Bottle-Feeding Techniques for Travelling

Even if you are breastfeeding it may become impossible to do this when you are travelling. The baby will not be taking a break from being hungry. He/she will need to be fed. Formula Feeding becomes the most obvious choice in such cases. For those that do not normally use this method, it can be quite difficult to do it while on route. Parents that use baby formula on a daily basis or on occasion will find some challenges arising as well when the environment is changed. As such, we have found a great resource created by a mother going through this phase. It covers some of the ways to prepare as well as what you ought to be mindful of.

hi everyone I'm just making this video
 to show you how to travel on an
 international flight or a short haul
 flight if you are traveling and
 wondering how to feed your baby on an
 airplane this is also good if you're
 just going out for the day and you need
 to bring some food along so I have some
 items here
 that you'll be bring in with you on the
 plane this is the thermos or container
 this will be where you put your hot
 water this is the thermos case this is
 what the thermos goes into as you can
 see this product is made by a vent
 Philips and the thermos screws in to the
 bottom and then you can put the top over
 the sermons it's specifically made for
 babies and the nice thing about this
 product is that when you're on the
 you not only have your hot water in the
 thermos but you also have a container
 where you can fill the hot water and
 then place your bottle inside and that
 will heat the milk or formula for your
 baby so the things that you'll need to
 bring with you is a thermos with hot
 water you can have this plastic
 container but it's not necessary and I
 will explain why and a little bit you
 also need one or two or three bottles
 depending on the flight duration you
 will need some
 milk bags these are breast milk bags but
 I'm using them for formula if you're
 interested in the the brand
 it's called lansinoh brand I'm not sure
 if you can see there and these are for
 breast milk they are BPA bps free so you
 don't have to worry about leaching and
 all that stuff and you're also going to
 want formula whatever formula your baby
 is drinking and just some regular water
 room temperature water and a little
 washcloth or spit-up rag so what I did
 what I like to do is figure out how long
 your flight is so in our case we had a
 nine hour international flight and you
 want to find out how much your baby is
 going to be eating during that flight so
 we figured that our baby ate every two
 hours so on a nine hour flight that's
 about for about four feedings but you
 may want to bring some extra food just
 in case there's a delay or yeah
 something happens so what we ended up
 doing was we brought this big container
 of formula on the plane with us in our
 hand luggage and we also brought some I
 put some formula in the plastic bags so
 that I didn't have to scoop out formula
 while I was on the plane and I put these
 in the diaper bag so then what you want
 to do is fill your bag with
 however much formula your baby's eating
 and you can store this in your diaper
 bag as I mentioned just ready for when
 your baby's hungry and also I like to
 fill the bottle with water
 room-temperature water so that it's
 ready to go for when my baby's hungry so
 you would just fill the bottle with
 water and have that ready in your diaper
 bag for the first feeding on the plane
 so then when you have when you have the
 water in your container there's two
 things you can do you can either fill
 this all the way with that amount of
 water you will need to mix with the
 formula and then you can take the hot
 water out of the thermos pour it into
 the plastic container then put the
 bottle inside and wait for it to warm or
 what I found was better and faster is
 just fill your water bottle just fill
 the bottle with water up to maybe an
 ounce or twenty to thirty milliliters of
 room-temperature water and then fill the
 rest of the amount of water that you
 need with the hot water from the thermos
 so then your water is instantly warm of
 course you want to check that it's not
 too hot so you'll check the water on
 your wrist but if you do it frequently
 enough and you do it before the flight
 then you'll probably know what your
 ratio is and if it's going to be warm
 enough or too hot so then after you
 fill the water with your room
 temperature water and your hot water
 then you're going to open the bag and
 pour the water into the bag I won't do
 it now but you're going to fill this up
 and then seal the bag tightly it has a
 double double closure so it's really not
 gonna spill anywhere and then you're
 going to shake it up mix it up and so
 that the formula dissolves really well
 and and yeah when it's ready when it's
 mixed well then you will place the ball
 place the place the formula carefully
 inside of the bottle like this and then
 open the top fold the top over the mouth
 of your bottle you want to make sure you
 have a bottle where the bag can easily
 fit over the top I'm using mam ma m
 brand bottles and then you take your top
 bottle top nipple and you screw it on to
 the top and it screws easily without a
 problem and then you can feed your baby
 and as you're feeding your baby the bag
 will collapse on itself there's no
 problem with the milk getting to the
 nipple my babies never had a problem
 drinking and if you're familiar with the
 place text drop in system it's similar
 and they say that it's good for babies
 with reflux because there's less air in
 the bottle but I'm not sure that's true
 and the
 not Playtex drop in this is just a
 regular breast milk bag I did contact
 the lansinoh company they said that they
 do not recommend filling the bags with
 water like using them for travel the way
 that I am but I did it and didn't have a
 problem and yeah they're BPA bps free
 you store breast milk in them anyway so
 I thought it would be fine yeah and so
 then also just in if you're traveling
