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Are you looking for the best baby bags in the UK? Now that your bundle of joy has arrived, your life has had to change quite a bit. Leaving the house with just your handbag and maybe one bottle of water doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Now you need to make sure that you leave the house with a baby bag packed full of baby essentials. You need to be prepared for virtually anything. 

For the longest time, baby bags have been big and bulky. It is normally one accessory that new parents would wish they did not have to carry with them. But leaving it behind would be asking for trouble. Today there are many fashionable baby bags that anyone would be happy to carry. With different designs, shapes, and colours, anyone can carry a baby bag proudly. The baby bags in previous years were not a hit with most dads. Today’s colours and designs allow anyone to be able to carry it. What is it that you need to be looking in a good baby bag? These are all the pros, cons, and tips that we explore in this article.

In a Hurry?

Do you need a quick guide in finding the best baby bag on the market in the UK? There are a few factors you will need to consider. The most obvious one is checking on the amount of storage you are getting with the bag. Not all bags are created equal, you will want to find the bag that can allow you to change, feed and keep your baby safe as you go out. Also, look for a bag that has thermal insulation to maintain your baby’s food’s temperature. You will need to carry some snacks with you and a bottle if you bottlefeed your little one. You want your baby to have food served at the right temperature.

Look for a bag that has separated pockets that will ensure that everything is put in its place and that it stays there. Get a bag that is easy to clean and that has a compartment for dirty diapers.

Our Favourite

Baby Diaper Bag Nappy Back Pack with Changing Mat

We have done our research and found our favourite baby bag to be the Baby Diaper Bag Nappy Back Pack with Changing Mat. This fashionable bag has a great design that is unisex and can be carried by anyone. Its extra-wide opening makes it easy to find what you need in a hurry in this nappy backpack. You can open and close the bag with one hand.  The thick shoulder pads on the straps make it comfortable to carry. It is convertible and versatile. This bag is also made of extremely durable material and will last you for years.

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Our Reviews

Baby Diaper Bag Nappy Back Pack with Changing Mat

This is not how baby bags looked when I was growing up. With the growth of simplicity and more aesthetically pleasing things, that explains this beauty. Do not be deceived by the size, you can store up to 25L volume in it. There is enough room to ensure that all of the basic things that your child will need while you are out are with you. Granted, this is not a bag that you would take if you are going out for several days. It is more of a day bag, perhaps even for a few hours. It gives you enough space to store the essentials. There are two zipper compartments and 16 pockets around the bag. The working mother will love that there is room for your laptop as well. Your baby can enjoy their playgroup while you get some work done. The insulated pockets are perfect for ensuring that your baby’s bottles are kept at the right temperature. It neither increases nor decreases the temperature, it works to maintain it. There is also a “mommy pocket”. Or perhaps “daddy pocket”, depending on who is out with the baby. This allows you some room to store things without getting them mixed up with your child’s stuff. Keys, wallets and phones tend to fare better when kept separately. 

You may have already noticed that convenience is one of the pinnacles of this bag’s existence. It is designed to deliver a good balance between style and functionality. The nappies are easy to reach, as is everything else that you store in the bag. The shoulder straps are designed to deliver the necessary comfort when carried for a long portion of the day. A unisex design means that both mom and dad can use the bag without having to explain themselves to their friends or get those quizzical glances from our often judgemental society. 


  • The bag is fairly lightweight.
  • It is seemingly durable.
  • The design is suitable for both mom and dad
  • There is a lot of storage room.
  • The parent gets a dedicated compartment to store their things.
  • Can be carried in hand or used a backpack.
  • It has insulation to maintain baby’s bottle temperature.


  • The stitching on the zips could be much better.
  • There are no bag clips.
  • The straps are bulkier than some users would have liked.

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ComfyDegree Nappy Changing Bag Backpack

The most prominently displayed feature of this bag is the USB charger for the phone. That does not quite say “baby product”. Yet it makes a lot of sense. The last thing you need it to be unable to reach key services if you were to need them for your child’s sake. Heck, there is nothing wrong with having something for mommy or daddy on their child’s bag. There are two USB charging ports on either side of this bag. One of these is actually there to keep the baby’s milk warm. You can use a power bank to provide it with the necessary power when you are on the go. To achieve this, there are 3 insulation heating chips that are core fireproof treated. All three pockets where the baby bottles go are insulated. They are capable of keeping the milk warm for up to 4 hours without needing to use the heating chip. 

