Peg Perego Siesta Ambiance High Chair review

Are you looking for a good high chair, and considering the Peg Perego siesta ambiance high chair? If you want a high chair that speaks volumes and performs even better, then this is the obvious choice. It is sleek, stylish, and functional. 

You can use it for your baby from the time they are an infant right up to the time they are a toddler, thanks to the adjustable features that it has. It has different reclining features that allow you to transform it from a bassinet to toddlers feeding chair. It has nine different positions that help you use the chair at various heights and angles.

Peg Perego Siesta Ambiance High Chair

It can hold a baby up to 45 pounds. This is one of the most convenient and easy to use chairs that will do more than just get by. The great thing about this chair is that your baby will be able to grow with it. It’s a worthy investment.

In a Hurry?

A quick guide to buying the best feeding chair, involves you looking for different features that make it a great chair. The Peg Perego siesta ambiance high chair offers you several features such as 9 different positions.

You want to see how easy it is to use. All these positions need to be manageable for you. Make sure that you can easily adjust them the way that is comfortable for you. 

For your baby, you want to make sure that the material in the chair is comfortable and smooth enough for your little one’s skin. You also want to make sure that the chair can be easily cleaned. Feeding chairs face the brunt of feeding time, and you should be able to easily clean off the dirt when the deed is done.

Buyer’s Guide

What does the chair look like?

The Peg Perego siesta ambiance high chair is a good looking chair. It has buttery soft prima Classe upholstery. The great thing about the upholstery is that it is soft to the touch. Your little one will love the way it feels. 

Remember that if you do not like the way that it feels, if it is rough in any way, then it will probably feel ten times harder on your baby’s skin. You can get it in different saturated and vibrant colors, so you will surely be spoilt for choice. 

It comes in Ambiance brown, Ambiance grey, Arancia, Berry, Cacao, Ginger grey, ice, Liquorice, Mela, Noce, and palette grey. When it is folded it measures  11.66 by 33.66 inches, when it is unfolded it measures 29.16inches by 23.5inches by 41.16 Inches.

This is a very compact chair and this means that you can easily move around with it. The compact dimensions also make it easier to move from one room to another.

What age is this carrier appropriate for?

The Peg Perego siesta ambiance high chair is great for your baby up until they are 45 pounds. Your baby can grow with this chair as it has different positions and you can also fully recline it. 

In the fully reclined position, you can have your baby close by at all times and use the chair like a bassinet. It’s a great convenience. The chair has five recline positions and nine height positions. As long as your baby is under 45 pounds, which is the weight restriction on this chair, then you should be fine.  

What are the functions of the Peg Perego siesta ambience high chair?

This chair offers you a lot of features that will help you put your child in a comfortable position close to you. It has wheels, which allow you to easily move the chair around. You will find it very easy to use and adjust. 

The chair has a removable tray that instantly turns it from a lounging chair to a feeding chair. You can now have your baby at their chair at the dinner table and turn dinner time into a true family affair. 

What safety features are found on the Peg Perego siesta ambiance high chair?

As with any device or piece of furniture that has wheels on it, it is important to have a safety feature on the wheels so that it does not move. The Peg Perego siesta ambiance high chair comes with automatic safety locks on the wheels to keep them in place. 

How do I clean The Peg Perego siesta ambiance high chair?

Anything that you use around your baby, is bound to have spills and stains as long as you are both using it. It is a part of raising your little one, and the stains are memories being made and lessons being learned (for both of you). The stains are not the problem, but at the same time, you want to make sure that your baby is in a clean environment. 

Get something easy to clean and will not give you hassles The quicker to clean the better. You will probably not have much time between looking after your baby and making sure that their needs are met.

The Peg Perego siesta ambiance high chair is easy to clean and wipe down. A damp cloth will do the trick. Simply use this to wipe down the chair and keep it clean. 

Final Thoughts

Your baby’s chair is something that you want to make sure is sturdy, durable, comfortable, and versatile. Don’t shy away from high prices. Simply make sure that it delivers what you need it to do.

Sometimes the cheaper a product is, the higher the price you will pay when it breaks, or even worse, does so, with your child in it. You need to make sure that the chair is strong. 

The Peg Perego siesta ambiance high chair has some of the latest features that make it a great buy. It is not only highly functional but also very good looking.

Remember to check it out in person as well, as this will help you make a better decision. If you are buying online, make sure that you understand the return policy, just in case you are not happy when it arrives. Happy shopping!

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