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Are you looking for the best baby books in the UK?

Your baby will grow up so fast, you will hardly see it coming. During pregnancy, it seems as if the delivery day can not come soon enough so that you can meet your bundle of joy. When you finally hold him or her in your arms, you just want to talk to them. You know the baby does not understand you, but it does not stop you from trying. 

Is it not strange that whenever you hold a baby in your arms, whether you are the parent, guardian or not, one of the first things you do is talk to him or her. Even without going through various studies, somehow everyone knows to talk to babies. Sometimes it is meant to get a reaction out of the baby, and we all know a baby’s laughter can brighten anyone’s day. 

  1. Are you looking for a new set of books for your toddler?
  2. Do you need books that are appropriate for newborns
  3. Or perhaps you are looking for the best child’s birthday party gift, for a child who is about to start reading.

Books today, cater to all types of children and you can also get books to help with any learning disorders. Stimuli for the child’s brain is provided in the form of different books like books with audio recordings, or with pages that pop up and paint the picture vividly. They will help ignite your child’s imagination in ways you can never imagine.

In a Hurry?

Sometimes you do not always have the time to sift through the various reviews and opinions that can help you get the best on the market. It helps to be able to know what to look for and cut through the jargon. When buying baby books, there are a couple of factors you need to consider. For example, think about the age of the baby you are buying the book for. The age will determine the subject matter of the book and also the number of illustrations you will find in the book. Children of different ages require different forms of brain stimulation when it comes to the books they need to read.

Our Favourite

welcome to the world keepsake book.png

The Welcome to the World: keepsake gift book

It is a great book, welcoming a new baby.

Has room for you to write a message.

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The age of the child will also determine the design of the book, inside and outside. Toddlers will appreciate books that they can manhandle and that will entertain them all round. We have done our research and this is one of our favourite picks. The Welcome to the World: keepsake gift book for a new baby, is one of our favourites. It is a great book, welcoming a new baby, and it is illustrated in full colour. Let us take a look at more options that are available.

EYTOY NEWEST 6pcs Soft Book for Babies

Looking for a gentle guide or perhaps introduction to this world for your baby through a book. This might just be the one. This set of 6 books is not limited to what you read to the child. It provides a complete experience for them. They get to also touch and learn what different items feel like. This is not to minimise the role of your reading to them. That is one of the ways that they learn to read for themselves. These books will introduce them to basic phrases and nouns. They will learn about fruit, vegetables, vehicles, animals and so on.

What we also liked about these books is that they are built to last. You don’t have to worry about them being drooled on or even chewed. Each of the books is non-toxic. No harm will come to your baby. The book will also survive to be read another day. You can also wash the book to clean it up ready for the next encounter.  


  • The books are very soft.
  • They are durable.
  • They can be washed.
  • The content is colourful and engaging.
  • There are some bits inside to engage the child’s senses.
  • Makes sounds as well


  • Some of the English is of the American variant.
  • Couldn’t find a CE safety sign on our set.

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Welcome to the World: keepsake gift book for a new baby

This one is a little more sentimental. It is a book that marks and celebrates the birth of your child. The idea is that you would read it to the baby and then keep it for them. The front of the book has space for you to put in a special message that the baby can read when they are older. We all need a reminder of how much we mean or meant to someone from the moment we came into the world. The opening lines say it all “On the day you were born everything changed.”

Beyond the sentiments, the story is one of an elephant that has just been born as well. The story of this little elephant carries anecdotes that are relevant to each of our lives. Get your little one a keepsake.


  • It is quite an enjoyable read for you and the baby.
  • There is room for you to personalise it with a message.
  • The illustrations are beautiful.
  • Everything is well-worded.
  • Makes the perfect non-cliche gift.


  • Could have done with more room for personalising.
  • On the higher end of the price scale.

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Not much needs to be said about this book. It has been out for over 50 years. It came out in 1969. Most of us would have had it read to us as children, or perhaps read it ourselves. For it to still be going strong shows just how special it is. It is available across the world in 62 languages and has sold in excess of 41 million copies. This is one of Eric Carle’s best work in a list of other classics. The interactive nature of it was way ahead of its time. Babies and toddlers are fascinated by the ways of this hungry caterpillar as it makes its way through the book. 

The illustrations and graphics are beautiful. The story is an easy read. 


  • It is an absolute classic.
  • You can get it in various formats and languages.
  • It is a very easy read
  • A great storyline that is interactive.
  • It provides an active book for the family to read together.


  • The pages are not geared for baby dribble or chewing.
  • It is quite a short story.

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Baby’s Very First Noisy Nursery Rhymes

Perhaps you are looking to break the ice with something simpler? Everyone loves a good nursery rhyme. This is not your ordinary book in any case. It is an interactive one. Each of the panels on the front of the book plays a sound. As you can imagine, the littles ones live this sort of thing. Bring a smile and a lot of giggles on that little cute face of his/hers. This is the product of a musical composer. It bridges music and education in this wonderful book. They get to singalong to a wide range of nursery rhymes. It is an interactive way for the whole family to get involved. Crack a ballad to some of the old goodies. Remember Hey Diddle Diddle? What about Humpty Dumpty? Or at least Twinkle Twinkle? They are a part of this book. 


  • Comes with 6 incredible nursery rhymes.
  • An easy way to get the whole family involved.
  • Suitable for babies of all ages.
  • Babies love it.
  • Something that even some adults will enjoy.


