What is the Best Bottle Weaning Method

One of the most interesting things that we have come across is how the methods and ideas behind bottle weaning vary from one place to another. This is different between individuals and cultures. Most of these methods are passed down from one generation to the next. In some cases, mothers sort of discover them off the cuff. This is to say that you will know them when you encounter the situation. The resource below is one that will be incredibly helpful for mothers no matter what stage of development your child is at.

If you are still in the feeding stage, Baby formulas are a good option.

what made me realize that my son was
 becoming less of a newborn was when he
 started crawling under pressure from
 isola was started walking once i winds
 are offering it was much easier and it
 was a good milestone because i didn't
 have to buy the warnekros no more
 it was better for my pocket
 a baby doesn't need a bottle at six
 months most babies can hold a cup and
 are quite happy to do so
 when they turn one they should be
 switching from a bottle to a cup and
 they should be transitioning from
 formula to milk so it's actually a great
 time to make the change because you're
 also changing what they drink milk you
 know has a lot of calcium
 you know vitamin D in the right amount
 milk is great for you but too large of
 an amount is being given to children and
 it's causing other problems that are
 then harder to deal with they tend to
 drink more if it's from the bottle for
 some reason more than you know and
 drinking from a sippy cup a one-year-old
 child should have no more than 16 ounces
 of whole milk every day from a cup it
 becomes when it's coming from the cup
 but from the bottle it's unlimited it
 goes on and on and there are three main
 problems that we want families to know
 about when it comes to drinking too much
 milk the first is iron deficiency anemia
 milk has an ability to block the
 absorption of iron into the body and so
 the child drinks too much milk then some
 of the nutrients they're getting from
 the food that they eat aren't going to
 make it into their body to help them
 grow the way it should and that's
 especially important for helping their
 brain develop the second thing is what
 doctors and dentists often refer to as
 baby bottle tooth decay
 nothing underhanded open more stickers I
 need no but I wrote the anthem and that
 can happen when particularly a child is
 put to bed at night with a bottle and
 doesn't have their teeth brushed after
 they drink the milk and the milk can
 pull up in the mouth and spends all
 night sort of eating into the teeth in
 creating the cavities I've had patients
 in the past who the child comes in at
 age two with full mouth of dental caries
 which if left untreated it could get
 bigger and then eventually become a
 fully severe decay to the point that it
 breaks down completely a lot of people
 don't realize that the primary teeth
 they're there to serve a function at the
 greatest stage of the children which is
 when they're growing these teeth
 basically serve as a space maintainer
 for the permanent teeth that are growing
 underneath if the primary teeth are lost
 early before they're supposed to there
 is always a chance that when the
 permanent teeth that are growing
 underneath could be shifted which would
 lead to basically further treatment into
 orthodontia and braces the American
 Academy of pediatric dentistry normally
 recommends children from switching from
 bottle and drinking out of a cup by age
 one and that's our recommendation as
 there it is so the most important thing
 is if your child is going to have some
 milk or any other snack before bed make
 sure you brush those teeth and get them
 wiped off before they go to my dentist
 and then the third thing that we always
 want the families to know is this link
 between the milk and a child potentially
 becoming overweight milk has the same
 kind of calories that food does and if
 they drink too much milk they're adding
 extra calories into their day that they
 lately don't need but one of the other
 challenges with bottles is that when a
 child cries the instinct often is to
 give him a bottle to help him calm down
 and so it becomes essentially a 180
 calorie pacifier so this is we compare
 the milk to how many calories in an
 actual egg if you if they tell me oh I
 give them four bottles a day in calories
 is the equivalent of the calories and
 eight eggs so a lot of times we'll say
 to the parents would you actually feed
 your child eight eggs in one day and
 they say wow the first bottle to stop is
 in the afternoon no problem you can give
 them a cup of milk if the child is old
 enough to ask for a bottle you can give
 them a bottle of water and they're gonna
 right that's not what they ask any other
 time if your child Falls if your child
 loses a special toy what are those same
 things you're gonna do to comfort them
 you're gonna pick them up you're gonna
 hold them you're gonna find something to
 distract them I think once these
 spontaneous by the spring
 something different she just he's
 distracted unless he's like hungry to
 try alternating the sippy cup in the
 bottle to try no bottle all day and then
 a little bottle at night and I think
 every child is different and you have to
 look to your child to see what's working
 some of the tips that moms have found
 helpful including myself when my son was
 one first of all is to kind of make it a
 special occasion so you can start even
 ahead of time by taking the child to the
 store and letting him pick out a cup so
 that he's involved in making that change
 I can get something he's excited about
 I'm proud to have how I started it with
 my daughter that way I'm like it's
 battle off how I did it with her and
 then we do it also with him because I
 don't want her to grow up in them their
 teeth start getting messed up and get
 used to the bottom go everywhere with
 the battle too much it's okay if the
 child cries the problem is what does the
 parent do when the child cries is just
 hold them in stay calm and by the child
 being physically attached to a
 physically calm person they begin to
 acquire the skills of calming down you
 spend a lot of time thinking about it in
 your head and whirring how's it gonna go
 what if they're gonna cry what am I
 gonna do and then the kids actually have
 an easier time with a lot of times that
 mothers do and that if you stick with it
 it really does happen pretty quickly the
 way I got her mouth was by
 using a straw he liked the straw lines
 he saw mommy and daddy using the straw
 so he wanted to use a straw and that
 helped me get the bottle way from him
 faster we offered it at six months and
 she took to it right away she was very
 excited she was sort of breathing
 excitedly when they grow out of diapers
 your relief because that's a mess and
 who wants to keep doing that all the
 time but when they go from a bottle to a
 cup and they gave up that bottle and you
 think about when they were babies and
 the bottles and packing them we're going
 to go out and you just always associate
 bottle with baby and when you start
 eliminating the bottle does that mean
 that you don't have a baby anymore and
 for a lot of moms that's really hard at
 first I felt sad but then quickly I felt
 proud that my baby was showing that this
 development and these steps that I had
 heard about but not yet experienced and
 it helped me prepare for the next stage
 of walking and talking just to feel more
 proud of him than worried that he's
 so no later they have to grow up sooner
 or later anyway so it's not I wouldn't
 say painful but it's a it's a privilege
 and a joy to see them go to they get
 their milestones I'm very happy my baby
 is what he must die my sleep is very

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