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Are you looking for the best toys for your baby in the UK? Most new parents go crazy when it comes to toy shopping. How much is too much? Should you be buying stuffed animals or plastic ones? There are so many things to consider and to think about when going toy-shopping. Your little human has so much to learn and grasp about the world around them. Fun games and toys are a great way to get your baby engaged and involved. They also help to stimulate the senses. Think of it this way, imagine driving a car that can go up to 180 kilometres per hour and the fastest you go, is 25 kilometres an hour. You will never know the car’s full potential. The same applies to your child’s developing senses. You will need to stimulate them and exercise them to get their full potential.

Toys for your child come in various forms and categories. You are newborn, for example, might not show too much interest in toys regardless of how attractive they may be. But don’t lose heart, in a few weeks, that is all they will want to busy themselves with. This happens as your baby becomes more alert and notices their surroundings. Toys can be used to help develop different senses, cause and effect, hand-eye coordination and also to develop social skills. In this article, we take a look at the various toys you can get your baby.

In a Hurry?

Are you looking for a quick guide to buying the best toys on the market in the UK? Here are a few things you need to consider. When buying toys, always keep in mind, the child’s age. Some tools are more appropriate for 6month olds, whilst doing nothing for babies who are 18 months old. The age appropriateness of the toys means that you are also taking into consideration, the stage of the child’s development. You will also want to consider how safe the toy is. Babies love to put just about anything in their mouths. You will need to make a conscious decision to buy toys that do not have any loose bits that your baby can choke on. You may try very hard but it is difficult to always keep an eye on your baby as they play with their toys. Better safe than sorry. 

Also, determine what the purpose of the toy is. Will it be to entertain your baby, for your baby to snuggle up with, or for your baby to learn something and to stimulate their senses thereby encouraging development.

Our Favourite

Sophie la giraffe Baby Teething Toy – Fresh Touch Gift Box

We have done our research and found our favourite to be the Sophie la giraffe Baby Teething Toy – Fresh Touch Gift Box. It is a great teething aid made of natural rubber. This toy is flexible and perfect for soothing sore gums and relieves teething discomfort. It is also great because it is lightweight and your baby can easily gip in his or her little hands.

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Our Reviews

Sophie la giraffe Baby Teething Toy – Fresh Touch Gift Box 

Sophie has been around since 1961. She came out of France and has been sold all over the world ever since. This is a toy that solves a problem that all children will encounter at one point or another. Not only does it help the child to deal with teething problems, but it also engages all of their senses. It provides stimulation. Sophie the Giraffe’s entire body is made out of rubber. It does not contain any of that hazardous plastic that we would rather our children avoided. The rubber that is used is from sap taken from the Hevea tree. This is a flexible toy that is made out of renewable, natural material. None of these materials is toxic. In fact, the final part is food grade paint which is safe for natural teething for your baby. 

You will also be pleased to know that in all of the years that Sophie the Giraffe has been around, the process of manufacturing has been maintained. The toy is still manually produced using the same 14 step method that has remained closely guarded. Today, over 50 million of these toys are spread across the world. The modern version of this toy comes with a gift box. There is also a card included if you wanted to personalise it. The baby will love the squeaking sound that the giraffe makes. 


  • It is made out of soft rubber.
  • It is very flexible
  • It is easy to hold.
  • The paint used is of food grade.
  • The product is manufactured in France.
  • Provides great value for money.


  • Dogs love it as well.
  • It could have been more robust.

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TOMY Toomies Hide and Squeak Eggs

Our next pick is the squeaky egg. This introduces something that they will likely encounter in their lifetime at an early age. There are things that cannot be avoided. At least not yet. This is not your ordinary hide and seek game. It is a game that provides your child with 6 unique eggs. They each have distinct facial features. One could even dare to call them funny faces. Each of the face paintings is in a different colour as well. There are several ways that can be used to entertain the baby. You can teach the baby to identify different colours. When you crack an egg to reveal the colour, you can challenge the baby to name it. 

They are not inanimate toys. When the eggs are pressed, they squeak. The squeaks are just loud enough to command the baby’s attention without startling them. Each egg is of a reasonable size as well. The baby will learn to handle them in his/her own palm in no time. This is a toy that the baby can grow with. As they grow old it becomes more engaging. They learn to understand what the facial features represent. There is no limit to what creative games you can come up with together. They can do colour matching, shape sorting and hide and seek. The best time to introduce these eggs safely is after 6 months.


  • This is a very simple toy.
  • The eggs are a perfect size for the baby to handle.
  • They are reasonably priced. 
  • They are very colourful.
  • Helps the child develop motor skills.
  • They are very sturdy eggs.


  • It is not easy for the baby to get the eggs to squeak.
  • They are easy to misplace.

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Galt Toys Baby Soft Blocks 

While we are still on the theme of colourful things. A great way to introduce common animals and objects to your little one is through these six cubes. Each of the cubes is made out of a foam-filled fabric. This makes them soft and cuddly for your baby. There is no chance that one of these would cause injury to the baby. I say no chance, but kids are known to always have a surprise up their sleeves. 

