How to Pack for a Flight with a Baby

If your baby will soon be coming on their first flight with you, it can be quite a daunting experience. The main difference between taking a flight and other forms of travel is that when you drive, you could always stop somewhere to pick up anything that may be missing. On a long haul flight though, that is impossible. This is what makes it more worrying. If you do not take the right things you will have an awful flight. The best thing that you can do is to ensure that you are well packed and well prepared. To help you along, we found a great resource that you can refer to below.

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hello friends welcome back tomorrow we
 leave for Florida is our first time
 flying with Miles he's about six and a
 half months old and I figured I would
 just kind of bring you guys along

 so I thought I just sort of like to
 share our experience
 I know flying with a baby is something a
 lot of parents worry about especially
 new parents I figured I would just share
 with you really quickly some of how
 we're packing so this is our big
 suitcase we could probably fit
 everything in here but we're just not
 going to because of weight but we put
 all of our really light stuff in here so
 I use these packing cubes which are
 really great especially for babies
 because they just have so much stuff and
 their stuff is like so tiny so all of
 miles of stuff is in packing cubes I
 have a packing cube for toys this one is
 like linens and then there's one
 underneath that's all of his clothes and
 then Michael and I have our clothes in
 here as well then we're just bring in a
 small extra suitcase and I'm gonna put
 heavier stuff in here so I have his
 clip-on highchair and this is like his
 toiletries if you will and then we'll be
 putting like our toiletries in here I
 make myself lots of lists so I don't
 forget what to bring so this is the
 stroller bag and I actually was able to
 put the pack and play cover in here as
 well this is the car seat bag we borrow
 this from a friend because we didn't own
 one and it's huge like it's big enough
 to carry a toddler sized car seat so
 there's extra space in here so I threw
 two things in there there's a blanket
 and then there's his diaper bag and then
 for now I just have his carrier in here
 and that I'll throw on when we get to
 the airport since obviously he's going
 to be in the car seat on the way to the
 airport last but not least is my
 carry-on which has a nice stand on it
 that's that's nice this is my portable
 changing mat that I always use I got to
 throw some more diapers in here I'm
 gonna throw a couple of what is this an
 old granola bar wrapper that I
 definitely don't need gonna throw a
 couple of burp cloths in there a couple
 of sleep and plays I have my nursing
 cover in here I have a change of clothes
 for me in there because baby spit-up and
 I don't want to have to sit and spit up
 all day if that happens which is just
 like some pacifiers and a tea third and
 the last thing I have is just my bag
 that I will like pull out because it's
 liquids so I have a hand sanitizer in
 there and then I also packed infant
 tylenol my pediatrician suggested it
 because he said if miles
 having trouble like with his ears
 popping because of the altitude that it
 would help and then the last thing that
 I am putting in my carry-on is actually
 a cooler with just a bunch of frozen
 purees that I've made for him and then
 when I come home the cooler will have
 any breast milks that I've pumped well
 we're on vacation both of these things
 baby food and breast milk you're allowed
 to bring you know you ought to bring as
 a carry-on with you there's one other
 packing cube that I'm bringing this is
 all like food related things I'm not
 bringing my pump with me because I
 figured this is my vacation too but I am
 bringing my manual pump in my Hakka just
 in case I need something and then a
 couple of extra bottles all right we are
 on our way
 we are leaving 20 minutes late not too
 bad I mean I don't want to brag but me
 and the baby we're ready what is it
 about husbands we are going to drop our
 car off at the car place and then
 shuttle over to the airport we got our
 off the car got all the bags into the
 airport good to go
 apparently you need your baby's birth
 certificate to prove that they're under
 the age of two to fly we did not know
 this so luckily we were able to call our
 pediatrician and they're faxing over our
 medical form to Southwest so that we can
 get on our plane hopefully this is the
 only big snack where we fall into guys i
 jinxed us by saying that I hope nothing
 else went wrong because our flights been
 delayed two hours
 so we're just going to hang out the
 terminal I'm feeding miles that Michael
 and I are gonna eat and I'm not gonna
 say that I hope nothing else goes wrong
 I don't want to jinx anything else
 here's the moral of the story is I tried
 to like plan meiosis eating naps all
 accordingly so then they could be ready
