Boon Flair Baby High Chair

Considering getting the Boon Flair Baby High Chair?  Are you looking for a sleek chair for your baby? Well, here we have a one-piece adjustable chair that is sleek, smooth, and easy to clean.

It even has a tray cover that comes in a dishwasher safe mode and the continuous height positioning of this baby chair with pneumatic lift lets you pick the exact height you want to fit any table. 

Don’t let that dishearten you because this chair can literally fit under almost any table that you have securing your baby in place. It has a clean restraint system on the straps and the buckles which allows you to use a light cloth and soapy water and you will be good to go.

Boon Flair Baby High Chair

So this is basically a baby high chair that comes with an adjustable height. It also comes with a stable bottom that allows it to move around with ease making things easy for the parents. The base is very stable so even shaky movements that babies are known to make will not topple the chair. 

The wide design of this high chair also helps it glide around smoothly. It has a foot-activated height adjuster making it easier for you to adjust the height as you won’t have to bend down first. It is a beautifully sleek, classic, and modern chair that is suitable for the ages of 3 months to 4 years. The child’s recommended weight limit is 50lbs. 


  • Comes with a sleek, modern and classic design
  • Is very safe and stable for the baby
  • Easy to Clean
  • Mobile and very easy to glide around the floor
  • Comes with Foot-Activated Height adjuster


  • Comes at the high end of our pricing scale
  • Doesn’t fold hence limiting versatility
  • It does not come with a tray


Coming to you in white you will find that at first sight, this chair looks to be quite futuristic but with a simplistic edge to it that allows it to fall under classic. It actually appears to be quite easy to use thanks to its lack of technological advancements making it quite simple and thank heavens easy to use and understand. 

Because of that you won’t find any excessive hidden buttons or levers to confuse you especially if you are a first time parent, everything is pretty much in place and you can easily guess what each button does.

It literally has one brightly colored foot button for the height adjustment and a single foot brake adorn the base. The chair comes with a pad that is quite easy to clean but does not offer much in the way of comfort. So you can remove it of you feel like your baby may not like the feel of it. 


This boon high chair accommodates children of ages; three months up to 4 years or at most a weight of 50 pounds. Although the pneumatic lift allows for the freedom of custom height adjustments, it does not have any recline or footrest adjustment options so if your baby starts to get too big for the chair or too tall, they will find it to be very uncomfortable. 

Also, your baby may have to adjust to having dangling legs as the footrest may tend to be too far for your baby, but other than that, everything will be perfectly fine. 


So this Boon baby high chair comes with shiny finishes and a futuristic design that you will love. The sleek and modern chic flair certainly helps it live up to its name. However, though the chair has nice materials and finishes, the pneumatic lift may be troublesome from the very beginning, putting a big damper on the chair’s quality. 

This is most likely to happen just after you assemble the chair, as it can be challenging to work the pneumatic lift, almost to the point where it seems impossible but after a while when it’s quite broken everything should be fine. 

If you are scared that your baby may slide off the chair you can buckle up your baby using the 5-point harness. On top of that, there is also a safety post, so your child will not be able to wiggle out or fall off the chair. 

So, you really don’t have to worry about all that. There is also a latch under the tray that allows you to lock it into place. There are two settings to choose from, so you can find a perfect fit for your child. You can easily do this with one hand and be sure that your fussy toddler won’t accidentally upset the tray.

Adjustable parts

Although some parts of this boon baby chair are not adjustable. You’ll be pleased to find that it comes with a handy option in which it has a foot-activated pneumatic lift. What sets it off from your ordinary highchairs is that most only have one height, while table heights can vary. 

As a result with the other chairs you may not be able to fit the baby’s chair under your dining table, but with this one nothing like that is impossible. With this chair, you just have to press the button on the base, and you can adjust the chair height to your convenience. On the base, there is a foot pedal that you can engage when you want to keep the seat in place. 


This one-piece high baby chair has to be the sleekest, smoothest chair you could ever provide for your baby. Which is probably why you may find it a bit pricey. It’s quite unique and different from all the other baby chairs out there, although it doesn’t come with any advanced technological functions. 

This chair makes things easier for you and for your baby. From the adjustable height to the brake that makes sure that even when your baby starts walking they won’t be able to push the chair around. It’s also quite easy to clean and maintain so that should give it a few points right? 


Well, all in all, I wouldn’t say this chair is something out of this world. However, it has a beautiful style and design which I find very classic and modern with that touch of futuristic it would definitely blend in with your home. 

To make things better, it’s very practical if you are a new parent and it’s likely to make things easier for you. I would give it a go for me and my baby, I think it would definitely help me out a lot.

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