Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump

Are you looking for the best breast pump on the market? Finding one may seem difficult. There are so many options available, how do you know which one is best and why you should be picking that one over any other? 

Buying anything that concerns breastfeeding your baby, means that you need to make sure that it is safe. It also means that you now have this new bundle of joy to look out for.

Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump

Your attention can not be divided to an extent where you have to be focused on pumping more than on your little one. Finding the right pump should mean that you are getting one that is efficient and will let you express milk fast and without any hassles. 

Many breast pump manufacturers will offer you the world, it is now up to you if that is what the product delivers, or if you are just getting a slither of it. To get the good stuff, it helps to go for a brand that is known for making reputable and durable equipment. Medela makes some of the best breast pump machines. 

Using some of the best technology available, this pump easily puts others to shame. It is great especially if you are always on the move, and need to carry your pump with you. The versatility you get with this pump is amazing. Let us take a look at all that you can expect to get from this pump. 

In a Hurry?

Are you in a hurry and wondering what you need to look for when buying a  Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump? There are a couple of things that you need to ask about. Firstly, ask about the type of pump that it is so that you know if it delivers what you need. 

You also want to check on how many sides you can express at a time. Check on the durability of the pump and also a warranty in the event that you need to return it for whatever reason. Also, check on how portable it is and if it is something that you think you can carry with you. 

Whilst shopping for an efficient breast pump can be overwhelming, using the right yardstick will help you get what you need most from it. Ask around about the pump as well. User reviews are usually unbiased and will give you the uncut truth about what you need it to do and also what the manufacturer may not immediately tell you. 

Buyer’s Guide

What features does it have?

Checking out the features on the pump you want to buy, is necessary. Sure it may look great or may have a glowing description from the manufacturer, but it helps to make sure that it has features that make up a good breast pump. 

Firstly, this is a compact pump, that mums can easily carry around and express when they need to. Some pumps may be great to look at but are simply too cumbersome to carry around. This pump is easy to hold and weighs less than 1 pound! It is so small, it will fit in the palm of your hand. This means that just like your phone, you can fit it in your purse, very easily.

When it comes to looks, this pump doesn’t too too bad. It has a modern design and you will not be embarrassed to carry it around. It also has a digital display and backlighting which makes it easy to read even in low light, like in your bedroom.

This is a double electric pump, so you can pump from two sides, making it more efficient and faster than a single-sided manual pump. you can get more done, in a shorter period. It is a durable model and can be used daily. Using 2 phase expression technology, the Medela freestyle Flex breast pump expresses more milk in less time.

You can keep it cleaner easier, as the breast milk can not enter the tubing thanks to the closed system used in making it. It also comes with rechargeable batteries, a USB charging cable, and also Bluetooth connectivity.

The smart age we live in, calls for convenience and connectivity, which is what you get with this breast pump. The battery will last up to 2 hours which allows you to pump on the go. 

It also has a handy feature on it that makes it even easier to use on the go. This feature is a lanyard string, that allows you to quickly attach the pump to your waist or bag, whichever is easiest for you. It also has a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and multifunctional. 

It has a count-up timer, pump setting, and battery charge indicator as well as delay start and pause functions. All these functions are put in place to ensure that the pump is easy to use and efficient as well. Download the mobile application and connect better with the gadget.

Final Thoughts

Medela makes some of the best baby products and this breast pump is np exception. It has all the features that you need in a good breast pump. Such as allowing you to move around with it with much ease.

There are few breast pumps that can match the convenience and portability of this breast pump. It is fantastically small and convenient and it is also easy to use. You won’t need a trolley to pull it around! Unlike other pumps that should only be used at home. 

The 2 phase technology mimics your babies’ natural sucking rhythm. This helps you especially if you have sensitive breasts, which is common with a lot of nursing mothers. This pump is gentle on them. 

Just as every mother’s breastfeeding journey is unique, so is the pump that you need to get. Some pumps leak because the manufacturer has a one-size-fits-all mentality.

Medela has gone the extra mile, making sure that the pumps can be adjusted to fit your breast size. This ensures comfortable and safe breast pumping. Happy shopping!

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