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Are you looking for the best baby walker in the UK?

  1. Are you looking for a new baby walker?
  2. Perhaps the one your first child used is now worn out and you need a new one
  3. You may be looking for the perfect first birthday party gift and you are considering getting a walker

The period between newborn and toddler seems to fly by faster than you can anticipate. If you are a new parent, you probably do not know what to expect and so you are busying yourself, finding information about when your baby should be reaching certain milestones. Like walking for instance. One important thing to keep in mind is that babies grow at different paces. Do not hold a yardstick up to your baby about when he or she is meant to be doing some things. When it comes to walking, for example, most people will expect their baby to go from being a newborn to sitting up, crawling and then standing, leading to his or her first steps. Some children reach some milestones later than others, and some sooner than others. Some babies do not like the floor very much, so you find they will not crawl, but instead, go from sitting to walking.

In a Hurry?

Are you tired of scouring through different articles, with nothing fruitful coming out of it? You are probably more than ready for a concise guide, sweet and short, straight to the point. 

When looking for a good baby walker, look for one that offers great safety and mobility for the baby. Once your baby tests it out, he or she will probably want to use it all day, it needs to be comfortable. You want to encourage your baby to use it so they learn how to walk. This means you need to find one that is appealing to the child. This means the design, the architecture, the colours used, need to excite the baby.

Our Favourite

Fisher-Price DLF00 Learn with Me Zebra Walker

Fisher-Price DLF00 Learn with Me Zebra Walker

It has an easy to grasp handle and is pretty sturdy, thanks to its four wheelbases.

It is feature-rich for mind and motor skills development.

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 We have rounded up the best picks for baby walkers in the UK. Here is our top pick. The Fisher-Price DLF00 Learn with Me Zebra Walker, has an easy to grasp handle and is pretty sturdy, thanks to its four wheelbases.

VTech First Steps Baby Walker

VTech First Steps Baby Walker

VTech First Steps Baby Walker is designed to ensure that your baby’s first steps are as special as they should be. It is sturdy enough to give both the parent and the baby the confidence to believe that this can be done safely. Most parents will understand the temptation to always want to step in, to meddle in the name of protection. Thus hindering their progress in many ways. 

This is a 2-in 1 product. Not only does it do a great job as a walker. It also ensures that your baby has something to do once he/she is done with the wandering. The entertainment is in the form of an activities centre that is central to the design of the product. It has various removable activity panels to engage the budding mind. The fun that these panels bring includes music, phrases, learning numbers, shapes and colours. The speaker on the device has a British if that matters to you.

There is not much effort to go in the way of setting it up. The average person would need about a minute to assemble it. The instructions are included. Don’t worry. You are not expected to figure it out on your own. 

The handle on which the baby hold is textured. That makes it easy to hold onto. The wheels are also textured. This ensures that they have a reasonable amount of grip on all sorts of floors. This is a product geared towards children that are over 3 months old. It is a great educational toy and a walker.


  • The product is sturdy and clearly well-made.
  • It provides great value for money.
  • Your little one will love the activity panels.
  • It is lightweight and easy for the child to move.
  • Features a lot of key development sounds.
  • Keep the child engaged for hours.


  • Rubber wheels would probably be a better choice than plastic ones.
  • Requires some stability of feet before it can safely be used.

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Vtech 505603 Baby Walker, Multi-Coloured

You will undoubtedly notice the resemblance between this walker in the first on our list. Not to worry, they are from the same family. VTech has delivered another product in the form of the 505603. It is designed to facilitate the baby’s first steps. The design of the handle and that of the wheel give the baby the confidence that they need to thrive in this endeavour. As with the other Vtech product, this one does not stop there either. It doubles as an activities centre. The front end of the walker is loaded with various panels that the baby can pull out to find entertainment. Most of these products provide age-specific education. There are activities such as shape sorting, a role play phone, gears and animal buttons. We did mention that they get to learn some numbers and shapes as well, right?

