How to Get a Baby to Sleep All Night

gonna take you along with that as for our naptime and bedtime routine this is going to be a sweep training kind of how-to tips and tricks and like where we’re at and the process was we training our one year old he yeah he is actually a really great sleeper compared to our 3-year-old did not sleep through the night at her until he was about 15 months old and even actually started sleeping through the night when he was 3 months old I followed originally when he was a newborn I follow the easy routine that that from Tracy hogs baby was for a book if you’re not familiar with who she is or what that book is always a link in the description box below.

It’s fantastic I actually discovered her when my older son answer out wasn’t sleeping through the night I was severely sleep deprived I was waking up 3 to 4 times a night to breast feed him and he was a year old and I was just that my breaking point and so I found her book called the baby Whisperer solves all your problems in in that but she had some tips and tricks on how to get your child to sleep through the night I did it and within 2 months 0 was sleeping through the night and he has been ever since so even was born I decided to use her easy routine mac bed that she it talks about in her very first Buck and by the time even was 3 months old he was sleeping through the night fast forward to when he was 6 months old and he started TV so it went from him sleeping through the night to starting to wake up at midnight and I could tell he was in discomfort

so I will go in there and then I would put the teething gel on it and then I would start rocking him because I felt bad I also thought in my head okay here he knows how to sleep through the night so I just need to comfort him and that was okay I did it my waking up once a night with him I kept telling myself like it’s way better than getting up 3 or 4 times a night like we’re good then. Big Brother aster started preschool and from about September up until president we have literally been sick like every 2 weeks and not just like minor cold-like even has had maybe 4 or 5 ER visits 1 was for crew 1 was for a 106.710 another was for a 106.110 he just

when he gets sick he gets like scary second and so because of all of that stress he started waking up more often and I was really nervous thinking well is he getting enough fluids I don’t want to get dehydrated I don’t want whatever he’s trying to get over I don’t want it to get worse so then I would start feeding him in the middle of the night and it went from him waking up at midnight to suddenly waking up every hour to 2:00 hours needing a bottle and needing to be rocked in order to get back to sleep and for the longest time Dave and I were just like no he knows how to sleep.

I mean he was doing it 3 months old he knows how to sleep he just is sick like we just need to get through this or he’s just heating we just need to get through it but now he’s a year old and he hasn’t been sick for I want to say almost a month now also figures crossed we are in the clear of all of the sicknesses and defeating and what not and we noticed he still waking up all the time and now it’s to the point where we were waking up and it was taking us like an hour point 5 just to get him laid back down in his crib in out of the room because as soon as we would lay him down he would start crying and he would be really upset and so we would pick him up and we would start the whole process over again either rocking him or giving him a bottle

just so that we can get him back to sleep so then I dug out the baby was for solves all your problems again re read through all of the process and the kind of tweak what I did with us or when he was a year old to kind of accommodate eve then and now we are on day 6. And he is officially sleeping through the night again. Yeah I honestly thought because with us it took about 2 months for him it to sleep through the night with this method I thought we were in for that if not longer because even as a lot more vocal and frustrated at night when he can’t sleep then I was or ever wise but surprisingly and I think it’s because we had done Tracy hogs easy routine with him from the moment he was bored

I think he just needed to be reminded that he knows how to sleep so yeah that’s our story that’s why we’re sleep training and kind of what led us to this point if you find yourself in a similar situation and your one-year-old is not sleeping and you’re just like pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to get your kid to go to sleep this video might be helpful for you especially if you’re not a fan of cried out I tried the Ferber method with as right and I just like I couldn’t do it I just could not handle it I can’t handle the crying and screaming.

I have too much anxiety and it just stresses me out way too much so I’m a fan of the pick up put down method because it’s this hybrid of crying because babies need to cry in order to learn how to fall asleep that’s their whole process but it’s also a good fit for me and for my anxiety and my nerves because I’m able to be in the room with him and comfort him and help him through that whole process so really quick I’m just going to break down for you what the pick up put down method is and insert some footage of me actually doing it so you can see how it works and I’ll talk a little bit about some of the challenges that you can encounter when doing this method.

So I’m going to show a nap time into bedtime routine I might to show footage of the nap time because at night it’s kind of hard for my camera to focus and so you might not see much but I will give you the gist of it as far as like how long it takes and things like that okay so for naptime what I do is I can. I know look it eat then and I gauge kinda when he’s starting to get tired some classic signs of being sleepy for a one-year-old is they might start tugging at their ear which that’s kind of hard also because he’s TV especially your child’s eating they might be talking to your because their mouth hurts another sign is rubbing the ice hitting their head believe it or not and then also just if they’re walking around they start to look.

I’m coordinated and they fall over a lot more both of my boys have always done this thing where they kinda like put their head down and do what looks like a downward dog yoga poses when they started doing that and like falling over that I know okay they’re starting to get tired they’re ready for a nap or to go to bed before doing it this sleep training method with even he was taking 2 naps a day and I think he was still doing that largely because he wasn’t sleeping through the night he wasn’t getting enough rest at night so he was needing to nap during the day to catch up but then I was creating a vicious cycle because then he was sleeping too much during the day and not able to really fall into a deep sleep at night.

