Easy Steps for Teaching Kids to Swim

Teaching your little one to swim can be daunting to start with. You do not know how much to push them or how much to ask of them. However, you know that it is imperative that they pick up this life skill. Most of us take them to a class where they can learn with their peers. Leading up to that, you can also ensure that not only are they prepared, but you are too. As such, we found this great resource online, that will get you started on the right track.

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Tips the teaching infants one warm up
the class to give clear instructions and
three always keep your class moving five
to 12 months old group teaching class I
like to start the class warm up picking
on the ledge it gives the children a
feeling of security and familiarity
behind you there’s some small cups would
like you to give them a couple of quick
conditionings don’t forget it’s the
child’s name Java ready
make sure you give good visual
demonstrations now we’re all going over
the rope just seen it upright kicks try
to make sure when you kick that you try
to get pressure on that part of the
child’s foot there so it’s little kicks
like that you see so we go over to the
rope assisting the kick coming back
encouraging them to kick touch little
kicks over and it’s nice and I’ll kick
kick kick kick kick kick kick kick kick
kick kick kick coming back and sit them
over the ledge and let them pull up by
themselves okay we’ve got five of those
away we go
all together ready
where possible he control and move the
class together
and to conditioning cups to conditioning
cups start with small conditioning
covers in the notice how I’m keeping the
class murder bolting all parents and
praising good work notice how I move to
be central to the action
this becomes a good teaching position
because when here I am able to
communicate and encourage both parents
in children
and good teachers always building skills
now importantly I increase the pool from
a couple to a bucket of extending the
children it’s breath control like this
so it’s timidly mine so it’s five second
for Levi ready go 1 2 3 4 and 5
excellent for a good walk back to mommy
the poles
very good and seated up wide kicks to
the rope and back again just two more of
these just two more of these warming up
seen it up right over
as a teacher always be conscious where
you position yourself so that you can
communicate I do this independently by
I pledge book and two more large cups
two more buckets the count of five chemo
remember correct mistakes and have fun
with the parents what we want to try to
do when we’re pouring this water is not
come from a great height and plunk it
straight on them let’s try to have it
run smoothly out of the face like this
Levi ready everyone
just one more make sure it’s a nice
smooth ball once you’ve warmed the class
up you can now start to introduce other
schools okay guys next this is what
we’re going to do going over we’re
simply doing some vestibular stimulation
so going across to the right it’s the
stimulus stimulation like this left ear
right here and then on your back then
left ear stay nice and low right here
then on your back then left ear
on the back cross to the right and then
we’re coming back the same line except
ready go 1 2 3 4 and they pull up by
themselves up again hope again it’s hard
to get good help come on so we’re going
over vestibular stimulation coming back
to carriage anatella can you see how
we’ve progressed the skills firstly
breath control from a small cup to a
large bucket and now these skills from
simply holding on and pulling up onto
the ledge to submerging the child for
five seconds and encouraging them to
pull up from an underwater position this
is good progressive teaching
yeah the rest times 10 to 15 seconds and
then away we go again left ear right
here encourage on the back left ear
right here encourage on the back and
give them that very smooth quote and
pull up at the end one yogurt left ear
right here
that’s a good girl that’s excellent
boy toy gun good boy
good good
nice that’s a good girl just very
greatly when you’re getting close I
wanted just a little fun at the end such
like this it’s like this Levi
ready go it’s up and down and a little
just a little gentle fun at the end baby
horn to tap them if necessary
come on up you get come on come on good
boy yeah so I to do it so just again
right at the end we’re just doing it
this way from here
it’s Levi ready go it’s up and down and
hold and last in flight and then just
get there and encourage him to get up
come on look up get up get up
whoops good boy

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