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Transitioning from co-sleeping to crib

One of the challenges that parents face as their baby grows is getting them to sleep in the crib. Transitioning from co-sleeping to crib is not always a straightforward process. As such, we have found a great resource on the web for you. It is a video with text to help you follow along.

If you want to know more about baby sleep training follow the link.

I hope you enjoy it back sleeping the safest
 when babies sleep on their backs they
 have a 50% less risk of dying from SIDS
 the majority of SIDS cases occur between
 2 and 5 months old but in general just
 wanted other parents to know that we
 always recommend putting your baby to
 sleep on his back every time he goes
 it's like in his first year now babies
 are going to learn to roll over usually
 between 5 6 7 or 8 months so a lot of
 parents write to me and say ok I put my
 baby down in his back but in the middle
 of my rolls do his tummy and either you
 know his face is planted in the mattress
 and I'm reading can't breathe or he's
 crying hysterically because he can't get
 out of that position so it's completely
 normal for babies to roll and get stuck
 but it's also really short and my short
 I mean like one week I know that one
 week can sound like an eternity when
 you're exhausted and you're being woken
 up all night long once you put your baby
 down to sleep on this back
 if in the middle of the night who rules
 over let's say to his side or to his
 tummy if he's not upset about it if he's
 happily continuing to sleep you don't
 need to intervene so even the National
 Institutes of Health has come out
 because I guess they get this question
 so much and they've said you know
 rolling is a normal part of your baby's
 development so once your baby starts
 rolling and the night if he's completely
 happy with the positions he's rolling
 himself in you don't need to worry and
 you don't have to you know keep the
 vigil all night watching your baby and
 rolling him back onto his back every
 single time once babies are able to roll
 around then they have the neck strength
 of the head strength and the body
 strength to roll themselves into safe
 sleeping positions so you don't don't
 worry about watching your baby and
 rolling them over but if your baby's
 upset you're gonna have to temporarily
 help him you really want to help him you
 know build strength and build
 coordination so that he's able to roll
 back into a comfortable position as soon
 as possible we can't learn in one day
 but maybe you could accelerate it and
 maybe he could you know accomplish the
 skill a day or two earlier than normal
 so we just put him down on the open
 floor during the day and you want to put
 him down on this back probably not gonna
 like this right away so you stay there
 with him and then just sit next to him
 but sit in one of his side's and you
 know hold one of his favorite toys not
 too far but a few feet away from him and
 encourage him to roll if he starts to
 try if he starts moving one of his legs
 or one of his arms in the beginning then
 kind of help him over help him know that
 this is the way to do it and then you
 know watch him let him practice and then
 help him less and less and less so that
 he can hopefully master this skill
 sooner sometimes parents will write to
 me and say you know should I use a wedge
 should I use a positioner just to keep
 him in that position that he likes and
 you definitely don't want to do this
 because they're not safe your baby needs
 his open bed he needs his space he used
 to roll around and make himself
 comfortable and don't use any wedges or
 positioners or anything to limit your
 babies and mobility we definitely no
 wonder that it's not safe and it defeats
 the point we want your baby to become
 strong and Mobile on his own
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How to dress baby for sleep

We wanted to answer this question, so we found a great resource in the form of the video below. There is a transcription to go with it so you can follow along. It is great to be able to learn from an experienced parent.

If you want a guide on baby sleep, be sure to follow that link.

