routines. 

So basically you can tell from this that it’s a revolutionary pump that won’t take your energy at all. Clearly designed with your comfort in mind and the allowance to move freely and get back to your daily routines without being hindered by any pump in your way. 

This is one of the very few pumps out there that allow you to cradle your baby to sleep while preparing their next meal without fear of waking them up. 


Firstly, this pump is portable and compact. Meaning you can easily carry it wherever you want to. Also, you don’t need to carry a huge bag to pack it in. It can fit perfectly even in your handbag and all while other breastfeeding pumps are too bulky and drag you down with their weight. 

This BPA Free BabyBuddha double electric nursing pump is conveniently small and can be hung around your neck using the included lanyard. This means you can now free your hands and pay more attention to your baby as you pump.

Secondly, it is extra quiet as with their design they fitted the machine with an impressively quiet mechanism that makes for discreet and silent pumping. As I said before you can now pump without waking up your little one or drawing unnecessary attention to yourself in a public space. 

We also have a very hygienic design in which this pump makes sure that the milk you serve your baby is not contaminated at all.

That’s why this breast milk feeding pump comes with a closed system to ensure that the milk doesn’t flow backward and gets contaminated by any germs at all. The BabyBuddha infant breastfeeding pump is also BPA-free to keep the integrity of the expressed milk intact.

As I said before this pump was literally designed with your comfort in mind. We all understand that when dealing with nursing pumps, certain pumps or continuous use is a process that results in sore nipples. 

However with this double milk pump, is a pump that comes with a soft cushion that mimics a baby’s lips, an anti-backflow design that eliminates the need to lean forward while expressing, and multiple modes to massage the breast and suction the milk. So don’t worry about any soreness, that’s all been taken care of. 

Lastly, this pump does not come with any complex controls. Just use the trackball on the electric breastfeeding pump to easily navigate through the stimulate and suction modes. Plus it is rechargeable and that’s as easy as charging your phone with the provided USB cable. 


Well, I have to say for a pump that comes with all these features, this one still comes at a price that is somehow affordable. With an impressively quiet mechanism, this breastfeeding milk pump keeps the whole process discreet. 

Which I know is something every mother hopes for on a pump. Well, I won’t go any further with the details but I would recommend this pump if you are hoping for comfortable and discrete pump sessions. 


If you are looking for more freedom and comfort as well as discretion when pumping a meal for your baby, then I would highly recommend this Baby buddha pump here. Hassle-free, as well as an easy and sleek design I think this pump would definitely make a difference to your nursing period. 

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