Chicco Polly Progress 5-in-1 Highchair

Thinking about getting the Chicco Polly Progress 5-in-1 Highchair? Talk about transformation, we have with us right this moment a chair that actually transforms as your baby grows. I know many parents hate it when they constantly have to change their baby furniture because that toddler won’t stop growing. 

Well, guess what! With this 5 in 1 baby highchair, you don’t even have to worry about all that at least for the next few years. This Polly Progress five in one highchair is also space-saving multi chair that will work for your baby from the stage that it is a newborn baby to the time when your baby can sit on its own.

Chicco Polly Progress 5-in-1 Highchair

So as a five in one highchair, this chair comes with five modes which you can use depending on the stage at which your baby is at. It features a 4 position recline, and 8 position height adjustment. So if you see things getting a bit uncomfortable for your little one you may as well adjust the chair until your baby is happily giggling again. 

This high chair comes with a seat that easily detaches from the frame to create its configuration. It also has a snap-on high chair/booster tray that includes a removable liner and stores on rear legs. 

The best part is that this chair is space-efficient and folds more compactly than any other high chair in its class. So you don’t have to worry about leaving it when you are visiting any friends or family. 


  • Is very easy to clean and maintain
  • Conveniently folds and is easy to store away
  • Is space-efficient
  • Is a five in one chair that can transform as your baby grows to suit their needs more 


  • The material on the chair is not resistant to dirt or stains


Just by looking at this highchair, you can tell that it is perfect for any modern home regardless of the style in that home. Coming in an achromatic grey color this chair will fit into any room without making things any weird. 

It has two buckles that you use to keep your baby secure if you are scared that your baby may wiggle out and slide off. Well anyway, so this baby chair is a unique high class that unlike other chairs will stay with your kid until they grow up. As your baby grows this chair can transform to meet their needs at that point of growth.

So, it is basically a baby chair that was designed for modern households and those that consider space efficiency as a valid household furniture trait. 

You don’t even have to worry about having to constantly change your baby chair because your baby has outgrown it or you are scared that it will break because trust me, this chair will set your baby in cloud nine at a very safe note. 


This figure in one highchair comes with five possible transformations hence earning it the title five in one. You will find that it can transform from a newborn recliner to an infant recliner or chair. 

From there as your baby goes to a toddler, the chair also transforms to a toddler booster, and to a big kid booster and finally to a youth stool in case they want to sit closer than necessary to the TV and the sofas are too far for them. 

The chair is not as heavy as you would think. Weighing only 25.5 pounds this chair is recommended to carry kids weighing up to 60 pounds as those weighing more could cause problems or even break the chair and get hurt. With a dimension of 32 x 23.5 x 42 inches, this chair is probably the right now if you are looking to save space in your home. 

Key Features

Now we get to the juicy part, if you have been wondering all along what makes this highchair different from the rest well here is your answer. Firstly this chair comes with 4 recline positions in which you can adjust if you feel that your baby is more comfortable recline down. 

The fully reclined position even doubles as a newborn baby recliner for comfortable bottle feedings. It also comes with 8 height positions making it easy for you to say you want to fit the chair under a dining room table or you don’t want to bend down too much to feed your baby. 

It can even accommodate two children at a time, that is of course one in the booster, and one in the stool, making mealtimes happier for the whole family. 

It also comes with fold-away armrests, a large snap-on tray, and removable tray liner. So if it’s feeding time you can use the tray to prevent spills and if it is just sitting time you know what to do.

The wipeable seat pad is made for fuss-free and fast cleanups between meals. The tray snaps easily onto the armrests for mealtime and slides onto the rear legs for storage. 

Lastly, for added convenience, this highchair has non-marking, guiding front wheels and rear locking swivels to protect your floors at the same time making things easier for you when you want to move the baby. 


Well in all honesty this chair is too good to be true, and because of that let us just say it is affordable. For a baby chair that will last you until that kid is all grown up and can walk, I think every cent you spend on it is worth it. 

Not forgetting the price is not as different when compared to the regular highchairs that we have gotten used to. So why not make things easier for you and your baby, get this highchair that will grow and transform as your own baby grows. 


Well, in conclusion, let us just say the mark of an impression this chair has left is quite hard to set. For now, let’s give it a straight 8 out of ten. For the simple fact that it is adjustable and it even takes away the worry of you having to get another chair when your baby grows out of the first one. 

They definitely designed this chair with convenience in mind and that is exactly what this chair is, convenient for both you and your baby.

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