I wanted to share some of my favorite baby
 products with you and I'm going to start
 with things that help them sleep because
 mom no sleep is very important company
 do you like your sleep so the first
 thing is the swaddle me swaddling
 blanket or swallow suit I don't know
 exactly what they call it but it's the
 swallow me and I absolutely love these
 my husband and I have both perfected the
 swaddle with blankets but babies get out
 of them like most babies who want to get
 out of a blanket swaddle a hundred
 percent can like that's like one of the
 first things babies learn how to break
 out of this model this is what the
 swallow me looks like it uses velcro to
 hold your baby in Duncan's going for it
 it's trying to swaddle himself and it's
 really neat because it also has this
 little hole here that you can put a car
 seat belt through you can actually
 swaddle your baby while they're safely
 in a car seat which is really nice those
 feet go into this bottom part here move
 it up the shoulders go right here and we
 show you above you can see there's the
 seam right there
 and a seam right there that helps me see
 that I'm lining shoulders up nicely and
 it kind of curls right above him you put
 the velcro here
 tight then the other velcro underneath
 like that
 around and you have a little baby rito
 here's our little baby rito hi Duncan
 you happy in your saddle the swallow
 helps your baby feel secure and they
 have a lot of reflexes to like put their
 arms out especially when they're
 newborns and it kind of startles them
 awake you'll find that a really good
 swaddle keeps them sleeping longer and
 they're usually very content in them
 makes them feel like they're tightly
 being held either in their mommy's womb
 or in her arms so they're very cozy and
 comfortable in a swaddle usually
 obviously if your baby doesn't like it
 your baby doesn't like it so I'm sorry
 about that but my babies have all been
 happy and content in a swaddle and it
 has helped them sleep longer he anthem
 hey how you feeling Julie so your baby
 loves being swaddled and sleeps through
 the night with it and it's just so
 wonderful but then they turn about three
 or four months old and maybe the swaddle
 stops working or they're rolling over
 and you want to put them in something
 else into the baby Merlins magic sleep
 suit this sleep suit is considered a
 swaddle transitioner usually for a baby
 that's been swallowed their whole lives
 but then has to go to not being swaddled
 it allows them to have their arms and
 legs lose that they feel the same
 comforting hold around them that a
 swaddle provides but just in their
 magical sleep suit also it makes your
 baby look like a marshmallow hey
 are you a magical marshmallow and it's
 very poufy it has it has two zippers to
 help get it on him and he usually sleeps
 with his arms out like this and his legs
 out like this and it padded but it's a
 light padding that's very breathable hey
 and you can see you can still move his
 hands around so I can give him a little
 binky that and he can put it back in his
 mouth now but it just helps him feel
 like a little more pressure on his body
 which helps him to sleep let's see your
 kinky feet
 good boy good kicks hi well hey twirly
 hey you goose where you going where you
 off to the next thing I want to show you
 is my favorite pajama like sleepwear for
 Duncan it's amazing I love it there are
 so many cool things about it but the
 saddest thing about it is that it is
 only available for purchase in Australia
 or you can order it online and you know
 that's it's a ship and all that and some
 people from Australia sent them to me
 and I'm so excited to see this new baby
 product that I just think works really
 really well and I'm excited to share
 with the world because I did not know
 about these with my previous children
 here's my adorable baby model Duncan hi
 Duncan and this is called the Bond
 wonder suit so the sleeves of this fold
 over like that amazing and a lot of baby
 onesies have that now in the US but they
 usually only go through the newborn
 stage so I think it's really cool that
 this one that he's wearing is six to
 nine months and it still hasn't also he
 is wearing the six to nine month one
 it's a little loose for him sleepwear
 should usually be kind of tighter the
 first time he's put this one on I wanted
 to see if it fit up and it's probably a
 little too loose still but I have
 smaller sizes and I'll show those to you
 as well do that for both sleeves not
 only that but you can do it with this
 beat too so this is so cool
 you can create a footed sleeper if you
 need it
 those are some happy feet Duncan
 then the other neat thing is I love the
 way this zips because it zips up and
 hides the zipper in one move so I don't
 have to put a snap over this you want a
 vlog buddy you're gonna be a great
 vlogger someday oh I wanted to show you
 the fabric on this has a really nice
 stretch to it it's really soft and has a
 good stretch
 you're a very good baby model it also
 zips from the bottom so we want to do a
 diaper change and just do it down here I
 can access from down there there's such
 cool pajamas I really really love those
 I'm grateful that someone sent them to
 me from Australia how cool is that
 I'm going to show you the other ones I
 have - these are 0 to 3 months you can
 see they have the same features of the
 zipper that gets hidden this feature
 down here the lower zipper and the feet
 that fold the arms it fold and how cute
 is this print I know they're super
 expensive in the u.s. to order from
 Australia feel like when I priced it out
 once I think it was like $70 total for
 two or three or something so very
 expensive but if you have that in your
 budget and also they're like the only
 things you're gonna get I recommend them
 like you could really have like two or
 three of these and have that be
 basically your newborn babies being
 wardrobe those are my absolute favorite
 sleep clothing items for babies bottles
 are mostly essential when your baby's a
 newborn through about 3 to 4 months then
 you get the miracle sleep suit in there
 and that makes a great transition these
 guys just according to the agents eyes
 are always amazing I love them so much
 it's basically why I'm making this video
 because every time I put my baby in
 these little sleepers I go I have to
 share this with the world because
 they're so great we don't have them in
 the United States maybe someday bonds
 will start doing things in other places
 also if you live outside of the United
 States and you know of great baby items
 I would love to hear about them
 I think that's one of the amazing things
 about being a part of the YouTube
 community I love that there's this is a
 worldwide community that's so cool
 how are you buddy I think it's great
 that we have this wonderful way of
 sharing our resources together so I hope
 you like my baby video and my baby my
 baby who couldn't like you you're the
 cutest baby and all in the land you're
 so cute sorry sometimes I get distracted
 by him when I'm filming and I just end
 up filming him for a long time how could
 I not just film you all day if you have
 a baby I hope this helps you and if you
 know anybody who has a baby or is having
 a baby please recommend some of those
 products to them because they're great
 how are you doing how are you doing I'm
 gonna pose more baby videos on my
 channel I I sometimes had hesitate to do
 that I know that most of the people that
 watch me right now aren't earning at the
 age where they're having babies but it's
 something that I'm really passionate
 about and I love sharing with people so
 even if this only helps a few people
 it's helping someone so please subscribe
 and tell people with babies to subscribe
 because I'll do more product
 recommendations it's always been a dream
 of mine to Donna buzzing your products I
 know that sounds silly but it's really
 really true I love baby products I love
 recommending things that work for me to
 other people I'm very passionate about
 that so I'm gonna start sharing that
 more on here which we look
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How to Get a Baby to Sleep All Night

