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Are you looking for the best baby blankets on the market in the UK?

Do you remember your first blanket? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. One thing is for sure though, if it didn’t tickle your fancy, then you probably weren’t having it. Children get attached to blankets for a will find a couple of common characteristics across the board. Characteristics like a soft feel, colourful pattern and maybe it is the one thing they associate with drifting off to la-la land. Whatever the reason, you will find children have the most inventive ways to get attached to their bedding. 

  1. Are you going to a baby shower and need a gift?
  2. Do you need to get a new baby blanket for your new baby?
  3. Or perhaps your child has outgrown the ones you had initially bought

Buying bedding for anyone can be quite mind-boggling. The things to consider and prioritize can all just go pretty topsy-turvey. Do you take looks of comfort? Or is there a method to the madness. We like to think there is. Babys are no different. They have their preferences too, but because their communication is still minimal, it gets a bit hard to know what to pick. Executive decision making has to kick in here.

In a Hurry?

Are you looking for a baby’s blanket, but do not have the time to go through dozens of articles. Firstly, it is important to know if your child has any sort of allergies. This will help you in choosing the material of the blanket. When it comes to material, some of the best blankets are made from natural fibres. Do your homework when it comes to this aspect. You will also need to consider the size that you need. This will be determined by the age of the child. It can be overwhelming to look for the best one on the market. We have put together our top picks for the softest, most luxurious blankets that your baby is guaranteed to love.

Our Favourite

Bloomsbury Mill Twin Pack Cellular Baby Blankets

Bloomsbury Mill Twin Pack Extra Soft Cellular Baby Blankets

It is cosy and lightweight and your child can carry it around.

It will do the trick in keeping the child warm and cozy in winter and cool in the summer

It is one hundred per cent cotton and easy to wash.

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Our favourite pick is the Bloomsbury mill twin pack extra soft cellular baby blankets. This blanket is cosy and lightweight and your child can carry it around. It will do the trick in keeping the child warm and cozy in winter and cool in the summer. This is thanks to its cell construction that traps air to keep the baby cool. The great thing about this blanket is that it is one hundred per cent cotton and easy to wash.

Bloomsbury Mill Twin Pack Extra Soft Cellular Baby Blankets

Bloomsbury is a brand that takes pride in delivering ethical products of high quality. Covering ethics without the quality would not be sufficient. As consumers, we expect more. Rightfully so. This is especially true where our children are concerned. They should get the very best. The first thing that you will notice when you first see the blankets is how well-made they are. There is no doubt left in your mind as far as durability based on first impressions. That is always a good thing. It is worth noting that none of these is made to brave the harsh winter. These are lightweight blankets. They made use of clever cell construction to make this a versatile blanket. You can use it both in summer and in winter. Air is trapped within the blanket to keep the baby cool or warm, depending on what the season is.

It is made out of 100% cotton. As a parent, it is always a bonus to know that the blanket does not have complicated washing requirements. As long as the temperature is kept below 40-degree Celcius during the wash, there are no further requirements. Air drying the blanket is reasonably quick when there is a heat source. On a nice sunny day, it will take no time at all. You can also use your tumble dryer as long as the temperature is kept low.


  • You can get this in 3 colours.
  • It is suitable for both winter and summer.
  • It is a lightweight blanket.
  • It is machine-washable.
  • Can be tumble dried.
  • The blanket is ethically produced.
  • Bloomsbury provides great customer support.


  • The blankets were not as soft as I would prefer. The baby didn’t seem to mind.
  • Slightly thinner than expected, the description does warn of this to be fair.

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“First Steps” Luxury Soft Fleece Baby Blanket

If you are after something more cuddly, this could be the one for your baby. It is a fleece blanket. I am sure you know how soft that material is. If you do not like the design that we have shown above, do not worry, there are 13 others that you can choose from. The colours cover what we would consider masculine as well as traditionally feminine colours. It is a baby blanket that is light enough for you to carry along. Heck, the baby could do the carrying. This comes at a weight of just 209 grams. It measures 75cm x 100cm. The baby can use it right from birth. Whether it is the little extra that you add to the bed, to the carrycot, or the stroller. Your little one will love it. 

You will be pleased it know that it can be machine washed. There are instructions attached on the label. 


  • The designs are beautiful.
  • There are a variety of colours to choose from.
  • Suitable for newborn babies.
  • Each blanket is super soft.
  • Can be used in all sorts of context.
  • Some come without packaging labels.


  • Some bits of fur come off the blanket.

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Snuggle Baby Soft Fleece Wrap Blanket

Still with that softness that we love, here is the Snuggle Baby Soft Fleece Wrap Blanket. The first thing that catches your attention is that the teddy prints are raised. Everything about the fleece is incredibly soft. That is including the raised teddy. It is suitable for a wide range of use cases. The blanket is reasonably fluffy. It measures 75cm x 100 cm. The material used on the blanket is polyester. This is what makes it soft and warm.


  • The blanket is very wide.
  • It is incredibly soft and snuggly.
  • The design is simple but cute. 
  • It is easy to pack away and carry.
  • Comes well packaged.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • It is perfect for a newborn baby.


  • It does not do well if washed in high heat.

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Baby Swaddle Wrap Newborn Blanket

Wrapping a baby properly in a regular blanket can be quite a challenge. Not so much when you have the right kind of blanket. That is where the swaddle blanket comes handy. This is a set of 3 blankets. The designs are all different. There is a cloudy one, stripped one and one with stars. That is one blanket for every two days of the week, except for Sunday, perhaps? The size of the blanket makes it easier to get cosy with. It wraps around your little one without trouble. You have the option to adjust the blanket to the looseness or tightness that is suitable for your child. This may leave enough room to add other blankets if so desired. 

