shark swimming toy

shark swimming toy

Fun Swimming Toys for Building Confidence


We are thrilled to start shipping this marvellous swimming toy to the UK and to the US, as requested.

To help your children build their confidence when learning to swim, we have some wonderful friends to join them. These come in the form of Sharks and Seaweed. Each purchase comes with 4 toys for the kids to play with in the water.

seaweed swimming toy


The shapes of the toys allows them to dive into the water. Their makeup facilitates for buoyancy. These will guaranteed hours of fun, while learning to swim. Once the pressure is taken off by some fun, kids quickly grow in confidence and improve their swimming skills.



Games that come to mind include diving, fetch and return, to name a few. These swimming toys present a simple way to engage the kids while learning a key life skill.

Shipping is absolutely free to both the UK and to the US for these products. What are you waiting for?

We have chosen to go with bright, fun and joyous colours as a theme for these toys. The serenity of water and the purity of childhood blended together into one amazing cocktail of joy! Other than the colours, it should come as no surprise that these toys are sport themed. They represent speed, agility and strength in the form of the shark.

The seaweed adds an air of mystery.

Due to their size, these products are satisfied safe for children age of 4 to use without supervision. Children under the age of 4 must only use these with supervision.


We have limited quantities of these. Once sold out we may be able to take some backorders, but cannot make any guarantees to this effect. Do not wait any longer, place your order right away. Payments are processed via PayPal to ensure yours and our safety.