Best Holidays with Toddlers UK

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A lot of parents make mistakes when it comes to choosing the best holidays with toddlers in the UK.

The first thought is booking rooms for accommodation and having on-site toddler equipment in the name of making things run smoothly during the vacation.

Yes, childcare is vital anytime you’re planning to travel, but it tends to throw up lots of problems like what to pack and keep them entertained throughout the journey.

The good news is that toddlers can express themselves than babies and are also very hardworking. Their explorative skills are topnotch though they have a short attention span.

With all that in mind, we have compiled a list of epic round-up guides for the best holidays with toddlers UK. Let’s find out:

Are There Toddler-Friendly Holidays in the UK?

Absolutely yes. But choosing the best place for holidays with toddlers can be a daunting experience. There are plenty of accommodation, resorts, destinations, and attraction sites that are good for the whole family.

One thing that makes these destinations to stand apart is the cost and childcare facilities. You need to choose a place that values the needs of your toddler, and it should also be pocket-friendly.

Once you’re able to address the issue, then it becomes easier to plan and organize for the trip to the UK.

In this guide, we have highlighted some of the major destinations to visit with your toddler while in the UK. Let’s cut to the chase.

UK Toddler-Friendly Holidays that Won’t Break the Bank

Are you a budgeted parent looking for a toddler-friendly holiday in the UK that won’t cost you much? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Most of the places listed in the guide typically cost less than £500 and even far much less. Use the guide to give your toddlers much fun during the vacation and even mid-week break.

10 Best Holidays with Toddlers UK

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Tredethick Farm Cottages, Cornwall

Tredethick Farm cottage is a paradise destination for babies and toddlers. There are quite a variety of things that can keep your toddler entertained and have fun.

Some of these things are animals to feed, balance bike track, ponies to ride, and fantastic family beaches to hang out among many others.

The most beautiful thing about the place is the ability to meet new friends and discover more fun as they hang out together. 

The farm is an ideal location for your toddler, and it is quite affordable — the cottage price range between £400 and £450 per week.

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Craig Tara Holiday Park, Scotland

If you’re looking for a fantastic family holiday destination, then think about Craig Tara Holiday Park. The location has everything that can suit the needs of your toddlers and babies.

The strategic location of the park makes it easy to access the beach and have fun along the shore. This happens to be the best place to visit during the summer.

Besides that, the indoor heated swimming pools with slides and sports halls make it even amusing for the toddlers.

The lighthouse harbour adventure village allows toddlers to make new friends due to the interactive spaces for playing.

Also, the kitchen toys, RNLI lifeboat, and little shop at the toddler play village are what make this place unique when compared to others.

Cardigan Bay Holiday Park, Pembrokeshire

Cardigan Bay is a five-star holiday park ideal for families on vacation due to its proximity to the beach.

The holiday park has received lots of praise due to its spotlessly clean caravans and facilities that are quite ideal for toddlers.

The most beautiful thing is the indoor tropical swimming pool with a retractable roof that has a shallow end ideal for toddlers.

That’s not all.

The playground, football pitch, onsite restaurant, and disco point make the park full of fun for children.

Besides that, there are other family-friendly beaches close to the park where you can take your toddler for extra entertainment and fun.

The families can either opt for an on-site caravan or one of the two luxury lodge available for accommodation. The prices for two accommodations are quite different and also variable depending on the season.

Wheeldon Trees Farm, the Peak District

Another fantastic destination to spend a holiday or a vacation with your toddlers. The cottage farm is a strategic location to enjoy the peak district with Matlock, Buxton, and Bakewell being nearby.

Besides that, the environment is so quiet, and there are a lot of things like feeding animals, playground adventure as well as indoor playrooms for toddlers.

If you are looking for a place to spend a holiday at an affordable price is Wheeldon Tree Farm. The price usually is about £484 per family.

Flamingo Land Resort, Yorkshire

Flamingo land resort provides an ideal destination to spend the holiday with the family. It is a reputable zoo and theme park near Malton in North Yorkshire.

The luxurious accommodation, entertainment, and leisure complex are suitable to ensure your toddlers have fun throughout the vacation period.