gonna take you along with that as for our naptime and bedtime routine this is going to be a sweep training kind of how-to tips and tricks and like where we’re at and the process was we training our one year old he yeah he is actually a really great sleeper compared to our 3-year-old did not sleep through the night at her until he was about 15 months old and even actually started sleeping through the night when he was 3 months old I followed originally when he was a newborn I follow the easy routine that that from Tracy hogs baby was for a book if you’re not familiar with who she is or what that book is always a link in the description box below.

It’s fantastic I actually discovered her when my older son answer out wasn’t sleeping through the night I was severely sleep deprived I was waking up 3 to 4 times a night to breast feed him and he was a year old and I was just that my breaking point and so I found her book called the baby Whisperer solves all your problems in in that but she had some tips and tricks on how to get your child to sleep through the night I did it and within 2 months 0 was sleeping through the night and he has been ever since so even was born I decided to use her easy routine mac bed that she it talks about in her very first Buck and by the time even was 3 months old he was sleeping through the night fast forward to when he was 6 months old and he started TV so it went from him sleeping through the night to starting to wake up at midnight and I could tell he was in discomfort

so I will go in there and then I would put the teething gel on it and then I would start rocking him because I felt bad I also thought in my head okay here he knows how to sleep through the night so I just need to comfort him and that was okay I did it my waking up once a night with him I kept telling myself like it’s way better than getting up 3 or 4 times a night like we’re good then. Big Brother aster started preschool and from about September up until president we have literally been sick like every 2 weeks and not just like minor cold-like even has had maybe 4 or 5 ER visits 1 was for crew 1 was for a 106.710 another was for a 106.110 he just

when he gets sick he gets like scary second and so because of all of that stress he started waking up more often and I was really nervous thinking well is he getting enough fluids I don’t want to get dehydrated I don’t want whatever he’s trying to get over I don’t want it to get worse so then I would start feeding him in the middle of the night and it went from him waking up at midnight to suddenly waking up every hour to 2:00 hours needing a bottle and needing to be rocked in order to get back to sleep and for the longest time Dave and I were just like no he knows how to sleep.