 with someone maybe you're asleep and
 they don't know the amount of water to
 formula ratio what you can do is take a
 sharpie and write on your bag the amount
 of water so I need two hundred and ten
 milliliters of water for this amount of
 formula so then whoever you're traveling
 with knows okay 210 that's how much
 water in total we need to make formula
 and sometimes after you place the bag
 inside of the bottle and you screw the
 top on there's still a little bit of
 milk on the outer edge of the bag
 because for you mixed it so then you can
 take your little cloth or a wipe or
 anything and then just wipe the milk off
 that way it doesn't get on you or the
 baby and
 after your baby is done eating then the
 top will be dirty not sterilized and so
 you're wondering well what can I do if
 I'm on a long-haul flight and I need to
 feed my baby eight times on the airplane
 so what we did was we brought eight
 bottle tops with us it has the plastic
 top and then the nipple part and the
 part that screws on so we brought
 something like six or eight of these
 with us in separate bag and so I brought
 one bag with tops and one empty bag so
 this is our clean bag this has all the
 clean tops and this other plastic bag I
 marked it as our dirty bag so when we
 had a dirty tops and I would put it in
 here so this is still clean because this
 just had a plastic bag in it so all we
 did was take the plastic used bag of
 formula out we dumped out any liquid
 that we may have had left into the
 airplane bathroom sink and we just threw
 the bag away and then with the dirty top
 I put it inside of the bag marked 30 and
 then our bottle was ready for the next
 feeding so then I took my clean bag with
 the clean top
 and I put a new clean one on the bottle
 and it was ready for the next feeding
 and then the next feeding we had another
 bag that was already ready and then you
 go through the same process you fill
 your container your bottle with the
 amount of water that you want then you
 put the water inside the bag mix the bag
 and mix the formula then you put the bag
 inside the bottle screw the top on your
 baby drinks the milk when they're done
 you put this use top into the dirty bag
 and then you put a clean top on so
 that's how you can fly on an airplane
 you might wonder what you can bring with
 you we were able to bring a whole
 container a formula in our tech baggage
 and these little pre-made bags that I
 made in the diaper bag that we also
 carried on we were able to bring one and
 a half liters of water you are able to
 bring water for your baby's formula as
 long as it's a reasonable amount and we
 were also able to bring a container of
 hot water in this thermos with the top
 on but they will check they will ask to
 look in your in your bag your diaper bag
 they will ask to check the formula and
 the water and they put it in a machine
 to test it to make sure you know
 everything is safe and you're not
 carrying anything dangerous onto the
 plane so you should take some time
 to get to the airport early and just
 know that they're going to have to check
 these items but you can bring these
 items with you some people suggest it
 online that you could ask the flight
 attendants to heat the bottle for you
 with warm or hot water that they use to
 make coffee and tea it's also not really
 recommended to do that because the water
 you're not sure if it's really bacteria
 free so you really if your child is a
 small child so a newborn one two three
 months i really suggest that you bring
 bottled water and yeah do not use the
 water in the airplane bathroom
 they're usually signs that say this is
 not drinkable water so definitely don't
 use that you could ask the airline
 people to warm your water for you they
 could give you hot water and something
 like this and you could warm your bottle
 that way if you just bring in
 room-temperature water but we had to
 feed our baby so many times so with that
 I just didn't want to bother the staff
 with bringing us hot water each time and
 honestly if you fill this with hot water
 and then you use it in your bottle it's
 much faster much much faster you don't
 have to wait at all for the water to
 warm up also you may be wondering well
 how long does hot water stay hot in a
 thermos and we actually did some
 at home before we took a thermos with us
 on our flight we had three different
 sizes of thermoses we had this one we
 had a small cup type of thermos and we
 had a very large thermos and all of them
 retain heat really well the largest
 container that we used held hot water
 for 16 hours the smallest one held hot
 water for I think 5 hours and this one
 held hot water for about 10 hours I
 think so it was plenty plenty of time
 for us for and for our flight and the
 baby had hot water also if you're not
 concerned with heating your baby's
 formula you could just bring regular
 room-temperature water and just use the
 bag system with room temperature water
 if your baby doesn't mind drinking their
 milk that way so when I'm going out to
 run errands or something like that this
 is also really convenient or if you're
 doing something like hiking and you
 don't want to bring everything with you
 what can you bring so usually what I do
 is I will make a couple so it depends on
 how long we're out but one or two or
 three bags like this filled with formula
 and I will fill this with water and put
 a top on it and bring this and that's it
 and we're good to go sometimes if we're
 out for a little bit longer then I'll
 bring you an extra top and
 dirty bag to keep the dirty Thompson but
 if you're going out you just need one or
 two of these bags some water in a bottle
 maybe an extra top and the hot water if
 if your baby likes hot water for if you
 don't have any water at home you can
 bring the formula and the bag the bottle
 and an extra top and you can buy bottled
 water while you're out at the store so
 that's it if you have any questions
 please leave questions in the comments
 below thanks

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