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We came across a great video resource that compares baby formula. Here it is! I wanted to Talk about baby formula. And of course, I have been nursing my three weeks old baby right now. But because he’s like killing my nipples here and he’s trying to knock them all. Like he’s trying to get rid of my nipples I’m telling you. I had to also introduce formula to my son in order to supplement for when I’m in so much pain to where I can’t nurse.

There are two different types of hearing when your nursing are one is the nipple area is really really like sore from a baby’s latching on incorrectly. Because the learning being like you have to teach maybe how to latch on correctly because nursing is not supposed to hurt but a lot of nursing is when I was first talking about this at the hospital they were telling me all of these horror stories, and it was discouraging.

Now tell me this is painful is making me not want to do it you know even I’ve told some horrible stories within the past 2 weeks about my nipples bleeding cracking all types of staff just but sometimes my son would just be now latched or wrong he’s learned since and I think honestly I’m drinking from the bottle in him having a pacifying he understands that there are 3 different ways.

US stock order like sucking on a nipple sucking on a bottle inspecting a passerbyer are three different types of nipples, so I believe that. Me introducing him to a bottle actually help with him learning how to latch on someone so my breath. So anyway because even though he knows how to latch if I’m breastfeeding all of the time meaning if I’m breastfeeding every time he gets hungry, which is every 2 to 3:00 hours.

My nipples are going to be chilly and like I said there are 2 types of pain when you’re nursing is the noble part and the west of the breast so be hurting sometimes are your west of getting gorge many there there really really hard like really hard in sometime in maybe one it may not even be all you know and sometimes it’ll be lots.

What is it they’ll be clogged forgot what they’re cold inside, but they’ll be clogged so it be a lapse in there and so you’ll have to. What he on them or let the shower hit them and just let them lead arm or comp them in there was a time where something was not working for me at all like the reason why I can’t stand nursing so much is because it’s time.

Like they tell you not to nurture child longer than 45 minutes. But justice will nurse for the longest each hand, and then I have to turn around and hold him upright because he has acid reflux so even if Bob Burke yeah before I put him to sleep if I lay him flat. Once he wakes up, he’ll still spit out like a lamb or Barney what’s he wakes up and so it when he was doing before it was scary because he was literally waking up and choking so was I mean, so I had to find another way to you know like make sure that he.

You do not digest all of his food so my food you know milk. And so our nurse number 45 minutes and I turn around and I have to hold him upright for another like 30 minutes. That’s very very time consuming if you’re doing that every 2 to 3:00 hours because even if I’m holding him upright he could be our sleep, but you have to understand I’m human needs to write. So we so with the plan in the bottle feeding. Actually gives me more time to fall asleep to take care of myself and he only does the bottle feeding maybe 1520.

May be 25, and then I turn around, and I hold him out for what 30 so it shortens there it doesn’t show any alacrity sure anything and it’s a lot better for him because I don’t have to deal with he is if he’s really really hungry and I’m trying to stick my breast into his mouth and he latching on it correctly, and that’s so painful like all my god that’s worse the tax you pay it and I have a 6.

Okay. Is worse. I’m telling you I was nursing her worse than labour pays. Like oh my god, it hurts so bad in these to me and so. When I’m using the bottle, and I’m using formula. Is your only you know so I started off using information. Mel has different types. Formulas they have a ready to use formula and. I had so many ready to use it. It’s almost like a bottle that’s like this.

Okay, you have to provide your own label inside of me is by 2 ounces of ready to my formula. And so I’m using that the first time I decided to give him formula, but it was just laid. The way he was digesting it didn’t seem right, it seems you know it was just too much so I turned around and started using days however now they have different ones and the ones that I want to use.

Actually our non-GMO and they help him with his brain so my biggest thing is a brain-building brain development you know I’m bill education and learning so everything that I’m doing what justice right now even stopped as simple as having your watch fantastic 7 now what is it fast and furious 7 wherein you fantastic 7 for what was that about.

Your use 7 I handle watching there earlier, and I had to watch a basketball wives don’t judge you. Okay because any other time he’s watching Sesame Street what’s on my hand and sitting down watching 13 reasons with me, so I’m just trying to teach you to have a whole bunch of different things. Early on CD understand that there are different ways to do thing better different types of people in this world.

This call Jim to ease and the reason why it’s infantil gentle easy that’s what. Ease is because it is better or the stomach and it deals with the discomfort a lot of people don’t know the formula is like really like babies have a difficult time digesting form. And so I wanted to get something that will be at the state supplement for him as much as I hate the idea of supplement my nipples cannot thank you, okay so I want to be the best so I tried this but because I have so much more, and I have dozens of bees, and I also have dozens of. Similac okay so much right similac and this is new support them back it doesn’t have it is non-GMO too.

And if they tried to say that this specific similac is as close as you may know. As is gonna get. When I started using this, I started to notice a different answer it different injustices brown, which means it where is. Loser. Illegals cry it was loose there so.

I don’t know I just I mean like the way that he treated. Not I mean so are actually like if a little better. And I’ll probably stick to this but if someone has different types of instability has different types of you know just different kind of like this is Jim to ease the ease fussiness and like I said in the last video he’s colicky.

So he’s not belts strategy because he has asked after refluxing you’re released plus the quickly so I guess it just depends on the baby lack of people ask me which one is better it kind of just depends on the bay it doesn’t really. You can’t really pick because each of them has something good in all and.

And. Only in the CVS near where I live. This powder behind the cashier because of people’s daily and make drugs. We put this in cocaine. What I understand is until I went to try to you know to see how much it cost CBS this is about 25 to $30 at a CVS just this little care. And. Just using this little can I can use this maybe 4 days for five days I used to make 6 to 10 bottles a day, but now I make 4-6 because I’m nursing thank. But $25 is little king, and you got to use two scoops. I used to school satellite is a school over here.

There is a school. You can use two scoops if you want 4 ounces. I guess I don’t really use similar, but I have like dozens of the things that the doctors gave away to be for. Urgent need to getaway. When I signed up there keep occurring to me well I could you qualifier are eligible for we’re getting my mother’s I get weak. You know.

But yes, so again it depends on the baby, and for me, for justice and for now this is better for him and. It’s easy to digest for him he’s just done better with this and with the semi lack, and I and it kind of makes is still a little harder. Still to be like such liquidity to where it’s all right out of the diaper.

He’s right, I see you. And that’s what I was doing us a baby thank I mean clean all the time number one number 2 I don’t need you hurting all the time. He’s at the ground right now I’m going to be with him. I just woke up talking to lay out what it’s like go with what you want me to hold on. Right. I hope this helps the ladies who may be interested in trying to figure out which one Miller is better for their child.

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