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Are you looking for the best baby baths in the UK? It is time to get your baby accustomed to a bath routine. They might as well learn this life long skill now. The tricky thing, however, is that bathing a baby is not as easy as just wishing it into existence. Using an adult tub is risky, slippery and can be dangerous. There are specialised baths just for babies. these make your life much easier and can turn bathing into a pleasure for both you and your baby. 

You have heard numerous people speak on when they gave their baby their first bath. There seems to be so much information doing the rounds, it can be easy to get confused. One of the first and obvious things you will need is a baby bath. Buying a baby bath does not have to be that complicated. Now that your baby’s umbilical cord has healed properly, you can start using a baby bath. But you are not sure what bath you need to buy. In this article, we explore the different baby baths that are available on the market and what you should be looking out for.

In a Hurry?

Would you like to know which baby baths are the best on the market? Here is a quick guide. You need to know what to be careful of and what will calm your baby down during bath time. There are also a couple of precautions you will need to take to make sure that bath time is a safe happy time. There are different types of tubs available on the market, decide which one is best for you. There are convertible tubs that are designed to grow from newborns to toddlers. You can also get a hard plastic tub, which is easy to clean. Foldable tubs are great for when you need to go on the road and you want to carry your baby’s bath. They are portable and this makes them easy to carry around. Other factors you want to consider are whether it is easy to clean, its water capacity, what age it is meant for, if it can fit in your sink or tub, its resistance and durability and whether or not it has a plug at the base to drain the water. 

Our Favourite

Shnuggle Baby Bath with Bum Bump Support and Cosy Foam Back Rest

We have done our research and found the best baby baths on the market. We have found our favourite to be the Shnuggle Baby Bath with Bum Bump Support and Cosy Foam Back Rest. The beautiful design of this tub is a pleasure to look at. It has smooth curves and a flowing roll top. It is suitable from birth to one year and has an integrated bum bump for support and hands-free bathing. It also has a large warm foam backrest and non-slip rubber feet.

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Shnuggle Baby Bath with Bum Bump Support and Cosy Foam Back Rest 

The Snuggle bath is the sort of bath we all either had or wish we had when we were babies. Watching your baby lounging in it will make you wish you could snuggle in it as well. Unfortunately, there is only room for one in this one. The design places an emphasis on safety and ease of use. This is an advantage that can be shared by parent and child. The child gets a comfortable and safe bath while the parent’s job is made easier. There is less to worry about. The shape of the bath including its smooth curves and flowing roll top are ideal for a newborn. They will have the pleasure of this bath until they are up to 12 months old. This will vary depending on their rate of growth. 

There is a bum bump that helps your baby with back support before they are able to do it on their own. It allows them the pleasure of a comfortable recline in Stage 1 of their life. This is a feature that they may still fancy in stage 2. Although you will find that most babies like to sit up at this stage. It makes sense, seeing as this is a new skill for them. You will find that the backrest is very warm. This is one of the first things that your child will gravitate towards. It makes bath time that little bit easier. 

This baby bath is small enough to fit into your bath, on the kitchen counter and such places. This provides you with additional versatility. It is also lightweight. You will find changing locations very easy, even with the water already in the bath. Underneath the bath are some non-slip rubber feet. They are in compliance with safety regulations. This is a product that is designed and manufactured in the UK. It has been honoured with a Red Dot Design Award. 


  • The quality of the product is impressive.
  • There is great back support for the baby.
  • Allows the baby to sit.
  • The size allows for ease of carrying.
  • There is a water fill line.
  • It is available in 3 colours.
  • It facilitates heat retention.
  • It is very comfortable to sit or lay in for the baby.


  • It is not ideal for all newborns or small babies.
  • The measuring line is difficult to use when the baby is small.
  • As the kid grows it becomes smaller.

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Skip Hop Moby Smart Sling 3-Stage Baby Bath Tub

For the sake of versatility, this baby bathtub offers you the option of transitioning from each stage of life with it. This is not something that is to be taken lightly. In most cases, the bathtubs are made specifically for one stage. You would then have to upgrade to a larger size when the time comes. There are two positions that can be engaged to provide the necessary support at each stage. When using the upper position the bath provides head-to-toe newborn cradling. This is perfect for stage one when the baby’s back and neck are not yet strong enough to hold their own. The bath allows the baby’s head to be laid backwards in a comfortable resting position. 

Once they are at Stage 2 the slings can be adjusted accordingly. The second position supports the baby at the time when he/she is learning to sit up. It is a position that does not place excessive pressure on the child’s back. They are encouraged to develop independently, without being rushed. This is the stage that runs between 3-6 months or up until the baby weighs 20lbs.  


  • It provides head-to-toe cradling for newborn babies.
  • It supports upright sitting.
  • The sling is removable to allow upright sitting.
  • There is a non-slip texture at the bottom of the tub.
  • The drain plug is easy to engage and to remove.
  • It is a very comfortable bath.
  • Caters for babies through all 3 stages.


  • The sling may hold the baby too high depending on their size.
  • The material may develop a smell is not dried properly.
  • Quite difficult to lift when filled with water.

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Nuby Baby Bath with Built in Seat and Soft Headrest 

The Nuby Baby bath provides a practical and convenient way for your baby to enjoy a bath. It is sold as being suitable for baby from newborn age. One of the most prominent features that you will notice about it are the easy-grip handles. They are perfect for carrying the bath as well as for moving it from one spot to the next one. From an aesthetic point of view, there are two colours on the bath. The design is curved. At the base of the bath is an anti-slip base that keeps the bath from sliding across the surface on which you place it. 