If the child is not standing with the walker, it can be folded down for them to have ease of reach into the activities centre. Our favourite part is that there is a motion-sensor feature on this walker. This causes it to light up and play various sounds as the baby walks. How is that for encouragement? This is best suited to children above 6 months old.


  • The walker is very easy to set up.
  • It has a feature-rich activities centre.
  • Provides great value for money.
  • Has a motion sensor feature.
  • Can be folded down for the baby.
  • It is lightweight and easy for the baby to move.
  • It won the 2018 Infant/Preschool toy of the year award.


  • Does not fare too well on wooden floors.
  • Can be difficult to move on a carpet.

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Fisher-Price DLF00 Learn with Me Zebra Walker

The DLF00 is designed to help develop your baby’s gross motor skills, fine motor skill and their sensory skills. The initial impression is that it is well-made. There is no obvious design flaw in sight. One of the things that we love is the addition of the face to the product. It gives it some character. Babies love that! For the development of gross motor skills, this zebra will keep the baby busy. It provides the baby with a steady platform on which to take their first step without worrying about falling over. It is somewhat similar to riding a bike. Having a stabiliser or someone holding it behind us gives us the confidence to give it a go.

For the development of fine motor skills, the activities on the device will engage the baby and require hand and eye coordination for the execution of various things. These include the various bright colours to engage them. You baby is also introduced to music. This is a great tool for development. As they use the device they will begin to see how things work and how they can use them. This is the first lesson on real-world cause and effect. There are 7 hands-on activities to keep the baby busy. They will learn their numbers as well while they are at it. The walking bit would be handy, now, wouldn’t it. Especially considering that this is the main purpose of the walker. 


  • It is very easy to set up.
  • It is lightweight for the baby to move with.
  • There are various activities to engage the baby.
  • It teaches the baby key skills.
  • It is very sturdy and well-made.
  • Performs well on wooden floors as well.


  • Could use some rubber on the wheels for additional grip.
  • Can move too fast when baby leans forward.

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Mychild Coupe 2-in-1 Baby Walker

Perhaps you don’t want the baby to wander off out of sight. What you are after is a walker that keeps them engaged and entertained without actually moving. Sound about right? Let me introduce you to the Mychild Coupe 2-in-1 Baby Walker. It is designed to mimic a car. There is steering in the centre and a gear lever to the right of steering. The two parts to this walker are that the baby can walk as well as just take a seat on the device. No to worry, there is hardly any room for falling over. The baby simply falls right back into the seat when they are tired. It is suitable for children between 6 and 24 months old. When the walking is no longer fancied, you can convert it into the rocking mode. This would be just as engaging for the baby. 

One of our favourite features on this walker is that the play tray is detachable. Which meant that the place where it usually sits can somewhat double as a table during snacking. When you are done using it. The walker is very easy to pack and to store away. You may also remove the padded seat for washing. There are three height positions that you can use.


  • It is very easy to set it up.
  • The seat cover is removable.
  • The activities centre area can double as a table
  • It has 3 height positions to choose from.
  • The baby does not get to wander off.
  • The grip on this is very good.


  • Can be difficult to move on the carpet.
  • The wheels do not rotate well, which makes it difficult for the baby to turn around.

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Hess 13333 Wooden Gym & Walker Baby Toy

For our last pick, we have gone with an entirely novel design. Well, at least when compared to the rest of the products on our list. The Hess 13333 is designed to give your baby the freedom and room to develop their motor skills. There are 4 wheels that are each stationed at a 45-degree angle from where the child would stand. This means great stability is provided. There are various things that will catch the baby’s attention all around the walker. One of the key things that you will also notice is that this is made out of wood. It is eco-friendly and keeps your baby clear of any harmful chemicals. 

