How to Pack for Hospital Birth

Having a baby can be one of the most exciting times in one’s life. As the time for delivery draws nearer you may find yourself wondering if you have gotten everything that you will need to take with you to the hospital. There is a great peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything that you and the baby will require is in place ahead of time. The last thing that you need is to worry about it in the interim. We found a great illustrative video with some text to accompany it.

Make sure you check out the baby bags that can be used for these occasions.

okay so this is an exciting time oh
 we're doing something really big right
 now such a big deal like the mony that
 we've talked about for so long yeah
 good morning from rainy California
 because it's actually raining outside
 this is what happens whenever it
 slightly sprinkles in California kids
 and every kid schools angry like this
 they are dressed for the tundra pasture
 boring a hole through the ice
 fine food we have for breakfast yeah oh
 all right the Shelf came to town because
 it's December and we're gonna vlog till
 the crazies he's been doing no no
 so this morning he got into our we had
 this big old starburst thinka savannah
 loves starburst even she can't have him
 cuz she has just say somebody abuser
 beat it in door she said sorry Everly I
 was really craving some starbursts last
 night please forgive me I'll bring you
 candy soon all right Coco cuz every
 neighbor cook up okay we gotta go so
 because of Savannah gestational diabetes
 you guys know we have to come in once a
 week to get the baby checked out to make
 sure she's not growing abnormally large
 because that can happen sometimes with
 gestational diabetes I put the camera
 away any time someone gets close to me
 because I get really awkward and
 embarrassed but we're actually kind of
 excited baby has been moving too much a
 Savannah's been having a crazy amount of
 contracted so me like we I was about to
 pull the camera out last night last
 night and and I before because she's
 having Staubach attractions we're like
 oh she's going into labor this is it but
 hidden but sign of labor is like the
 baby doesn't move because I guess head
 is ready to come out yes science so I'm
 gonna check me and see if I'm dilating
 at all because I swear I think I am
 to make me smell beguiling so this isn't
 we don't think there's people looking at
 so we get quiet so this isn't a labor
 vlog but it could turn into that if she
 goes into labor this log so pretty much
 everything is all good
 we still think she's gonna go into labor
 Simmons logging on people are all around
 us and I walk around with a stupid
 carrying bag because ever I rolled away
 that fell off I'm very happy because
 they said that the baby has really long
 eyelashes and you're really long
 eyelashes and I had like no I like this
 is a 50-50 shot okay more people okay I
 got a scare hey everything come on
 stairs come on
 I just want to scare you hell it's cool
 house cool good you want to help us with
 something super important I can help us
 in today's the day pretty much that we
 are going to be packing the baby's bag I
 feel like we should get like a list to
 make sure we don't forget anything okay
 I have no idea what we're doing what's
 going on this is all Savannah and I'm
 just kind of like
 here to help I guess we need a hospital
 bag for the baby so they even have a
 cool little Batman thing on us a Batman
 is so cool okay if you want a good
 Hospital okay
 sports bra Oh guys guys guys guys I need
 to show you something
 oh my god my bras and you guys already
 those look like my grandma's underwear
 these are like big under Lee mangi
 borrows my Nana and granny honestly I
 mean I might even ask why I'm sure oh oh
 and this is her name
 P is for okay guys comment below which
 outfit you guys want to see baby pian
 for like our hospital bed mix this
 outfit number one hold it up outfit
 number one let me show it off oh that is
 cute okay that's cute yeah comment down
 below if you want that for number one
 yeah okay this is the exact same thing
 oh I see so that one has feet okay we
 have nursing pads they're right here
 there's some pads for those of you guys
 who don't know what nursing pads are
 therefore when you are nursing the baby
 and there's like lots of you know milk
 coming out of yet yep and sometimes you
 leak so you need pads so then you don't
 leak in your bra we've all been there
 here's more like disinfectant sir oh
 that toothbrush travel toothbrush dead
 guy underneath it oh you're already
 interesting okay I thought it would be
 cute forever lead to go get one of her
 baby dolls so I can teach her how to
 swaddle right now let me help swallow
 gently think yeah yeah well this is a
 little smart Lincoln tbh I kind of need
 some help learner house while I let go
 get your best baby your best when you
 can go to your favorite one I need to
 put these bad boys on well go get your
 with the one that you like the most
 wow that is an extremely realistic
 looking baby I don't know if I even seen
 this one yet
 okay this from your grandma that's
 really good
 what do you say sorry I'm gonna see if I
 can't see everybody swaddling skills but
 she was like very adamant about knowing
 how swaddle she got mad at me when I you
 know gave really that look all right you
 put him in the corner
 the babies are even though under it
 under the boy on the monkey show
 because in my tummy she's really really
 squished super arms are just like super
 tight and she's just really tiny in
 there not too bad we almost forgot the
 most important thing diapers and wipes
 and and Everly got her sister a little
 gift you want to show that everybody
 picked us out of the stores once he gave
 it to her whenever she meets it this
 will be like all the clothes and all
 that stuff and this would be like our
 like yeah your baby you're pregnant so
 Cole thinks he knows how to swaddle so I
 told him to show us let's see how it
 goes so far so good you wrap it nice and
 tight over the arm pull it up this part
 bring it over wrap it nice and tight
 over the next time wrap it around and
 it's not that neat but voila
 not bad babe so I always wanted one of
 these for Everly I just never got one
 but I finally got one for this baby and
 for moms actually sent us a bunch of
 stuff they sent us this and like a
 little baby playpen and a baby high
 chair they have so much cool stuff but I
 love this because I feel like babies
 just want to be like an adult I'm really
 nice and there's even like you're really
 lazy like how we can be would you be up
 here on the bed and if I want to rock
 the baby we just press it rock baby on
 our phone and it says rock so we already
 have this built and I got that built in
 the corner right on the TV sides were
 watching TV we can also watch but we're
 about to build a whole other thing and
 this is the one that you'll actually
 sleep in no promo it's called like a
 snooze smart sleeper the safest baby bed
 ever made it has a man I build things
 it's what I do
 Simon I build this thing how's it going
 pretty good I figured it out I just
 messed up but you see there's you see
 how there's a little blue arrow here I
 think you want to find one that has
 slide the leg in click everything has to
 leave us soon she has danced today line
 it up push it in and as you're click yo
 heart I could be wrong but I'm pretty
 sure that whenever it feels the baby
 move at all in the crib like starting to
 wake up that it starts moving like it
 starts vibrating yeah to help them like
 soothe them back to sleep I'm pretty
 sure I know there's like really cool
 stuff out for babies now okay so this is
 an exciting time
 oh we're doing something really big
 right now such a big deal like the money
 that we've talked about for so long yeah
 because I am 37 weeks pregnant so that
 baby is coming
 basically any day now I know have this
 baby in like a week you guys so we are
 putting the car seat in the car 20 years
 old do you want me to do yeah
 these things these nervous really though
 she could come in like she could come
 now but she could come in like a leak I
 tried my best but you're a lot better at
 this stuff ah I hate that she I can't
 face us no but we'll get a little mirror
 and we'll put it right here someone
 we're driving we can see her oh yeah I
 hear so many people say like you're
 never ready like nobody's ever ready for
 kids you know you can't like prepare for
 kids and we already have everybody said
 I don't know what I'm freaking out about
 so I just oh she sleeps I love my sleep
 and if this baby's crying OH
 our vlogs start like plummeting and I
 was like zombify every single one we're
 so good it's cuz the baby we're getting
 the ball here
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 plan it but if y'all don't fall that's
 gonna be sure folks all right down here
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 Cabrera's kids because she asked if her
 kids could have a shout out so shout out
 to her kids

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