 to eat in the nap right when we got on
 the plane
 you can't plan I mean it's let alone
 with babies but believe babies and air
 travel you just got to go with the flow
 well if you have a delay to get snacks
 Michael let you get to a McDonald's I
 decided to try to get something healthy
 which is always a bad idea
 and an airport so it's just like but I
 got this tofu hole
 it's not so bad I'm gonna take miles out
 for a little while and let them kind of
 hang out and hope that that gets tired
 so they checked it out I feel like a big
 part of flying with babies is just like
 a head game if you get worried and
 nervous and like stress out with
 everything that goes wrong and finish
 it's going to go worse so you got to
 just like roll with the punches we're
 killing time Michael's coming
 Michael doesn't like to fly
 that's how people drink their martinis
 all right my friends flash-forward I'm
 now home from vacation kind of got
 separated from my camera and I just want
 to share with you guys like the rest of
 the experience so on our way there our
 flight got delayed two hours and then
 when we boarded the plane its Southwest
 which is open seating I'm so on the way
 there we got group a so we got better
 choice for seating and we were busily at
 the front most feet now I like the front
 most seat because you get ton more
 legroom it's just way more comfortable
 with a baby when the seatbelt sign came
 undone I was able to stand up with miles
 and there was a little spot where I
 could sort of stand with him but
 important thing to know is if you get
 that front most seat you cannot have
 your bags with you during taxine landing
 or takeoff they have to go in the
 overhead compartment it was worth it to
 not have my bag during those times to be
 able to have all the extra legroom with
 miles but a little trick so that you
 know if you're flying with young
 children you actually always get to
 board between groups a and Group B and
 people actually sort of line up by the
 gate not where the a and B section is
 but there's like a separate area where
 the families line up a lot of people
 will debate is it better to have the
 window seat or the aisle seat I chose
 the window seat because I nursed miles
 during takeoff and during landing I
 heard that it would help him with his
 ears poppy and due to the altitude I
 don't know if it did but he didn't get
 fussy during takeoff or during landing
 and actually kind of helped him fall
 asleep as well so both times the flight
 was like almost three hours and he slept
 for maybe like two hours of each flight
 the rest of the time he was awake and he
 just kind of you know hung out we had a
 toy be kind of bounced him we passed it
 back and forth between Michael and I so
 it's kind of nervous about like what am
 I gonna do if he's awake on this plane
 but um you know we kept them we kept
 them entertained so now that I've done
 it what do I suggest you have on your
 carry-on for your baby
 obviously miles is only six months is
 going to be different maybe if your
 baby's a little younger a little older
 the things that really we made sure that
 we had that really mattered was a
 pacifier I had my nursing cover which
 some people don't really care about
 having nursing cover their cub they're
 comfortable nursing and not worrying
 about being covered I like having a
 nursing cover because just one it just
 makes me feel more comfortable nursing
 in public I feel like I can do it
 anywhere and not have to worry about it
 specially on an airplane and an airport
 where there are people everywhere that
 it's not really any private space and
 actually to be honest the nursing cover
 ended up being a good little hack
 because after he fell asleep I was able
 to sort of keep him under the nursing
 cover after he fell asleep and it kind
 of acted like blackout curtains a little
 bit so it stayed nice and dark in there
 and allowed him to continue sleeping I
 packed one of his big muslin cloth to
 have really spills if he spit up or
 whatever it also was great just like if
 I need to throw it down on the ground if
 I need just to put him down I need to
 lay him down it was a barrier between
 the Kim and the ground in the airport
 and then I just brought like two or
 three little toys I didn't overstock my
 carry-on with a bunch of stuff I think I
 brought two toys maybe you know at this
 age they can be entertained by a lot we
 used like napkins and straws and all
 sorts of other things to entertain them
 as well I didn't want to be bogged down
 with a bunch of stuff because I find the
 more stuff that ends up in your bag
 harder is to find what you need when
 it's time so another tip that I will
 give you obviously it's best if your
 baby can be kind of sleepy when you get
 on the plane because obviously sleeping
 through the plane ride is best
 so for us we chose to go for flights
 during nap time because the flight was
 under three hours if it was going to be
 a longer flight I probably would have
 done an overnight flight so what a