I mean he was doing it 3 months old he knows how to sleep he just is sick like we just need to get through this or he’s just heating we just need to get through it but now he’s a year old and he hasn’t been sick for I want to say almost a month now also figures crossed we are in the clear of all of the sicknesses and defeating and what not and we noticed he still waking up all the time and now it’s to the point where we were waking up and it was taking us like an hour point 5 just to get him laid back down in his crib in out of the room because as soon as we would lay him down he would start crying and he would be really upset and so we would pick him up and we would start the whole process over again either rocking him or giving him a bottle

just so that we can get him back to sleep so then I dug out the baby was for solves all your problems again re read through all of the process and the kind of tweak what I did with us or when he was a year old to kind of accommodate eve then and now we are on day 6. And he is officially sleeping through the night again. Yeah I honestly thought because with us it took about 2 months for him it to sleep through the night with this method I thought we were in for that if not longer because even as a lot more vocal and frustrated at night when he can’t sleep then I was or ever wise but surprisingly and I think it’s because we had done Tracy hogs easy routine with him from the moment he was bored

I think he just needed to be reminded that he knows how to sleep so yeah that’s our story that’s why we’re sleep training and kind of what led us to this point if you find yourself in a similar situation and your one-year-old is not sleeping and you’re just like pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to get your kid to go to sleep this video might be helpful for you especially if you’re not a fan of cried out I tried the Ferber method with as right and I just like I couldn’t do it I just could not handle it I can’t handle the crying and screaming.

I have too much anxiety and it just stresses me out way too much so I’m a fan of the pick up put down method because it’s this hybrid of crying because babies need to cry in order to learn how to fall asleep that’s their whole process but it’s also a good fit for me and for my anxiety and my nerves because I’m able to be in the room with him and comfort him and help him through that whole process so really quick I’m just going to break down for you what the pick up put down method is and insert some footage of me actually doing it so you can see how it works and I’ll talk a little bit about some of the challenges that you can encounter when doing this method.

So I’m going to show a nap time into bedtime routine I might to show footage of the nap time because at night it’s kind of hard for my camera to focus and so you might not see much but I will give you the gist of it as far as like how long it takes and things like that okay so for naptime what I do is I can. I know look it eat then and I gauge kinda when he’s starting to get tired some classic signs of being sleepy for a one-year-old is they might start tugging at their ear which that’s kind of hard also because he’s TV especially your child’s eating they might be talking to your because their mouth hurts another sign is rubbing the ice hitting their head believe it or not and then also just if they’re walking around they start to look.

I’m coordinated and they fall over a lot more both of my boys have always done this thing where they kinda like put their head down and do what looks like a downward dog yoga poses when they started doing that and like falling over that I know okay they’re starting to get tired they’re ready for a nap or to go to bed before doing it this sleep training method with even he was taking 2 naps a day and I think he was still doing that largely because he wasn’t sleeping through the night he wasn’t getting enough rest at night so he was needing to nap during the day to catch up but then I was creating a vicious cycle because then he was sleeping too much during the day and not able to really fall into a deep sleep at night.

So what we’ve noticed is after the first day of sleep training he started taking just one nap a day so right now we’re trying to figure out when it’s his ideal nap time it has fluctuated between 11 and noon but more often than not it’s been 11 these past 6 days so with that knowledge of 11:00 being my goal for naptime I try to get the whole process started 30 minutes in advance because even if they’re tired especially young children they need to wind downtime and that usually takes anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes.

And when I say wind down it’s going to be your naptime and bedtime ritual this is so so important because it’s going to signal to them okay it’s time to sleep it’s time for me to relax and chill out and fall asleep and stay. Sleep so for even what I do is I take him upstairs and I just talked to him the whole way saying are you ready for your now it’s nap time now and I try to use the words naptime very frequently because he’s going to learn that he’s going here and it’s going to tell them we’re going into naptime now then once I get up to his bedroom I will read anywhere from 3 to 5 books.

Today I think it only took 2 Bucks I can also use that as a time to gauge when he’s really really ready to go down for a nap if he’s still if he’s tired but he still has a little bit energy I can usually get through 5 books with him but when he’s hired he’ll start pushing the books away and whole flip around in my lap and he won’t want to sit still anymore so then that’s my signal okay no more books I’m gonna stop reading to him it’s been enough and then I will take him and I will lay him on his changing table I will change his diaper and he’s a very wiggly baby he’s always hated getting his diaper change so I have a toy that’s usually not super stimulating it’s like just something he can kinda like fiddle with or 2 on or whatever so I can change his diaper and then put his sleep saffron.

