Best School Shoes for Boys

Are you looking for the best school shoes for boys? Your children deserve the best and you surely want to get it for them. If you are still getting used to being the parent of a child going to school, then you probably do not know much about what you need to be buying in terms of school wear. helping your children get ready for school can be quite a task. The last thing that you need is your child complaining about shoes that do not fit very well. They can make your child’s school life very hectic and something they do not want to do at all. We all know that kids will come up with different reasons not to go to school if they can find them. Sifting through what is a genuine concern and what is not, is not easy. So you must know when your child has a genuine reason for not wanting to go to school. 

  1. Are you looking for the best school shoes for boys?
  2. Has your son outgrown his school shoes?
  3. Are you looking to upgrade your son’s school shoes?

Children’s school shoes come in different shapes and sizes. You need to know what will work for your child. Little boys are known for how “creative” they can get when playing. Remember that your child will have to spend the day in the shoes so they will need to be worth his time. 

Buying your child’s first pair of school shoes can be an exciting time for your child but an overwhelming one for you.  As each new school year begins, you know you have a couple of ends to tie together, ends with a price tag. This is why it is important to know what is worth your money and what will keep your child smiling.

In a Hurry?

Shopping for school wear can be a daunting task, especially when you do not have much time and you do not know what you should be looking for. Here’s a quick guide. There are a few things to consider. The first thing you will need to do is get the right size. Also, take your child along with you and make sure he tries on the shoes and that they are comfortable for him. Think about the material the shoes are made of and make sure they work for your little boy. Remember that each school has its guidelines and this means that you need to know what shoes the school requires. This way you save yourself the time and trouble of walking into certain shops that only sell a particular type of shoe. Also consider the age of your child, so that you can get the right style. Let us face it, kids have their trends going on and parents may not understand them.

Our Favourite

Deer Stags Stadium Sneaker Bottom Dress Comfort Slip-On

We have done our homework and found the best picks n the market. Our favourite is the Deer Stags Stadium Sneaker Bottom Dress Comfort Slip-On. These shoes are quality and have been around since 1929. They are flexible and comfortable. Thes shoes flex like a sneaker. The padding reduces rubbing and irritation on your child’s heels.

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Deer Stags Stadium Sneaker Bottom Dress Comfort Slip-On

Deer Stags is not a new brand on the scene. Their first shoe preceded the Second World War. They have been going strong since 1929. This is a brand that has been passed from one generation of the family to another. What they have been able to do is maintain the ethos of the business. Everything that you would have loved about the first versions is still available on the newer ones. You will also note marked improvement in line with newer technology and innovation. One of their key features is the patented S.U.P.R.O technology that is built to reduce the chances of slipping. The upper part of the shoe is synthetic, as is the sole. Well, the upper part is made out of synthetic leather. The heel gives you an elevation of just an inch. They are not quite zero drop, but neither are they high heels. 

One of the distinguishing features of this one is flexibility. These shoes do not have the restriction that we often associate with formal shoes. They are closer to the feel of sports shoes. This is a feature that your boy will love. Instead of having to tie your laces, these ones are secure by twin gores. Your foot slides in with ease and remains secure as long as you have the shoes on. The inner collar of the shoe is padded. This is always said to provide extra comfort. I am not sure just how much comfort this brings. Anyhow, you let us know what your experience is. There is also padding perfectly placed to ensure that there is less friction between the heel and the shoe. As a result, there are fewer chances of irritation and blistering.


  • They are very easy to put on. 
  • The inner is well padded.
  • They provide sufficient grip.
  • They are surprisingly flexible.
  • The shoes are very comfortable.
  • You will love the richness of their colour.


  • Some durability concerns have been noted.
  • Certainly not the prettiest shoes you’ll encounter.

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Hush Puppies Chad Uniform Oxford

Perhaps you do not mind shoelaces as much as I do? In that case, this would make a good pick for you. Hush Puppies are a world-renowned footwear brand. You always know what to expect when you buy their shoes. The first thing to take note of with these ones is that they are 100% leather. That is the upper part, of course. This is a shoe that was designed with school and formal gathering in mind. It makes quite the stylish school shoe for boys without pushing any uniform guidelines too far. Once on your feet or in your hands, you will notice just how thick the soles are. They are built to deliver comprehensive durability. This is to say if something is to fall apart on these shoes, it most certainly will not be the sole. 

Your feet will benefit from the cushy comfort that comes from having memory foam insoles. The upper part of the shoes, directly above your foot is made out of leather. It is then fastened together by a lace-up system. The lacing system is nothing out of the ordinary. Another thing not to miss is the mesh lining. It has antimicrobial treatment. Not only does that mean comfort. It also means that your boy’s shoes will maintain their fresh odour for longer. The shoes are highly breathable. 


  • The shoes are highly breathable.
  • They have a comfortable memory foam insole.
  • It is made of leather.
  • It has a mesh lining with antimicrobial treatment.
  • They are very comfortable.
  • They are very durable.


  • The outsoles could be more waterproof.
  • Quality control could be better. Some rogue pairs slip through.

