CYBEX LEMO 4-in-1 High Chair Review

Cybex Lemo 4-in-1 High Chair innovative concept is to bring to you a four in one seating solution for life designed to match your lifestyle. Depending on your child’s age you can use the matching attachments and make your little one feel comfortable and safe as well as secure. 

Imagine the situation in which you are having guests and have a chair short well if you have this chair that is not a problem. Thanks to the intuitive and smooth one-hand adjustment system, you can easily switch the height and depth of your Lemo Chair from baby to adult within seconds. 

CYBEX LEMO 4-in-1 High Chair

Unlike other baby chairs, this chair is the perfect sitting solution from birth up to approximately 99 years. It is literally the chair of a lifetime. 

A chair for life is what I would call it. The Cybex LEMO 4-in-1 High Chair offers a sustainable choice that grows with your baby. A growing child comes with changing needs and this chair provides the ergonomic seating. 

In general this chair is designed to fit your lifestyle and  to blend in with your interior. This is the chair you would want to show off because not only did you just secure a chair for your baby but as well for all the kids you are going to have because this chair right here is set to last a lifetime. 

With the one-hand adjustment feature that allows the choice of four depth positions and a stepless height adjustment of the seat. What more could you want from a chair. 

Dining room? Patio? Kitchen? It will fit in perfectly without a hassle. The wheels decrease the risk of the highchair tipping over and increase your mobility around the house.


  • Is designed to last a lifetime
  • Can be used by both kids and adults 
  • Is very easy to clean and maintain 
  • Can easily be moved around the house 


  • May not be as resistant to hot elements


When it comes to looks this chair is not one to disappoint. It comes with a sleek and modern design that will fit in almost any home whether big or small. The chair is designed in such a way that it would look stunning in any room from your office to your bedroom and especially the kitchen. 

Coming in three colors from black to green and white this chair is worth any penny you have because with just a few adjustments it can turn into an adult chair. Okay, so let’s try to calm down before we get all excited, this chair offers a versatile choice in which it grows with your child. 

Given that you could stay with your parents until you were old this chair could still be your baby chair. Unlike the usual baby chairs we are used to this one doesn’t come with the leg division instead it has latches that you can use to secure your baby in place. 

At the same time it has a tray liner like every other chair. The design is just sleek and will have you taking turns with your baby.


In terms of size this chair is not humongous but it is however bigger than your average traditional chair. I mean think about it, it is designed to fit both babies and adults so you will excuse it given that it will take more space than the baby chair. 

Weighing 18 pounds this chair’s dimensions are set at 22 x 20.9 x 32.3 inches and it can take up to 250lbs of weight.l which should match up to an average adult. It’s not a huge chair as I stated. 

For adults it may not even be the ideal chair to sit on for long periods of hours but unlike other regular high chairs this one can accommodate and support a full adult being meaning that it may take up a lot of space as compared to traditional baby chairs. 

Plus the fact that it cannot be folded makes things just a bit annoying seeing as if you have a small home you may have to continually shift it of you want to pass. 


When it comes to comfort I have to say for the baby the chair will be very comfortable offering support from the head to the neck. 

Fact that you can buy matching accessories depending on your baby’s age makes it just as functional as well because it can be used by your baby from the time it is a newborn baby until it is a toddler and I believe that is the chair any parent would want. 

Unlike having to go and get a new chair every year. Now for an adult this chair may be comfortable for a while, but first emotionally let’s say for an adult it may be quite relieving as you will find that you won’t have to bend down all the way to the ground to feed your baby. 

Physically it won’t win the award for being the most comfortable seat but at the same time it won’t win one for being the words. Seeing as it is a hard stool that does not come with any padded seating for a grown human that may be harder than you may like to admit

Price and Durability

For a chair that is said to last your baby from day one until it is approximately 99 years of age, I would have to say that this chair is definitely the stronghold and will last long for you. 

Coming at a reasonable price, not cheap you’d be shocked that it could be that durable, but ladies and gentlemen wonders never cease. In any case, this is a good chair and would definitely cost more but they just decided on making it quite affordable for the lots of you. 


Well in conclusion I have to say that this chair is more impressive than any high chair that I have ever seen.

Besides it being that durable, I am still surprised that they managed to create a chair that can transform from a simple baby chair to a fully grown adult human chair. 

Though not so cheap I have to say that it is definitely worth the buy and if you’d ask me I’d tell you to not waste any time and get this sofa as soon as possible.

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