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Baby Sleep Miracle Review

Getting baby to Sleep

Baby and father sleeping

The image above is one of the sweetest sights a mother will ever see. Her baby sleeping comfortably his/her dad. Congratulations on your new baby. A study published in 2019 confirms what most of us already know. Most parents struggle with sleep deprivation after childbirth. It is at its worst in the first three months, and in some cases continues for up to 6 years. [Source]. Seeing as you are reading this, chances are you have or will find yourself in a place that most parents are familiar with. Trying to get the little one to sleep so you can, in turn, get some sleep. The lucky ones among us learn tips and tricks that our parents used on us. Unfortunately, these do not always work. In the event that they haven’t, professional guidance is the best way to sort yourself out.

Is your baby not sleeping enough? Most first-time parents find themselves reading countless books, calling friends and family to get advice on how they can get past this stage. The simple truth is that babies need a lot more sleep than we do. The easiest way to explain this is that they have a lot more information to process at this stage where everything around them in new.

There is so much to be seen and learned. It is all very tiring. As they grow older, this need diminishes. After the first 12 weeks, they start to spend more and more time awake. There are two sleep cycles that all human being experience, deep and light sleep. Deep sleep is that point where you are less conscious of your surroundings. It is harder for you to be startled awake from a deep sleep.

Light sleep, on the other hand, is where you are asleep but still attentive to your surroundings. Whereas adults require and are advised to try and sleep as much time as possible in deep sleep, infants spend very little time in a deep sleep. Sadly, this phenomenon is what causes your child to wake up more frequently. We all know those moments when we have laboured to put the child to sleep, and someone makes the slightest of noises, which undoes our work. This is our baby sleep miracle review.

The Baby Sleep Miracle

Most parents know the blues of getting baby to sleep. It often leads to sleepless nights. Speaking from experience, some nights are easier than others. There is a barrage of different advice and information on how you can achieve this ridiculously hard thing. Has it ever gotten so hard that you start considering calling your mum or grandmother at ungodly hours of the night to seek advice? If it hasn’t, thank your lucky stars. Believe you me; it can indeed get to that. I’ve seen some parents tinker with bath times, sleep during the day and so on to try and make sure that their child needs to sleep, feels like sleeping and more importantly; goes to sleep when you want them to. That would allow you a good night sleep.

Sometimes your little one functions like those bunnies in Duracell ads; they never run out of energy. The worst part is that this has an adverse impact on both parent and child. The child is in a position where he/she is tired and perhaps starts to cry more and more because of the distress that this can cause. Obviously, there is that inability to articulate the problem; they cannot tell you that they want to sleep. A tired parent is liable to make more mistakes that could potentially harm their child. Besides, if you are tired, you are just not the best parent that you can be.

The solution that I found and have recommended to other mothers since is the Baby Sleep Miracle by Mary-Ann Schuler. Below is an image of the inside of the book that will guide you. Mary Ann knows her stuff. She is a child psychologist with a wealth of knowledge and experience that has been shared through the Sleep Miracle Guide. This is baby sleep science at its best. The entire program has been tried and tested by thousands of parents over the years. There are constant results to back up the theory.

baby sleep miracle

Getting baby to sleep: Proposed/Proven Solution

Let me introduce you to the BABY SLEEP MIRACLE. It is a result of research done by Stanford and Harvard sleep centres. Whenever there are big players as Harvard Medical School involved the quality produced tends to be great. This brought together some of the best minds in the area of sleep from two of the best institutions in the world.

It emphasises how you can make use of co-sleeping to give you baby the rest that they require. You are not thrown into the deep end. The book walks you through the process step by step. It is a book that could be used by experienced and inexperienced mothers alike. One of the other things that I liked was the fact that the language used is easy to read and to follow along. There is no unnecessarily complex jargon used. It is presented in a really simple way.

The idea behind is that of building a routine that is both comfortable and bonding inducing for both mother and child. Some users say that the results were instant, while others contend that it took some time to start to see the benefits of the knowledge that they gathered from the book. Either way, the resounding consensus is that this is a method that works. Mary Ann Schuler is quite active in the community in which you will be once you purchase the book. She will be able to give advice on situations that may not have been covered by the book.

Above is an image of what some of these interactions look like. Mothers from all over the world attest to their experience when using this method. They also get to ask questions. You can give feedback about the program.

getting baby to sleep

The cover of the sleep miracle ebook is not the most impressive aspect of it, as you will have noted above. However, it is effective. It delivers the message that it needs to.

What does it cover

There are several things that you will learn from the book. It is set up in a chronological manner. This is to say that, it covers the very basics. These basics make up what will become the foundation of everything that will follow. Some of the things that it covers include:

  • The development of a flexible sleeping and feeding routine.
  • Why you should not solely depend on nursing for soothing the baby.
  • How you can use the pacifier to soothe the baby.
  • How to feed the baby when they wake up.
  • How to place the baby down to sleep.
  • The use of the baby’s bottle throughout the day.
  • Creating an environment that is suitable for sleeping.

Once you have covered all of these topics you will then be guided month by month based on how old the baby is. This is great as it allows you to understand where your baby should be at this point in regards to their sleep. Knowing this places you in a pole position to facilitate it.

