Breast and Bottle Feeding Techniques

Whether you are using a bottle or breastfeeding your baby, it is important that you strike the perfect balance between the two methods. More than anything, you also want to put yourself in a position in which you understand all techniques at your disposal. There is a great resource that we found that was created by a group of healthcare professionals. Spend some time watching the clip and the transcript below if you would prefer that.

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while most new moms know that
 breastfeeding is the best for their baby
 a vast majority of information that's
 out there is just not clear enough the
 American Academy of Pediatrics has
 specific recommendations for giving our
 babies the best start in life here's dr.
 Tanya Altman with more on the subject
 the American Academy of Pediatrics
 recommends exclusively breastfeeding for
 the first six months of life and then
 adding in some solids or complimentary
 food and continuing to breastfeed until
 at least twelve months of age and as
 long really as a mom and baby desire you
 can breastfeed as long as you're
 enjoying it and your baby's enjoying it
 breast milk is really the best source of
 nutrition for your infant there's so
 many wonderful benefits so breastfeed as
 long as you can but especially for the
 first six to twelve months of life well
 even if your children are very grown up
 now chances are you still have vivid
 memories of how each of them nursed when
 they were babies I know I do it can be
 an intense and challenging time with
 some very important nursing decisions
 involved that affect both your baby and
 everyone else in your family and
 speaking of families with new babies
 we'd like to introduce you to one right
 now this is Sebastian
 Alexandra syska he was born a month ago
 and he's very serious about his feeding
 time my name is kishna Sisca and i have
 four kids now i have a 14 year old 12
 year old and nine and a half year old
 and newborn who's a month old I really
 enjoy breastfeeding for multiple
 different reasons one the bonding you
 get to experience with the baby is
 special and unique to breast milk is
 best I've had times where I was
 seriously ill with other
 it's that when I was breastfeeding in
 the baby we never got anything I really
 enjoy breastfeeding and it's really
 relaxing and the baby gets really
 relaxed and the mom really relaxed the
 beautiful thing about breastfeeding is
 that I find you lose the baby weight
 that's also a plus that I found yeah I
 had to supplement with formula for my
 first one and she was the worst nurser
 and lost too much weight and she'd sleep
 on the boat so she nursed for five
 minutes and then fall flat asleep my
 second one was an excellent nurse er she
 was fantastic I never had to supplement
 she breastfed till 15 months and my
 third one was a good nurse or two but he
 stopped at seven months when he started
 fighting fighting did real quick and
 this one he's doing really well he's a
 good nurse er but this one I'm going
 back to work earlier than I did with my
 other three so I'm gonna be
 making bottles so I think it's gonna go
 well as a working mom my breast pump was
 my best friend I took it with me to work
 every day I traveled around the country
 speaking with my breast pump
 sometimes my baby came with me but I
 could always bring him with me so I
 would leave him at home take my breast
 pump with me collect breast milk fly
 home with a cooler stored in the
 refrigerator or the freezer and the
 caregivers would provide my sons with my
 breast milk and of course I wanted a
 nurse as much as possible but I could
 always be there 24/7 so as a working mom
 I did my best to provide my both my boys
 with my breast milk and sometimes that
 came from me and sometimes it came from
 my breast pump but I think the most
 important thing is to be flexible we
 know that it's important to breastfeed
 and we know that's the best thing for
 our children but we can't always be with
 them so luckily with today's modern
 conveniences there are so many ways to
 be away from your baby and still provide
 the baby with your breast milk I'm sure
 so many moms out there can relate to the
 very real issues decisions and stress
 associated with nursing but if you're
 feeling that stress today know that
 you're not alone in fact experts say
 Nursing is one of the most important and
 most challenging aspects of motherhood
 I can definitely relate to that and
 that's why I can't wait to introduce you
 to our next guests they've got the
 a-to-z on all things Nursing I've got
 Jenny Lockwood Mulaney from the infant
 feeding brand Tommee Tippee here and
 registered nurse and board certified
 lactation consultant and Marie Sawicki
 welcome ladies what a great topic to
 talk about a hot topic to talk about I
 went through it it was very rewarding
 but also very stressful I know so you
 deal with both stay-at-home moms and you
 deal with career moms yes from all of
 your experiences what would you say is
 the driving force that that makes them
 decide whether to nurse or to
 truly is a personal decision for every
 mom every mom wants to do the best for
 their baby and they know the health
 benefits and breast milk is the best
 choice every mom should know that a
 little bit of breast milk is better than
 none and more is better than some and
 that's where I come in I get him off to
 the right start right it's hard in the
 beginning the first
 I'm not gonna lie to you it is hard but
 getting all the first week yeah it's
 it's worth it I don't want to underscore
 that but it is it's not something you
 just step into or fall into so let's
 talk about the challenges both for
 breastfeeding and for bottle feeding yes
 challenges getting off to the right
 start knowing how breastfeeding works
 having a little bit of knowledge about
 how breastfeeding works getting educated
 with their significant other going to
 prenatal classes and then having a
 health care provider that's going to
 support them and their views on how
 they're gonna feed their baby do you
 think one of the major challenges is
 just not having to support them well
 your you experience the challenges some
 moms um have to go back to work some
 moms or stay-at-home moms but they also
 want the ability to go back and forth
 from breast to bottle and you might have
 to use a breast pump to get you started
 talk about that Jenny you I have three
 children two of which with preemies yeah