 coincided with his nighttime sleep so he
 could have just like assumed it was
 bedtime and slept longer and what we did
 is once we got basically checked in and
 through TSA we tried to just keep miles
 awake and what I like to do at home is
 just you know do things that are going
 to sort of stimulate him because
 basically my thought process is I'm just
 trying to sort of like fill up his
 sleepy cup so that he'll be tired when
 it's time to flies I did wear him
 through TSA and I had my carrier just if
 case I needed to be hands-free it was
 really easy to carry him through
 security and really easy to carry him
 through when it was time to board but in
 between those two times I took him out
 of the carrier and I let him you know
 look around we stopped at a restaurant I
 even a few times took that big muslin
 cloth that I packed and just threw it
 down on the floor and let him have a
 little bit of tummy time it helped
 prevent him from just getting like
 really antsy also can we appreciate my
 shirt today it says mama needs coffee
 one of you guys who follows me on
 instagram actually messaged me she made
 these shirts and she sells them on Etsy
 she makes a bunch of different ones but
 this one was obviously my favorite and I
 thought was really cute I'll link her
 down below now as far as the big debate
 do you check the stroller or do you
 bring the stroller through security and
 gay check it for us not having a
 stroller worked fine obviously we just
 had one baby with two babies you might
 want a stroller but it was just so much
 easier to use our carrier going through
 security with the carrier was so easy
 you don't have to take your baby out of
 the carrier they're gonna have you go
 through the metal detector instead of
 like that x-ray machine and then they
 usually will do that like test on your
 hand which I'll be honest I don't know
 if they're testing for probably like
 certain chemicals I'm not really sure
 and it was really easy and really really
 simple and so much easier than having to
 lug around our stroller and then break
 it down and all of that another tip I
 will say is especially if it's your
 first time flying particularly your
 first time flying with a baby on this
 airline is always call the airline ahead
 of time and make sure you're not missing
 anything if you saw when we flew we flew
 Southwest and we got there and we're
 ready to check in and they're like hi we
 need the baby's birth certificate and
 Michael and I just looked at each other
 with like deer and headlights because we
 had no idea that we needed a baby's
 birth certificate and apparently this is
 not a very common thing because when I
 shared on Instagram stories so many of
 you are like what the heck I fly all the
 time with my baby and I've never needed
 a birth certificate just call your
 airline ahead of time and make sure
 you're not missing anything when it
 comes to having the baby with you
 my last tip with flying with babies is a
 lot of it I think I might be already
 said this is a little bit of a mind game
 most people are a little bit anxious
 they're a little nervous you don't want
 to be the person on the plane with the
 crying baby but at the end the day you
 can't really plan it all perfectly and
 you can't you don't know what a baby's
 gonna do you don't know if they're gonna
 be fussy you don't know if they're gonna
 freak out you can only plan so much and
 then you kind of just got to be like ah
 right jesus take the wheel
 you know so I think some of it is just
 like not stressing not worrying if your
 baby starts to get fussy if your baby
 starts crying like don't stress about it
 don't worry about what others people on
 your on the plane are thinking like oh
 great I'm stuck next to the family with
 the baby and just focus on your child
 and do the best that you can
 nobody's gonna die because they listen
 to a baby so anyways
 hope this was helpful to some of you
 guys I know flying and traveling with
 babies for the first time it's
 definitely nerve-wracking and hopefully
 this video makes some of you feel a
 little bit better if you're planing to
 do it for the first time it really was
 not that bad it's not something to
 stress about but it's so worth it you
 should definitely take trips with your
 children visit family do all that don't
 let the fear of flying with children or
 the fear of throwing off their sleep
 schedule prevent you from like having
 these memories with your children it's
 so worth it I'm gonna share a couple
 more sort of just general traveling with
 baby tricks that I sort of learned from
 this trip obviously I'm no expert but
 these are just some things that I did
 that worked for us and I'm gonna share
 those in a blog post that I'm gonna post
 with this video so I will link that down
 below if you're looking for some more
 like overall tips but I appreciate you
 guys stopping by I hope you're having a
 fantastic day
 and I will see you all in my next video

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