The Bonuses

get baby to sleep with miracle sounds
getting baby to sleep with night terror stopper
Getting baby to sleep, the twins option

Three things that come together with this book are the Miracle Sounds, Double-Trouble Sleeping Struggle and the Night Terror Stopper. The miracle sounds provide you with some background music that soothes the baby. The Double Trouble Sleeping Struggle is geared towards those that have more than one child.


  • It comes with three freebies.
  • Backed by top scientific research.
  • It is easy to implement.
  • The methods are practical.
  • It covers all bases.
  • It is delivered instantly.
  • Walks you through month by month as the baby grows.
  • The baby sleep miracle pdf is immediately available.


  • The sales page does not look great.
  • It is quite a lengthy eBook. Some video content would have been great.

So What Exactly Is The Baby Sleep Miracle?

Child Sleep Miracle is a complete guide intended to show guardians a simple to peruse and simple-to-take after technique to get their kids rest, in a quick and proficient way. Made by Mary-Ann Schuler, mother of two, the item gives general rules, and particular techniques went for building up sound dozing propensities for any kid, regardless of how stiff-necked or dynamic he is.

As indicated by Mary-Ann Schuler, Baby Sleep Miracle is ideal for guardians who are:

  • Loving, mindful, yet even-tempered
  • Action-arranged and ready to complete
  • Able to contribute a short measure of time actualizing this technique
  • Sick and tired of continually awakening at 2:00, 3:00, or 4:00 AM to put their infant to rest

Inside the guide, the creator clarifies and introduces, all in a straightforward and transparent way, the very proficient strategies and procedures that will help you and your child stay away from a dissatisfaction for the duration of the day and absence of rest amid the night.

Fundamentally, inside the Baby Sleep Miracle book, Mary-Ann Schuler covers the following points:

  • Why is rest so vital to an infant and what are its advantages
  • What are the kid’s formative stages and how they identify with rest
  • What are the risks of lack of sleep
  • How to get yourself and your child ready to sleep.
  • General rest rules for your infant
  • Specific rest rules for your child from birth up to five years old
  • The benefit of snoozing
  • The significance of sticking to a schedule
  • Why your baby needs a sleep-friendly environment
Double Trouble Sleeping Struggle the twins option

Who Will Benefit From It?: Get baby to sleep

The item is made to help anybody with a youngster who shows dozing issues and is under five years old. The purpose of which it is composed in such a way is straightforward: To take care of an issue, you are required to comprehend its cause – that is the reason an issue unmistakably expressed is a matter half-explained.

Buyer’s Guide

Recognising Fatigue in your baby

Recognising when your baby is tired and ready to sleep is a very important skill. Since they cannot say it in words, it is up to you to read their body language and interpret it correctly. Some of the signs include:

  • Rubbing their eyes
  • Yawning repeatedly
  • Crying inexplicably

How long should my baby sleep?

Your baby’s sleeping time will change as they develop. They will sleep less and less as they mature.

Here’s a chart with sleep time needs for your baby:

Feeding for sleep

There is no clear guideline to this for most parents. The easiest habit that you are likely to fall into is to feed your child to sleep. This works on the premise that your child will likely stop crying and move a lot less when you are feeding him/her. Over time this is not an advisable method. When training your child to sleep, you want to set conditions that do not involve another person. If your child learns to sleep without you having to do something for them, it goes a long way. If he/she begins to drift into sleep, while you are feeding, stop the feeding a place her/him in the sleeping position.

After a period of 8 weeks, you want to keep their sleep disruptions to a minimum. When they are younger than this, you may be advised to keep a feeding time table which may mean waking them up for feeding. AT 8 weeks, stop this.

Preparing for sleep:

There are things that can be done repeatedly and associated with sleep as part of sleep training. If the same routine is carried out over a prolonged period, your child will learn to follow that routine.

Here are some ideas:

  • Establish a bedtime story ritual with your baby
  • You may have a warm bedtime bath set up
  • Slowly removing stimulates such as lighting and loud noises
  • Kissing goodnight
  • Keeping a quieter voice when the sleeping time comes
  • Do not play with the baby when sleep time comes
  • Do not change them unnecessarily

Sleeping Patterns

Most infants are not able to sleep throughout the night. They sleep and wake up several times at night. This can be very frustrating and exhausting for the parent. This will mean that you too will need to wake up several times throughout the night to entertain the baby or just help him/her get back to sleep. Bless them! One of the causes of this is that the baby requires feeding more frequently than most adults will. Their stomach has not yet matured to full size, and as such they get empty pretty quickly.

The essence of sleep training is to help your child’s body to understand when it is should be awake and when it should be asleep. As part of this, they will learn to distinguish between day and night. Exposure to daylight is thought to have an impact on the body’s natural adaptive way of learning. Babies who spend more time in daylight (natural light) are thought to sleep longer at night than those who are not exposed to as much daylight.

If you would like to have some sort of freedom and structure in your own life, establishing a sleeping pattern for your baby is a winning formula.

To establish a workable sleep pattern, you want to make sure that the baby is active or stimulated during the day. If this is not the case, they will likely sleep then and struggle to sleep at night. Once nighttime arrives, cut down on the fun stuff. Lower the baby’s stimulation so they can become more relaxed and eventually sleep.

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