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Are you looking for the best crib that you can easily move around with? How does the Pack and Play Baby Bjorn sound? This usually becomes a priority when you are thinking of traveling with your little one. You can not very well take the crib in your baby’s room, which is probably made of heavy furniture. 

The pack and play by Baby Bjorn is a portable crib with many advantages and great reasons why you should buy it. Sometimes you may want to spend a day outside, and you want a safe space for your baby to play in. It comes in silver, blue, black and white. 

Baby Bjorn Travel Light

This crib redefines the term, convenience. In one easy move, you can set this crib up. Which is more than you can say about a lot of baby products? Your baby will have the same comfort of sleeping in a familiar crib, regardless of the environment that you are in. 

Sometimes unfamiliar environments can be upsetting to a baby’s routine. Taking our baby’s crib along with you can be a tremendous help. Let us take a look at what the pack and play from Babby Bjorn have to offer both you and your baby. 

What features does it have?

There are a number of different features that need to be present in a good crib. Whilst various manufacturers try to get a leg up on their competitors by adding different functions, and features, some features should be standard, such as making sure that the mattress is comfortable for the baby. 

The Baby Bjorn pack and play has a number of great features going for it. It is made of 100%polyester. The mattress cover is made of 100% trevira fabric also known as polyester. The sides of the crib, are see-through and this allows you to see your baby play. 

It is lightweight and weighs only 6 kilograms when it is folded up. This makes it so much easier to carry around, making it such a great option for travel. When it is folded, it is like you are carrying a suitcase. It will easily fit in the car and folds out easily when you now need to set up. 

The design is airy and breathable, thanks to the net fabric used on the sides of the crib. It has high sturdy walls that are just high enough to keep your child safe but also just the right height to allow you to bend over and pick your baby up.

This is great to also helo keep your baby in one place. You will be thankful for this especially when your baby starts walking and you want to know where they are at all times. With this crib, your baby can fall asleep, and also play in it.

It also has a mattress that is very comfortable for your baby.  The mattress measures 60 x 105 x 4 cm. The mattress is insulated, meaning that it will keep your baby warm, and this is a pretty amazing quality that makes the pack and play by baby Bjorn, a great buy. The mattress is secured b a hook and loop attachment, and the crib comes with a built-in base to support the mattress. 

All the fabrics are removable and washable. This is great and makes it easy to get any spills and stains out. The mattress cover is waterproof and this is an added advantage when it comes to keeping it clean.

The material is friendly on your baby’s skin too, so you will not have to worry much about whether your child will react to the material. It has padded fabric at the top which makes it comfortable for the child to hold on to when they are standing in the crib. The Babby Bjorn pack and play has a lot going for it.

Who can use it?

This is a great buy for anyone looking to travel with their baby and need to have their crib with them. It can be used by newborn babies up to around 3years of age.

This is because once the child can climb out of the crib on their own, it becomes futile. When you use the crib, make sure to keep all the necessary safety precautions for babies. Make sure that you place the crib in a safe space, where there are no potential hazards.

How do you use it?

It takes a few moments to fold out and to set up. This is one of the easiest cribs to set up on the go. 


  • It is easy to use
  • It is portable, meaning that you can take it with you
  • It is easy to fold 
  • The mattress is soft and comfortable
  • It has see-through sides which allow you to keep an eye on your baby as he or she plays
  • The material is also breathable which means your child will not be boxed in, struggling to breathe.
  • The mattress is thicker than those found in other travel cribs.


  • It is a bit on the expensive side.

One last thing…

As far as travel cribs go, this is one of the lightweight cribs on the market today. This is an extra edge that the pack and play has over other products. Traveling anywhere with children can be quite overwhelming.

You have to deal with so much including making them comfortable but also making sure that they are safe wherever you are. This is an advantage that the baby Bjorn pack and play has. 

You can take an environment that your child is used to, and give it to them even when you are in a new space altogether. This is a great travel cot, that you will not be sorry you bought it. It is breathable, durable, and lightweight. 

It folds out incredibly easy and comes in different colors that you can take your pick from. We hope that this helps you make the best decision for you and your baby. Traveling with your child has never been more convenient. Happy shopping!

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