From a visual perspective, this is a stylish bag that I am sure would fit in with most outfits that we wear when we are out and about with the baby. There is a large storage compartment that provides you with a lot of room to store the rest of the things. Not to worry, it is not just freefalling in there. There is some organisation in place. Separate pockets are in place for insulation, storing wet clothing, diapers, towels and so on. The exterior of the bag is somewhat waterproof. That is according to the manufacturer. It is very easy to clean. Our favourite feature is the inclusion of the diaper changing mat. It goes a long way when you are out with the baby. It is very easy to wipe clean as well. 


  • The bag has milk bottle warming capability.
  • It has a USB charging port for electronic devices.
  • It comes with a changing mat.
  • The bag keeps water out when you are caught in the rain.
  • It is quite a stylish design.
  • There is a reasonable amount of storage room.
  • It includes straps to connect to a pushchair.


  • It is not as spacious as the manufacturer makes it seem.
  • The straps could be a little longer.
  • There are some concerns with durability.

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Baby Changing Bag by Liname

If you would rather stick to the conventional style of bags that have been going for generations. This is an attractive option to go with. This is a gender-neutral take on a design that has been historically tailored to a female clientele. How far have we come as a society? There is evidently a lot of attention that has gone into the detail of the design features. The silver hardware and zippers not only make the bag look more luxurious, but they also add a more durable look and feel to it. The design of the bag is such that it should not be too bulky. It seeks to combine lightweight and durability. The exterior is made out of a high-performance fabric. The strap on the bag provide you with the option to carry it by hand or the throw it over your shoulder. The shoulder strap is adjustable. It has a slip-on pad for additional comfort.

It is not just the looks that impressed us about this bag. There are a total of 13 pockets around it. That is 6 exterior ones and 7 interior pockets. The front pockets have magnetic closures that provide extra room to keep smaller things. On the outside are two mesh pockets that are large enough to store most baby bottles. There is one large zipped front pocket as well. On the rear end of the bag are 4 more pockets. There is one zip pocket and 2 side ones. You will be pleased to find that the bag comes with a cushioned changing pad.


  • The bag is stylishly designed.
  • It has a lot of storage room.
  • There are various pockets to keep things separate.
  • It comes with a cushioned changing pad.
  • The shoulder strap is quite comfortable.
  • Can be carried in hand or over the shoulder.


  • The bottle compartments are not insulated.
  • Some of the bags have a strong plastic smell.

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RUVALINO Large Weekender Travel Nappy Tote

If the idea of a shoulder strap appeals to you. We have another great pick for you. The weekender bag is designed to fit into your life with style and grace. You will have noticed that it does not feature some of the colours and patterns that are often associated with baby bags. In fact, we could go as far as to say that this is a bag that you could use on any day with or without the baby. Don’t worry, it really is meant for the baby. The first giveaway would be the three insulated bottle holders that it has on the inside. It is quite a large bag, with a lot of storage room in it. The layout places an emphasis on ease of reach for all of the things that you may want to put in it. No one likes having to fiddle around in an attempt to reach their things. 

The interior allows for storage to be done in an organised manner. There is a built-in stroller strap that allows you to attach the bag to the baby’s stroller so you do not have to carry it in hand. It also features a handy luggage sleeve on the rear end. This is designed to safely slide onto your wheeled suitcases and facilitate ease of transit. There are metal studs at the bottom of the bag to ensure that it remains clean at all times. There is an adjustable shoulder strap that makes carrying the bag more comfortable. You also have the option to carry it in hand and not have to use the strap. This match between style and functionality is not too common.


  • The bag is quite stylish.
  • It comes with a removable, padded shoulder strap.
  • It has plenty of storage room in it.
  • You can attach it to a stroller.
  • It has provision for attaching to a wheeled bag.
  • There are three insulated pockets for baby bottles.
  • It comes with a changing pad.
  • It has studs at the bottom to keep it clean.


