How to Pack for Travelling with Two Babies

Travelling with one child is difficult enough, now doubling that doubles the trouble. Think of every little detail that you would need to be mindful of when packing for one child. Now, double it. With this in mind, we have scoured the web to see if we could find the most helpful resource for those in this predicament. We have found one. It is in the form of a video. There is a transcript to accompany it.

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morning coffee just brought up my
 suitcase I've got my little backpack
 here so this is the one that I'm gonna
 be bringing on the plane I told you in
 my last vlog that I'm like you know what
 I cannot have a purse I think I just
 need a backpack just cuz I don't want to
 have anything in my hands except for
 middle missus so this is awesome that
 I'm so happy I bought it it's a skip hop
 it comes with like a million little
 compartments which is awesome and
 there's even something for the milk on
 the side here like this comes out it's
 like a little milk case which is pretty
 cool really excited to kind of pack this
 bag and then also I just have a ton of
 stuff that I put in here that I'm gonna
 be bringing that I didn't want to forget
 and my suitcase is from BBS so I bought
 this when I was in Vancouver and it was
 actually when I had my baby shower
 because I needed another suitcase to
 bring home I had so many gifts Himax
 so anyways yeah that's the suitcase I'm
 gonna be bringing it's a nice big
 suitcase and clearly it's super visible
 so I can see it right when it comes out
 but yeah we are gonna start back and
 where are you going and I've got the
 sweet baby girls on the bed right now
 look how much stuff you guys have do you
 know how much laundry mama has to do are
 you in a food coma are you in a food
 coma my princesses not allowed to date
 daddy says I'm sorry I'm so sylph huh
 are you upside down are you upside down
 yes this he is you just love to talk
 lately hey yeah what are you saying to
 me what are you saying to me huh
 oh yeah haha but your uni sea unicorn hi
 you need
 doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo to say
 they love these I'm so happy I bought
 these and they love touching them they
 love playing with like the little Oh see
 then you love grabbing it don't you
 oh yes you love them they're so soft and
 the scible unicorn - they really like
 because it makes noises oh my brother
 Maxine are you taking care of your
 sissies yes you are you love the sissies
 you protect them don't you yes you do
 yes you do
 good boy that's a good boy you give them
 kisses you grow
 this is what the inside of this suitcase
 looks like here oh it's a big suitcase
 max bug okay so I don't know about your
 dogs but max always knows what suitcase
 is like he gets so sad and he knows he
 knows we're going away you don't like
 just in case do you I know but you're
 gonna have so much fun with Grandma
 grandpa they so good to you
 Oh case here you've seen before I'm not
 gonna bring it on my trip with me just
 because it's a carry-on luggage but it's
 a little Kenzi one and it's really
 adorable like I'm really happy I got
 this and it has so many little spaces
 that you can put stuff in super
 organized pockets and it's just such a
 cute little suitcase here it's even got
 like separate zippers and I just really
 really love this it's perfect for
 traveling but yeah I'm not bringing this
 one on the trip but I just want to show
 you how cute this little one is and then
 also it comes in like rose gold which I
 it's so pretty I think even this rose
 gold and even the handle right here is
 also rose gold is so pretty
 they're probably one of my favorite
 coats that I got the girls these are
 from Nordstrom's and there are little
 bunnies they have like a little bunny
 hood and they're super warm on the
 inside and they're so soft so I thought
 we could put the girls in these when we
 go to Vancouver they're so cute I love
 them I've been waiting for them to get
 big enough to fit into them so right now
 they can cuz these are three to six so
 they're so cute though show you the
 inside like look how soft that is and I
 bought these I think on their Black
 Friday sales so I got them for a really
 good price but they are so soft so
 another thing I thought I would quickly
 show you is our little drying rack that
 we have right here so this is the travel
 size one that I bought even comes with
 the brush which is so awesome this is
 really useful to have if you're
