How to Sew A Pillowcase

We have found a great resource for those who would like to make their own child’s pillowcase. Here it is.

I’m here to teach you how to make this adorable toddler size pillowcase. I mean this rest son he just turned 3 and just moved into his big like that, and he loves this kind of steel tiger fabric, so I am here today so I on mine clearing hello this machine and I’m going to show you how you can make a pillowcase just like best or in any size you want even for grown-ups in only 15 minutes. It’s super simple. It uses the ingenious Marino method, and you’re going to love it.

So here are the central grants to make us taller size pillowcase you’ll want to cut one strip that is 16 inches by 30 inches and take note that if you have a directional print, you’re going to want that to run along the 16-inch side not the 30 inside or it’s gonna be sideways.

Here is the absence of. This is the large accent strip, and it’s going to get for now hello, but you’re going to want then directional print to run along with the 30 inside not the nine inside so this piece as 30 inches by 9 inches your main accent strip. And finally we have a small accent strip which is cut to 30 inches by 2 inches, and I’ve gone ahead and process that now because that’s what you’ll need to do to get that cute St accent strip in your pillow.

Okay to do the Marino method if this is new video it’s super fun so what will do to get started is take your main accent strip for me it’s these cool bridges that are going to be my bottom where Mr here. Prince, I will face that. And next, I have the tire prints; this is my main fabric, and I’m going to put this space up as well right on top of the accident.

So that the raw edges meats and both prints are faced act toward me. Finally, my third layer is going to be a full an accent strip, and I want the raw edges to line up, and I’m just going to place this right on top of my stack so all reason is our lines and all the 30 inches at segments aren’t. Here comes the fun part we got the burrito we’re going to get it started.

Rolling right now I’m rolling just the tiger print fabric that’s my main prince, and I’m Noah Rolette and roll it into I gets to about the centre of the absence of attorneys, so we have this server reader here. In a minute, take the bottom now and pull it out to cover everything I have.

And I wanna make sure that all these rises a line in a check it out. Check check check to see. And I want to grab a pen here. Any kind of sewing pen will do. Or clips if you like clips those are great too. And I’m just gonna tennis own 30 inside an organist, so a quarter inch seam makes sure that you have these are evenly lined up including, or small accents check and then I’ll show you the next.

Now that you have some the corner is seen along the raw edges of your case, it’s time for them not just at. I’m going to reach inside the two here and begin the time at the fabric. The. It’s pretty fun one of the most fun parts about something is seen the finished product I think. Almost there. So once you dig inside there, you’ll begin to see it the star of your billing and see my main strip accent strip and the main fabric and I’m going to press the slats in go next.

Right now you can see that I’ve pressed the pillowcase and also trimmed off these 2 short ends and now I’m going to sell a French theme if you have a starter you can finish your fellow F. as archer and it’s super quick but since I’m just using a regular sewing machine today when I finish a French team, so the first thing we want to do is fill this in half with the wrong sides together it’s going to feel very wrong to you, but it’s very right so go ahead and pull this with the wrong size fabric together as you can see the leading pretty fabric print is showing and we’re going to so along this side in the bottom.

Just a quarter-inch scene. Right now. All right. Here’s the bill okay we’ve song around the two edges now we’re going to turn inside out and finish the second grade referencing. Like you could press the pillow right here I’m just going to poke out the corners of my fingers. And we’re going to finish the French see.

So Minnesota along with the same size I did before, and I’m encasing the raw edge seem that I just so entirely in my new scene which is going to be closer to happen. All right now I have changed once to a half-inch from a quarter-inch which we use last time, and I’m going to finish the French scene from selling through the wrong side of the fabric now, and I’m going to get started. The finish is seen. I was like to backstage at the ends sure everything’s really cared. Ready to turn your bill case inside out. Press. And you have this really adorable toddler size pillowcase.

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