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Hush Puppies Unisex Kids Bridgeport 3 Chukka Boot

If you were intrigued by the other Hush Puppies on our list, this one should be no different. Perhaps, it may cater to boys with a slightly different taste than the other one. That’s always a good thing, delivering the best of both worlds. That way, there is something for everyone. What you may not realise from afar is that these are not made up of regular leather. Well, they are. However, they have a suede-like feel and look to them. Beyond the top, you will be pleased with the solid rubber soles. They provide protection and grip as you tread on all sorts of surfaces. The design is that of a chukka boot that goes up to your ankle in height. You have an ordinary shoelace to secure your foot in.

The outsoles are more flexible than you would have come to expect from chukka boot if you have worn them before. These are non-marking rubber outsoles. We know the design is not what some will have in mind when thinking of a school shoe. You will be pleased to know that these “bad boys” fall into the guidelines of school uniforms. The best part of it all is that your son will be one of the few kids with this shoe in his school. I know I liked to have unique things when I was younger. As with other products carried by this brand, you have peace of mind in knowing that the quality will not let you down. 


  • There is no breaking in period.
  • The shoes offer the versatility of formal and casual wear.
  • They are very comfortable.
  • They are unisex.
  • They run true to size.


  • Durability still remains to be seen.

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Vivobarefoot Primus School

Our final pick is a barefoot shoe. This is for those that prefer the minimalist approach to things. The biggest advantage of these type of shoes over other is that your child’s feet are permitted to move as nature intended them to. These are these sort of shoes that do not feel as if you are wearing shoes at all. The design is described as being compact and minimal. Don’t let this fool you. The shoes are geared to take on all sorts of terrain. They will not fall apart at the first sign of a challenge. The look makes them versatile enough to seamlessly transition from formal occasions to the more casual ones. 

As far as the key features are concerned. The outsoles are made of multi-hexagonal lug designs that provide your child with all of the grip that they may desire. There are no concerns as to durability. The upper part of the shoes is made out of African leather hide from free-roaming animals. That always guarantees strong material. 

The final and perhaps most important feature of these shoes is the ultra-thin puncture-resistant layer. It is said to be 5 times more resistant to punctures than a standard sole of similar thickness.


  • They are incredibly strong shoes.
  • The soles are highly resistant to puncturing.
  • The upper is made out of wild hide.
  • They are easy on the eyes.
  • They are easy to put on and to remove.
  • They are extremely lightweight and comfortable.


  • Too often out of stock.
  • On the higher end of the price scale.

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Buyer’s Guide

When out shopping for the new school year, it can be pretty easy to get lost in the options available. It may seem overwhelming, but it is not impossible. All you need to do is to ask the right questions so that you get the answers you are looking for.  If you remember going shopping for your first pair then you will remember how many questions were asked by your parents or whoever you were with. This was all for a good cause.

How much room should a child have in their shoes?

Children grow pretty fast. This is one of the reasons why you need to buy new school shoes almost ever so often. Their shoe size stops growing so fast when they reach a certain age. However, during the phase when your son is still growing like a weed, you will need to make sure that the shes you get, leave some room for growth. When a shoe is new, it needs to leave the space of a thumbs width between the end of the longest toe and at the end of the shoe. This should be about 12 to 14 millimeters. Shoes with less than half a thumb width space should be replaced.

How can I measure my child’s feet at home?

If you want to measure your child’s feet a home, there are easy ways to do this. The first thing you want to do is to make sure that your child is wearing his normal socks. This allows you to measure the total amount of space left in the shoe when the child is fully dressed for school. Now push your children to heel to the back of the shoe and do the velcro or laces up firmly. Make sure the child is standing up straight and tall then check the length by feeling the position of your child’s longest toe in the shoe.

You can also measure by removing the insole from the shoe. Stand your child’s foot on it with their heel at the back. If their toes bulge over sides or end of the in-sole their shoe won’t fit. There should be one thumb from the end of the toe to the edge of the insole when shoes are new. If there is less than half a thumb width of the room, you need to be thinking of where to buy a new pair. 

What’s the difference between a toddler and little kid shoes?

the marvel of modern-day shopping is that you can do it online. This is great but it has its downfalls. Since you can’t physically see the shoes, it means that you may be under or overestimating the size. Look for a size age chart. This will help you know what size your child should be wearing, depending on his age.

How do you get scratches out of patent shoes?

You can simply use what you have around the house, like petroleum jelly. Dab a bit of it on to any scratches on your leather, it will help remove any stains and prevents the leather from cracking in harsh weather. You can also pour some mineral oil on a soft cloth and rub it on the leather. Another route you can choose is applying a silicone-based patent leather conditioner with a soft cloth to remove scratches.

Will grass stains come out of shoes?

Depending on the material the shoes are made of, you can get grass stains out of shoes. You can use a damp washcloth. Sneakers, for example, do well with vinegar and water as stain removers. Laundry detergents and soap also do a great job of removing grass stains.

Final Thoughts

Little boys have a very active school life. You want to make sure that the school shoes you get him, will take him through the day. We certainly hope that our top picks have helped you make a decision on which boys school shoes to buy. Happy shopping!

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