Bloom Fresco Solo Contemporary Baby High Chair Review

Are you looking for the best baby high chairs on the market today? Bloom Fresco Solo Contemporary baby high chairs are amongst the top ranking high chairs. For some, it is the contemporary design, whilst for others, it is the simplicity in design. 

With three recline positions, you can use this chair for your newborn and it will also grow with your child. A good chair can help increase quality time with your baby, and also give your child their special chair.

Bloom Fresco Solo Contemporary Baby High Chair

Priceless moments are created and this sleek and stylish chair with height adjustment and safety features puts your mind at ease. Your baby will be comfortable and well seated. It is an easy chair to operate and it also has removable safety harnesses, so that you can switch from one sitting position to another. 

In a Hurry?

Do you need a quick guide to buying the Bloom Fresco Solo Contemporary Baby High Chair? There are a couple of things that you will need to keep in mind. Look at the material that the chair is made of. Make sure that it is comfortable for your baby and that it is easy to wash. Check on the instructions that come with the chair so that you take care of it properly. 

Also, look at the safety features and harnesses and find out how they work and if they are easy to use(you don’t want to have to whip out the manual every time you use the chair). Find out what other users say about the chair and if there is anything that you should be mindful of. Also, check on the various positions that the chair offers. Versatility is a big selling point.

Buyer’s Guide

What makes this chair unique?

One look at this chair and you will not need to be told about its contemporary modern design. It looks nothing like the traditional high chair. It almost looks like a pod, and your baby sits snug right in the middle of it. You can use it from the very first day that you bring your baby home from the hospital. 

Using it as a bassinet is one of the many advantages of using this chair. It doubles up as somewhere to put your baby whilst you do one or two things. This chair offers you that free time.

It is portable and hence can fit just about anywhere. If you live in a small apartment, you won’t have to worry about space for the chair. It is easy to move around, and yet it is also stable and firmly planted on the ground. 

The Bloom Fresco Solo Contemporary Baby High Chair, has 3 adjustable height positions, meaning that you can have the chair adjusted to the height of the kitchen counter, but also adjusted to the height of the dining table. 

What safety features does it have?

Safety always has to be at the front of your agenda every time before you even think of purchasing anything that will come in to contact with your baby.

It is something that new moms especially are particularly paranoid about, and rightfully so. Never take anything for granted. Ask and research about how to keep your baby safe. It is a “high chair” after all. So you want to make sure that the harnesses on the chair are safe, and comfortable too. 

The Bloom Fresco Solo Contemporary Baby High Chair has five safety harnesses. They are padded so that your baby is not hurt by the straps. The chair also has a smart buckle that is removable.

It allows you to convert the chair to a play seat even way past your child’s toddler years. Children up to 8 years can use this chair when it is in this position. Talk about longevity and versatility!

It also has a safety bar, that you can use in all three recline positions. 

What features does it have?

This high chair has 3 reclining positions for you to choose from, depending on what you want to use the set for. You can fully recline the seat so that it lies flat down and in this way, it functions in the same way as a cradle. 

The second position is the semi-reclined position whilst the third position is the full upright position, in which you can feed your baby in. All these positions can easily be activated, using a handle. This makes it very easy to use.

It has 360-degree rotation, making it versatile to use from any angle. It comes with a removable feeding tray so that you can instantly turn it into a high-end table and chair for those memorable feeding times. 

The booster seat can be removed and used for infants. Its unique design will detour spills from the seat unit. The chair also has a removable footrest made of aluminum. You can easily move the chair around, thanks to the wheels in the base, 

This chair comes in a variety of colors, and from these, you are sure to find something that tickles your fancy or at least matches your child’s nursery decoration. 

What is included in The Bloom Fresco Solo Contemporary Baby High Chair box?

When you buy the Bloom Fresco Solo Contemporary Baby High Chair, you can expect to get the fresco frame, booster seat, feeding tray, small play tray, safety bar, and footrest.

The fresco starter kit has a large pad, a small pad, matching 5-point safety harness, and a smart buckle. Some retailers may throw in a few accessories, but you need to make sure that you have the basics, to build up your baby’s high chair

Final Thoughts

Finding a high chair that works, is not only about what you like. You also need to find a chair that works!  The Bloom Fresco Solo Contemporary Baby High Chair is both stylishly designed and also practical.

Its various position levels and reclining levels, make it a joy to work with. It is a comfortable chair that lets both you and your baby relax. Modern design and functionality are the ultimate descriptions of this chair. Happy shopping!

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