How to dress baby for sleep

We wanted to answer this question, so we found a great resource in the form of the video below. There is a transcription to go with it so you can follow along. It is great to be able to learn from an experienced parent.

If you want a guide on baby sleep, be sure to follow that link.

I wanted to share some of my favorite baby
 products with you and I'm going to start
 with things that help them sleep because
 mom no sleep is very important company
 do you like your sleep so the first
 thing is the swaddle me swaddling
 blanket or swallow suit I don't know
 exactly what they call it but it's the
 swallow me and I absolutely love these
 my husband and I have both perfected the
 swaddle with blankets but babies get out
 of them like most babies who want to get
 out of a blanket swaddle a hundred
 percent can like that's like one of the
 first things babies learn how to break
 out of this model this is what the
 swallow me looks like it uses velcro to
 hold your baby in Duncan's going for it
 it's trying to swaddle himself and it's
 really neat because it also has this
 little hole here that you can put a car
 seat belt through you can actually
 swaddle your baby while they're safely
 in a car seat which is really nice those
 feet go into this bottom part here move
 it up the shoulders go right here and we
 show you above you can see there's the
 seam right there
 and a seam right there that helps me see
 that I'm lining shoulders up nicely and
 it kind of curls right above him you put
 the velcro here
 tight then the other velcro underneath
 like that
 around and you have a little baby rito
 here's our little baby rito hi Duncan
 you happy in your saddle the swallow
 helps your baby feel secure and they
 have a lot of reflexes to like put their
 arms out especially when they're
 newborns and it kind of startles them
 awake you'll find that a really good
 swaddle keeps them sleeping longer and
 they're usually very content in them
 makes them feel like they're tightly
 being held either in their mommy's womb
 or in her arms so they're very cozy and
 comfortable in a swaddle usually
 obviously if your baby doesn't like it
 your baby doesn't like it so I'm sorry
 about that but my babies have all been
 happy and content in a swaddle and it
 has helped them sleep longer he anthem
 hey how you feeling Julie so your baby
 loves being swaddled and sleeps through
 the night with it and it's just so
 wonderful but then they turn about three
 or four months old and maybe the swaddle
 stops working or they're rolling over
 and you want to put them in something
 else into the baby Merlins magic sleep
 suit this sleep suit is considered a
 swaddle transitioner usually for a baby
 that's been swallowed their whole lives
 but then has to go to not being swaddled
 it allows them to have their arms and
 legs lose that they feel the same
 comforting hold around them that a
 swaddle provides but just in their
 magical sleep suit also it makes your
 baby look like a marshmallow hey
 are you a magical marshmallow and it's
 very poufy it has it has two zippers to
 help get it on him and he usually sleeps
 with his arms out like this and his legs
 out like this and it padded but it's a
 light padding that's very breathable hey
 and you can see you can still move his
 hands around so I can give him a little
 binky that and he can put it back in his
 mouth now but it just helps him feel
 like a little more pressure on his body
 which helps him to sleep let's see your
 kinky feet
 good boy good kicks hi well hey twirly
 hey you goose where you going where you
 off to the next thing I want to show you
 is my favorite pajama like sleepwear for
 Duncan it's amazing I love it there are
 so many cool things about it but the
 saddest thing about it is that it is
 only available for purchase in Australia
 or you can order it online and you know
 that's it's a ship and all that and some
 people from Australia sent them to me
 and I'm so excited to see this new baby
 product that I just think works really
 really well and I'm excited to share
 with the world because I did not know
 about these with my previous children
 here's my adorable baby model Duncan hi
 Duncan and this is called the Bond
 wonder suit so the sleeves of this fold
 over like that amazing and a lot of baby
 onesies have that now in the US but they
 usually only go through the newborn
 stage so I think it's really cool that
 this one that he's wearing is six to
 nine months and it still hasn't also he
 is wearing the six to nine month one
 it's a little loose for him sleepwear
 should usually be kind of tighter the
 first time he's put this one on I wanted
 to see if it fit up and it's probably a
 little too loose still but I have
 smaller sizes and I'll show those to you
 as well do that for both sleeves not
 only that but you can do it with this
 beat too so this is so cool
 you can create a footed sleeper if you
 need it
 those are some happy feet Duncan
 then the other neat thing is I love the
 way this zips because it zips up and
 hides the zipper in one move so I don't
 have to put a snap over this you want a
 vlog buddy you're gonna be a great
 vlogger someday oh I wanted to show you
 the fabric on this has a really nice
 stretch to it it's really soft and has a
 good stretch
 you're a very good baby model it also
 zips from the bottom so we want to do a
 diaper change and just do it down here I
 can access from down there there's such
 cool pajamas I really really love those
 I'm grateful that someone sent them to
 me from Australia how cool is that
 I'm going to show you the other ones I
 have - these are 0 to 3 months you can
 see they have the same features of the
 zipper that gets hidden this feature
 down here the lower zipper and the feet
 that fold the arms it fold and how cute
 is this print I know they're super
 expensive in the u.s. to order from
 Australia feel like when I priced it out
 once I think it was like $70 total for
 two or three or something so very
 expensive but if you have that in your
 budget and also they're like the only
 things you're gonna get I recommend them
 like you could really have like two or
 three of these and have that be
 basically your newborn babies being
 wardrobe those are my absolute favorite
 sleep clothing items for babies bottles
 are mostly essential when your baby's a
 newborn through about 3 to 4 months then
 you get the miracle sleep suit in there
 and that makes a great transition these
 guys just according to the agents eyes
 are always amazing I love them so much
 it's basically why I'm making this video
 because every time I put my baby in
 these little sleepers I go I have to
 share this with the world because
 they're so great we don't have them in
 the United States maybe someday bonds
 will start doing things in other places
 also if you live outside of the United
 States and you know of great baby items
 I would love to hear about them
 I think that's one of the amazing things
 about being a part of the YouTube
 community I love that there's this is a
 worldwide community that's so cool
 how are you buddy I think it's great
 that we have this wonderful way of
 sharing our resources together so I hope
 you like my baby video and my baby my
 baby who couldn't like you you're the
 cutest baby and all in the land you're
 so cute sorry sometimes I get distracted
 by him when I'm filming and I just end
 up filming him for a long time how could
 I not just film you all day if you have
 a baby I hope this helps you and if you
 know anybody who has a baby or is having
 a baby please recommend some of those
 products to them because they're great
 how are you doing how are you doing I'm
 gonna pose more baby videos on my
 channel I I sometimes had hesitate to do
 that I know that most of the people that
 watch me right now aren't earning at the
 age where they're having babies but it's
 something that I'm really passionate
 about and I love sharing with people so
 even if this only helps a few people
 it's helping someone so please subscribe
 and tell people with babies to subscribe
 because I'll do more product
 recommendations it's always been a dream
 of mine to Donna buzzing your products I
 know that sounds silly but it's really
 really true I love baby products I love
 recommending things that work for me to
 other people I'm very passionate about
 that so I'm gonna start sharing that
 more on here which we look

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