 traveling so I'm really happy that I got
 this so yeah it is by the same brand
 I'll link it down below but it's really
 really nice having this to bring because
 it's nice and small I can winning miss
 me up are you ready for your first trip
 yeah yes you are yes you are look at
 these little arms
 good morning I just having my coffee
 lasse right now thank you
 and I've got to my towel on my head
 right now because tray is coming over to
 do my hair this morning thank God
 because my hair has just been all over
 the place
 and I need a little bit of volume really
 appreciate that I think so I think we're
 gonna do yes some nice like big
 voluminous hair today I have a photo
 shoot as I told you I think I did pretty
 sure I did but I have a photo shoot
 today I'm really really excited Aaron's
 gonna be here she's the same
 photographer that took the photos from
 like my four year anniversary and she's
 done like a lot of photo shoots for us
 like our first Christmas and everything
 but anyways yes so today I'm gonna
 continue packing because I didn't get to
 finish so I'm gonna do that today and
 then also sorry my phone is going off
 like crazy right now yes I'm gonna
 finish up packing if you can kind of see
 behind me I started on my room my beauty
 room and I'm so excited that's a part of
 today's photo shoot I don't want to
 reveal everything but you can kind of
 see how awesome it is in the back here I
 finally have clothing and it looks a
 little bit more like a closet so I'm
 really really happy about that that's
 what I wanted anyways I'm really tired
 right now but I'm also gonna put on
 lashes today I haven't put on lashes in
 a long time I'm feeling super glam but
 yeah anyways I am gonna wait for tray to
 get here and have my coffee and I'll see
 you in a bit
 all right so we are in the girls nursery
 and I'm just gonna grab all the things
 we need and then show you everything
 once I start packing just did some
 laundry okay so I just pulled these
 little outfits out of the closet they're
 three to six so they will fit the girls
 and they haven't worn them yet look how
 cute they are
 they're from one of our neighbors but
 they look so cute so I'm gonna grab some
 leggings too these are the little tights
 that come with it so we've got pink ones
 and then these cute little great ones
 right here and I did want to bring
 something dressy because we actually
 have one of my best friend's baby
 showers so I wanted to put these on the
 girls they're so cute my mom we got the
 girls these and they can finally fit
 into them they're really cute they have
 like the little tutu on the bottom and
 then like flowers all over and it's lacy
 but on the inside it seems pretty
 comfortable the material which is good
 I'm still debating about the play no fix
 I do want something easy so we can
 change them and these are I think as
 easy as can be these little zippers
 right here so these are three months
 they should fit the girls I'm just gonna
 double check that it fits me off because
 she is a little bit bigger now but
 they're really cute I got these from
 Carter's they're like the fleecy ones so
 the other coats that I have for the
 girls are these ones here that I got
 from Nordstrom's which I showed you
 they're so cute cuz the weather it's
 gonna be very rainy when we're there
 unfortunately but it is cold or two so I
 want to dress them warm these are so
 cute and soft though it'll be little
 bunny sue do you need your diaper
 changed yes you do so we've got Little
 Miss me right here cuz she's not
 sleeping like sissy you're a morning
 burn aren't you aren't you Mia okay so
 she's gonna watch mama pack still have
 stuff to get also my clothes also gonna
 wash these again and they love these
 like they love touching these so I'm
 gonna bring both of these probably on to
 the planes that have something to do and
 then also these are the inserts for the
 car seats so if your babies are a tad
 bit smaller like ours we used to have to
 put like swaddles in between in between
 their head and body but these work
 perfect like I'm so happy if you bought
 these little inserts and it's so comfy
 like it's so soft for the girls and then
 also we just have the sleep sacks right
 here so I have like the little elephant
 one so I brought two of these so they
 can sleep at night in these
 packing some of the things in my
 backpack right now at the plane you like
 that I got my hair done yesterday that
 still action looks pretty nice I'm
 hoping I don't have to wash it when I'm
 in Vancouver okay so you have your