The wheels perform well on all sorts of floors. They can be somewhat too quick. This is made up for by the position of the baby. It allows them the ease of being able to reel it all in. This a product straight out of Germany.


  • The product is ecofriendly.
  • It is clearly well-made.
  • The baby has a good sturdy walker.
  • There are various colourful things to play with.
  • It is very safe.


  • The manual could be better worded.
  • Not as interactive as the others.

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Buyer’s Guide

With most babies, the most noticeable transition happens between 9 and 12 months. This is when the baby is not an infant but not exactly a toddler yer. He or she is probably standing on their own, and moving around the room holding onto furniture. They will grab just about anything that they can get their hands on to support themselves firmly to stand.  It is about this time that you can begin to expect your baby’s first steps.

In order for your baby to take those first steps, a lot of practice goes into it. Your baby will need to have strength in his or her hips legs and core. These are strengthened during the months the baby crawls and rolls over and sits. Encourage these as much as possible.

Encourage your baby to stand as much as possible. Exercises like holding them up and letting him or her stretch and strengthen the legs.  A baby walker will be a great help when your baby begins to show signs of walking. It is a tool to encourage your baby to walk. They help in the development of the baby’s muscles that are needed in walking.

Baby walkers are available in different types. You can get the traditional stand walker, the push type of walker and the modern seat inclusive design. This type of walker suspends your baby in a padded seat and gives him or her the option to either sit or walk around in the walker. 

Today, walkers come with various features that are meant to make your and baby’s life much easier. Just remember that the ultimate feature is your baby’s safety. When it comes to choosing one, you will be spoilt for choice as they come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes too much choice can be confusing, especially if you are a newbie to the game. We will help you narrow down your choices.

Now that your baby has reached the age where he or she is meant to start walking, perhaps it is time you got the best walker on the market. 

Types of walkers available

These are the general types of walkers available on the market. The seated walker, the walking frame which is mainly for tots who can stand up without trouble if they are leaning on something.

You can also get the sit and stride which could be like a little bike the child can sit on and use their legs to move around. Last but not least, is the jumper which is a stationary bouncing seat that doesn’t move around the floor but it does encourage your baby to use their legs, and strengthen his or her muscles. You will find that theses are appropriate for babies at different stages.

Is it safe to use a walker?

Walkers are meant to encourage your baby to walk. That being said, there are a few things you will need to do to maintain your baby’s safety. Firstly, never leave your baby in the walker unattended. They now have more freedom and can move around faster than normal thanks to the new wheels. So make sure you keep an eye out all the time. 

Since the baby is now moving about freely, make sure your house is baby proofed. Remember that your baby is now a bit taller because of the walker, and this means anything that is hanging can be pulled down and hurt the baby.

You want to encourage your baby to use their walker, but ensure he or she does not stay in there that long. It will hamper rather than help the entire process. 20minutes should be a fair treat.

Safety first

Always make sure that your baby is safe. This refers to the way he or she is strapped in or the way the entire unit is structured.  It needs to have passed the necessary baby walker tests.


Babys are stimulated by sounds and bright colours. It helps in their development. Look for manufacturers that have designed the walkers well, and made them appealing to the number one customer, your baby.

What type of floors should my baby use the walker on?

Consider the floor that your baby will be cruising on. it makes quite a difference because it determines the anti-slip technology that you need to look for on the walker. For example, if your floors are carpeted, then your child will find it hard to manoeuvre a lightweight walker. Even though it is easy for your child to push, it won’t be such a breeze on a carpet.

Final Thoughts

Your baby is precious, and so is watching them grow. They will need all the help they can get. A good walker will do just that. Encourage your baby to walk in it bear foot. Ths way he or she gets to feel the ground and acclimatizes to the feel of walking.  You will need to know what it is that you are looking for, and the comfort level you are offering your child. You may not be able to walk for your child, but you can hold their hand as they learn how to. There are numerous options available on the market today, but when you know what you want, your choice is made obvious.

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