Best School Shoes for Narrow Feet

Are you looking for the best school shoes for narrow feet?

  1. Do you have a child with narrow feet and you need to find school shoes that fit?
  2. Perhaps you have been struggling to get a pair of shoes that fits your child

You may have discovered that your child has narrow feet, the hard way. Have you been buying shoes and realized that they fit your child’s foot lengthwise but the width is always somewhat questionable? Your child may have narrow feet. Some of the most popular shoe brands, make shoes in medium, wide and extra-wide widths. Shoe size is not just about the length but also the width. Make sure that the shoes your child is wearing are not too wide for his or her feet. Most shoe companies ignore those with narrow feet. This makes your job of finding shoes for kids with narrow feet, that much harder. 

When shoes are too wide for a child’s feet, they can cause blisters, calluses or corns. Several foot health problems can creep up and make your child’s school life much more hectic. This happens because your child’s feet will move too much inside the shoes and that constant friction and rubbing will lead to foot issues.

In a Hurry?

Would you like a quick guide to knowing which shoes to buy for your child with narrow feet? There are a few factors you need to think about before you can go shopping. The first and obvious thing is to know your child’s foot width and also the width of the shoe. The best way to know your child’s foot width is to get it measured by professional. This way you know if your child needs it. You will also do well to check on the material the shoe is made of and make sure that it moulds to the child’s foot easily. 

Also, look out for how the shoe fastens. Shoelaces, buckles, and velcro are all ways in which shoes can fasten. Choose the option that will offer your child the snug fit they need.  We have done our research and found the best of the crop.

Our Favourite

Vivobarefoot GOBI Kid’s Classic Desert Boot 

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Vivobarefoot GOBI Kid’s Classic Desert Boot 

This is a shoe that was designed in the same way that vivobarefoot’s bestselling shoe, the Gobi boot was. Now we get to share a boot that we love with the children that we love. The first thing that makes it perfect for use as a school shoe is the minimalist design. There are not extensive design features and elements. It would fit right into any school’s uniform guideline, provided you get it in the right colour. The Gobi is very easy to on and to remove. This is courtesy of the quick-secure toggle. The upper part of the shoes is made out of naturally-scarred leather that comes from free-roaming cattle. The wearer will find that the shoes are lightweight. The material that they are made out of ensure that they last long.

If you have not identified this already, these shoes are barefoot shoes. You get the natural feel of walking barefooted that engages your senses. The only concern that you may have is safety. You will be pleased to find that they feature the Pro5 puncture-resistant soles that protect you. For comfort, you will find that the removable thermal insole does not stop at keeping you warm. There is a leather footbed that moulds to the shape and placement of your foot to give you a comfortable fit. This is what makes the shoes ideal for those that have narrow feet. 


  • The shoes are very comfortable.
  • They are zero drop and barefoot.
  • The shoes are clearly well-made.
  • They come with thermal insoles.
  • They are puncture resistant.


  • First-time users will need time to transition.
  • Toddlers may struggle to get them on and off.

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Stride Rite Claire Mary Jane

If you fancy the Mary Jane design, here is another one. The first thing that you may notice that would set this one apart from the others is its seemingly lightweight. That is not to say that it is the lightest shoe on our list. It is certainly one of the lighter ones. Perhaps “seemingly” is not the best way to put it. It is light and looks light. Others may be light but do not necessarily look it. 

The upper part of the shoes is 100% leather. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that it will last. The tread on the soles provides good traction and grip for your child when they are on the move. We all know how important this is for active children. The outsoles are non-marking. To give you that added bit of comfort, the collar of each shoe is padded. Another thing that we loved about this shoe is that the outsole is not only lightweight but incredibly flexible. It permits the child’s feet to move at will. Within the footbed is a memory foam insole. 

To secure the feet in you have the hook and loop closure. This a mechanism that is very easy to operate. It is even better for those who do not like tying shoelaces, those like me. The seams of the shoe are tonal. There are no care requirements that are out of the ordinary.


  • The shoes are lightweight.
  • They have a hook and lock mechanism.
  • The outsoles provide a lot of grip.
  • There is a memory foam insole.
  • The upper is made of leather.
  • The shoes are very flexible.


  • There are some defective pairs reported.
  • Quality control could be better.

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Converse Kids’ Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas Low Top Sneaker 

The great thing about established brands like the Converse is that you seldom have to second guess yourself. They carry an iconic look and design that we have all become familiar with. Whether you are a fan or not, one thing we cannot deny is that they are perfect for toddlers. This is a shoe that is lightweight and comfortable. Once those two critical boxes are ticked, we may then consider the aesthetic side of things. They excel in this regard as well. There is nothing in particular that we can say makes this design work. Perhaps this is a great example of simplicity being key!

The shoe is 100% textile. While that means they do not provide protection from water, it also means that they are very flexible. Each foot can move without hindrance. Your child can move at will. The soles are made out of rubber. You will know that this will deliver incredible traction as they move about. The shaft measures low-top from the child’s arch. They are secured by a double hook and loop closure that allows for ease of wearing and removal of the shoes. That iconic, classic canvas upper that we have known Converse for features on this shoe as well. Finally, the inside has a soft foam sock liner that makes the shoes that little bit more comfortable.


  • This is an iconic design.
  • The shoes are lightweight.
  • They have a soft foam sock liner on the inside.
  • They are very easy to put on and to remove.
  • They provide some arch support.


  • They do not always run true to size.