  • Some tunes are difficult to sing in key.
  • The sound can be fuzzy.

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My First Gruffalo Little Library

This is a best seller that is based on another bestseller. Need we say much? The author, Julia Donaldson is a class act. She has made her book Gruffalo more accessible to a younger audience. This makes for a much easier read. It is the sort of set that you will find yourself being asked to read over and over again at bedtime. That is always a good sign. There are 4 books in this set. Each one covers a different topic. They cover colours, opposites, animal actions and numbers. 


  • Delivers key lessons in a simple manner.
  • They are much easier reads for a younger audience.
  • They are reasonably priced.
  • The quality is excellent.


  • There is minimal content in each book.

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Guess How Much I Love You

This is one of Sam McBratney’s best works. In my opinion. It is an absolute classic that delivers a key message that we all need to be reminded of. Each page carries a beautiful illustration to make the story easier to follow and more interactive for the baby. The story in the book is about a father and son hare telling each other how much they love one another. It is an easy read that would make a great addition to your baby’s growing library. Bedtime stories are always the best in this form.


  • It is immaculately illustrated.
  • The story is beautifully written.
  • It is an easy read.
  • Carries a much-needed message.


  • The story can feel winded at times.

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beiens My Quiet Books 8 animals

There is hardly a better way to unleash knowledge of the world of animals on your baby. The concept and execution are incredible. Each of the animals within the book is soft to touch. Not only does it deliver a storyline. It also engages the baby’s sense. They can learn to identify different animals. You will also be pleased to note that this is clearly well-made and set to last a while.


  • It is very colourful and soft.
  • There are various fabrics to develop feel.
  • It is the sort of book your little one will not want to let go of.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • Makes some noises as well.


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6 Pcs Soft Books Toys for 6 Month to 2 Years

If you love fabric books, you will love this set. Each book covers a different topic. In the end, your baby will have been introduced to the alphabet, sea life, fruits, numbers, food and animals. It is packed with lovely illustrations and bright colours. You will not be reading this for bedtime, as there is not much of a story to it. However, they are all easy reads that you could get through in no time. 


  • Provides great value for money.
  • It is very colourful
  • They cover various topics.
  • The fabric texture is interesting.
  • The pages are soft


  • There is minimal content in each book.

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Buyer’s Guide

Reading to an infant is something that most parents and caregivers do. Even though babies will not understand your actions, it is still a great way to bond with your baby and it is also important for your baby’s brain. When you read aloud to your baby, you teach them about communication and you also introduce numbers, letters, and colours. It encourages listening, memory skills and expands your child’s vocabulary as well. As you read to a baby, you feed them information about the world they have now entered. By the time the baby reaches his or her first birthday, your baby will have learned the sounds of the language spoken around them. Hence you hear of people reading religious books, or playing classical music for babies. This is because what babies learn is ingrained in them. The more books you read to your little one, the more words your baby will learn. 

Enrich your baby’s vocabulary and build a healthy brain. Studies have shown that children whose parents read to them or play classical music, often know more words by the time they reach the age of two. This is an advantage that they have over children who have not been read to. You will also find that children who are read to, often get to learn to read for themselves at the time they are expected to.

As you read to your baby, your baby begins to associate different emotions with different words. The sounds linked to the words and the emotions attached will help support your baby’s development. This exercise also helps your baby to identify, to look, point and to touch. It encourages your baby to also think and want to answer your questions as your baby gets older. You and your baby get to connect as you read to him or her. It can be somewhat of a ritual that is good for your baby’s development but also great for you both. 

Reading to your baby has these benefits and so much more. It, therefore, makes sense that you gather the type of content that you want your baby to grow up hearing. This is where you begin to make some life choices for your child. Several books are available for children of all ages with different subject matters. So many in fact, that you want to give your child the best, and it can get a bit confusing. We are here to help you out.

Are you looking for the best baby books in the UK? They are a couple of factors that will make your decision much easier. 

Consider the child’s age

The child’s age will determine the content in the book, which will help develop your baby and stimulate mental growth. Whilst newborns may not be able to focus or understand the meaning of the words being read,   they can focus on faces bright colours and different patterns. Nursery rhymes help to calm your baby down. As your baby gets to 4 months, he or she may begin to show interest in books. You will notice that as your baby reaches his or her first birthday, there is increased interest in the objects on the pages. When you often read out a particular book to your baby, he or she probably now has a favourite part. This is because your baby can recognize sounds and pictures ad can associate them with your routine. 


Depending on the baby’s age, you may want to get your baby books that rhyme or have repetitive words. This will help your baby remember words easier. 


Books for babies should have clear illustrations. Remember that your baby uses pictures, colour, and sounds to retain understand what you are reading. The font used, the pictures and the colours should help stimulate your baby’s brain.

Textured books

As your baby begins to grab, give them something to hold on to. Books with different textures, allow your baby to be interested in what is going on in the pages. You can get books with mirrors, or pop-outs or actual fabric, and so many more textures, that will make your baby want to turn the pages. Cultivate your baby’s interest by getting books that will help do this.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of reading to your baby far outweigh the consequences of not reading to them. Do your baby a favour and give them a headstart in life by teaching them the words they need to go through life. Get the right books that will open your baby’s mind up to the possibilities that are available to him or her. We hope our top picks will help you stock up your baby’s bookshelf and in turn help develop your baby’s brain. Happy shopping!

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