It doesn’t always work it usually gets me through his diaper change but then I have to kind of like I don’t know the guy for him into his sleep sack he is in at the point yet where he sleeps well without it because he uses it to kind of help soothe himself to sleep till 2 on the top of it. And then after that, I go over and I turn on his noise machine and I turn off his lap and when I do this I say okay bye bye son even though it’s not the sun it’s just as land but by light we’re going to go nap now and so after I do that I take him over to his crab and I will usually hold him and rock him a little bit in my arms and I’ll just say things like you’re going to have a great nap time you’re gonna feel so rested when you wake up.

You’re going to feel so good and you’re gonna have a great nap and then I will lay him down and I don’t really talk to him anymore after that because I find that it just stimulates him more so the whole time and that he’s in his crib I don’t make eye contact with him I wait for him to stand up and then once he’s standing up I will put him back down into his crib and like lay him on his back if you have a younger child 6 months to a year maybe they’re not standing up in the crib yet you would actually pick them up so they’re crying then you would pick them up and hold them and then you would put them down the second they stopped crying since even is older he’s a year old he stands up and I’m not going to pick him up because that’s just going to wake him up, even more, he’s also really happy that would hurt my back so I just do the put-down portion of this sleep training method so he stands up.

I put it back down if you stand up again I put it back down eventually I’ll notice he starts getting tired and he instead of standing up we’ll just sit up in his crib and so I will lay him back down every time he sits up I will just lay him back down if I notice he’s getting wobbly he sits up and then I will give him a few minutes because sometimes he will start to lay himself back down and I want him to learn that skill to I want him to learn okay I’m up but I’m tired let me lay myself back. Down so that I can go to sleep now one of the most common challenges in this map it is wondering am I doing it right is my child actually tired enough to fall asleep.

They seem wide awake there’s no way in hell this is gonna work. So that is typically what happens with Pete and like he looks like he’s wide awake he will be screaming he will be laughing you will be giggling he might start crying a little bit but he is generally just super active kicking his legs like crazy. Until all of a sudden. Just like that he will fall asleep and I’m not kidding he will be rolling around kicking it and then the next thing I know he’s asleep. And so once he’s asleep I will set and I will wait because if you get up too soon it might startle them and then they’ll get upset and then you have to start the whole process over again so I just wait and I kind of count to 60 you like I count the minutes in my head sometimes I count to 5 minutes and other times it just count to like 2 or 3 minutes and then I leaned forward and I double-checked that he’s actually sleep. 

At which point I will stand up and then I will leave the room. Today in my sleep training only took me 25 minutes it usually takes me 30 although yesterday I did put him down in like 10 minutes it was crazy he just was super tired and didn’t fight me at all bedtime is a different story we usually have to kind of be in there for maybe 30 to 45 minutes but I’m gonna try something different today and put him down a little bit later so we’ve been doing his bedtime at 630.

I think now I’m going to move it up to 645 and see if that shortens the amount of time that were in there doing pick up put down my pen I was in there for just as long as I have been the other nights I was trying to push his bedtime. Later I was trying to push his bedtime later so that he would hopefully go to sleep quicker but that’s not what happened it’s the same amount of time so well I hope you enjoyed today’s video I hope that you find it helpful leave me a comment down below with what you think about this method have you tried it would you recommend it to other moms have you tried any other routines like I’ve heard really great things about babywise maybe you have used for uber and it works awesome for me for you.

We have written a review of the Baby Sleep Miracle. Be sure to check it out for a step by step guide.

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Baby Rolling from Back To Belly

This week’s question is “My son has learned to roll from his back to his belly and decides to practice it at bedtime in the middle of the night and in the early morning sometimes he will yell when he’s on his belly and he cannot get to his back and he has one arm stock and a leg hanging out of the crib is this normal for them
to practice tricks when they should be sleeping and is there any way I can stop him from doing this?”

