How to increase breast milk output

One of the things that most mothers struggle with when breastfeeding is producing sufficient milk for their baby’s increasing needs. We have found an excellent resource for you. Here it goes. I had that postpartum haemorrhage, and even with that challenge, I was still able to go from something like 10000000 litres of breast milk in 30 minutes to now having over 1000 ounces of frozen breast milk. All the time the girls were two months old so for that reason I’m excited to share my experience with you. This post is strictly going to be about how being as it relates to breastfeeding and how I built up such a big healthy stash I do plan to do a post.

That’s I’m just about breastfeeding especially tips for breastfeeding twins a couple of disclaimers before we start number one I am not a lactation experts I’m just a mom who happened to get some advice that worked really well for me, so I’m happy to pass it on to you so just take it for what it’s worth number 2 if your baby is an efficient eater.

Nothing will stimulate your milk better than baby so no matter how suitable pumps just know that really nothing is better than Beatty and finally number 3 pumping socks I just want to put it out there because while I’m so thankful that we have breast pump so that we’re able to feed our children especially those of us that might have had specific challenges as it relates to breastfeeding and we wouldn’t be able to give them breast milk without having breast pumping.

I am one of the women in that category on the other hand they suck it just sucks in every way both literally and metaphorically sucks it’s not fun it takes up so much time that you just don’t have it takes you away from your baby or your husband other relationships that you have because you’re stuck to this thing and it’s just a lot of work bottom line I just want to share with you all what worked for me because.

At least in my experience breastfeeding and just getting my children but it was by far one of the hardest parts of being a new mom and once I got a handle on breastfeeding and pumping life just became a lot easier. So I empathize with anyone who is worried about breastfeeding or is having trouble with it now and are pumping or exclusively pumping or doing a combination of both it’s just it’s tough so I’m hoping that maybe some of these tips can help make your life a little bit easier so that you can enjoy your child there’s a lot of reasons why someone might want to build up with a freezer stash of milk may be returning to work may be your exclusively pumping or you might be someone like myself who really wanted to build up a supply so that I would have enough to feed 2 babies.

Just a quick backstory on my situation I had twin girls that were born almost 36 weeks so while they were full-term, for twins they were still premature. The more premature they are the lazy or they are with the breastfeeding you just don’t have the strength really and the sucking reflex just takes time for them to figure that out, unfortunately, your body just has this like magic window of time postpartum where it really goes into overdrive producing milk for you. So, in other words, our bodies aren’t necessarily aware that we have a premature infant or in my case, my body wasn’t aware that I had. One of them was in the Nick you for the first week I wasn’t able to breastfeed her at all our bodies are amazing in that they adjust to what baby needs.

Unfortunately like in my case where I had one premature infant who was kind of lazy at the breast and then I had another one in the Nick, really needed a lot more milk than my body thought it needed to create it’s really a perfect system of supply and demand so the more baby eats which pumping as a substitute for that in some cases more milk you create according to my do less damaging an oversupply is easiest in that critical time like a week or 2 postpartum when your milk is coming in it’s that’s the easiest time it is for you to communicate with your body that you need more milk that said.

This can still work if you’ve already been pumping or breastfeeding you just may not get as much of an oversupply as you might have if you had maybe done some of these things from the very beginning first thing I would recommend that you do is to figure out just kind of how much of an oversupply is your goal to create so for example for myself I wanted to be able to pump enough excess milk. To feed at least one twin for one day so in my case that was going to be about I wanted to be able to pump 30 ounces in a day excess milk I was pumping 8 times a day so for me that meant I wanted to in each from session to have about 4 ounces that way at the end of the day I had close to 30 houses at my peak around 2 to 3 weeks postpartum.

I was able to pump about 10 to 12 ounces and that’s on top of already feeding both of the girls so I had a major oversupply I knew at that point that I could start weaning off of it because I was getting out of control okay honestly I think there are really just 2 things that really make this happen for me number one I rented a hospital-grade restaurant and number 2 I pumped after every single feeding for about 4 to 5 weeks.

