Best School Shoes for Girls

Are you looking for the best school shoes for girls? Sometimes it is easy to think of shopping for your little girl. Most mums are truly excited by this. Shopping for a baby girl is almost like shopping to dress up your little human self. It can be such a joy. As the years go by, and your little girl has to go to school, you quickly realize that she is growing like a weed. Quickly outgrowing her shows. So now you are not too sure which ones you should get, that will do her justice through the day. Children spend more time in their school shoes than in any other shoes during the school term. It, therefore, goes without saying that they should be very comfortable and the best on the market too. 

  1. Are you looking for the best shoes to suit your little girl?
  2. Perhaps your child’s school shoes need to be replaced and you want the best on the market
  3. Or maybe you are a first-time school shoe buyer and want to know what will be the best buy. 

There are many school shoe types on the market. It may be prudent to also consider what your child prefers. Sometimes you can get more valuable feedback by listening to the one who will be wearing the shoes and considering that little voice. You may just save yourself tantrums and sulks form a child whose feet are unhappy.

In a Hurry?

Are you in a hurry and looking for the best school shoes for girls on the market? There are a couple of factors you will need to consider. The very first is that it is important to know what type of shoes the school requires. This will bring into consideration, style, color, and material. Think about the type of material the shoe is made of and if it will suit the child’s needs. Sometimes it pays to take the child with you so they can choose the shoes themselves.

Our Favourite

Dr. Martens Girls Collection 8065 Mary Jane shoe

We have done our research and our favourite pick is Dr. Martens Kid’s Collection Women’s 8065 Mary Jane shoe. This patent leather shoe has a classic look with a little bit of attitude. It is comfortable and fastens securely.

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vivobarefoot Wyn Kid’s Classic School Shoe 

Vivobarefoot was not around when I was dashing around classrooms and playgrounds, all those years ago. Having used them, I can say I would have been keen on a pair for school. Let us look at what kids today can look forward to from these shoes. The first thing that you will notice is that this is not a design that will stand out in any way. They have taken an old, familiar design and made it barefoot. That wear, the child can wear a shoe that they are familiar with, and experience a level of foot freedom that they may not be as familiar with. The aim of the design is to give them a natural feel as they move whether they wear it in school or elsewhere. They are amusingly flexible shoes that allow your feet absolute freedom of movement. 

The upper part of the shoes is made out of wild hide leather. It is a very strong material, that is synonymous with durability. It is a fairly simple design, that is capped off with a simple velcro strap bar. This is a very simple shoe fastening system that is secure. It ensures that the child does not have to struggle to get the shoes on and off. 

The soles feature vivobarefoot’s own Pro5 layer. It is a patented, puncture resistance that ensures that not only can we be in touch with the ground, but are also safe while doing so. It is said to be more puncture resistant than a sole of standard thickness. The front of the shoes is slightly raised to protect the toes. 


  • The shoes are very comfortable with or without socks.
  • They allow your child’s feet more natural movement.
  • There is no doubt as far as durability is concerned.
  • The design is simple and familiar.
  • The sole is incredibly puncture resistant.
  • The leather hide upper does not easily scuff.


  • The midfoot width may not be ideal for those with thin feet.
  • They are pricier than other shoes.

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Hush Puppies Lexi Uniform Mary Jane

Speaking of familiar designs and brands, the Mary Jane by Hush Puppies fits the bill. It carries a design that is almost identical to the barefoot shoe that we have started off with. As with the other shoes, these ones also have an upper that is made out of genuine leather. This is always a good indicator of durability. Not only does the design fit into the school dress code, but it also seamlessly transitions into casual wear. This makes the shoe very versatile. You would be surprised at how children want to keep something on when they love it. 

To ensure that your child is comfortable and that they can remain that way, the shoe has a memory foam footbed. It is designed to ensure that your child is comfortable no matter how long they keep the shoes on for. They provide lovely footbed and necessary support. The inside of the shoes is lined with mesh. This is to ensure a reasonable degree of breathability. Hush Puppies has also treated these for microbial. The result is shoes that are resistant to odour. They smell fresh for much longer. 

The hoop and loop closure ensure that your child can put the shoes on and remove them with great ease. Between a beautiful upper and an equally impressive sole, you are guaranteed to have a shoe that lasts. 


  • The shoes carry a familiar look and design.
  • They have a memory foam that makes them very comfortable.
  • They are very easy to put on and to remove.
  • Durability is assured.
  • They have an antimicrobial treated sock liner.
  • The upper part is made of genuine leather.
  • They provide good arch support


  • The sizing chart can be misleading.
  • The strap could have been made smaller.
  • The upper gets scuffed over time.

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Dr. Martens Kid’s Collection 8065 Mary Jane

Did someone say classic brands? Well, here is Dr. Martens’ take on the classic Mary Jane. The first thing to be aware of is that the upper part of the shoe is made out of leather. Beyond this, one of the first things that you will notice is perforation on the upper part of the shoes. You need not be told that this is not solely for aesthetic purposes. It serves as a way to get a good degree of breathability. The butterfly-shaped perforated region is surrounded by some impressive stitching. 

Another distinguishing feature of these shoes is the dual straps. There are two ways that one can look at these. You can either concede to the fact that they will be that little bit more difficult to put on and to remove. We are not talking overly difficult here. It may add a few more seconds to the time that you would usually need to do this. On the other hand, you get a pair of shoes are secure. They provide your foot with structured support. 

Dr. Martens has connected the soles to the upper to ensure that the shoes are flexible. Still, on the theme of comfort, they have textile lining that provides all-day comfort. It also works to allow breathability. The footbed is also made out of textile. It features a good amount of cushioning. This is enhanced by the air-sole cushioning that makes the outsole.