baby sleeping

That’s a great question and it happens a lot in fact usually around every developmental milestone whether
it’s learning to roll sitting up in the crib standing up in the crib all these little milestones usually caused a bit
of sleep disruption and really it’s almost like they’re compelled to keep trying I mean really the only way you
master a skill is by practising it and when they’re learning to roll they just keep rolling rolling rolling and it it
even sometimes seems like they don’t really want to be rolling and often they don’t like to be on their stomachs once they get there but they just compel they can’t stop so mmm

there really is no way you can stop him and it is very normal what he’s doing and really if he’s stuck on his stomach and he doesn’t like it there you have no choice but to go in and roll him back the good news is it usually only lasts a couple of weeks and once he’s mastered it and you see him throughout the day roll from his back to his front and front to his back and he seems to really have mastered it and can do it on his own then you’ll need to let him do it I mean if he wants to roll around and find positions that are comfortable and
maybe he even decides that his tummy is not a bad place to actually sleep part of the night then that’s great then you don’t have to keep going in but in the meantime if he’s awake and calling and stuck you’re going to have to go in there

I’m back hopefully this started after he’s mastered the skill of getting himself to sleep a lot of times clients
I have you know we’re right in the middle of teaching the child had a fall asleep on his own and all of a sudden he’s now rolling to his tummy all over the place and you could try you know getting the wedges that you can buy at Babies R Us or or something like that.

And positioning him so that he can’t roll and that might work for a while but once he’s big enough he might just roll right over top of them and Dan you’ll have to go through it anyway so same thing with sitting or standing unless I can do it all on their own up and down both ways you’re gonna have to you know

I can remember my son she’d sit up in his crib be stuck there cry we’d go in lay him down he’d do it again and this went on for a week or two until he mastered the skill gave up trying and he stopped doing it so ah the good in the bad I guess Kim and something you’re gonna have to go through and probably go
through again down the road but little blips like this as long as you don’t become inconsistent you know you don’t want to start doing things radically different you just have to keep your consistency strong and any regression blows over pretty quick okay so thanks for your question good luck and sleep well

If you want a more in-depth guide on baby sleeping, Check out our review of the Baby Sleep Miracle by Mary-Ann Schuler.

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Baby Sleep Miracle Review: Is it Worth the Hype?

Getting baby to Sleep

Baby and father sleeping

The image above is one of the sweetest sights a mom will ever see. Her baby sleeping comfortably his/her dad. Congratulations on your new baby. A study published in 2019 confirms what most of us already know. Most parents struggle with sleep deprivation after childbirth. It is at its worst in the first three months, and in some cases continues for up to 6 years. [Source]. Seeing as you are reading this, chances are you have or will find yourself in a place that most parents are familiar with. Trying to get the little one to sleep so you can, in turn, get some sleep. The lucky ones among us master tips, methods and tricks that our parents used on us. Unfortunately, these do not always work. In the event that they haven’t, professional guidance is one of the best strategies to sort yourself out.

Is your baby not sleeping enough? Most first time parents find themselves reading countless books, calling friends and family to get advice on how they can get past this stage. The simple truth is that babies need more sleep than we do. The easiest way to explain this is that they have a lot more information to process at this stage where everything around them in new.

There is so much to be seen and learned. It is all very tiring. As they grow older, this need diminishes. After the first 12 weeks, they start to spend more and more duration awake. There are two sleep cycles that all human being experience, deep and light sleep. Deep sleep is that point where you are less conscious of your surroundings. It is harder for you to be startled awake from a deep sleep.

Light sleep, on the other hand, is where you are asleep but still attentive to your surroundings. Whereas adults require and are advised to try and sleep as much as possible in deep sleep, infants spend very little time in a deep sleep. Sadly, this phenomenon is what causes your babies to wake up more frequently. We all know those moments when we have laboured to put the child to sleep, and someone makes the slightest of noises, which undoes our work. This is our baby sleep miracle review. Most mothers understand the need for sleep training and a bedtime system.

The Baby Sleep Miracle

Most moms know the blues of putting your baby to bed. It often leads to sleepless nights. Speaking from experience, some nights are easier. There is a barrage of different advice and information on how you can achieve this ridiculously hard thing. Has it ever gotten so hard that you start considering calling your mum or grandmother at ungodly hours of the night to seek advice? If it hasn’t, thank your lucky stars. Believe you me; it can indeed get to that. I’ve seen some mothers tinker with bath times, sleep during the day and so on to try and make sure that their child needs to sleep, feels like sleeping and more importantly; goes to sleep when you want them to. That would allow you a good night sleep that you want.