 earmuffs these are going into my
 backpack are you having fun we have
 their little pom beanies to which I'm
 gonna bring these with me because it's
 colder there right now and rainy so pom
 pom beanies I'm gonna bring their
 unicorn too because they love playing
 with toys just in case we can't get them
 to sleep on the plane which that will
 probably happen with you and Missy oh so
 the rest of the stuff that I got I got
 some wet ones I got some razors for Mama
 I got daddies some conditioner and
 shampoo he uses this line already Evie
 oh gee I also got a toothbrush for
 myself I have some little tie pink we
 also have one of these this is like the
 bumbum cream you like it on your tush
 tush so I'm bringing a tube of that also
 have a ton of baby wipes cotton swabs I
 also put their little headbands in here
 and I'm gonna bring those are so cute I
 love those so I had the cutest headband
 sent to me by baby clover cakes and she
 made these for the girls so I'm gonna
 bring a bunch of these because these are
 so cute for photos and knowing how many
 auntie's they are going to meet I want
 to take a lot of photos so I'm gonna
 bring the entire bags I don't know which
 ones I'm gonna actually put on the girls
 but this is tiny anyways and I actually
 just got this in the mail yesterday so
 it came just in time and it's this big
 pixie set but I really love this makeup
 bag oh this is what it looks like right
 here this is like the perfect little
 travel essential so I think I might
 bring this with me
 even put my name up here I think that's
 so custom and so cool so I think I'm
 gonna bring this for makeup and I'm not
 bringing that much makeup skincare hi
 never named a bit of skincare but I have
 all travel sized friendly ones so I'm
 happy about that so I am gonna bring
 this purse right here it's nice and
 small I'm just gonna bring it in a dust
 bag and I wanted to bring one nice bag
 because I do have my girls night out on
 the Friday night which will be today
 since I'm uploading today so yeah so I
 think I'm gonna bring this one and
 that's it and then I'll have my backpack
 also look at my new little phone case oh
 my goodness they killed me with their
 cuteness and I got this made at
 Vistaprint I know I showed it to you in
 one of my Christmas vlogs but look how
 cute this is
 and I have the iPhone 8 plus you just
 look so cute now they can be everywhere
 with me
 let's zoom in on those cute little faces
 oh my goodness they were so small I'm
 quickly just having one of those
 Starbucks salads Ryan went out and got
 us some because I didn't want to forget
 to eat today because I'm busy packing
 and I need energy for tomorrow a lot of
 energy because our flights up 5:50 a.m.
 so we have to be at the airport at 4 by
 like 4:20 so that just sounds exhausting
 to me but I'm almost done packing we
 also just got these in the mail and Ryan
 and I were trying to figure out for the
 longest time where these were from
 because I didn't remember ordering them
 and look how cute they are so they're
 actually from Madison thank you so much
 Madison these are so cute and the girls
 will love these so they are these sleep
 sacks it looks so cute so I think we're
 gonna pull them out and give them a
 quick wash so Ryan just brought down his
 luggage and then also we've got our twin
 stroller right there the UPPAbaby and
 then a friend of ours actually dropped
 off the stroller bag yesterday so that
 also is very useful but yeah definitely
 a lot of stuff with twin
 I get up I miss belly outside
 I don't always with love
 snores which she's the lead in us love
 will ever trust
 now that I'm done folding some of the
 clothes I brought out these which I
 bought these off Amazon and I love
 traveling with these so I'm just gonna
 separate the girls clothes from mine and
 then also it doesn't move around when in
 a luggage so these are really helpful
 just to show you quickly how I packed it
 so I put their clothes in this smaller
 one right here leggings onesies
 everything they need and I'm still
 bringing a few more outfits and then in
 mine right here I've just got my comfy
 pants I've got all my tank tops and
 stuff and just loose shirts cuz I'm just
 gonna be bringing a coat but yeah that's
 everything that I packed for myself so
 far also just have like socks and
 underwear on the other side there so I'm
 just adding a few more onesies and the
 way I did it so we're there for four
 nights and I pretty much just did a few
 outfits a day we're not gonna be
 changing them like crazy really only if