There are a lot of muddy duck tractor ride, balloon ride, and gallopers, among many others, that will ensure the toddler has a fantastic experience during the holiday.

On the other hand, the zoo has plenty of big cats like tigers and domestic animals. If your toddlers love to associate with animals, then this is the perfect destination for them.

Despite all the fantastic features, the land resort is quite affordable and the charges per week range between £879 and £2335.

Atlantic Reach Holiday Resort

The Atlantic reach holiday resort has received lots of praise in many travel forums and Facebook groups due to its serenity.

The indoor and outdoor swimming pools with over 200-holiday homes that can also accommodate families that generally travel with their pets.

The large modern gym and Spa that offer amazing relaxation pampering treatment can make your holiday a long-lasting memory.

The kids club, swimming pool, football pitch, packed entertainment, and indoor soft schedule can make your toddler have an enjoyable experience throughout the period.

That’s not all.

The three-course meal, BBQ, and the five minutes’ walk to the beach is what even makes the Atlantic reach resort an excellent destination for holidays.

Besides that, the prices per week range between £315 and £2492. The price is suitable for families to seek to explore the UK with their toddlers.

Tattershall Lakes, Lincolnshire

This is a popular holiday destination in Lincolnshire, with lots of facilities ideal for babies and toddlers. The area has a small lakeside beach and aeroplane themed playground for toddlers.

Besides that, there are a lot of amazing activities for toddlers like nature rangers, superhero academy, pirate play, and pottery painting.

Above all, the outdoor cinema is what gives the Tattershall lakes excellent punch, especially during summer.

The interactive splash park can enable your toddler to have new friends when playing with play panels, tipping buckets, sea squirts, and water curtains.

The price of the holiday destination will not drain your bank account since the charges range between £183 and £1825 per week.

Fallbarrow Holiday Park, Lake District

This is a five-star holiday destination in the Lake District. The strategic location of Fallbarrow Holiday Park on the shore of Lake Windermere and a few minutes’ walks to Windermere town is what makes it great.

The most beautiful thing about the park is so quiet and has a good number of caravans for accommodation. The cost tends to range between £219 and £2309 per week, depending on the family budget for holidays.

The pocket-friendly destination has toddlers’ sport court, outdoor playing ground, and a place to feed the duck on the lakeshore.

The foods at the boathouse bar and restaurant are topnotch. The experience during the sunset period can make your toddlers have fun and a long-lasting memory of visiting the UK.

Whitecliff Bay, Isle of Wight

Whitecliff Bay is a pleasant away resort to spend your vacation with babies and toddlers. The area is packed with loads of activities and facilities that will give your toddlers lots of fun.

The onsite entertainment, two playgrounds, indoor and outdoor swimming pools is what gives the holiday a great punch when compared to other places in the UK.

The proximity to the private beach is another thing that can instil a lasting memory in many toddlers after touring the area.

The caravans, luxury lodges, rockstar, and Tribeca VIP mobile homes offer amazing accommodations for families with babies or toddlers.

If you have a toddler who is full of energy and love fun, then this is the perfect place to be. It has Mad Scientist Workshops, Lava Lamps, Pirate Play, and Superhero Academy.

Besides that, both the parents and toddlers can have swimming, storytelling as well as puppet show sessions.

Last but not least, the price is quite affordable, and they usually range between £120 and £1981 per week.

Mazzard Farm Cottages, Devon

If you are looking for a place free from stress and hustle of the day, then think about Mazzard farm cottage in the East of Devon.

The serenity is quite beautiful, and it can help you get rejuvenated. Besides that, it can result in an unforgettable holiday experience for your family in the UK.

The six award-winning cottages are about a few from the seaside town of Sidmouth, and the land has about 17 acres of woodland.

If you have hard to please and entertain toddlers, then Mazzard Farm Cottage is the place for your family. It has a wide range of facilities to pamper toddlers and also revitalize tired parents.

The pirate castle and range of ride-on toys are what make the area ideal for toddlers. But that’s not all. The cute animals can enable your toddlers to make great friends.

Lastly, the cost tends to be quite affordable, and various accommodation points can suit any parent on a budgeted holiday.

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