See, sometimes your little one functions like those bunnies in Duracell ads; they never run out of energy. The worst part is that this has an adverse impact on both parent and child. The child is in a position where he/she is tired and perhaps starts to cry more and more because of the distress that this can cause. Obviously, there is that inability to articulate the problem; they cannot tell you that they want to sleep. A cry is a sign. A tired parent is liable to make more mistakes that could potentially harm their child. Not to mention the money that is needlessly spent. Besides, if you are tired, you are just not the best parent that you can be.

Cut out the noise. The solution that I found and have recommended to other mothers since is the Baby Sleep Miracle by Mary-Ann Schuler. Have you heard about it? Yes? Available below is an image of the inside of the book that will guide you. Mary Ann knows her stuff. She is a child psychologist with a wealth of knowledge and experience that has been shared through the Sleep Miracle Guide and tips. This is baby sleep science at its best. The entire program has been made, tried and tested by thousands of parents over the years. There are constant results to back up the theory.

baby sleep miracle cover and table of contents

Proposed/Proven Solution

Let me introduce you to the BABY SLEEP MIRACLE. It is a result of research done by Stanford and Harvard sleep centres. Whenever there are big players as Harvard Medical School involved the quality produced tends to be great. This brought together some of the best minds in the area of sleep from two of the best institutions in the world. The program was spearheaded by Mary-Ann Schuler.

It emphasises how you can make use of co-sleeping to help give you baby the rest that they require. You are not thrown into the deep end. The book walks you through the process step by step. It is a book that could be used by experienced and inexperienced mothers alike. One of the other elements that I liked was the fact that the language used is easy to read and to comprehend. There is no unnecessarily complex jargon used. It is presented in a really simple course of action manner.

The idea and advice behind are that of building a system that is both comfortable and bonding inducing for both mother and child. Some users say that the results were instant, while others contend that it took a while to start to see the benefits of the knowledge that they gathered from the book. Either way, the resounding consensus is that this is a method that works. Mary Ann Schuler is quite active in the Facebook community in which you will be once you purchase the book. She will be able to give advice on situations that may not have been covered by the book.

Forum chat about Mary-Ann Schuler baby sleep program

Above is an image of what some of these interactions look like. Mothers from all over the world attest to their experience when using this method. They also get to ask questions. You can give feedback about the program and recommend it.

getting baby to sleep

The cover of the sleep miracle ebook is not the most impressive aspect of it, as you will have noted above. However, it is effective. It delivers the message that it needs to. Reading it is straightforward.

What does it cover

There are several points that you will discover from the book. It is set up in a chronological manner. This is to say that, it covers the very basics. These basics make up what will become the foundation of everything that will accompany. Some of the things that it covers include:

  • The development of a flexible sleeping and feeding cycle.
  • Why you should not solely depend on nursing for soothing the baby.
  • How you can utilise the pacifier to soothe the baby with techniques.
  • How to feed the baby when they wake up.
  • How to place the baby back down to sleep.
  • The application of the baby’s bottle throughout the day.
  • How to create an environment that is suitable for sleeping.

Once you have covered all of these topics you will then be guided month by month based on how old the baby is. I think this is great work as it allows you to understand where your baby should be at this point in regards to their sleep. Knowing this still places you in a pole position to facilitate it.

The Bonuses

get baby to sleep with miracle sounds
getting baby to sleep with night terror stopper
Getting baby to sleep, the twins option

Three things that come together with this book are the Miracle Sounds, Double-Trouble Sleeping Struggle and the Night Terror Stopper. The miracle sounds in mp3 format provide you with some background music that soothes the baby. The Double Trouble Sleeping Struggle is geared towards those that have more than one child. You can download them.


  • It comes with three freebies.
  • Backed by top scientific research.
  • It is easy to implement.
  • The methods are practical.
  • It covers all bases.
  • It is delivered instantly.
  • Walks you through month by month as the baby grows.
  • The baby sleep miracle pdf is immediately available to download.


  • Their website does not look great.
  • It is quite a lengthy eBook. Some video content would have been great.

So What Exactly Is The Baby Sleep Miracle?

Child Sleep Miracle is a complete guide intended to show guardians a simple to peruse and simple-to-take after technique to get their kids rest, in a quick and proficient manner. Made by Mary-Ann Schuler, mother of two, the item gives general rules, and particular techniques went for building up sound dozing propensities for any kid, regardless of how stiff-necked or dynamic he is.

