Unimom Double Electric Breast Pump

Thinking about getting the Unimom Double Electric Breast Pump? So we have all known breast pumps to be these mechanical devices that a lactating mother can use to extract milk from their breasts right.

Well, what you didn’t know was that before the electric ones these were powered by hands or foot power which was pretty and still is pretty exhausting. 

Breastfeeding is definitely an emotionally complex time for any new mother, just ask any and they will tell you that. So a little help can and will actually go a long way. So today we’ll be looking at this unimom double electric breast pump that has been designed to make things so much better for you lactating mothers out there.

Unimom Double Electric Breast Pump

I think I can safely say that this pump is the best option for nursing moms on the go or working mothers. It is generally a hospital grade pump that is incredibly comfortable, super light and small so you won’t feel like you have a huge robot feeding off of you. 

The pump generally comes with 9 feeding modes but it has 2 special patterns of expression modes that mimic the way a baby feeds from the mom.

It comes with a rechargeable battery and a new improved hygienic backflow protection system, making it not only comfortable to use but very easy to clean and maintain as well. Let’s look in detail what this pump has to offer you.


  • Is very compact and small in size
  • Is comfortable to use in bot modes
  • Is easy to keep clean


  • Requires time and power to charge


So here we have an innovative, more compact designed breast pump that is set to make things easier and more comfortable for the feeding mother. It is a hospital grade pump that generally comes with two bottles in which the milk is stored in. 

A power cable for charging and the power pack. It’s pink and white which is a very cute color that will definitely calm your mind. This minute bundle pack will definitely be a life changer that will fit in any baby bag that you set. 

You can use these pumps when you want to share feeding duties with your partner or when you are leaving the deed for your baby’s nanny. Making things so much easier for you especially if you have to go to work. 


This double breast pump provides powerful, double expressing performance. It also features 7 levels of massage modes and 9 levels of expressing modes to make pumping more comfortable and efficient for you and your breasts. 

It has a charge port that uses the regular USB front that we all know. So even if you forget your charger while visiting some relatives yo can make use of any USB cable you find. So in being electrical you will find that it comes with multi-user LCD Display Hospital-grade suction strength. 

When it comes to comfort, don’t worry this breast pump is one of the best. It has a comfort phase which we can call the massage/expression mode and also comes with suction level control so you can control the amount of pressure that it uses on you. It generally comes as a double kit and can be used single or double depending on how much milk you want to pump out. 

Functionality and Durability 

So basically you have this double breast pump that comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to two hours and thirty minutes of straight-up pumping after a charging time of one and a half hours. A USB port for convenient charging is provided. 

There is also a convenient 360 degrees swivel top to prevent air tube bending and suction loss. With the compact design you will find that the innovative features and powerful performance are packed into a tiny machine that is one of the smallest available and can easily fit into your purse or diaper bag. It weighs only 7 ounces and is super lightweight making it very convenient for breast pumping. 

Price and 

It’s an obvious fact that when something is made electronic or electrically powered it becomes quite expensive. The question becomes, Is it really worth it? Well to help you answer that question let’s look at some of the following features that definitely make it worth every cent. 

Firstly it has a hygienic closed system that is certified for multi-user uses. It has the backflow protection system to ensure that no breast milk, moisture or micro vapors can flow down the tubing into the motor. This will hence prevent external air from contaminating the pumped and stored milk. 

Secondly, this kit includes breast shields, valves, tubes and silicone diaphragms, as well as bottles, bottle stands, caps and covers. An AC adapter and charging cord. Which is way more than any ordinary breast pump set will ever provide for you. Getting this breast pump is like getting a full baby feeding set in one. 

Thirdly it comes with 7 levels of massage modes and 9 levels of expressing modes which makes pumping more comfortable and efficient for the mother. It helps gently stimulate milk flow making the process more relaxing and seamless. 


Well, let us just say if you are a new mommy and you are usually busy this breast pump could be the one for you. As a lactating mother so many things are going to change and you will find that you’ll be a whole lot busy with your normal life, taking care of the baby and trying to feed it that everything at some point will feel a bit too much for you. 

So if you are one of those busy moms who are trying to manage every single bit of their lives then I suggest using this breast pump. Not only will it aid you with a stylish manner in feeding your baby, but it will also make feeding way easier for you and you will be more confident. 

Scientifically speaking and from natural experience, the massing modes that come with the pump will come in very handy for you. So if you want to make things easier for your feeding and nurturing phase I highly recommend this Unimom Breast pump.

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