One of the common concerns when it comes to fabric toys is how clean they are. You will be thrilled to find out that these ones can be machine washed. I did mention that it is 6 cubes right? That is a lot of sides that your child can look and learn from. They offer a lot of features that will come handy for the development of key motor and observational skills. These toys are designed to provide stimulation for the baby’s senses. The more stimulation that they receive the more curious they tend to become. Watch your little one bud with intrigue. There are 4 main games that can be played with these blocks, besides the ones that you will come up with together with your child. You can use them to play matching pairs, stack a beanstalk, build a road or just whatever the baby pleases.


  • The blocks provide a lot of stimulations for the baby.
  • They are made of very bright colours.
  • They feature a range of animals.
  • They are easy for the baby to handle.
  • They are very soft and safe.
  • They can be machine washed.
  • The build quality is good.


  • Some of the stitching could have been better.
  • They are smaller than some users expected.

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Fisher-Price CGV43 Dance and Move Beatbo

If you wanted something more lively and interactive, why not give the Beatbo a try? This is a toy that is absolutely packed to the brim with features to engage and entertain your little one. The Beatbo’s stomach is lined with buttons that have various features. Pressing any of these buttons will get the toy singing to your baby. This is surprisingly easy to do. You baby will be playing the sounds in no time. Our favourite feature is that it allows for customisation. This is where the parent or guardian can record a phrase that the device will remix into a song. See your little one dance to an all too familiar voice. 

There are three modes that you can use. These are the Dance ‘n Move, Learning and Games and Customised Sing-Along. Depending on how well the toy is cared for, it is more than capable of entertaining your baby for years to come. As they grow older they will join in on the movements and motions that it makes. The colours will become recognised which could birth new games. There are a variety of sounds as well that will stimulate the senses. The fact that is has so many features allows the baby to discover them. It is suitable for kids over 9 months old.


  • The toy is very simple to control.
  • It has three engaging modes that can be used.
  • It is very colourful.
  • There are over 40 learning songs, tunes and phrases.
  • Allows for custom recording of phrases.
  • Helps the child develop motor skills.
  • It stimulates the baby’s senses.
  • Comes from a well known brand.


  • There are faulty ones reported which suggests poor quality control.
  • There are some durability concerns.

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Newborn Baby Toys Including Hippo Animal Plush

You cannot talk about interactive toys for babies without mentioning VTech. They are one of the leading manufacturers in this area. If one two just does not do it for your baby, this is a great option. The most prominent piece of this set is the hippo. What you will not immediately notice is that it is a teether. It provides a soft and comfortable way for your little one to get through those treacherous teething days. On each side of the hippo is a paper arm that crinkles. They are covered with soft fabric.

The second piece of the language centre. It comes in teh form of a piano of sorts. There are three keys on this “piano”. Each of these keys is a music button than can be used to introduce animals, numbers and colours to the child. That is not where the fun stops. There are a total of 15 melodies that they can sing along to. You also have 4 catchy sing-along songs and sound effects to add to the entertainment. The frog is a lot simpler. It is a rattle. Every child will love it at one point in their development. There is something fascinating about realising just how easy it is to annoy people.


  • Includes various toys to engage the baby.
  • It helps develop motor skills.
  • The piano helps develop sensory and speech.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • There are flashing light and music.
  • It includes a rattle.


  • The durability is still to be tested.
  • The flower mirror is boring.

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Buyer’s Guide

Your baby is ready to learn and explore the world around them. Good toys will help you as a parent to provide this much-needed entertainment and educational experience. Toys will help your baby develop in more ways than one. It is up to you to make sure that you buy the relevant and safest toys on the market.

Do newborns need toys?

When babies are first born, their interest is not in toys as much as it is in just gazing up at you. Your baby will grow pretty fast within the first six months. You must get the right age-appropriate toys. Your baby’s vision is fuzzy within the first month. They can only focus on objects 20 or 30 cm away from their eyes. If you want your baby to see your face then keep it at most 30cm from his or her eyes. The same applies to a toy if you want it visible to the baby to keep it at the same maximum distance. Your baby’s hearing is well developed when they are born. This means that you can get toys that are more about the sound than anything else. 

When should I give my newborn toys?

Babys are born nearsighted, which means visual toys are not the best option. When your baby is born, you will need to get toys that they can enjoy. Their grasp is not yet strong enough, so toys that the baby has to hold to enjoy, are off the table. Give your baby toys depending on their current skill level and what they can handle and appreciate. Your baby will probably not need or even want toys for the first two months. The best time to give your baby toys is when their hands open up and they discover just how much they can do with their hands. 

What age does a baby use a rattle?

When your baby’s hands strengthen and he or she can now hold and grab stuff, this is the best time for them to be able to hold and play with a rattle. Make sure that the rattle is safe for the baby and that it is stimulating for the child’s senses.

What toys stimulate a newborn?

Newborn’s senses are still developing an have a lot of growing to do. Toys that have fun sounds and vivid colours and patterns are great for newborns. In your baby’s first few days, he or she will appreciate toys that they can look or listen to.

How can I help my baby reach for toys?

You can try putting a toy or colourful object a little out of the baby’s reach. This will encourage your child to reach out and try to grab the toy. It will also stimulate your baby’s grasping flex. However, be careful not to place the object so far that it frustrates the baby. Make sure the object is safe for the child to grasp.

Final Thoughts

Babies develop so quickly, if you are not careful, you could miss it. Why not try to find ways to help this development along. There are many toys on the market that all have different ways in which they help your baby along. We hope that our list of top toys helps you pick the most age-appropriate for your baby. Happy shopping!

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