So what we’ve noticed is after the first day of sleep training he started taking just one nap a day so right now we’re trying to figure out when it’s his ideal nap time it has fluctuated between 11 and noon but more often than not it’s been 11 these past 6 days so with that knowledge of 11:00 being my goal for naptime I try to get the whole process started 30 minutes in advance because even if they’re tired especially young children they need to wind downtime and that usually takes anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes.

And when I say wind down it’s going to be your naptime and bedtime ritual this is so so important because it’s going to signal to them okay it’s time to sleep it’s time for me to relax and chill out and fall asleep and stay. Sleep so for even what I do is I take him upstairs and I just talked to him the whole way saying are you ready for your now it’s nap time now and I try to use the words naptime very frequently because he’s going to learn that he’s going here and it’s going to tell them we’re going into naptime now then once I get up to his bedroom I will read anywhere from 3 to 5 books.

Today I think it only took 2 Bucks I can also use that as a time to gauge when he’s really really ready to go down for a nap if he’s still if he’s tired but he still has a little bit energy I can usually get through 5 books with him but when he’s hired he’ll start pushing the books away and whole flip around in my lap and he won’t want to sit still anymore so then that’s my signal okay no more books I’m gonna stop reading to him it’s been enough and then I will take him and I will lay him on his changing table I will change his diaper and he’s a very wiggly baby he’s always hated getting his diaper change so I have a toy that’s usually not super stimulating it’s like just something he can kinda like fiddle with or 2 on or whatever so I can change his diaper and then put his sleep saffron.

It doesn’t always work it usually gets me through his diaper change but then I have to kind of like I don’t know the guy for him into his sleep sack he is in at the point yet where he sleeps well without it because he uses it to kind of help soothe himself to sleep till 2 on the top of it. And then after that, I go over and I turn on his noise machine and I turn off his lap and when I do this I say okay bye bye son even though it’s not the sun it’s just as land but by light we’re going to go nap now and so after I do that I take him over to his crab and I will usually hold him and rock him a little bit in my arms and I’ll just say things like you’re going to have a great nap time you’re gonna feel so rested when you wake up.

You’re going to feel so good and you’re gonna have a great nap and then I will lay him down and I don’t really talk to him anymore after that because I find that it just stimulates him more so the whole time and that he’s in his crib I don’t make eye contact with him I wait for him to stand up and then once he’s standing up I will put him back down into his crib and like lay him on his back if you have a younger child 6 months to a year maybe they’re not standing up in the crib yet you would actually pick them up so they’re crying then you would pick them up and hold them and then you would put them down the second they stopped crying since even is older he’s a year old he stands up and I’m not going to pick him up because that’s just going to wake him up, even more, he’s also really happy that would hurt my back so I just do the put-down portion of this sleep training method so he stands up.

I put it back down if you stand up again I put it back down eventually I’ll notice he starts getting tired and he instead of standing up we’ll just sit up in his crib and so I will lay him back down every time he sits up I will just lay him back down if I notice he’s getting wobbly he sits up and then I will give him a few minutes because sometimes he will start to lay himself back down and I want him to learn that skill to I want him to learn okay I’m up but I’m tired let me lay myself back. Down so that I can go to sleep now one of the most common challenges in this map it is wondering am I doing it right is my child actually tired enough to fall asleep.

They seem wide awake there’s no way in hell this is gonna work. So that is typically what happens with Pete and like he looks like he’s wide awake he will be screaming he will be laughing you will be giggling he might start crying a little bit but he is generally just super active kicking his legs like crazy. Until all of a sudden. Just like that he will fall asleep and I’m not kidding he will be rolling around kicking it and then the next thing I know he’s asleep. And so once he’s asleep I will set and I will wait because if you get up too soon it might startle them and then they’ll get upset and then you have to start the whole process over again so I just wait and I kind of count to 60 you like I count the minutes in my head sometimes I count to 5 minutes and other times it just count to like 2 or 3 minutes and then I leaned forward and I double-checked that he’s actually sleep. 

At which point I will stand up and then I will leave the room. Today in my sleep training only took me 25 minutes it usually takes me 30 although yesterday I did put him down in like 10 minutes it was crazy he just was super tired and didn’t fight me at all bedtime is a different story we usually have to kind of be in there for maybe 30 to 45 minutes but I’m gonna try something different today and put him down a little bit later so we’ve been doing his bedtime at 630.

I think now I’m going to move it up to 645 and see if that shortens the amount of time that were in there doing pick up put down my pen I was in there for just as long as I have been the other nights I was trying to push his bedtime. Later I was trying to push his bedtime later so that he would hopefully go to sleep quicker but that’s not what happened it’s the same amount of time so well I hope you enjoyed today’s video I hope that you find it helpful leave me a comment down below with what you think about this method have you tried it would you recommend it to other moms have you tried any other routines like I’ve heard really great things about babywise maybe you have used for uber and it works awesome for me for you.

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