 that had its own set of challenges can
 you tell us about those yep well each
 baby is different and each one of them
 brings their own experience of
 so even when you've breastfed one the
 second and third it could be a very
 different experience again which was the
 case with me my four oldest was
 full-term and latched pretty readily but
 then second baby preemie needed support
 in the hospital needed feeding tubes and
 all that extra pumping to get the milk
 supply established and to get something
 that he would take by mouth was a big
 challenge and then the third one had her
 own personality so it's different every
 time yeah every every woman every baby
 so certainly the relationship between
 the body and the baby and the products
 and equipment I think most people should
 know that even though you choose to
 exclusively breastfeed at some point you
 might be transitioning and you may need
 a bottle and in your experience do most
 women both breastfeed and at some point
 use bottle yes the majority of moms
 don't have the luxury of staying at home
 at some point we they do have to return
 back to work the majority of the
 workforce are women and a good portion
 of those are of childbearing age so a
 pump to continue the breast smell
 is gonna make it a lot easier Jenny you
 are as we said a mom of three but you
 also work for Tommee Tippee which is an
 award-winning infant feeding company
 been around for 50 years and they're all
 about extension right it's about
 allowing women to breastfeed for as long
 as they want or to getting get going
 even further than they expected yeah and
 they have some really great products
 that help them do that can you tell me a
 little bit of what they've done
 to sort of help women get through this
 time sure well we're all about trying to
 make life easier for moms and families
 and Nursing is its own rewarding
 experience for sure but in those cases
 where mom isn't nursing you still have
 to get that milk into the baby through a
 bottle so there's a variety of options
 to do that our newest launch is actually
 called pump and go and the real
 innovation here is that it has a single
 pouch mom pumps directly into the pouch
 she uses an adapter from her hospital
 grade pump or her personal pump pumps
 right in here puts the lid on and then
 she stores warms and feeds from the same
 pouch so there's none of that
 transferring pouring the risk of
 spilling we don't want to lose a drop
 liquid so pump and go allows mom to then
 take this pouch snaps are right into a
 bottle and feed the baby but it also
 starts with a nipple because the comfort
 the baby experiences while bottle
 feeding has a lot to do with mouthfeel
 and what their experience is silicone
 nipples can feel a lot like Mom's nipple
 they have a lot of pliability they move
 in every direction they can take on the
 warmth of the formula or the milk that's
 behind them they also have a venting
 system that moves the air through so
 that it's a comfortable and smooth feed
 so today's bottles and nipples aren't
 the ones our mothers used yes I don't
 think they were the ones that I use to
 be honest five years ago yep so our
 latest innovation actually involves
 taking the nipple and putting it
 off-center and why is that it allows the
 milk to stay in one continuous direction
 so that baby can feed in a very
 continuous way it's smooth it's
 comfortable it's baby lead they can
 control the flow better it has a contour
 zone which is more like mom's breasts
 and overall bottles and the innovation
 behind them are making breast to bottle
 transition smoother and easier for
 well how lucky are we to live at a time
 when we get such great support and have
 such great products to make this process
 a little bit easier thank you ladies so
 much for joining us today such great
 information and you can head straight to
 Tommee Tippee com to learn more and of
 course you can also head to access
 health TV welcome back as many of you
 are well aware every baby is different
 some love breastfeeding and some love
 bottle feeding and some actually love
 both but what about baby Sebastian let's
 check back with the syska family and
 find out a for weeks which is the age of
 my infant I started transitioning
 pumping and having him start to get used
 to the nipple from this age so that
 going back to work it's not like a
 stressful thing leaving him and him not
 wanting to take the bottle properly and
 all that good stuff the brand I've been
 using they didn't have it around when I
 had my other kids I have my own business
 I'm a physical therapist I my own
 practice so when I go back I'm gonna do
 a gradual transition you know a couple
 hours at a time and then gradually get
 to a full day so the Tommee Tippee pump
 and go system you get the sterile bags
 you get the various nipples depending on
 the age of the baby you get the
 transitioning tops that can go from the
 pump to the bottle and I like the wider
 bottles the Tommee Tippee comes with the
 wider bottle the baby when the baby does
 eventually get to hold it's easy
 and some of those skinny narrow ones and
 it comes with the the nipple that's very
 similar to nature soft and supple not a
 hard thick plastic the pump and go
 system with transitioning from being
 with your baby to going back to work
 from being able to create a time at work
 to pump the bottles for your baby for
 the next day or for when you head home I
 find to be an easy system very doable
 very no nonsense
 and I recommend it to new moms
 transitioning back to work and fretting
 or worrying about how they are gonna be
 able to still take care of their baby
 with the breast milk and continue that
 breastfeeding time for as long as I can
 myself being you know the babies know
 your smell and they know you and they
 know what's about to happen
 whatever they come close to you with the
 nursing so then we say the moms not the
 one to be to feed the bottle when you do
 pump at work they go into those sterile
 plastic bags and the plastic bag goes
 straight into the fridge I don't have to
 worry about it spilling or worry about
 the transitioning from when I pump to
 putting it into the fridge that I might
 spill it or lose some or bacteria
 getting in there so this guy he's I
 started pumping last week and he's been
 taking the bottle so I'm looking I think
 it'll work out I had a beautiful family
 we wish the CC goes and all of your
 growing families the very best we'll be
 right back

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