As indicated by Mary-Ann Schuler, Baby Sleep Miracle is ideal for guardians who are:

  • Loving, mindful, yet even-tempered
  • Action-arranged and ready to complete
  • Able to contribute to actualizing this technique
  • Sick and tired of continually awakening at 2:00, 3:00, or 4:00 AM to put their newborn to rest

Inside the guide, the creator used it to clarify and introduce, all in a straightforward and transparent manner, the very proficient strategies and procedures that will help you and your child stay away from a dissatisfaction for the duration of the day and absence of rest through the entire evening.

Fundamentally, inside the Baby Sleep Miracle book, Mary-Ann Schuler covers the points:

  • Why is rest so vital to a baby and what are its advantages
  • What are the kid’s formative stages and how they identify with rest
  • What are the risks of lack of sleep
  • How to get yourself and your child ready to sleep.
  • General rest rules for your child
  • Specific rest rules for your child from birth up to five years old
  • The benefit of snoozing
  • The significance of sticking to a schedule
  • Why your baby needs a sleep-friendly environment
Double Trouble Sleeping Struggle the twins option

Who Will Benefit From It?

The item is made to help anybody with a child who shows sleep issues and is under five years old. The purpose of which it is composed in such a way is straightforward: To take care of an issue, you are required to understand its cause – that is the reason an issue unmistakably expressed is a matter half-explained. That is the purpose of this review.

Buyer’s Guide

Recognising Fatigue in your baby

Recognising when your baby is tired and ready to sleep is a very important skill. Since they cannot say it in words, it is up to you to read their body language and interpret it correctly. Some of the signs include:

  • Rubbing their eyes
  • Yawning repeatedly
  • Crying inexplicably

How long should my baby sleep?

Your baby’s sleeping duration will change as they develop. They will sleep less and less as they mature.

Here’s a chart with the hours sleep needs for your baby backed by research:

Feeding for sleep

There is no clear guideline to this for most parents. The easiest habit that you are likely to fall into is to feed your child to sleep. This works on the premise that your child will likely stop crying and move less when you are feeding him/her. Over time this is not an advisable method. When training your child to sleep, you want to set conditions that do not involve another person. If your child learns to sleep without you having to do something for them, it goes a long way. If he/she begins to drift into sleep, while you are feeding, stop the feeding a place her/him in the sleeping position.

After a period of 8 weeks, you want to keep their sleep disruptions to a minimum. When they are younger than this, you may be advised to keep a feeding schedule which may mean waking them up for feeding. AT 8 weeks, consider the day and stop this.

Preparing for sleep:

One of the things that can be done repeatedly and associated with sleep as part of sleep training. If the same system is carried out over a prolonged period, your child will learn to grasp that method.

Here are some ideas:

  • Establish a bedtime story ritual with your baby
  • You may have a warm bedtime bath set up
  • Slowly removing stimulates such as lighting and loud noises
  • Kissing goodnight
  • Keeping a quieter voice when the sleeping period comes
  • Do not play with the baby when the sleep period comes
  • Do not change them unnecessarily

Sleeping Patterns

Sleep training is a key component of creating a better bedtime routine that is consistent. Most infants are not able to sleep throughout the night. They sleep and wake up several times at night. This can be very frustrating and exhausting for the parent. This will mean that you too will need to wake up several times throughout the evening to entertain the baby or just help him/her get back to sleep. Bless them! One of the causes of this is that the baby requires feeding more frequently than most adults will. Their stomach has not yet matured to full size, and as such they get empty pretty quickly.

The first essence of sleep training is to help your child’s body to understand when it is should be awake and when it should be asleep. As part of this, they will get to distinguish between day and night. Exposure to daylight is thought to have an impact on the body’s natural adaptive way of learning. Babies who spend more time in daylight (natural light) are thought to sleep longer at night than those who are not exposed to as much daylight.

If you would like to have some sort of freedom and structure in your own life, establishing a sleeping pattern for your baby is a winning formula.

To establish a workable sleep pattern, you want to make sure that the baby is active or stimulated during the day. If this is not the case, they will likely sleep then and struggle to sleep at night. Once nighttime arrives, cut down on the fun stuff. Lower the baby’s stimulation so they can become more relaxed and eventually sleep. You will also be pleased to know that these products are backed by ironclad money back guarantee for all services.