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Are you looking for the best baby monitor that gives you the advantage of a video? 

  1. You may be looking for the latest baby monitor with video abilities because the one you have is pretty old
  2. Or perhaps you have been using audio monitors and now you would like to take a whack at the video audio
  3. You may not even have been someone who thought too much about baby monitors until you got the news you were expecting your first child, so now you need to get the best for your baby.

For many years, a lot of parents had to rely on their hearing and on physically going to check in on the baby. The history of baby monitors is closely linked to the history of radio broadcasting. This is because the earlier baby monitors were audio-only. By the 1920s, radios were pretty popular. The technology had been developed. Even though baby monitors were to use the same technology, no one had ever truly seen the need, until one fateful day in 1937. The Lindberg baby was kidnapped and this inspired Eugene McDonald to start work on what would later be called the Zenith radio nurse. He experimented with the concept, by putting a microphone speaker and radio in his daughter’s room. After he was sure that it worked, he then got Isamu Noguchi, a Japanese American engineer, to package and put the baby monitor together.

Work on the first baby monitor began in 1937 and was on sale to the public by 1938. It comprised a sound amplifying system with two units which were the Guardian ear and the radio receiver. The sound was transmitted on a 300kHz signal transmitter power line. The communication was one way, which meant you could hear what was going on in the other room where it was placed, but you were unable to communicate back.

In as much as a lot of work was put into designing and manufacturing the first baby monitor, several electrical issues would be found and the price was out of the reach of many. It shared radio frequency with other products like car radios.

After the Pearl Harbor bombing, a lot of negative sentiments circulated in America, over the Japanese. Around this time, many people who knew the baby monitor was designed by a Japanese American, smashed their monitors. The gadget became pretty scarce. Pretty soon, no baby monitors were being churned out by the Zenith company. Museums bought the existing monitors, because of the unique design.

By 1974, Fernandes Aguado Rafael from Spain filed a patent for an apparatus for monitoring young children and patients. The great thing about this monitor is that it allowed for two way communication. It made a world of difference because it allowed whoever was taking care of the baby or patient, to communicate with them. 

Baby monitors continued to gain popularity over the years. By the ’90s videos began to circulate, of caregivers ill-treating the children they were taking care of. This sparked obvious outrage and the need for baby video monitors. The Nannycams ratted the nannies out and now more parents were looking to get their hands on baby monitors with video output. As the years went by, baby monitor prices began to fall, thereby making them more accessible to more households. Today, the internet has also contributed tremendously to the growth of baby monitors. 

Baby video monitors today, can now be integrated with some smart devices like phones and tablets. Google has an approved list of cameras that are compatible with google home hub. Now parents need to be considering how clear the picture is. Baby monitors have come a very long way and they keep getting better with each year that goes by. Engineers keep developing the monitors and coming up with better ways to check on your bundle of joy.

In a Hurry?

Are you looking for the best baby video monitor, but you do not have the time to sift through all the available content? When it comes to video, there is a great added advantage of visuals. Since this is probably the reason why you are buying this baby monitor, then you need to make sure that you have great picture quality, otherwise, there is no point really. You also want to ask about the connection and the range it needs to maintain great sound and picture.

Our Favourite

Campark Video Baby Monitor

Campark Video Baby Monitor

This monitor can have up to four cameras added to it

Which means you can have additional cameras in different rooms. This comes in handy if you have more than one child and you would like to keep an eye on all of them, but not break the bank in the process.

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You do not want a monitor with minimal range, it would pretty much defeat the purpose. We have scoured the internet for the best video baby monitors, and our favourite is the Campark Video Baby Monitor with Camera Digital Cam. This monitor can have up to four cameras added to it. Which means you can have additional cameras in different rooms. This comes in handy if you have more than one child and you would like to keep an eye on all of them, but not break the bank in the process.

Victure 1080P FHD WiFi IP Camera Baby Monitor

One of the main concerns that all parents share in a digital world is that the data that they use the baby monitor to capture may fall into the wrong hands. The Victure 1080P encrypts the videos that you capture. You would then have the option to store the video on your SD card. If the SD card was to fall into the wrong hands, they would not be able to get the video files from your card due to this encryption. 

The last thing that any parent wants is to battle with setting up your baby monitor. We have enough things to worry about. The baby keeps us busy enough. You will be pleased to know that this baby monitor is very easy to set up. It has an easy and quick installation guide. There is an app included that will guide you through the process. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. 