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Hush Puppies Lexi Uniform Mary Jane

Speaking of familiar designs and brands, the Mary Jane by Hush Puppies fits the bill. It carries a design that is almost identical to the barefoot shoe that we have started off with. As with the other shoes, these ones also have an upper that is made out of genuine leather. This is always a good indicator of durability. Not only does the design fit into the school dress code, but it also seamlessly transitions into casual wear. This makes the shoe very versatile. You would be surprised at how children want to keep something on when they love it. 

To ensure that your child is comfortable and that they can remain that way, the shoe has a memory foam footbed. It is designed to ensure that your child is comfortable no matter how long they keep the shoes on for. They provide lovely footbed and necessary support. The inside of the shoes is lined with mesh. This is to ensure a reasonable degree of breathability. Hush Puppies has also treated these for microbial. The result is shoes that are resistant to odour. They smell fresh for much longer. 

The hoop and loop closure ensure that your child can put the shoes on and remove them with great ease. Between a beautiful upper and an equally impressive sole, you are guaranteed to have a shoe that lasts.


  • The shoes carry a familiar look and design.
  • They have a memory foam that makes them very comfortable.
  • They are very easy to put on and to remove.
  • Durability is assured.
  • They have an antimicrobial treated sock liner.
  • The upper part is made of genuine leather.
  • They provide good arch support


  • The sizing chart can be misleading.
  • The strap could have been made smaller.
  • The upper gets scuffed over time.

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Skechers Kids’ Microburst-Scholar Holler Sneaker 

When it comes to comfortable shoes, Skechers is one of the first names that pop into the average person’s mind. There is a good reason for this. This is a brand that has been producing great shoes since 1992. They continue to do so today. Let’s get onto the features of this particular one and why it makes our list. The design is one that we are familiar with. Such is its popularity that most shoe brands will have one of their own. The upper part of the shoes is made out of leather. You will notice that the design is fairly minimalist. This makes it perfect for school uniforms. It sits on a synthetic sole. You also have the added advantage of a low-top arch from the shaft. 

Inside the shoes is an air-cooled memory foam that is cushioned. You will appreciate how much-added comfort this brings when you are on the go. As you will already know, memory foam adjusts to the contours of your feet. That means that it will feel more comfortable as you use it more. The upper part of the shoe is very straightforward. You will find it easy to put the shoe on and to remove it. The outsole is not only flexible, but it is also non-marking. The contouring is what makes this shoe ideal for narrow feet.


  • It is perfect for school uniforms.
  • The design is minimalistic.
  • The shoes are very comfortable.
  • They come with a memory foam insole.
  • They provide arch support.
  • The shoes are durable.


  • They do not always run true to size.
  • Not geared for colder seasons.

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Buyer’s Guide

Narrow feet can be a nuisance when the wrong shoes are worn. The frustration is heightened when the wearer is a child. You do not want your child to be slipping in their shoes because they are not made for people with narrow feet. It may seem like the child is clumsy but sometimes it is just because the feet are ill-fitting. Give your child a fair shot. 

How Can you Tell If your Child Has Narrow Feet?

You may be wondering why your child seems to be uncomfortable in his or her shoes. It may be because the shoes do not fit properly, it is not always about getting a shoe that is bigger or smaller in size, sometimes it is about the width of the wearer’s foot. But how do you know if the shoe width does not match your child’s foot? When your child tries on a shoe and there is a lot of extra space around, especially at the sides, then you know your child has narrow feet. 

With your child’s shoes on, check if there is too much extra space (extra material) in the front part of your child’s shoes. Do you notice in the picture below how there is a lot of extra space in the front of the shoes? This means that the shoes are too wide for your kids’ feet.

How do you measure the length of a child’s foot?

The best way is to go with the child to a professional and get his or her foot measured. You can also do this at home. You will need a piece of A4 paper. Place it flat on the floor, against the wall. Then have your child stand up firmly against the wall, and get them to stand up tall with their heel firmly against the wall. Ensure they are evenly weighted bearing and not balancing on one foot. Next, put a mark in front of the child’s longest toe. This is normally the first or second toe. Now measure the distance from the back to this point. Be sure to make sure you keep the measure straight. Repeat this process for the other foot. Remember that ultimately, nothing beats trying on the shoe in person.

How do you measure the width of a child’s foot?

The first thing you want to do, just as with measuring the length of the foot,  trace around your child’s bare foot onto a piece of paper. Then measure the foot at the widest part of the foot. This number will help you find the right-sized shoe. Most shoes have measurements on the label and this includes the width of the foot. read this label, compare it to the figures you have from measuring the shoe and then get the child to try the shoe on, this is vital.

What are other parents saying?

Find out what other people are saying and the reviews online and in person. Reviews will help you hear what other people say about particular brands. Some brands fit differently even though they may all be marketed for narrow feet. Sometimes, the experience is the best teacher. The great thing about online shopping is that you get to hear from people across the globe about the same product. 

Does the material the shoe is made of matter?

It truly does. Because your child has feet that are narrower than others, it means that you have to have shoes that hug the feet. Leather is soft and can give your child’s feet the tender love that they need.

Final Thoughts

Finding your child the right shoes can make a world of difference in the way your child walks, runs and goes about their business. Narrow feet do not have to be the reason why this does not happen. All you need is to be able to buy the right size shoes. We hope that our research and top picks, point you in the right direction and keep a smile on both your face and your child’s. Happy shopping!

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