  • The design is beautiful and not too common.
  • The shoes provide great breathability.
  • They offer a good degree of support.
  • They are very comfortable shoes.
  • The buckling system is sturdily built.
  • They are very durable.


  • They tend to run narrow.
  • Some issues with the straps have been noted.

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Stride Rite Claire Mary Jane

If you fancy the Mary Jane design, here is another one. The first thing that you may notice that would set this one apart from the others is its seemingly lightweight. That is not to say that it is the lightest shoe on our list. It is certainly one of the lighter ones. Perhaps “seemingly” is not the best way to put it. It is light and looks light. Others may be light but do not necessarily look it. 

The upper part of the shoes is 100% leather. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that it will last. The tread on the soles provides good traction and grip for your child when they are on the move. We all know how important this is for active children. The outsoles are non-marking. To give you that added bit of comfort, the collar of each shoe is padded. Another thing that we loved about this shoe is that the outsole is not only lightweight but incredibly flexible. It permits the child’s feet to move at will. Within the footbed is a memory foam insole. 

To secure the feet in you have the hook and loop closure. This a mechanism that is very easy to operate. It is even better for those who do not like tying shoelaces, those like me. The seams of the shoe are tonal. There are no care requirements that are out of the ordinary.


  • The shoes are lightweight.
  • They have a hook and lock mechanism.
  • The outsoles provide a lot of grip.
  • There is a memory foam insole.
  • The upper is made of leather.
  • The shoes are very flexible.


  • There are some defective pairs reported.
  • Quality control could be better.

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vivobarefoot Primus School Kids Leather School

Our final pick is a barefoot shoe. This is for those that prefer the minimalist approach to things. The biggest advantage of these type of shoes over other is that your child’s feet are permitted to move as nature intended them to. These are these sort of shoes that do not feel as if you are wearing shoes at all. The design is described as being compact and minimal. Don’t let this fool you. The shoes are geared to take on all sorts of terrain. They will not fall apart at the first sign of a challenge. The look makes them versatile enough to seamlessly transition from formal occasions to the more casual ones. 

As far as the key features are concerned. The outsoles are made of multi-hexagonal lug designs that provide your child with all of the grip that they may desire. There are no concerns as to durability. The upper part of the shoes is made out of African leather hide from free-roaming animals. That always guarantees strong material. 

The final and perhaps most important feature of these shoes is the ultra-thin puncture-resistant layer. It is said to be 5 times more resistant to punctures than a standard sole of similar thickness.


  • They are incredibly strong shoes.
  • The soles are highly resistant to puncturing.
  • The upper is made out of wild hide.
  • They are easy on the eyes.
  • They are easy to put on and to remove.
  • They are extremely lightweight and comfortable.


  • Too often out of stock.
  • On the higher end of the price scale.

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Buyer’s Guide

Here’s a guide to help you pick the shoes that both you and your little girl will be happy with. There are a few factors to consider, that will make your life that much easier. Remember that your child will spend a good number of hours in the shoes, which means that they need to b comfortable and allow the child to go about their business. 

Are patent shoes Polishable?

It is possible to clean patent shoes and it is necessary. As your child spends the day in her shoes, they are bound to get dirty. You will need to have an easy way for her to clean them. You can use a damp cloth to wipe away stains. You can also use a soft dry cloth to remove dust.

What shoes should I buy for school?

Kids need the freedom to be able to play freely and comfortably during recess but also be able to walk with confidence Make sure your little girl does not have to be self-conscious. When shoes are the wrong size they can cause this. ook for a pair that fits properly and also that fastens securely. This way the child is free to run around without fear of tripping. 

What shoes are popular in high school?

When it comes to choosing shoes for a child in high school, it is important to take into consideration, the style choice. Remember that you are buying a pair of shoes for someone who probably has strong opinions about their style. Before you start looking out for what is stylish, you also want to make sure that you know the school’s guidelines and that you stick to them. Since you are buying for a slightly older child, this means that you can afford to buy a pair that needs a little more maintenance. A child in high school probably puts more effort into how they look, than someone in grade/primary school. You will notice that high school kids are fans of sneakers and comfortable shoes that also look stylish.

Does my child legally have to wear a school uniform?

Like any other case involving the law, it is dependant on the country you reside in. Each country has its own unique set of rules and regulations. Moreso different schools. Each school decided on whether its students should be forced to wear school uniforms or not. This is usually influenced by the surrounding society and its values. Some schools are religious and as such have a strict dress code that adheres to the belief system. It is prudent to find out what these rules and regulations are. If these do not suit you or your child, then it may mean that you should consider a different school. There are different schools of thought regarding this opinion. Ultimately, the one that counts is the one that works for you and your child. 

What shoes are popular in middle school?

Middle scholars are still a bit more playful. At the same time, children in middle school care about their appearance as well. It is, therefore, important that you can meet this cross-section. Getting a pair of shoes that are comfortable, is very important. Your child will be wearing these for five days a week. This is a lot of time in the same pair of shoes. It, therefore, goes without saying that the shoes need to be very comfortable but also durable. The shoes that are most popular with kids of any age group, will always vary. When you go out to buy, go with your child, so that you avoid embarrassing them with a pair of outdated shoes, but also make sure you stick within the regulations. Vans are amongst the favorites.

Final Thoughts

School shoes for girls come in different variations. Consider your child’s activities and how they spend their day. Taking into consideration everything that goes into picking the right shoe is possible and we certainly hope that our top picks help you make your top pick. Happy shopping!

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