One of our favourite features on this device is the motion detection feature. You baby will not stay still the whole time. If they are to wander out of the area that the camera is set to cover, this can be a very worrying situation. Especially when you cannot get to where they are quickly. This is a feature that follows them as they move. You also have the option to communicate with your baby, by using the 2-way audio option. They can speak to you and you can do the same. 

Another issue that we were concerned about was how well it would perform once it is dark. A good example of this would be when your child has been asleep. Victure has included infrared LED to give you better views in the dark. 

As far as storage is concerned, there are two options. You can store the file on an SD card or through cloud storage. If you are using cloud storage the camera will record and store files when motion is detected.


  • You can connect the camera to your internet via an ethernet cable or wifi.
  • It stores files on SD card and cloud.
  • It has an application that is compatible with both iOS and Android.
  • You can go through various recordings on the app.
  • You can get an alert when motion is sensored.
  • The video quality is very good.
  • Can be controlled remotely.
  • It is affordably priced.
  • There is a night vision mode.


  • You cannot control the area that motion detection covers.
  • Servers used for the cloud are international.

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Lullaby Bay Video Baby Monitor with Camera

If you are looking for a baby monitor that goes the extra mile, this is it. The Lullaby Bay Video Baby Monitor goes beyond your ordinary video and audio feed. It picks up some of the smaller details that would otherwise go unnoticed. The first one of these details is the temperature. It is displayed on the screen to alert you to times when you child could either be too warm or too cold. You also have a two way talkback system that you can use to speak to the child and hear them as well. If you are not quite up to the task of entertaining them, there is always the luxury of using the 8 lullabies that are connected. It comes with a dedicated monitor that can be used to view the child and control the functions of the device.

You can cover a total range of 260 metres between the camera and the dedicated monitor. There is also the added peace of mind that comes with the anti-jack connection. It does not require a Wifi connection either. There is also the liberty of placement. The camera can be mounted on a wall to pick views from different angles. Installation is incredibly easy. It is a simple plug-and-play set up. When placed on flat surfaces, you have the advantage of being able to use the sucker feet to provide more stability and reduce the chances of the device sliding off surfaces.


  • The device is very easy to set up.
  • It covers a very wide range of up to 260 metres.
  • There are 8 lullabies that comes preloaded on it.
  • It can be mounted on a wall.
  • It also has a night vision mode.
  • Delivers incredible value for money.


  • The battery can be a little temperamental.
  • Some durability issues have been reported.

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Tenboo Baby Monitor with Video

The Tenboo Baby Monitor is an IP camera system. This means that you will not need to use the internet to connect between the camera and the monitor. The system is fairly seamless. There is not much knowledge or skills needed to get it going. This is a two-piece system. You get a standalone camera and the monitor. The monitor is a 3.2” LCD screen one. You will be pleased to note that your child will be visible to you through the monitor even when it gets dark. This is courtesy of the night vision mode. It also has a night light that is designed to calm the baby down when the need arises.

There are 8 lullabies on the devices. They would be key to entertaining your child. Fingers crossed they would find one that they like. This device comes with a 750mAh rechargeable lithium polymer. Beyond the usual functions, you also have an alarm clock, time, date, temperature and the strength of the battery.

You will also find that there is a 260-metre range that the device covers. It delivers the peace of mind of a 2-year warranty and a good customer service.


  • The battery life is very good.
  • It gives you good value for money.
  • The device is very easy to set up.
  • It has a good night vision mode.
  • It covers a good range.
  • There are lullabies on the device.
  • Offers two-way communication.
  • The screen size is reasonably large.


  • The camera cannot be tilted.
  • The sound seems to delay every now and again.

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BT Video Baby Monitor 6000

Perhaps screen size matters to you. You would like to be able to see your baby. Those little screens just wouldn’t do the job. How does a 5-inch screen sound? Better yet one from one of the UK’s most recognisable brands. The BT Video Baby Monitor delivers all of this and more. Let us consider some of its features. The first thing that you will notice once the screen is fully set up and working is the quality of the video that you get out of it. Your baby is not going to stay still the whole time, they are bound to move. A good baby monitor would be prepared for this. The Monitor 6000 tilts backwards and forwards. It also gives you a full pan so you can cover your entire perimeter.