There is an in-built seat that also prevents the baby from sliding down. It also has an advantage for the parent. Your hands are kept free to do other things while the baby is seated comfortably. Another safety feature that all parents will appreciate is the water level indicator. It provides you with a visual aid to maintain awareness of optimum water level. 

To rest your baby’s head is a soft foam headrest for support and comfort. 


  • There is a built-in seat within the bath.
  • It has a water level fill line indicator.
  • There is a foam headrest for the baby.
  • The bath is suitable for newborn babies.
  • It is a lightweight bath.
  • It has non-slip features underneath it.
  • It is quite affordably priced.


  • The bath will be outgrown.
  • It is too large to place in a bathtub.

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Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tub with Built-In Support

With this one comes a great emphasis on soaking while your baby sits up. The design of the bathtub is such that even the littlest of babies will have an option to be seated in a secure position. The most prominent feature on this one is the non-slip tub that is padded. It is a backrest that has a support bump that is built into it. Whether the baby is to sit up or requires full support, this bath will provide it in abundance. It is a comfortable seating position that the baby will love it. There is a lot of room for water. The water level keeps the bath very warm while the baby is permitted time to enjoy it. 

At the bottom of the bath is an innovative tab that allows for water to be drained and easy to keep clean. The handle on the bath is perfect for carrying from one spot to the next. It also makes it easy to hang up in storage. The bathtub is multi-award-winning. It boasts of a compact design that is quite aesthetically pleasing. 


  • The bathtub is well-made.
  • There is plenty of room for water in the tub.
  • There are rubber feet underneath it.
  • It is very easy to drain and clean.
  • The backrest is very high and comfortable.
  • Provide great support for the baby’s head.
  • It has a lovely seat.


  • Two handles would have been better than one.
  • It is larger than some would have it.
  • It is not perfect for newborns.

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Hippo Baby Bath Tub White 

Our final pick is cocoon-shaped. It has round edges. Bathing your baby is very easy and incredibly comfortable for the baby. You will also be pleased it can fit into most bathtubs. The advantage of this is that it reduces the need to wipe up floors after the baby has had a bath. It also allows them to have more fun and do some water splashing if they wish to. The edges of the bathtub are designed in such a way that they are easy to handle. They make carrying the tub from one place to another fairly straightforward. You can carry it with water inside it. It goes without saying that this is not to be done with a child in the bath. 

The manufacturer recommends that the bath be used from birth up to about 24 months. This will vary depending on the size of the child and how fast he/she grows. From an aesthetic point of view, you will probably like the hippo designs that are spread around the bath. They are simple, minimal illustrations. This is a bath that was designed by one of Europe’s largest suppliers of plastic household products. The plastic that they used is free from BPA and plasticisers. 

The size allows for the baby to lay back comfortably and stay warm. 


  • It is easy to drain and to clean after a bath.
  • There is ample room to hold when carrying it.
  • It is a lightweight bath tub that is easy to carry.
  • There are storage compartments for soap and other things.
  • The plastic used does not contain BPA.
  • It allows a lot of room to lay down.
  • The size is perfect for a baby to grow with.


  • The base is narrower than we would have preferred.
  • It becomes quite slippery when it is wet.
  • There are no handles on it.
  • Does not allow hands-free use when you bath a newborn.

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Buyer’s Guide

How often should you bath a newborn?

Newborns do not necessarily need to bath every day. They do not get too dirty as they don’t go anywhere. Two or three times a week will suffice. Straight after birth, a sponge bath will work just fine. This is until the umbilical cord is fully healed, which will take about three to four weeks. You can then move on to using a baby bathtub. When your baby can sit up then you can consider a bigger tub. 

What is the best bath for a newborn?

Bathing a newborn can be a bit of a hassle. But when you have the best bath on the market, your job is made that much easier. Your baby will grow so fast you will not know what hit you or your pocket. Look for a bath that can convert and allow your baby to grow with it at least up until your child is about a year old. Get a tub that allows you to support your baby securely. Also, make sure that it has non slip technology that you need.

When can babies take a bath in the tub?

Perhaps you have been bathing your child in a baby tub and you are wondering when you can take the next step, and start using the bathtub. You need to wait until your baby can sit on their own. This is a good time for you to switch your baby to a big tub, they can handle it now. There’s no fixed rule about when you should stop using a baby bath, but most babies are ready for the bathtub at around 6 months. Sometimes parents second guess this decision because the child still fits comfortably in the baby bath. Some children grow faster than others and vice versa. All you need to look out for is whether or not your baby is sitting up properly.

Are baths sanitary?

Bathtubs, just like any surfaces around the home are just as sanitary as you keep them. There are several cleaning products that you can use to make sure that the tub stays clean and sanitary for your family to use with peace of mind. When you have a baby, it means that you have to take the sanitization up a notch. Be more diligent with making sure surfaces around the house are clean enough for you to eat off of because your child will most probably do this. 

Do you need a baby bath seat?

A baby bath seat will come in handy as you bath your child. It allows for hands-free bathing and also provides extra support for your baby. You will have peace of mind and both you and your baby can enjoy the bathing ritual.

Final Thoughts

Baby baths are not difficult to find when you know what you are looking for. There are characteristics to look out for that will add to the ease of your routines. We certainly hope that the baths we have reviewed will help you find the perfect one. Remember to always consider safety and comfort when choosing a baby bath. Happy shopping!

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