 they spit up but we do have like a few
 fancy dinners with my family and then
 also a baby shower to go to so I did
 pack like a few nicer outfits and then
 the rest are just like really cute just
 simple onesies and sleepers and stuff so
 yeah and then these are really nice
 though because you can fit so much into
 these so much clothes so just got those
 there little clothes Oh cute is this
 little shirt by the way so this
 unfortunately won't fit Mia anymore
 and I found it like at the back of their
 closet so I was so happy I found it cuz
 it will still fit Sophia so I'm gonna
 put her in this it's so pretty though
 you look so cute Sophia so we just put
 her ear protectors on just so she could
 get a bit used to it does it feel weird
 on you they look so big but they are
 baby size so I got these off Amazon just
 like baby your protectors that's what I
 searched and these came up and they're
 great for the airplane for takeoff so
 it's not so loud for your little ears
 yeah yeah so these are the inserts I was
 talking about so they just go in the
 seat like this so just quickly show you
 I'm not gonna actually put it in but
 just to show you what it looks like so
 it's all snug and comfy in there but we
 used to put swaddle blankets in the side
 here just because they were so small but
 yeah they definitely are nice and secure
 in there when this is in and also the
 head part you can take this off by the
 way so it has a little velcro thing to
 take off also I just packed these burpee
 bibs these ones are my absolute favorite
 I love these ones because they're so
 thick and also we have some swaddle
 blankets and the rest of the stuff I'm
 gonna put in Ryan's suitcase cuz his is
 pretty empty so yeah I just want to show
 you that do you guys know how I have my
 girlfriend's baby showers so she's
 having a baby boy in March and I got her
 just a few cute little toys for baby boy
 this cute plush elephant I also got
 these Jack and Jill little shoes right
 here they're baby blue they're so cute
 and I got her this
 so this outfit says just hatch look how
 cute that is and also lastly these are
 my favorite the cotton Muslim bibs so
 they're really soft and I just got her
 the boy ones okay so I just finished
 packing I got everything in here I've
 got my backpack for the airplane and I
 also just attached these because the
 girls love these but we'll probably put
 them on the stroller once we land in
 Vancouver and then I've got everything
 packed in here so I've got all my
 clothes all the girl's clothes neatly
 organized and yeah I'm really happy
 everything fit into this large suitcase
 and also if you are interested in seeing
 like what I pack for makeup beauty
 everything like that that'll be on my
 beauty Channel so I had to separate the
 video or else it'd be so long so I'm
 about to conquer that next and I have
 all my makeup and I'll be packing I have
 another coffee so yeah if you guys want
 to see that it will be up on my main
 channel and then the only stuff I still
 have out is obviously the outfits the
 airport outfits so got mine have got
 theirs and yeah I think we're ready to
 go clearly you do not have enough time
 in this vlog to show you all of the
 makeup and skincare and bringing just
 because I've already edited half this
 vlog and it's long already which I knew
 would happen so it's gonna be two videos
 so if you want to see the makeup and
 skincare that I brought that's
 my main channel and I'll link it down
 below depending on which video I get up
 first but definitely check it out I'll
 be putting up both but yeah anyways that
 is everything that I packed I hope you
 had fun watching all that chaos it took
 me a few days to pack and get everything
 just because I didn't want to forget
 anything but even if I do I have my mom
 there so my mom already has so much
 stuff for the girls like it's a little
 ridiculous which is why I left space in
 my suitcase cuz I already know they're
 gonna have so much stuff coming back but
 yeah she already went out and got us
 formula diapers and everything like that
 so that's definitely helpful um but yeah
 I hope you guys enjoyed watching this
 and obviously I'm gonna have a vlog go
 up in Vancouver cuz I want to stop them
 at their first trip which is gonna be so
 special they get to meet so many of my
 friends so many family members that they
 haven't met yet and it's just so crazy
 to think they haven't met so many people
 important people to me yet so I'm just
 so excited

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