I wish more people knew about the ability to rent a hospital great I feel like a lot of people just assume that they have to buy one and you don’t the hospital great comp is so much better than the commercial come on this is one of those cases where you get what you pay for if you were to buy a hospital great pump they’re like $2503000 whereas if you rent them it’s a fraction of the cost I rent mine for $70 a month I know most insurances will cover a breast pump now mine does not so I was going to pay out of pocket for a breast pump anyway.

If you do have insurance that covers a breast pump which is majority people you could just rent a hospital-grade com for those first 2 to 3 months what you’re really trying to establish a healthy supply and Dan have your insurance pay for the commercial-grade for the rest of the time that you want to pump so that you’re not renting up that pump the whole time to at least have it in the beginning for that critical time I went to my from my hospital, but you can rent them from Babies R Us

I mean so pretty much everyone has access to it Babies R Us and there are lots of other independent companies that you can rent them from the press one that I have is called in the Dallas symphony. And this is what it looks like. It’s much bigger than the commercial-grade pumps. But it pretty much works the same way; it’s just got the two buttons, your on/off. Switch your dial to it’s the strength of the section and your let-down button. And that’s basically it. It has the same tubing as the commercial pump, the corresponding flanges saying bottles everything’s compatible. The most substantial difference is this thing has you know a heavy-duty engine.

So to speak like it’s really got, I think a stronger section and then your regular commercial-grade. I think maybe even more important than the hospital great pump at least for me was pumping after every single feeding. This is really really hard, especially in the beginning when you are so sleep-deprived. The last thing you want to do once you feed your baby and they’re sleeping is whip out the pump and start pumping.

However, it’s that pumping after every feeding that signals to your body, “Hey, you create more milk we need more milk.” My doula told me even if you don’t actually see milk which by the way I didn’t for it like the first 3 days postpartum I couldn’t pump anything, but I still pumped every 3:00 hours around the clock even when I wasn’t getting anything right get like drops in 20 minutes to get like 5 drops.

It’s the stimulation that your body needs to help it know that you need to create milk so for me the way it worked and why it was actually critical that I even have a breast pump I needed to supplement what they were taking from the breast so I would breastfeed each of them separately then we would give them a supplemental bottle of pumped breast milk it would take an hour point 5 2:00 hours for 1 feeding and like I said they ate every 3:00 hours, so that gave me sometimes maybe an hour to.

Like basically collapse in exhaustion before had to get up and do it again was so so hard but I really think that was the key in the beginning because like I said I had premature lazy infants and I just don’t think my body would have gotten the message to create more milk if I hadn’t been pumping after every single feeding and along with that another piece of advice if you’re not getting as much as your goal like it as much as you’re wanting to get in a pump session to go beyond to keep pumping after you are empty so if you have like 3 ounces, and now nothing is coming out.

Keep pumping whether it’s 10 extra minutes 5 insurance 20 additional minutes it’s that stimulation can that tells your brain and your body that it needs to create more milk so if you go beyond what you actually have than it thinks okay I need to make more milk baby needs more liquid rather than if you just pump what you have in your body’s like okay we’re good we’ve made enough the baby is full so that was incredibly hard in the beginning but by the time the girls were 5 weeks old.

I was exclusively breastfeeding and I was pumping about 4 times a day and I slowly just wing down to where I am now we’re just pump one today so you really just have to think of it as short term pain for a long term gain okay so those are my 2 like most important biggest tips for you these next few are just some things to make the process a little bit easier I consider this accessory a must-have, and that is a pumping raw this is mine it’s nothing special it wasn’t that expensive I ordered it off of Amazon actually too, and they’re just in constant rotation I use it every single time I pump because then your hands free so it just it’s like just a long it zips in the front.

You know that has 2 little cups that you at the pump parts through screw the bottom line here and that’s it the way you go these things are awesome because they at least give you some of freedom to use your hands I mean who has time to sit there for 20 minutes at a hold the flanges don’t do that to yourself get yourself a pumping Brock right now you don’t wanna buy a pumping brought.

