Ju-Ju-Be Be Pumped Breast Pump Bag

Thinking of getting the Ju-Ju-Be Be Pumped Breast Pump Bag? Let’s use our imagination here, imagine having a baby bag that is specifically designed to carry your breast pumps as well as other daily essentials for your baby. 

Yes, I know that there are already baby bags that exist but then again this one here is designed to keep that breast pump and those bottles at the right temperature and in the best conditions. This large bag is designed to fit your pump, which is great because the Be Pumped includes an insulated cooler bag, wet bag, and a lightweight changing pad.

Ju-Ju-Be Be Pumped Breast Pump Bag

It has plenty of interior pockets to help you keep everything organized making sure that your diapers do not mix with the baby bottles and no baby powder goes on anything it is not supposed to. 

Its light-colored lining makes it easy to see everything, even at the bottom of the bag so you won’t have to search and rummage through when you are in a hurry.

With the Agion treatment on the inside, your essentials are protected against bacteria and mold, keeping your milk as safe as possible and leaving your baby as healthy as always. 


  • It has plenty of storage room.
  • It is machine washable
  • Very easy to carry and organize stuff in
  • Has a phone pocket to make things easier for you
  • Has treatment to prevent bacteria and molds


  • The zippers could be stronger.
  • Overall durability could improve with quality control


Coming to you in a complete blackout color this bag just becomes fashionable. Lots of times we see people walking around with pink pottery bags that clearly show that it’s a baby bag. However with this one bag, the black design and color give it a more modern and regular look. 

People will probably tell that it is a baby bag when you open it and they see the diapers flying out and all. Also, it has a very light lining on the inside making it easy for you to spot anything and you don’t have to worry about having to take everything out just to find those pins that you think you popped in the bag just before leaving. 

Looking at the bag at first sight you will probably think that it is a gym or traveling bag which is actually great, I mean nobody wants to make it obvious that they walking around with breast pumps and diapers in a bag. 


Well, when it comes to size this bag is generally a big bag. It’s not your regular handbag type of bag, but it’s actually a big bag that will help carry everything that you and your baby need on a single trip. 

It is generally a breast pump bag but why you want to walk around with a tiny bag with milk pumps. They just made it a baby bag enough to cater for all essentials inclusive of certain linings and properties that make it more suitable for your baby and all. 

It comes at a dimension of 17” W x 12.25” H x 6.25” D making it big enough for all the diapers, blankies and baby change clothes that you will probably need. 


Well seeing as though the bag is a breast pump bag, it has a pocket that fits most standard breast pumps not forgetting four mesh pockets and 2 zippered pockets in the main compartment. 

The main compartment is zippered and is the mommy pocket with key fob and a microfiber glasses pocket which I previously termed the cellphone pocket but let us say a quick reach cell phone pocket. 

It has a lightweight changing pad that is included leaving the lining quite light-colored to make finding anything in the bag easier for you. The Teflon-treated exterior resists stains and resists water as well so if you spill anything you can quickly wipe it all and all will be well. 

It also has detachable and adjustable messenger strap with memory foam shoulder pads to make it easier and more comfortable around the shoulders when you carry it.

In terms of Durability, the bag comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s generally a lightweight bag that has a tough exterior that will not tear easily or fray after stretching. It’s a strong and spacious bag that can carry everything you need. 

It is the perfect bag for breastfeeding moms. Its high-quality construction extends the life of this bag well beyond your pumping years, and it transitions smoothly into a great diaper bag or tote. You can even conveniently fit a laptop inside the rear pocket, and the backpack and shoulder straps are interchangeable and well-padded for versatility and carrying heavy loads. 


Although bags from Ju Ju Be tend to be quite expensive, this one comes at a reasonable price for the quality and durability. In fact, it is a fantastic diaper bag that will definitely last you years and even past your pumping days. 

It is a great bag that comes with a lifetime warranty meaning that even if you are purposely trying to destroy it this bag will not budge at all. You’re better just burning it because no human harm could possibly destroy this bag. 


All in all, I would be blind to not notice the effort that was put in making this bag as convenient as possible for new and breastfeeding moms. The general size of this bag puts it in a space where it can be used as more than just a breast pump or a diaper bag. It is conveniently sized so you can even add in some work things like a laptop or some files without any problem. 

I mean say you want to visit a friend’s house and help with someone or a work colleague. You can just put everything in one bag and you’re good to go unlike having to carry two bags one for your baby and one for you. This bag definitely cuts across that line and is definitely a winner. 

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