What you will find is that your baby will have a more peaceful sleep because of the enhanced comfort. Swaddles are designed to mimic the feel of the womb. This is something that your baby would be accustomed to having spent 9 months in similar comfort. The result is that you would also get a better night’s rest as the baby sleeps peacefully. The manufacturers market this as a blanket that settles colic and prevent startle reflex. We can neither confirm or disavow the former. However, the latter is what we can confirm as being true. 

The material used on the swaddle blankets is 100% cotton. It is incredibly soft. This is a blanket that you can fold and carry with you as you get up and about. When the sleeping time arrives you can pull it out. The material, while warm it is also highly breathable.


  • Provided incredible value for money. 
  • The blankets are very soft.
  • They can be adjusted to wrap around the baby the way that you would like.
  • The baby sleeps better. As a result, the parents would too.
  • The velcro means that the blanket is more stable.
  • There are three blankets included.


  • You’ll need to unwrap the baby to change nappies.
  • Gets harder to wrap as the baby grows bigger.

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Mimixiong Extra Soft Knitted Baby Blanket 

Our final pick is a knitted blanket. Unlike other knitted blankets that you may have, this one comes with an immaculate finish and a label to match. The funny thing is that the label caused some apprehension in us. We are not used to seeing products with non-Anglicised names. Minus the European ones of course. This is a bias that we chose to confront in this case. We chose to look at this product on its merit. 

It is a clearly well-made blanket that is very soft. That clever “cell” construction that we have previously mentioned was used on this one as well. This makes it suitable for both summer and winter conditions. The air is trapped within the blanket, which allows the cool air and warm air to linger. The width of the blanket is 75 x 95 cm. You can use it on the go in the baby’s stroller or at home. Babies can use the blanket from birth. 

Washing the blanket can be done by hand. This should ideally be done at a temperature of 30-degrees Celcius. At the price that the blanket comes at, it is worth giving it a go. This is not to say that it is particularly cheap. Perhaps the quality of the workmanship warrants a price at the level that the Anglicised brands are sold. Did we mention that we love the colour? There is something powerful about teal. The patterns on the blanket add some character to it as well.


  • The colour is lovely.
  • It is lightweight and easy to fold.
  • The width gives it reasonable versatility of use.
  • Uses clever “cell” construction to keep the baby warm or cool.


  • Cannot be machine-washed.

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Buyer’s Guide

Babies need special blankets to keep them safe and warm. From the moment a baby is born, the use of blankets comes into play. There is what is called a baby receiving a blanket, whose use is as its name suggests, it is the first thing the baby is wrapped in shortly after birth. In times past, women would give birth at home. As the years progressed, more and more women began to go to hospitals to give birth there. Home births may not be as common as they used to be but the common thread across all births, regardless of where the birth takes place, is that the baby needs to be swaddled when it is born.  It is therefore important that you adequately prepare for the baby’s arrival. This means looking for blankets that the baby will use throughout. 

The first few months of a baby’s life, are largely spent swaddled.  You want to make sure that you have blankets and wraps that will fit the baby. A baby blanket that is too small will not work, neither will a blanket that is too big. You also want to get a blanket that is light enough for a baby. If it is too heavy, it can be dangerous. Make sure the material is light and soft as well, but also warm enough for the general temperatures of where you live.

It is easy to get inundated with the various options available. Which baby product line should you trust? It can be pretty tough, but here are a few things to consider that may make your life easier.

How soft should they be?

Baby blankets and all other bedding, generally should not be too soft, at least for the first year of life. This is highly recommended by paediatricians. The reason is that it can increase the risk for SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome, as well as the risk of accidental strangulation or suffocation. This is the first thing you have to consider. Yes, many fluffy blankets may look cute but always put safety first. It is recommended to have a tightly fitted sheet for your baby’s crib.


Blankets come in different sizes, made for babies of different ages. Newborns use different blankets than toddlers. So keep this in mind when you go shopping.


A newborn’s skin is extremely sensitive. You must get a baby blanket made of a material that your baby will not react to. Some reactions can be fatal so you do not want to find out that tragic way. Go for the safer options. Usually, the more natural the material, the better. This is where good reviews will come in handy. Baby medical professionals will also have great advice for you. It helps to find out. 

Materials such as flannel and cotton, make some of the best newborn baby blankets. They are easy to wash and soft to the touch.

Wool is durable but it is one of the materials that a lot of children are allergic to. (some adults too). Look for hypoallergenic materials. Make sure the material is light and breathable. Modern technology has also seen blankets with the ability to trap the air your baby needs to stay cool when it is hot out, and also to stay warm when it is cold out. These are great features to look for in a good baby blanket.

Loosely knit blankets are not always the best for an infant. Hold off on these at least until your baby is one year old.


The first blanket your baby will use is the receiving blanket. They can vary in size depending on when the baby is born. If the baby is born prematurely, he or she will need a different size blanket from a baby born full term. Prematurely born babies can fit in blankets that are 18 x 20 inches. Other bigger babies, can fit into a 24-inch square blanket.

A full-term baby will be able to fit into a blanket that is 28 x 34 inches. If you want to get a square blanket, then 30 inches all around blanket is what you want to get.

Generally, a baby blanket should be 34 x 46 inches. If you want a square blanket, then you can get 34 to 36 inches all around blanket. These size guidelines help in buying the blankets before you actually meet your baby. But sometimes they grow faster than we anticipate, and you may need to replace the blankets you bought before. Make sure you know your baby’s size when you go shopping for his or her new blanket.

Final Thoughts

A great baby blanket will keep your baby safe and warm. It will give your baby that cloud nine feel and give you the peace of mind you deserve. With all the options out there we certainly hope that our top picks have given you the insight needed for you to make the right decision. Happy shopping!

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