You will also be pleased to know that BT did not ignore communication. Your little one will be able to hear your voice through the monitor when you are not in the room. Not only that, they can also speak to you. It covers a range of up to 250 metres. There is a night vision mode that allows you to get a clear video of your child when it gets dark.

Not all of us are blessed with angelic voices. You will also be pleased to know that the Video Baby Monitor 6000 comes with 5 lullabies. The last thing a baby needs is to have to endure some of our voices. Just stick to the included lullabies. If it ever gets too hot or too cold, the temperature display will keep you aware of this.


  • You will love the large screen.
  • Covers a range of up to 250 metres.
  • Has 5 lullabies on the device.
  • Has a night vision mode.
  • You can communicate with your child
  • Displays temperature.
  • Camera can be tilted remotely.


  • Signal can be temperamental.
  • There are quality control and durability concerns.

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Campark Video Baby Monitor with Camera

While we are still on the theme of going wireless allow us to introduce you to the CamPark BM10. It is a two piece setup that includes a camera and a monitor. The monitor places a wide array or functionality and control at your fingertips. You can transmit between the two devices for a distance of up to 300 metres. One of the new features that this device brings is the audio only mode. It does exactly as the title suggests. When you engage this function, your monitor will switch off allowing you to focus on other things without the distracting temptation at peaking at the screen. You still get to hear your little one if he/she cries or makes any other sound.

Transmission is done through a 2.4GHz wireless network. It is a safe network that keeps your files away from prying eyes. You also have the option of controlling it with your voice. It increases in volume when there is something to be heard. Once night falls, you can still monitor your child using the clear infrared night vision. Speaking with your child and hearing back from them is another key feature that you’ll have.

Feeding has also been considered. You can set the clock to remind you when it is time to feed your baby. Temperature can also be tracked from the monitor. You will know when the baby is too warm of too cold. Setting all of this up is easy.


  • It is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Can be used to diffuse essential oils.
  • Sterilises dust particles.
  • Has a quiet mode.
  • It is lightweight.
  • The night light can be switched off. 
  • Automatically switches off when water runs out.
  • Has 2 mist and 4 timer settings.


  • The water tank is quite small.

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Buyer’s Guide

Looking for a baby humidifier is an important task. You want your baby to have the best, including breathing in the cleanest air with the best composition. You want your home to have the optimal conditions for your baby’s growth. A humidifier has several benefits to be enjoyed. Having said that, there are also some precautions you need to take.

How do I clean it?

You are looking for a humidifier so that you can create the best environment for your little one right? This means you also need to keep everything around the baby clean and sanitized. You or baby’s humidifier needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent mould bacteria and mildew from building up inside. It takes 48 hours for damp places to be covered in mould. So this should tell you that skipping a couple of cleaning days should not be an option. You may end up causing more harm than good. Follow the cleaning instructions and keep the humidifier clean.

What types of humidifiers are available?

The size of the humidifier you want to get is determined by how much space you want it to cover (a bedroom or the entire house). You can either get a table humidifier, a console humidifier or an in-duct humidifier. They each have a different price tag attached to them and they also come with different features. Your priorities will need to be clear if you want to make a concise decision 

In-duct humidifiers

These are also known as central humidifiers, are built into your home just like the central heating or the air conditioning. They are effective for adding moisture to the entire house. The downside with humidifiers from previous years is that they carried the risk of burning you with the steam they would emit.


 These blow moisture through a moistened filter. It is powered by fans and the moisture is blown out from a single unit. The great thing about these is that they are generally more affordable.

Impeller humidifiers.

These humidifiers work with rotating disks that run at high speeds. They are the least pricey of the products you will find on the market today. The great thing is that they are also child-friendly as they carry no risk of burns from the mist. What is not so great about these, is that they only moisten one room at a time.

Steam vaporisers

These are powered by electricity and are also on the less pricey side. these modifiers heat water and then cool it before sending it out into the air.

Ultrasonic humidifiers

Thes give off the cool mist, using ultrasonic vibrations. When it comes to price, these can vary depending on the size you want. You can get it in a warm mist variation, or in a cold mist variation

Final Thoughts

Preparing for your baby can be such an exciting time. It is easy to get carried away buying cute clothes and pretty looking furniture. But always remember that your baby also needs to breathe in good clean air. Consider the best humidifiers on the market. We hope our top picks have done you justice and will help you pick out the best option for you and your baby. To simplify your pick you could always decide between a small size tank and a larger one. Happy shopping!

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