  • Durability remains to be seen.

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Hafmall Changing Bag Backpack

Our final pick can be described as a multi-functional baby changing bag organiser. In fact, that is what the manufacturer has said of this bag. It is designed to be soft, smooth and has a high-quality inner fabric. The exterior has been carefully stitched to ensure that it is tear-resistant. There is a large pocket where most of the thing will have to be stored. It does not have as many of the inner compartments that you may have become accustomed to with the other bags. The 2 bottle pockets on this bag are detachable. They are designed to provide insulation for bottles of any size. There is room for a laptop, that can also be used to store a longer changing pad. 

There are 3 midsized pockets that stretch to allow for additional space. They are ideal for storing towels, diaper or toys. The open side pack pocket is perfect for slotting in a towel as well. On the interior is a built-in insulation bag that keeps the baby’s bottle warm. It also works to store snacks. You will be pleased to know that the bag is waterproof. This is a bag that can be carried over the shoulder or as a tote.


  • It has a surprising amount of room.
  • There is an insulation bag inside it.
  • Can be carried as a backpack or tote.
  • It can be linked to a stroller.
  • There are two detachable bottle bags.
  • There is a changing mat included.


  • The idea of detachable bottle bags is not for everyone.
  • Would have preferred lighter colours on the inside.

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Buyer’s Guide

What makes a good baby bag?

A good baby bag has some of the following characteristics

  • Anti-smell technology
  • Dirty nappy compartment
  • Separated pockets for placing everything in the right place
  • More than one way to wear, usually crossbody, shoulder, and backpack
  • Stroller friendly with two clips for easy attachment
  • A light-coloured interior or see-through pockets
  • Transparent nappy bag
  • Design that goes with your style
  • Wipe-clean fabric
  • Thermo insulation to keep bottles warm or cool (or insulated bottle holder)
  • Built-in changing mat
  • Detachable mini bags for food storage

What goes in a baby changing bag?

Your baby’s bag needs to be well-stocked with essentials that can take you through the day or the trip you are going on. You may be wondering what your typical checklist should be like. A well-stocked diaper bag can be your saving grace. The first and obvious thing you will need, in a diaper bag, is diapers. Pack one for each hour. Then pack everything else that goes with changing the diaper, and this includes wipes. Also, pack a hand sanitizer for cleaning hands before and after changes. 

If your bag does not already have one, then make sure you carry a changing pad. Also, carry a separate plastic or biodegradable bag where you can throw in used diapers. This is if your bag is not already equipped with a compartment specifically made for this. Also make sure to carry your baby’s snacks, food, and milk. If your baby is slightly older, you may want to carry his or her sippy cup. Also, carry a baby blanket and extra clothes in case your child needs to change. If you will be out in the sun then be sure to carry sunscreen. Also make sure you have emergency numbers in the bag, just in case.

Do diaper bags need to be insulated?

You will be carrying your baby’s food or snacks or bottles of milk. And these need to be kept at the right temperature. An insulated baby bag will do great in keeping it this way. 

How many weeks pregnant should I pack my hospital bag?

Pregnancy can be a very unpredictable time in a woman’s life. Even doctors and medical professionals do not know the exact way in which the birth will happen r when. They may have estimates but you can only truly know when the baby comes. It is recommended that you pack your baby bag at around 30 weeks. This way you are ready in time. You would rather be safe than sorry.

How big should a diaper bag be?

Your baby bag should be big enough to house all the things you will need for your baby’s day out. When going shopping for one, you can buy different sizes for days out and also for when you need to spend more than a night away from home. The amount of time you will spend away from home will determine how much supplies you will need. Make sure that you have enough compartments to keep everything where it should be. Diaper bags with more storage capacity will allow you to pack for more than one child and to be able to travel for longer. The trick is finding a healthy balance.

Final Thoughts

The best diaper bags on the market today, are bags that suit your lifestyle and can carry all the essentials. The great thing about the latest designs, is they come in a variety of colours and styles and are unisex. We hope that our top picks help you make your top pick. Happy shopping!

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