I’ve heard of women you seem like just an old sport brought just like cut little holes out of where the nipples are and put the pump parts through that. I haven’t tried it but I’ve heard other people do that if you don’t wanna buy when you try that you also want to make sure that you have the correct size flanges when you buy. They usually come with just the standard size. I actually don’t know what that standard size is. This is 21 and this is 24. I have 2 different times nipples so you want to make sure you have the right size so that you’re getting the optimal amount of milk so that that your pump is able to be as efficient as possible.

While I sit there and do all that work if you could be getting more with just a switch of the sites sign that this might be too big is that you’re not getting a good seal like a good section so in that case you might want to go down a size and a sign that it might be too small is it’s super painful and what one of mine was too small and it it just like it would take in way more than just my nipples like it was sucking in half my boot so yeah just make sure that these fit comfortably.

Another reason why it’s good to be hands free is so that you can have expressed while you’re pumping and I do this every time it actually makes it move along a little quicker and that’s just like this you know like mashing down on the ladies and around making sure like every last drop comes out of them this goes for breastfeeding or pumping you want to have nipple cream that you like and you want to have breast pads to because you’re gonna probably need both of those especially in the beginning and same goes with like lactation cookies there’s tons of recipes for like teaching cookies there’s also for.

Any Greek that I know people take there’s mother’s milk tea there’s these other supplements that anything that you can use to boost your breast milk supply obviously it’s gonna help with pumping to a suggestion I ended up really helping me was a mini-fridge it actually made life so much more comfortable in the beginning I was popping around the clock especially early in the morning it was nice just to wake up feed them pump and put the milk right in the mini-fridge, and I’d have to like go to the kitchen I know it sounds like trivial but it ended up helping quite a bit so I can put all the supplies in the mini-fridge including the pump parts which is another miss number you don’t have to clean your pump parts after every single pump session just get big like a gallon-size plastic bag put them all in there there are many many fridges or your regular fridge, and they’re good for at least today.

This is one that I don’t think it’s enough attention and that’s to stay hydrated, and well that breastfeeding takes a lot out of you, and you actually burn a lot of calories breastfeeding, and that means you need to eat so don’t start dieting right now you need to be eating healthy food they need to be staying very hydrated I definitely notice a difference in my supply if I don’t eat well during the day or if I don’t stay hydrated. I definitely know that it’s not as strong or as much when I’m not well fed and well hydrated.

Just a quick warning for sure I lasted an oversupply does come with some disadvantages. Number one, make sure you don’t go very long like when you’re in court just to avoid mastitis if you’re actually continuing to encourage an oversupply. You definitely want to keep on and seeing your press that’s one advantage of having twins as they were and team both breasts at every feeding. So made it a little bit easier for me but you just want to be on top of that and keep an eye on it when you’re creating an oversupply number 2 it also means you’re gonna be giving up a lot of freezer space and it goes quickly so if you don’t have a big freezer like I don’t we ended up taking over half the supplied to my in-laws house.

A deep freezer and the rest Michael last 6 months and it just a regular freezer and up to 12 in a deep freeze so just keep that in mind if you don’t have a vast freezer just be thinking ahead where am I going to put this mill and last but not least in this might arguably the most important tip and that is to surround yourself with people that are supportive of you and your choice and that’s really with anything in life but especially this time when you’re so vulnerable especially new mom, and you’re just self-conscious and especially as it relates to feeding your child whether you’re exclusively breastfeeding or pumping or combination or formula feeding.

Whatever it is making sure you have people around you that are supported as of you and get rid of any sources that are negative or not helpful and supportive I had such a fantastic support system, and that’s a huge reason why I was so successful I had my mom who is just the most beautiful cheerleader, my husband, I do love my hospital had fantastic lactation consultants and they had a free like breastfeeding support group that I would go to once a week so I just surround myself with people that were supported that where were wanting to help me succeed okay I think that’s everything I hope that that is helpful to some of you I know that was a lot so if you have any questions for me I would be happy to help you out this is a topic I’m really passionate about because again I think if you can have confidence about your ability to feature child and it really just can change your child-rearing experience alright that’s it for me everybody I will see you next time.

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